How To Change Watch Battery

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Watch Battery Replacement Tools

How to change a watch battery – 3 techniques!

Tools are really helpful in fixing things, especially when it comes to a delicate piece like a watch. Here we have compiled a list of all the tools to change batteries.

We have also gathered a second list of alternative tools that most people already possess in their home. If you only need to fix one watch and you dont see yourself fixing a second one any time soon, this list is for you.

Standard tools

Watch case opener

Most of these tools and watch battery repair kits can be bought on professional watch parts online and offline.

Simple tools

If you dont have the standard tools, dont worry! There are alternative tools you can use that are as functional.

Thin knife This is small enough to fit the tip on the small openings of a watch back. You can use this instead of a watch case opener. But, be careful! Make sure it does not touch the other parts of the watch.

Flat razor blade You can slide this under the backing hinge of your watch to open the plate.

Rubber ball or stress ball This is also effective to loosen the watch backplate. If you have a rubber ball, you can definitely use it! Press the ball firmly against the plate. Once loose, you can use your fingers to entirely remove the backplate.

A pair of scissors If your watch has a really tight backplate, you can use a pair of scissors to twist it and loosen the screws.

Precision screwdriver This is also a great choice for unscrewing watch backings.

Putting In The New Battery

Use the tweezers to put the new watch battery in place – remember which way should be facing up! Press the clips back down, and before placing the back on, test to see if the watch is working. The hands should begin moving if the battery is in properly. If not, the battery may be faulty, or you may need to seek advice from a specialist.

How Much Does It Cost To Exchange Battery

How much battery should I buy for my car? Battery replacement for a car costs between $45 and $250, depending on the power, size, and quality of the battery. You may be able to find your current battery or find a new one at your local dealership, auto parts store, or auto service center.

If you take your car to a mechanic or a do-it-yourselfer, the average cost to replace a car battery ranges between $79 and $492. When properly maintained, batteries can typically last longer than their manufacturers warranty. The same batteries can be found in any auto parts store and, in some cases, at large retailers like Walmart. Most of the time, car batteries are found in the engine compartment under the hood. Some luxury and performance vehicles have batteries stored in the trunk as a backup. A dead battery will not harm your vehicle, but it may result in a warning light or a slew of other check engine light codes. Cold-amp cranking and replacement warranty programs are standard in the automotive industry.

The battery will be more expensive as the warranty period approaches. An electrical draw can cause the battery to drain prematurely, and installing a new battery is unlikely to solve the problem. The following are some common services that are typically provided as part of vehicle battery replacement. The brake pads, rotors, spark plugs, and timing chains all play a role in brake operation.

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Does Jcpenney Still Replace Watch Batteries

Yes, JCPenney still replaces watch batteries. You can take your watch to the customer service desk at any JCPenney store and they will replace the battery for you.

In addition to offering a free watch battery change this month, JCPenney will provide a free battery change in-store. Your old watch will be recharged and kept in working order by performing this task. For many years, Walmart has provided excellent service when it comes to purchasing new watches, as well as watch batteries for all of its locations. Changing the batteries for your watch was once possible at the jewelry counter, but that service has now been discontinued.

How To Change Your Watch Battery Yourself

How To Change A Watch Battery

Having your watch battery replaced by a jeweller might not be particularly expensive, but changing it yourself is cheaper, saves time, and, in many cases, quite an easy process. Follow the simple guide below, and you’ll be able to replace your battery in a few quick and easy minutes.

Important note: If your watch is still under warranty, we recommend that you check with your supplier to see whether they allow you to open the watch or not. Some manufacturers will consider the warranty void if the watch has been opened by someone else.

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Insert The New Battery

Use tweezers to place the new battery into place with the right side up, and, if applicable, lower the clips back, too.

Important note: Before closing the watch case, check if the watch is working. If not, you should check you’ve installed the battery correctly.

In some cases, you can put on the case back to see if that makes the battery sit correctly in place. If this doesn’t fix your issue, you should go to a watch repair shop or call the manufacturer or the place you’ve bought it from.

If it does work, then you can go to the next step.

Changing The Watch Battery

For expensive or antique watches we can only emphasize in the strongest terms that changing the battery should only be carried by a professional jeweller or specialist. In some cases only their authorized dealers should be used.

The vast majority of watch backs simply click into place. Some however require the use of specialist watch back compressor. These are readily available on the internet and are relatively cheap. To avoid having to use one do not apply too much force in removing the back off as this is an indication that one will be required when you come to put the back on again.

