How To Optimize Iphone Battery

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Invest In An Iphone Case

25 Tips to Improve iPhone Battery Life!

To keep your battery working for longer, make sure to keep your iPhone out of dusty or dirty environments. This can lead to shorter battery life due to dust and dirt particles accumulating on the battery contacts.

Using a protective case can help protect your iPhones ports by trapping the debris before it enters your device. Additionally, a good iPhone case can protect your iPhone from other issues as well, such as broken screens and water damage.

At the same time, make sure your case doesnt swaddle your iPhone, causing it to overheat and negatively impact the battery health.

Tip # 7 Get A Handle On The Ios Widgets

Widgets have been around on the iOS for a while, but iOS 11 & in particular 10 brought in new features to this functionality. If you have too many widgets on your lock screen, that can cause performance and power issues as the widgets will try to get updated information. Try to reduce the number of iOS widgets and only use the ones that you absolutely must on your locked screen.

Avoid Updating To Beta Software Updates

To keep your iPhones battery healthy, dont download updates as soon as theyre out. Beta software updates are full of bugs and issues and sometimes they damage the battery health permanently as the new software is not fully optimized for the hardware yet.

The ideal practice should be to wait a few weeks until those bugs are fixed and new patches are released. Always look out for user feedback on forums to see if the new update is optimized or causing any issues.

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Avoid Completely Depleting The Battery

Almost all Lithium-ion batteries have a structure like this:

*Danger Zone* .

The danger zone is the grimy area from where you could recover but theres no guarantee of performance after that. As this damages the battery capacity of the iPhone permanently.

So, its not recommended to deplete the iPhones battery to 0% unless youre calibrating it. In case you have an erratic schedule, you can go charger hopping through the day as itll only be counted as 1 full charge cycle, once the battery completes 100% discharge. Learn more about what counts as 1 full battery charge cycle.

Restore And Setup As New Iphone

How to âOptimize Battery Chargingâ? on iOS and save battery

This is not ideal, but if iPhone 13 Pro Max battery drain issue is persistent, you can hard reset your device and set it up as a new device. This way, you start afresh and get rid of possibly problematic customizations and settings on your device. Once you reset your iPhone, all of your data and settings will be deleted and your device will be as good as new. However, be sure to create a backup of your data before you proceed with this step. Head over to Settings> General> Transfer or Reset iPhone> Erase All Content and Settings to do it.

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Tip #15 Reset Ram On Idevice

One way to speed up a slow iDevice is by clearing up the cache. To do so in the older iOS, All you do is hold down the Power button on your iPhone until the Slide to power off prompt appears. Then, just park your thumb on the Home button until the phone bumps you back to the Home screen.

And thats it. Unlock your iPhone. Otherwise, you open Siri. This works with your iPhone and iPad. Thanks to Mark Forrest for sharing this tip online.

You need to be on one of the Apples native apps when you do this.

There are many other tips and tricks out there to boost the performance and power of your iPhone while using iOS 10. Last but not least is optimizing your Safaris performance on your iPhone. Please check it out to make sure that you have optimized your Safari settings to get a speed boost while using the app.

Turn On Adaptive Charging

Apple says, in order to save battery lifespan, you should not leave your phone to charge overnight. Interestingly, iPhones offer a feature called optimized battery charging. Enabling this, your phone learns from your charging patterns and waits to finish charging past 80%.

Heres how you can enable this feature:

  • Go to Settings and select Battery.
  • Now tap on Battery Health.
  • On the next page, enable the toggle next to Optimised Battery Charging.

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Battery Life Can Suffer After An Ios Upgrade

If youve recently upgraded your iPhone to a new version of iOS, you should expect it to consume more power for a day or so before things settle down.

A new version of iOS often requires the contents on an iPhone to be re-indexed, so features like Spotlight search work properly. The Photos app might also run an analysis on your images to identify common objects so you can search for them.

This often leads to criticism of a new version of iOS for devastating iPhones battery life when, in fact, its just the final part of the upgrade process. We recommend giving it a few days of real-world usage before jumping to any conclusions.

Iphone Battery Health At 85% What Should You Do

iOS 15 – 40+ Tips to Improve Battery Life!

If your iPhones battery health is at 85% or 90% then you should not need to worry about it. The iPhone Battery Health basically denotes the maximum charging capacity compared to its rated capacity. At 85% battery health, your iPhone should seamlessly last for around a year, depending on where you live and your usage. If your iPhones battery health drops down to 80% or less, then it will be considered an aged iPhone battery. Down the line, this will significantly affect the sale value of your iPhone as well.

Please note, that the maximum capacity of the iPhones battery health reduces over time. This is a natural process and will happen to all Lithium-ion batteries. These Lithium-ion batteries charging capacities reduce over time as they are used and recharged. You cannot stop the battery from degrading. But, what you can do is, reduce the wear and tear of the battery. You can follow the above-mentioned steps to reduce the degree of battery degradation. One of the most effective methods is to avoid using your iPhone in extreme temperatures especially in hot environments and by using MFi certified chargers for your iPhones.

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Limit When And How Often Apps Access Your Location

It’s a good idea to check your location settings to limit apps accessing your location for privacy reasons, but it can also be beneficial to your battery life. Here’s how to get to your Location Services settings:

  • Open up the Settings app.
  • Choose Privacy.
  • Tap Location Services.
  • Review the list and edit settings by tapping on the name of each app in the list.
  • You have four possible choices for location settings for each app, though not all four choices will always be available for every app depending on what it does. You can select the following: Never, Ask Next Time, While Using the App, and Always.

