How To Change Mercedes Key Fob Battery

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To Change Mercedes Key Fob Battery

Mercedes Benz key fob battery replacement – EASY DIY

The methodology of opening the key fob depends on whether you are using the smart key fob or the chrome key fob.

Replacing the battery in the smart key fob.

Step 1: Pull on the handle at the end of the key fob to remove the metallic key.

Step 2: On the top side of the key fob where you have removed the key, there is a slot.

Step 3: push the key you have withdrawn into this slot and turn it in any direction to open the key fob.

Step 4: Replace the old batteries with the new ones and ensure the new batteries faces the same direction as the old batteries.

Step 5: Replace the cover and press together to lock it. Return the key to the key fob

Replacing the battery in chrome key fob

Step 1: Pull on the handle of the key fob to release the metallic key.

Step 2: Insert the key into the slot revealed after key removal. Turn the key to open the key fob

Step 3: Replace the old battery with the new battery ensuring the battery faces the same direction as the old battery.

Step 4: Replace the key fob cover and press together. A click sound will be heard to signify tight closing.

How Long Does The Mercedes Key Fob Battery Last

The good news is that you will rarely have to worry about getting a battery and changing it, because those Panasonic batteries last on average between 3 and 4 years. As you can see, the procedure for battery replacement is very simple regardless of whatever model year Mercedes-Benz you are driving.

The 3-volt Panasonic batteries can be purchased both online and at your local Mercedes-Benz dealerships. If youre struggling with the process in any way, those guys at the dealership will undoubtedly offer their assistance.

How To Change A Mercedes Key Battery

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A Mercedes key with dead batteries is no laughing matter. Until you replace them, you may not be able to remotely unlock your car or trigger the car’s panic mode in case of emergency. Although all Mercedes keys require the same type of battery , how many you will need or the method you use to change the battery will depend on which model you have. Compare your key to other models before you attempt changing its batteries to avoid damaging your keys or accidentally following the wrong instructions.

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Can You Start Mercedes With A Dead Key Fob

Yes! Once inside the car, remove the start-stop button from the ignition lock by putting on the button. Plug the key in the ignition hole revealed by button removal. Depress the brakes and turn the key to start the car normally.

When you input the key fob into the start-stop button, an inductive current from the car battery flows to the key fob to enable it to function.

How To Replace Mercedes Key Fob Battery

Replace Battery Mercedes Key FOB Not Working

The good news is that changing the battery in your Mercedes-Benz key fob is actually a very simple procedure. It should only take you two minutes and you wont need any additional components other than whats in the key fob already.

In order to help more Mercedes-Benz drivers, weve prepared two explanations to cover the newer generation of keys and the previous generation of smart keys. The first description below suits Mercedes cars from 2017 to the present. The second description is useful for Mercedes cars from 2016 and earlier with the smart key.

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Changing The Battery In A Mercedes Smart Key Fob

1.) Slide the tab at the bottom of the FOB to release the key

2.) Push the key into the tab at the end of the fob

3.) Pull the battery carrier out of the bottom of the FOB

4.) Remove the batteries

5.) Install new batteries with both positive sides facing away from the buttons on the FOB

6.) Slide the battery carrier back into the FOB

7.) Check to make sure the FOB is working

On some Smart Keys, the batteries are not stacked on top of each other but positioned side by side.

How To Replace Mercedes Benz Smart Key Battery

Find the latch at the end of the fob and pull on it, the key should come out on its own. Once released, you should see a slot that is at the end of the fob. All you have to do is press the key directly into the slot and that will allow you to open and access the battery compartment. Next, you will need to take out the old battery and insert the one. Thats all you have to do to change the battery for your Mercedes Benz Smart Key.

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Number Of Battery Required

Before purchasing, check the type and battery requirements of your key fob.

  • Smart Key Fob
  • You will require two CR 2025 batteries, 3-volt for the smart key fob.

  • Chrome Key Fob
  • For the Chrome Key, you will require one CR 2025 battery.

  • Purchasing
  • You can purchase the battery on online markets like Amazon and physical stores. For purchasing online, add the shipping cost to your desired budget.

    If you need to purchase a battery for the chrome key fob, you will find it at most hardware stores. They look like small flat silver buttons.

    Cost should be considered the top priority. Different batteries require different cost values. New and branded batteries will cost more compared to locally used batteries.

    Select the brand with top reviews to get a high-quality battery in power holding capacity, battery cell composition, and better voltage rating.

  • Battery Size
  • Mercedes Benzs key battery size depends upon the type of battery. Two batteries are most commonly opted, CR2025 and CR2032 3-Volt batteries. For finding the battery size, check out the manual or concern a professional for the type.

