How To Change The Battery In Honeywell Thermostat

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How To Change Battery Of Honeywell Thermostat

Honeywell Pro Series Thermostat Battery Replacement (BATT)

After using your thermostat for a couple of years, you notice that it no longer works as well as it used to. When you check it out, you find the LCD keeps on flashing. The only reason the flashes occur is that the thermostat battery is low.

But how do you change the thermostat battery? Well, it depends on your thermostat model/series. Every model has a different way of alerting you to change the batteries.

  • Honeywell 8000 Series: The model includes TH8321U, TH8110U, and TH8320U. They show battery low by flashing the words on the screen.
  • Honeywell 6000 series: It boasts TH6320U, TH6110D, and TH6220D. They show battery low by displaying a REPLACE BATTERY message.
  • Honeywell 5000 series: Includes models such as TH5320U, TH5110D, and TH5220D. They also flash out a REPLACE BATTERY message.
  • Honeywell 4000 series: Includes Th4110D and Th4210Dmodels that also flash the words REPLACE BATTERY.
  • Honeywell 2000 series: It Includes models such as TH2210D, TH1100DH, TH2110V, TH2100DV, TH2110D, and TH2110DH. They all display a battery low message as an alert.
  • If your thermostat shows any of these alerts, then its time to change the battery.

Replacement Of Series 4000 Honeywell Thermostat Battery

The 4000 series comes with air cleaners, a large backlit display for easier readability, energy-saving benefits, along with scheduling program, and an inbuilt compressor protection system. The controls are also great for this series and give you good control over the temperature, fan speed, etc. Also, the quality of the product and the battery life is also great. For this model, you will be needing AA batteries.

Now, we will discuss the steps that are involved in changing the batteries of the 4000 series-

  • Firstly, as usual, remove the thermostat from any source of electricity. Make sure that you are not exposed to any live wire.
  • Next, remove the cover plate. To do that, push the plate from the bottom. It will come out.
  • Next, replace the old dead batteries with the new AA batteries and again, check the polarity.
  • Then put the cover back in its place and secure it firmly.

Your thermostat is now ready for use.

Where Can I Buy A Honeywell Thermostat Battery

Still on the issue of the thermostat battery, where you buy the battery matters. You need to make sure that the battery you will buy is compatible with your thermostat.

You can check this by asking the seller or reading the instructions on the label of your thermostat.

Some of these batteries are available at hardware and home improvement stores, while others are only sold online.

The best place to buy is online because you have a wider selection to choose from.

Buy from reputable honeywell thermostat battery suppliers and manufacturers in China. This way, you will be confident that you are buying the best quality product.

The price on the internet is usually more affordable than in brick-and-mortar stores.

The warranty of the thermostat batteries is valid only if they are bought in China or through online sellers or manufacturers who can ship to your country.

ICRFQ is one such supplier and sourcing agent of thermostat batteries in China. We have a wide range of batteries for the thermostat, and we have all the required documentation to ship it to your country.

If you want to find more Electronic Components Distributors, please check out the following articles:

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Do All Honeywell Thermostats Require Battery Replacement

Though most thermostats do require batteries to function, not all of Honeywells models will. If you cannot locate a battery compartment, if you plug your thermostat directly into the wall, or never receive LOW BATTERY alerts, then you probably have a model that doesnt require batteries.

To make sure, look for a C-wire leading from the thermostat. If you dont have a C-wire, then your thermostat probably will need to get batteries replaced.

Series 5000 Honeywell Thermostat Battery Replacement

How To Change Battery In Honeywell Thermostat Rth6580Wf / Vintage ...

Series 5000 comes with Auto changeover feature which enables to switch between heating and cooling both by accessing the temperature of the room. The thermostat comes with a sliding battery compartment and you do not have to open the cover from the base plate to replace the battery.

  • Turn off the Thermostat.
  • Just press and pull the cover to take out the battery compartment from the top right corner.
  • Take out the battery compartment and Replace the battery .
  • Now, place the top cover as it was before.
  • You have replaced the battery, its time to switch on the Thermostat.

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Guide On How To Replace The Thermostats Batteries

In principle, it is very easy and straightforward to replace your thermostats batteries. You just put off the power to the thermostat, take out the old batteries, put in the correct new batteries, put everything back, and switch the thermostat on again.

Each Honeywell Series has small variations in the procedure, and therefore I provide you with this Quick Guide.

Honeywell Thermostat Th800 Version

The Honeywell thermostat TH8000 version is a type of Honeywell thermostat that supports the backup of the battery to pass through when the connection of power is lacking at the time. The Honeywell thermostat TH800 version gives a warning via the Lo Batt as it shows in the front area of the thermostat. Follow the steps below to change the battery in the thermostat accurately.

  • Put off the Honeywell thermostat TH800 before replacing the battery.
  • Disconnect the Honeywell thermostat from the wall for easy access to the battery for replacement.
  • Flip the thermostat to access the back end and remove the cover panel from the thermostat.
  • Find the older battery and remove it from its position.
  • Fix the new battery at the location.
  • Hook up the thermostat back to the wall and turn it on.

