How To Change Movado Watch Battery

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What Are The Benefits Of Using An Original Movado Watch Battery

Replacing Battery in a Movado Watch- PLEASE SUBSCRIBE

There are many benefits to purchasing an original Movado watch battery. The first benefit is the quality of the battery. Original Movado watch batteries offer a long life span and will not overheat, which means that you can use them in various climates without worry. Furthermore, they last for a very long time, so you dont have to worry about constantly replacing your battery when it dies.

The Movado watch is equipped with a unique feature that will tell you when it needs a new battery. And when it does, the battery in your watch must be changed by an authorized service center. The technician will uninstall the battery and dispose of it or recycle it in accordance with local regulations. Do not attempt to change the battery in your Movado watch yourself, as this is not recommended.

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Tips Before Sending Your Watch To An Movado Service Center Near Me

  • Communicate effectively and be VERY specific about the problem. Describe it in detail. For example if the watch is slowtell them by how much.
  • Put a value on it. Even if got it as a gift and dont know the original cost, take a guess and include it in with your package.
  • If you are claiming a warranty include the warranty information
  • Make sure you give them all your contact info
  • Pack the watch securely using adequate packing and bubble wrap.
  • Follow all of MGIs Instructions

What Are The Tips To Best Take Care Of Your Movado Watch And Its Battery

Dont expose your Movado watch to extreme or hot temperatures. If you can, avoid wearing it when youre engaged in any type of physical activity, such as sports training. Remember to keep your Movado watch away from water, excessive humidity, and other things that may cause damage.

Wearing your watch often will prevent it from getting worn out quickly. Avoid exposing your watch to chemicals, such as detergent, which may damage its surface. Dont forget to clean the band of your Movado watch regularly. If the tarnish is present, use a cloth to wipe it off or use a toothbrush to brush off the tarnish gently.

If your Movado has a leather watch band, avoid exposing your Movado watch to water. If ever the leather gets wet, let it dry first before putting it on again. Its also advisable to store metal watches in a breathable box or bag and keep them away from humidity as well.

Never forget to replace the battery of your Movado watch when its too weak. If youre not sure if it needs a battery replacement, take the watch to an expert who can tell you about its condition and whether or not it needs one. Ignoring and leaving a dead battery in your Movado watch may cause further damage or problems with its performance.

Never try to open the watch yourself or take it apart, especially if youre not an expert in this field. Doing so may cause irreparable damages to your Movado watch. Always have a professional do this for you and avoid doing things by force with your Movado watch.

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Movado Watch Repair Shop

W hv srvicd thousnds of wtchs ovr th yrs nd w provid Movado wtch rpirs nd srvicing for both currnt nd vintg Movado wtchs. longsid our srvic work, w cn rplc glsss, batteries, movments, bands, clsps nd links etc. W lso hv spcil fixd pric for ll bttry, rsl nd prssur tsts. Our workshop hs th ltst prssur tsting quipmnt to nsur your wtch is rsld corrctly. If ndd our professional watch repair vn mnufcturr prts for obsolt wtchs nd with lrg stock of obsolt prts w cn srvic nd rpir oldr Movado wtchs tht somtims th mnufcturr cnnot.

Th buty of Movado timpics is in thir prcision nginring nd fin pprnc. Thy r dsignd nd built to lst liftim or mor. Howvr, lik ny othr high-prcision instrumnt, wtch nds rgulr srvicing to mintin prfct functionlity. To nsur your wtch givs you yrs of outstnding tim prformnc it should b srvicd rgulrly to mintin its rlibility nd pprnc.

Movado r on of th most populr wtch brnds on th mrkt. Th brand collction fturs some of th most iconic fmously known wtchs. Whthr you hv vintg watch, a chronogrph wristwtch, or any one from its collections, our Mstr Wtchmkrs are xprt in th rpir nd mintnnc of ny branded timpic.

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Movado Battery Service Tracking

Movado 976.001 battery issue

We know watches are personal items. That’s why keep you fully informed during the whole process. When you order, we start sending you package tracking info that allows you to login and see in real time where your package and watch are. We email you during the process so you always know how your Movado battery service is going.

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How To Adjust Your Mesh Strap

1.Use tool such as a small flat-head screwdriver to pop open metal plate on pin-bar half of clasp, releasing the clasp position locking mechanism.2.Slide pin-bar half of clasp along the mesh bracelet in either direction to desired position. 3.Close metal plate, locking the pin-bar half of the clasp in new position on the bracelet.

Conveniently Located In West Plano

Trust Your Watch Repair & Service to Experts

High Grade Watch, Inc. is able to offer expert watch repair and service with a master watchmaker on-site. Our services range from Movado watch battery replacement and Movado watch repair to pressure testing watches to ensure they remain water resistant. You can feel confident bringing your quality timepieces to High Grade Watch, Inc. We work on all Swiss-made Luxury watch brands, including Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega, and many more.