    What Happens When The Mercedes Key Fob Battery Dies

    Mercedes Benz Key Fob Battery Change – How To DIY Learning Tutorials

    When your Mercedes key fob battery is dying or at deaths door, then you will notice a drop in its functionality, for sure. As the battery gets weaker and close to death, you might notice that you have to press on the fob multiple times in order to get it to work. When the battery is dead, then the fob wont work at all in any of its functions.

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    How To Change A Battery In A Mercedes Key Fob

    Battery Dead? Here we run through how to change a battery in your Mercedes key fob.

    1 year, 4 months ago

    A Mercedes-Benz key fob is quite the status symbol. It opens some of the most exclusive and luxurious car doors in the world and is quite a statement of your own success and affluence. Unfortunately, the key fob is still subject to the same laws of physics as everything else, and the batteries run out.

    As things stand, Mercedes-Benz are yet to invent a special kind of high-end luxury battery that runs 100 times longer than any other pretty typical key fob battery. If you want to replace the Mercedes key fob battery, then youll need to know the steps.

    How To Change The Battery On The Mercedes

    Battery size


  • Remove the metal key from the keyfob. Slide the release at the end of the key to slide out the metal key.
  • Insert the metal key on the exposed slot to pry out the back cover of the key.
  • Use a small flathead screwdriver to pry out the battery.
  • Install the new battery in the key. The positive sign needs to be facing out.
  • Press the back cover and metal key in the key.
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    How To Replace A Mercedes Key Battery

    Similarly, What battery does a Mercedes key take?

    Also, it is asked, How long do Mercedes key batteries last?

    between three and four years

    Secondly, Can I use 2032 battery in Mercedes key?

    If your Mercedes-Benz car was manufactured in 2017 or later, you most likely have the most recent key fob. A CR2032 battery is used in these key fobs.

    Also, How much is it to replace a key fob battery?

    These batteries typically cost $10 or less, however some fobs need two. Because it simply takes a minute or two, battery specialist shops and dealers often replace the batteries for free.

    People also ask, Why does my key fob not work after replacing battery?

    To open the key fob and inspect for damaged contacts or misaligned buttons, you may use basic tools. Replace the automobile key fob if that doesnt work. Another reason your vehicle remote may not function after replacing the battery is the lock. Check for these symptoms to see whether the lock or vehicle door has become faulty.

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    Signs That You Need Mercedes Key Fob Battery Replacement

    How to Change Your Mercedes

    Where some key fobs out there have LCD screens now that tell you when the battery is dying, other more basic ones do not have that luxury. Many Mercedes-Benz key fobs, while beautiful and elegant, are still typically more straightforward and analog in their buttons and construction.

    If you experience any of the following things, then its a sign that its time to replace the Mercedes key fob battery.

    • Signal strength is weaker, meaning that you are only able to open your car from much closer than usual. Normal range is 50 feet, if it doesnt work at 40-50 feet at least, then signal strength is weakened.
    • You have to press the button multiple times for it to register, send a signal and open/lock the doors.
    • It is working quite well in the morning but then in the afternoon not so well, and continues in this inconsistent manner.

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    Take Advantage Of Our Low Mercedes

    Our experts will be happy to help you change the battery in your Mercedes-Benz smart key. Our technicians are specially trained in all kinds of Mercedes-Benz service. Costs of repairs and maintenance are always competitively priced at Kempthorn Motors, especially when you take advantage of our . And we make getting your car serviced easy. You can even . Were just a short drive away from North Canton and Massillon. So, drop by or contact us today!

    I Changed The Mercedes Key Fob Battery But It Still Wont Work

    If youve changed the battery for a fresh one but are still experiencing problems with the key fob, then you should contact the dealership and test the key fob for a technical fault. Theres a chance that the key fob has an internal component not working, which is stopping the signal from being sent out properly.

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    Where Do I Buy Mercedes Replacement Key Fob

    If the Mercedes key fob battery replacement does not work, you may consider changing the remote as it maybe damaged beyond repair. This can be done easily by visiting the Mercedes dealership near you who will have stocks of new key fobs. At the dealership, they will cut the mechanical key and program the fob to work in your car.

    The second option is to head online to buy a new Mercedes replacement key fob from the retailers. It will be delivered in 1-2 days and you will visit the locksmith near you to have the key in the key fob cut. You can have the key fob programmed there or you can do it at home by following the guide below.