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Series 2000 & 1000 Honeywell Thermostat Battery Replacement

The 2000 and 1000 series are budget Thermostats from Honeywell. Mostly these thermostats are used in big complexes and apartments.

The thermostats have LED display and can be used with air conditioner and gas furnace.

Overall, if you are on budget and dont want to compromise on the quality, you can go for the above models.

  • Like all other models, this model also needs to be switched Off first.
  • Now, take out the cover plate from the base plate. You have to pull it from the bottom of the plate.
  • Replace the batteries. It contains 2 AA batteries. Make sure to check the polarity of the battery .
  • Put the cover back to the base plate.
  • Now, Switch on the Thermostat.

Honeywell Thermostat Lyric Round

Honeywell thermostat battery replacement if thermostat doesn’t work AC won’t turn on

The Lyric round Thermostat comes with an amazing feature known as Geofencing. Basically, this feature takes your phone location and control your HVAC temperature accordingly.

The thermostat looks amazing with the full touch glass display having a lot of buttons to adjust temperature and other features.

You can easily connect this thermostat with third party accessories like IFTTT, Apple Watch, SmartThings, HomeKit, Alexa, Google Home etc.

Replacing the battery

  • Make sure to Switch Off the Thermostat and take out the thermostat from the sub-base.
  • Replace the old batteries with the fresh new AAA batteries.
  • Now, place the faceplate back to the sub-base.
  • Turn On the Thermostat.

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Battery Replacement For The 5000 Models

The 5000 series models are dual-powered they may be battery or line-powered.

They also come with a new and efficient way to access the battery. You can now easily replace the batteries through the brand-new flip-out doors that guard the battery compartment.

The models under the 5000 series include TH5110D, TH5320U and TH5220D

The entire task related to unnecessary removal and reassembly of our device is now history.

From now on, you will be finishing your work in less than a minute. Here is what you do:

  • Disconnect your thermostat from the supply electrically.
  • The flip-door can be found at the top-right end. Pull the compartment out after firmly holding the cover-plate.
  • Take out the AA batteries and make sure new ones go in smoothly.
  • Check for polarity matching before you bring back the flip-doors to their normal state.
  • Place the cover-plate back to where it belonged.
  • Turn on your device and let the cooling progress.

Do Honeywell Thermostats Require Batteries

Most Honeywell thermostats use batteries. Some nonprogrammable Honeywell thermostats have no batteries required to charge them. These are connected to the power supply of the thermostat because they have a small amount of power inside them.

This unit does not contain any screens or other electrical features. Some of the thermostats made by Honeywell do not require batteries for the operation. They dont need power because they simply function as switches.

If a power source is needed, they can be connected to an outlet for thermostats as they only require small energy. Thermostats such as the heat exchanger.

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Honeywell 4000 Series Battery Replacement

This series includes TH4210D and the TH4110D models. These thermostats are programmable models, and built to run with cooling and heating systems with or without a heat pump.

Youll see the REPLACE BATT icon flash on the LED screen when the battery power gets low. The good news is that youll still have a month or two to replace the batteries before they die out completely.

Still, you may as well replace them right away so you wont have to keep worrying about it. Follow this guide to change the honeywell 4000 thermostat battery:

  • First you need to remove the thermostat from the wall. You do this by pulling at the bottom of the face plate.
  • Turn the thermostat over and youll find the AA batteries.
  • Take out the spent batteries and put in 2 new AA batteries.
  • Place the thermostat back on the wall plate. This will snap on securely if you do it right.
  • How Can You Tell If Your Honeywell Thermostat Needs A Battery Change

    Honeywell T6861 3 Speed Fan Coil Control Digital Room Thermostat

    Honeywell makes sure that they create products that make it clear what they need in order to remain well-running. If you need to replace the batteries in your thermostat, youll find out because the thermostat will tell you. Usually, this will be in the form of a light saying LOW BATTERY, or REPLACE BATTERY on the side of your thermostat.

    Some smart thermostats may also have other indicator systems, including a blinking light or a special message on the display. Check your owners manual to find out what your signals will be.

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    When Should The Honeywell Thermostat Battery Be Changed

    A Honeywell thermostat requires a new battery once a year, and you will begin receiving notifications 60 days before the battery needs to be changed.

    You have ample time to change the batteries as a result! The LED panel on the thermostat begins to display Low Batt or Replace the battery messages to warn you.

    Around 60 days before your battery dies, you will receive messages. A different warning is a black screen, and your thermostat ceases to function after the warning.

    You might not be concerned about changing the batteries in your thermostat if it merely utilizes batteries as an additional backup.

    Nevertheless, it is still crucial to replace the battery. Apart from causing changes to the Honeywell thermostats Time and Date settings, it is essential to upkeep your device.

    Additionally, your thermostat uses a battery for the backup process.

    Honeywell Thermostats: Changing The Batteries

    Honeywell is a famous brand in the thermostat industry, and it stands to reason that plenty of people use their thermostat. Honeywell actually offers several different lines and models of thermostats, and they all have their own unique features.