The Movado watch brand originated in Switzerland in 1881, and is featured in museums across the globe. Movado watches are the flagship of the Movado Group Portfolio that includes nearly a dozen other popular and trendy watch brands from Coach to Juicy Couture and from Hugo Boss to Concord. These brands all fall under the Movado portfolio group, making them some of the most popular in the world. With Derek Jeter as a brand ambassador its hard to go wrong.

  • · Factory spec re-sealing
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    Our Expertise At Fixing Movado Watches

    At Village Watch, our modern workshop offers the best infrastructure and experienced staff who can expertly repair or restore your Movado timepiece. Our staff understands every part of high-grade modern and vintage watches, and they continually receive training in order to better serve our customers.

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    Movado Watch Full Service

    Changing The Battery In A Movado Women Watch | Watch Repair Channel

    If your Movado watch is losing time, it could be more than just a battery replacement. We recommended Movado watches are serviced every 3-5 years. We can carry out a full manufacture service of your Movado watch. We only use replacement or original Movado watch parts for quartz and mechanical watches, which are sourced directly from Movado. This ensures the parts we use are genuine and made to the highest standards for your watch repair.

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    How Long Do Watch Batteries Last

    Watch batteries are designed to not need replacing often. The battery duration will depend on the watch and its features, but a newly purchased watch should last up to 2 years, or even up to 3 or 4 years in some cases.

    In older watches, the battery should last between 14 and 18 months. However, it may need replacing sooner for various reasons:

    • The older your watch is, the faster it will drain the battery.
    • Features such as LED displays, alarms and chronograph will drain the battery faster than a regular analogue watch. If you want your watch battery to last as long as possible, we recommend not leaving the chronograph running all the time.
    • Sometimes a watch battery’s life may be affected by external factors such as extreme temperatures, humidity or air pressure.

    Important note: We strongly recommend you replace your watch battery every two years to avoid potential leakages that could damage your watch.

    A Quick Look At Movado

    Movado was founded and created first as LAI Ditescheim & Freres SA in 1881 in beautiful La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland . Settling on Movado in 1975, this watch has enjoyed some serious staying power. With their new line of Connect smart watches, one can bet that their legacy is intact for years to come.

    Proving that watches are sometimes seen as a relic from a bygone era, Movados trademark is their iconic, single dot at the 12 position which many believe symbolizes the sun at its high noon point. Their most popular watch is their Museum Watch, which was originally designed by Nathan George Horwitt, who was seriously into Bauhaus.

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    What Makes A Movado Watch Unique

    Movado is known around the world for its Museum Watch, which features a single gold dot representing the sun at high noon and has hands that suggest the movement of the earth. The original Museum Watch was the first wristwatch to be shown at the Museum of Modern Art and was designed by an American, Nathan George Horwitt, in 1947.

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    Here Is A List Of Common Watch Problems You May Face Reach Us For Any Of The Following Watch Related Issues

    Battery Change Near Me
    • If your watch crystal is broken, cracked, showing moisture or your watch crystal need to be replaced etc.
    • If Your watch band is need a replacement or a new look.
    • If Your Watch Has Stopped Working or Just Not Showing any Movement
    • If Your Watch Works only When It is not on Your Wrist.
    • If Your Watchs Second Hand Skipping or not Moving Properly
    • If Chronograph is not Working Properly
    • If any Issue with Watch Battery Life or just wants to Replace Watch Battery
    • If Your Watch Alarm is not Working
    • If Your Watch Buttons Wont Work Properly
    • If Your Watch Stopped Ticking
    • If Your Watch is Running Fast or Running Slow
    • If any of the Buttons of Your Watch Wont Bounce back to its Actual Position
    • If any need of Watch Part Replacement
    • If Your Watch is in a need of Water Resistance Restoration
    • If Your Watch needs a Watch Cleaning Service
    • If Your Watch needs a Polishing Service
    • If Your Watch Movement is not Working Properly
    • If You need watch Engraving.

    Reach us even the problem is not in the list trust us, we will make you smile.

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    How Do You Maintain Your Movado Bold

    Like any carefully designed mechanism, Movado bold requires regular maintenance to guarantee maximum performance. Thorough disassembly, cleaning, component replacement as needed, reassembly, and greasing of the movement are all part of routine maintenance. In addition to any mandatory battery replacement, a servicing interval of 3 to 5 years is advised.

    How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Watch Battery

    If you choose to go to a jeweller, your watch battery replacement cost will depend on who you go to and the type of watch you have.The cost of a watch battery replacement will vary depending on the brand, the type of watch, and servicing costs that come along with it.