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How To Change The Battery In A Nixon Watch

Follow these steps when your Nixon watch stops ticking and your battery needs to be replaced.

  • Identify if your watch is covered by warranty. This is an important first step and will tell you whether you should go to a third-party jeweler or not. If your watch is covered by warranty, contact our Service Center. If your watch is not covered by warranty, you can either contact our Service Center or continue through the steps below.
  • Identify your battery model. Weve put together this Nixon watch battery replacement chart that you can use to determine what battery model your watch needs. A jeweler can install the battery quickly for you using this information.
  • Find a jeweler. Look for a jeweler with a location convenient to you. Call ahead to make sure they have your battery model . You might also consider asking how quickly they can turn around the battery replacement. And don’t forget – ask the jeweler for a case back re-seal and a pressure test to ensure water resistance of the watch!
  • Drop off your watch. And if you did purchase a replacement Nixon watch battery on your own, make sure to bring that along as well.
  • Wait for pickup.
  • Theres nothing worse than being without your favorite Nixon watch for an extended period. So, if you think your watch needs a new battery, take the steps above to give your watch a little revival.

    How Do I Replace The Glass On My Watch Face

    How To Replace Change Watch Battery

    In 5 Easy Steps, Replace a Watch Crystal Youll need the following equipment. Lift with crystals. Get rid of the old crystal. Make sure the jaws of the crystal lift are broader than the watch crystal. Make sure the inside of the bezel is clean. The inside of the bezel should be measured. Make use of the crystal foundation. Replace the crystal. The last touch.

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    How To Save Money On Watch Battery Replacement

    by Dave | Dec 25, 2022 | Mall FAQ’s

    A watch battery replacement at a mall kiosk can cost between $10-$30, depending on the type of watch. Most watch batteries can be replaced by a trained technician in a matter of minutes, so it is important to know what type of battery your watch uses before heading to the mall.

    A watch battery replacement can cost up to $50 and takes a few weeks to complete. Some watch batteries can be easily accessible and are reached by simply removing the case back. Other batteries are stored deep within the watch and must be accessed with the aid of sophisticated maneuvering. Youll need to reset both the watchs movement and its electronic movement if it has a digital quartz movement. Most jewelry stores provide watch battery replacement for between $15 and $95. Before your watch can be reassembled, it must first pass its original specifications. Depending on the watch, the process can cost between $45 and $95 and take between 1-2 weeks. The watch may take longer to set if you use it for a longer period of time, as indicated above.

    Price range for Macys Watch Repair Service Battery Replacement $551Remove Add New Links Estimate35 rows of new links per row, starting at $23. Existing Links Start at $23.

    It is usually between $15 and $25 to replace a battery. There are no standard watches. The cost of your battery replacement is influenced by several factors, which explains why some batteries can cost more than $50 and require several weeks to replace.

    Watch From The Emblematic Case

    • Dirt infiltrations in the Case and Movement mechanism.
    • Signs of oxidation in some parts of the Movement mechanism.
    • Signs of Rust on the thread of the locking Screws .
    • Battery contact smeared with “Acid” , probably leaked from the Old Battery or Battery of Poor quality.
    • Poor conditions that will surely require a general repair of the Movement mechanism: Obvious, but Unexpected.

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    Removing The Back Of A Swatch Watch

  • 1Locate the indentations on the back of the watch. There should be slots on the back of the watch that are big enough to fit the edge of a coin. These are created intentionally for easy opening of the watch back.XResearch source
  • 2Insert a quarter into one of the slots. Place the edge of the quarter into the indentation on the back of the watch. If it doesn’t fit, use a smaller coin like a penny or dime.XResearch source
  • 3Rotate the coin counter clockwise. As you rotate the coin, the small screw on the back of the watch should come up and the back should disengage from the watch.XResearch source
  • 4Remove the watch back. Use your hands to carefully lift up the backside of the watch. Make sure that you rotated the coin slots a full turn or the back won’t come loose.XResearch source
  • What If The Watch Doesn’t Work After Battery Replacement

    Watch Battery Replacement Tips

    This could boil down to several reasons.

    On the one hand, it could be that you have chosen the wrong battery or the right battery is not properly clamped down into place. Also, ensure that the watch battery is set the right way else the engine won’t recognize the presence of a new battery and you could end up damaging the slot.

    Likewise, it could be that your watch has stopped from other causes. The engine of the watch could be faulty and in need of a change, causing your watch hands to stop functioning.

    This time, it is better you take the watch to a repair shop and get it properly fixed.