    Some of them offer basic functions, but others are more advanced. Some models have programmable functions as well as an LED screen, and they may need batteries. If they do need batteries, eventually youll have to replace those batteries when they run out of power.


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    How To Replace Battery In Honeywell Thermostat Video Ideas

    How To Replace Battery In Honeywell Thermostat Video Ideas. Thermostat batteries last for an average of 10 months, so it is easy to tell when dead. After 10 seconds, reinsert them the right way.

    Check the name or model number of your product to ensure it’s correctly written in the search bar above. Locate the batteries by removing the battery compartment tray or cover or by removing the. In order to change the battery of push button from the new honeywell home doorbell series:


    Switch the system to off. If you’re looking for a product that isn’t a thermostat, try checking here.


    Wait ten seconds and put them back in. The one of most interesting features of series 6000 honeywell thermostat is.


    Press and hold down the menu button for 5. In general, most thermostat batteries last at least eight months.


    If the sub base is securely connected to the wall, the face plate will disconnect if pulled straight out from the wall. The 4000s are white, square programmable thermostats.


    After 10 seconds, reinsert them the right way. Remove the thermostat from the sub base.


    Power off the thermostat and remove the batteries. Thermostat batteries last for an average of 10 months, so it is easy to tell when dead.

    Source: cleancrispair.comSource:

    How To Change Thermostat Battery Honeywell

    How to change Honeywell thermostat batteries

    How To Change Thermostat Battery Honeywell. Turn it over to access the battery compartment. Whats great about digital thermostats is that even if you have a power outage, they will.

    It is not exactly easy but it is possible. Turn off your thermostat, open the battery compartment on the front, and remove the batteries. First, locate the battery cover on the back of the thermostat.


    Honeywell thermostat th800 version put off the honeywell thermostat th800 before replacing the battery. Put the new batteries in the compartment and slide the protective plate over them.


    If the battery compartment is covered, remove it then take out the batteries. Switch off the thermostat press and simultaneously gently pull the cover to remove the.


    Whats great about digital thermostats is that even if you have a power outage, they will. Pull the thermostat and gently remove it from its wall plate.


    Put the new batteries in the compartment and slide the protective plate over them. Check the name or model number of your product to.


    Open the front cover by pulling the front cover out gently. First, locate the battery cover on the back of the thermostat.


    Pull the thermostat and gently remove it from its wall plate. Put the thermostat in the off position and remove the batteries.


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    Why A Thermostat Needs Batteries

    The primary function of batteries inside your thermostat is to save any programmed information in the event of short power outages so that your heating/cooling system continues uninterrupted. When low batteries eventually die, youll see a black display screen, the thermostat will stop working and your heating or cooling units wont function. The heating and cooling system cannot respond to nonexistent temperature commands.

    How Do I Replace The Battery In A Honeywell Thermostat

    In most cases, you can remove the cover plate or slide out the battery compartment to change the batteries in a Honeywell thermostat. Put the battery back in place and leave it how it was.

    Now you are aware that changing or replacing the batteries in a Honeywell thermostat is relatively simple. Even a child can do it!

    Below is a detailed guide on Honeywell thermostat battery replacement, similar to the Honeywell Thermostat reset guide.

    Before going any further, I want you to be aware that not all Honeywell thermostats use batteries. A quick tell is if your Honeywell thermostat has an LED display, it most likely uses batteries.

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    Replace The Battery Compartment To The Baseplate

    This step will also change depending on the model of your Honeywell thermostat. Take a look at the table below that will show you the step that is right for your model:

    Basic Pull Design
    • If your thermostat has a basic pull design, realign the faceplate with the baseplate.
    • Then push the faceplate over the baseplate until it fits snuggly.

    *TIP!* Are you struggling to get the faceplate back on? If so, then resist the urge to jam it into place. Make sure the faceplate and the baseplate are aligned correctly and push down on the baseplate again.

    • If your thermostat has a hinge design, realign the top hinges on the faceplate with the top hinges on the baseplate.
    • Push the bottom of the faceplate down and it should click back into place.

    *TIP!* Does the faceplate keep falling off when you put it on? Then make sure that both sets of hinges are properly aligned. The faceplate should not move once clicked back into place.

    How Does A Honeywell Thermostat Work

    Honeywell Thermostat RTH221B1039 1 Week Home Programmable Digital

    A honeywell thermostat works by turning on or off its fan depending on the temperature of the room.

    When the temperature gets too low, it turns on its fan to heat up the air inside your house, and when it gets too high, it turns off its fan so as not to cool down your house unnecessarily.

    Where is a honeywell thermostat installed?

    A honeywell thermostat can be installed on a wall. It regulates the flow of air inside your house.

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    Why Does My Honeywell Thermostat Not Work Even After Replacing The Battery

    There could be a couple of potential culprits. For a start, check if the batteries are correctly placed in the compartment or slot.

    The latest thermostat models will notify you of the commonly occurring issues.

    I would recommend you to get some professional assistance in case you still cannot operate your thermostat.

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