    For watches that can’t be submerged in water, the total cost may not exceed £10. However, for water resistant timepieces, the prices may range between £20 and £50, and the more complicated and waterproof your watch is, the more prices will go up. This is because watches with high water resistance need to be resealed properly and tested after being opened.

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    Movado Watch Dial Restoration

    Over-time the watch dial, face, digits and hands can become tarnished, corrode or worse break or fall-off: water entering the watch case, a broken watch glass, or leaky battery can cause any of these unsightly issues. We can help fix these issues and get your Movado watch looking new again.

    How To Change Movado Bold Battery

    Movado BOLD- How to Change the Battery

    Movado began in 1881 and is a Swiss wristwatch manufacturer. Movado watches have a unique basic design with a single metallic dot at the 12th hour. They are known for their high-quality and well-designed watches. Despite their exquisite designs, the watches still run-on battery, which tends to die after years of use. This article aims to teach you how to change your Movado bold battery.

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    How Long Is The Warranty On My Movado Watch

    Movado provides a warranty for two years from the date of purchase that your watch will be free from defects that prevent your watch from functioning properly. In order to make claim on your warranty you will need to provide an original receipt showing your date of purchase, the model of the watch, and the price you paid for it.

    What they have is a common limited warranty that covers manufacturer defects for 2 years from the date of purchase. That means anything wrong with the craftsmanship is covered. Any common wear and tear is not. It also explicitly states that any repairs performed by anyone other then an authorized Movado technician will void the warranty.

    For more information on the companies warranty policy, .

    Opening The Watch Case

    There are different types of watch cases, some of which require special tools to open:

    • Snap-on cases. These include a small overlap or lip somewhere around the perimeter.
    • Cases secured with screws. These have screws around the perimeter.
    • Screw-on cases. These have a number of notches spaced around the outer perimeter of the case.

    This type of watch case can be opened without tools:

    • Slot cases. These just have a groove on the back of the watch case.

    How to change a watch battery using tools

    Some watches require the use of a small tool to open. We recommend using plastic tools rather than metal tools to avoid an electric shock or scratching your watch.

    Tools you’ll need:

    • Watch case opener or a knife
    • Tweezers/small screwdriver
    • Gloves to avoid damaging the inside of the watch

    Snap-on cases

    The most common type of case is the snap-on case. To open it, you need to find the lip on the back of the watch case. Insert the watch case opener under the lip, and twist the blade so that the back unclips from the watch case. You can now lift the watch back off the case. If you don’t have a watch case opener, a thin knife will do the job, but you have to take care to not scratch or damage your watch.

    Cases secured with screws

    With a small screwdriver, undo the screws on the back side of your watch. Now remove the back case, and make sure to keep the screws in a safe place so that you don’t lose them.

    Screw-on cases

    How to change a watch battery without tools

    Slot cases

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    The Kind Of Battery Movado Bold Uses

    Movado bold watches use 371 batteries. The 371 battery is a coin battery that can be used to run your watch and other small electronics. The 371 battery has a silver oxide and is known for its long life, resistance to leakage and rust, and low voltage reduction. Although it is most commonly associated with watch batteries, it can also be used in other electronic devices such as key fobs, toys, and calculators.

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    How To Change A Movado Bold Battery

    How to Replace Watch Batteries

    The Movado bold battery can be replaced without any difficulty at home and will cut the cost watch shops will collect for the replacement. Here are the ways you can replace your Movado bold battery:

    • Place the watch face down on a clean cloth
    • Put the head of a tiny screwdriver into the spot in the rear of the case where the watchs case opens up. Open the watch by moving the screwdriver around. Make sure not to scratch the watch case.
    • The opened external casing has an oil-based gasket. Remove the gasket to keep the watch casing dry. Note how the gasket was placed so it can be fixed the same way when closing the watch.
    • Use the screwdriver tip to push the battery out of the watch. Note how the battery is placed as the new battery must be placed the same way. Also, make sure the screwdriver does not touch anything else inside the watch, as this may cause damage to it.
    • Insert the new battery in the exact location as the old one.
    • Replace the oil-based gasket to the exact position that it was when the case was opened
    • Place the back case on the watch and Push down until you hear a click indicating the casing has been closed.

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    Removing The Back Of A Screw Off Watch

  • 1Get a ball of thumb tack or glue tack. You’ll need to get a ball of a sticky thumb tack or glue that will adhere to the back of the watch and help you rotate it. You can purchase this at most arts and crafts stores or online.XResearch source
  • There are also grip-balls that are made specifically to open the back of a screw off watch.
  • 2Press the tack against the back of the watch. Knead the tack until it’s soft and sticky. Press it hard against the back of the watch.XResearch source
  • 3Twist the tack counter clockwise and twist off the back. Once the tack is attached to the back, twisting it counterclockwise should loosen the back of the watch until it’s not attached.XResearch source
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