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    How Much Is A Watch Battery

    The cost of your watch battery will depend on the type of watch you have, from the brand and style to the type of battery it needs. As a rule of thumb, the more expensive your watch is, the more complicated its mechanisms are . Some watches require a more expensive battery, of up to £100, while a £2-£5 battery will be more than enough for most simple watches.

    Be aware that any old watch battery won’t do. Watch battery sizes differ and so does the voltage according to the specific type of battery

    Important note: When replacing your watch battery, make sure to use the correct replacement battery or you could risk damaging your watch.

    Always check the back of your watch case as battery specifications are usually inscribed there, or refer to your watch’s instruction manual. If you can’t find the details there, you will need to take out the battery to check.

    The Biggest Mistake In Watch Battery Replacement

    When you have a valuable timepiece, you want to take care of it. This means routine maintenance, and from time to time, you will need to replace the battery.

    But one of the biggest mistakes people make when replacing a watch battery is taking it to a pawn shop, Walmart, or another free or bargain-basement service. These types of places are not specialists, so you run the risk of damaging your timepiece unnecessarily.

    Leave Watch Battery Replacement to the Professionals!Watch battery replacement is a highly technical procedure and one best left to professionals. Do not try this at home!

    An inexperienced or uncertified watch repair technician could make errors that will end up costing you. In the end, that free battery replacement will be a costly lesson in what not to do.

    What Can Go Wrong?There is most certainly a right and wrong way to replace your watchs battery. Here are some of the most common watch battery replacement mistakes we tend to see:

    Watch Not Sealed Properly After Battery ReplacementAfter a new battery is installed, a pressure test is necessary to check that the watch is sealed correctly. If it isnt, your watch will no longer be water-resistant and you might be on the hook for a costly repair. When your watch is serviced or repaired by a professional, they will always do a pressure check to be sure its sealed properly!

    Heres what you can expect from us, and what you should always demand from your watch repair service:

    Inspection for damages

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    Remove The Watch Back

    Most modern watches have snap-off back panels, which have small indentations to help you carefully pry off the cover. Using a small flathead screwdriver or blade, press down on the indentation and twist until the cover comes loose. If your watch back is secured with screws, use a small screwdriver, such as one designed for eyeglasses, to loosen the screws and remove the cover. Some watch backs have slots large enough to fit the edge of a coin, which you can use to twist off the cover.

    Need To Change Your Watch Battery

    How to Save Money â? Replace Watch Battery with Simple Tools

    Has the dreaded happened? You thought you were on time and then suddenly realised that your watch has stopped working. Thankfully, its most likely that your watch just needs a new battery, rather than needing to be totally replaced with a whole new watch. Depending on the type of watch you have, it may be a simple switch that you can learn how to do yourself with our handy guide.

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    Insert The New & Fresh Battery

    Now that the old watch battery is removed you can insert the new battery. Refer to your notes on how the old battery was placed into the watch and carefully reinsert it in the same manner. If you are having trouble doing so by hand, you can utilize tweezers to place the battery precisely. After the new battery has been inserted, reset any tabs or other holders to ensure the battery is held securely in place.

    How To Change A Watch Battery

    The mini panic attack you may experience when you think youre running late is easily the worst part of a watch battery dying. Your timepiece gets stuck where it is, displaying an inaccurate time until it gets fresh power. Once you realize whats happened, your next move is to replace the battery as soon as possible.

    While some watches have a unique process, you can generally change your Timex watch battery the same way you would most timepieces. Heres how:

    Take it to an expertIf you doubt your ability to change your watch battery, dont worry. There are plenty of jewelers who would be happy to replace the precious part for you. Prices for this service will vary depending on the jeweler, so you may want to inquire at several stores before committing. However, once you find a jeweler or watch repair professional you can trust, we recommend heading back there whenever you need a reliable fix.

    Do it yourselfYoull need tweezers and a small screwdriver to remove the dead battery and replace it with the new one. Safety note: it is suggested using plastic rather than metal tools to avoid an electrical shock. Wearing gloves can also prevent damage from occurring inside the watch.

    Once you have the materials, follow these steps to change your watch battery like a pro:

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    Summary Of Crucial Steps

  • Remember to keep a record of the battery code your watch uses, so you have it when you need to buy a new one. That way, you wont need to open the watch until you have the new battery ready to use.
  • Also, remember to notice the plus and minus sides placement, if its up or down, so you put the new one in correctly.
  • Its always good to wash your hands before handling batteries to avoid getting skin oils on the leads.
  • Youll find it so easy to do yourself, and youll probably start replacing watch batteries for all your friends too.

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