    Mercedes Benz Key Fob Type

    How To Replace Mercedes ML Class Key Fob Battery 2009 2010 2011 2012

    The batteries that you need will depend on the key fob that you have for your Mercedes. The chrome comes in a metal casing and is only for new Mercedes Benz models. There are also two different types of chrome keys a new one and an older one. Keep in mind that the old one needs two batteries whereas the new one only needs one battery. You can tell the difference based on what the panic button looks like. The new chrome key fobs have a triangular type panic button, the older key has a circular panic button.

    Lastly, theres also a SmartKey that is for Mercedes Benz models that are older. This particular key is made out of plastic.

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    How To Change Battery In Mercedes Key Fob

    Similarly, How do you change a battery in a Mercedes key fob?

    To open your Mercedes-Benz car key fob, first pull down on the silver square-shaped tab on the keys bottom. Pull until it gives way. Youll notice a little gap in the fob once you separate the tab. Take out the old battery and replace it with the new one.

    Also, it is asked, How long do Mercedes key batteries last?

    between three and four years

    Secondly, How do you change the battery in a 2016 Mercedes Sprinter key?

    Pull on the bottom of the fobs tab To replace your SmartKey® battery, follow these steps: Pull the latch at the key holders end. Place your key in the open slot horizontally. Discard the battery compartment. Replace the two CR 2025 batteries that are currently in use.

    Also, Why does my Mercedes key fob battery keep dying?

    Its usually because the battery that powers them has died. There are many frequent causes for battery failure. A battery, for example, might be drained through inappropriate usage or storage. It might perhaps have reached the end of its useful life!

    People also ask, How much is it to replace a key fob battery?

    These batteries typically cost $10 or less, however some fobs need two. Because it simply takes a minute or two, battery specialist shops and dealers often replace the batteries for free.

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    How Do You Tell Key Fob Battery Is About To Die

    The battery of the key fob does not cease just one day. It is a gradual process. The battery produces power by chemical reactions within the battery.

    As the chemical ingredients get exhausted with time, the reaction slows down releasing less and less power until when there are no more materials to react and the battery dies.

    As the battery gets weaker, the sighs it exhibits include:

    • It takes longer to start the engine
    • The locking distance becomes shorter and shorter.
    • The dashboard system displays a message on the charging system
    • The key fob works inconsistently

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    Which Battery Does Mercedes Key Fob Use

    The Mercedes key fob uses a CR2025 lithium battery that gives 3volts. The battery is a primary battery meaning it cannot be recharged.

    Key fobs for older Mercedes models came with a plastic casing and uses 2 CR2025 batteries. The modern key fobs are metallic or chrome and use a 1 CR2025 battery.

    Note: Some older versions of chrome key fobs had a circular panic button and used 2 CR2025 batteries. The newer chrome key fobs have triangular panic buttons.

    The battery is designed in such a way that it will last between 3 to 5years before a change is needed. On the shelf, the battery can still be in good condition after 10 years.

    The battery can work in varying environments from freezing winter conditions to the sweltering summer months.

    How To Open Your Mercedes

    How to replace Mercedes

    You should know that opening a chrome key isnt the same as it is for a SmartKey. However, once you are able to open your key fob, youll see that changing the battery is quite easy.

    To get started with changing the battery for your Mercedes Benz key fob, youll need to pull down the tab that is square-shaped that can be found on the bottom of the key. You should pull it until it is released.

    Once the tab has been separated, you should see a small gap in the key fob. You will have to push right into the narrow, flat end of the key fob to get it to open.

    After that, youll need to remove the previous battery and then replace it with the new battery. Also, make sure that the battery is in the same position as the previous battery.

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    Mercedes Key Fob Battery Replacement

    The following simple step-by-step process is all you need to do to replace the battery in these Mercedes-Benz key fobs.

    Step 1: Push the small metal button on the back of the key fob and slide the back of the key fob off the casing.

    Tip: If you struggle to press the button and slide the back of the casing at the same time, then first press the button to release the valet key. Then, use the valet key in one hand to push the button down while you use your other thumb to slide the fob back away from the rest of the casing.

    Step 2: The next thing you have to do is release the battery. It is housed with the inner casing. On the left side of the inner casing, youll see a small tab. Use your fingernail or perhaps a small coin or some other flat object to release that tab.

    Step 3: Pull on the tab and the battery will come out inside its own case. Pop the battery out of the case and confirm that the replacement battery you have is the right one. It is normally a CR 2032 3-volt battery. Its a silver-colored disc.

    Step 4: Put the new battery in the same place and position in which you found the first one. If you noticed, the side of the battery with the writing should be facing down, and the blank side of the battery facing up.

    Step 5: Battery now in place, slide the battery back into the key fob slot, making sure to push it all the way back in.

    Step 6: Replace the back of the key fob, along with the valet key .

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