    Never will prevent an app from ever accessing your location, and unless there’s a specific need for an app to know where you are, such as a mapping app, setting location access to Never is the best choice.

    Ask Next Time will prompt an app to ask you with a popup the next time that it wants your location, so you can temporarily approve it. With this setting, location access is off until expressly allowed via the popup.

    While Using the App, as the name suggests, allows the app to detect your location only when the app is open and being actively used. If you close the app or switch over to another app, location access ends.

    Always allows an app to have access to your location at all times, regardless of whether it’s open or closed. This will result in the most battery drain and should be limited to only the apps that you need the most.

    Why Does Heat Damage Batteries

    Here’s what you need to know…

    • Hot temperatures can cause permanent damage to batteries
    • That’s because batteries contain fluids, and work through chemical reactions
    • When heat is applied to a battery, the fluid inside starts to evaporate
    • This damages the internal structure of the battery
    • Components like the voltage indicator can be affected by heat
    • This can allow batteries to charge at too high a rate, which can lead to a loss of electrolytes
    • This can reduce battery life over time
    • As batteries heat up, chemical reactions inside will also occur faster
    • Excessive chemical reactions can reduce long-term battery life

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    Reset Your Apple Watch

    If you have an Apple Watch paired to your iPhone, it could be the cause of your battery drain problems. Some watch apps or services may be communicating with your iPhone more often than usual, either for a legitimate reason or due to a bug. The easiest way to reduce this possibility is to remove any Apple Watch apps you don’t use. The nuclear option is to reset your Apple Watch to its factory default settings.

    To do this on your Apple Watch, open Settings and select General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings.

    This action erases everything off your watch, including any media, data, settings, messages, and so on. You’ll also need to re-pair the watch with your âiPhoneâ after the process is complete, so treat it as a last resort.

    Note that after a new pairing or update, your watch may take a few days to learn and adapt to your usage, before smoothing out into a more consistent balance between battery life and performance, which will hopefully transfer to your iPhone.

    Best Practices To Live By

    How to Improve Apple iPhone Battery Life

    Before we get into the short-term ways to boost your battery life, it’s important to know what you can do to help your battery withstand the test of time. We’ve debunked a few of the myths around phone batteries, but here’s what the Responsible Battery Coalition has to say:

    • Avoid temperature extremes, both high and low, when using or storing lithium-ion batteries.

    • Minimize the amount of time a battery spends at either 100% or 0% charge, as both extremely high and low states of charge stress batteries.

    • Avoid fast-chargers, that, while convenient, also degrade lithium-ion batteries more quickly than standard charging.

    There are settings that can be changed and features you can toggle off to save energy. Here is what you can do right now to boost your iPhone’s battery life, and hopefully make it through the day without having to plug in.

    Turn On Low Power Mode

    When your iPhone falls below 20 percent charge, it’ll offer to turn on Low Power Mode. But if you’re trying to save as much power as possible, consider turning it on even earlier. You can find it in the same Battery menu we mentioned above.

    Low Power Mode reduces your screen brightness, makes the screen turn off quicker, and refreshes background apps less often. For example, you might stop receiving emails while Low Power Mode is on. And if you’re using 5G internet, it’ll probably kick you back down to 4G.

    You can tell when your iPhone is in Low Power Mode by looking at the battery bar. If it’s yellow, Low Power Mode is on.

    Check Your Email Less Frequently

    Many of us use our phones to check our email, but how often you check your email can make a big difference to your phone’s battery. The iPhone lets you set up new mail to be “pushed” to your phone immediately or be “fetched” from the mail server at certain intervals.

    Pushing email to your phone requires a constant connection. Fetching email on a schedule uses less battery life. To change how often your phone checks your email, go to Settings > Mail > Accounts > Fetch New Data. For best battery life, turn Push off and reduce your Fetch interval or set it to Manual. If you really need mail from a specific account fast, you enable Push and select it for the one account.

    How To Limit Location Services On Iphone

    Every time your phone is using GPS, it’s using power. You could turn off Location Services altogether, but some apps need this to perform their intended function, like Google Maps, meaning you’d have to turn GPS back on again every time you used them. It’s better to limit your apps to using Location Services only while you’re using them, or when they’ve asked to do so.

    1. Go to Settings, then tap Privacy.

    2. Select Location Services.

    3. Select each app individually and tap While Using the App.

    4. Alternatively, tap Ask Next Time Or When I Share.

    How Does Optimized Battery Charging Work On An Iphone

    How to improve your iPhone battery life

    The lithium-ion battery on our mobile devices is the critical failure point. They have a finite amount of life, and a rapidly depleting battery can significantly cause dissatisfaction on an expensive iPhone. Optimized Battery Charging is a default feature on all iPhones running iOS 13 and later.

    Optimized Battery Charging helps to improve battery health with these steps:

    • The iPhone monitors your everyday phone usage and tracks when you connect it to a charger for an extended period. For instance, when you go to sleep at night.
    • iPhone’s Optimized Battery Charging charges the battery to 80% when it’s plugged in and not used.
    • It predicts when you will take it off the charger and delays charging to 100% until then.

    Optimized Battery Charging stops the electrical current making the chemicals react inside the lithium-ion battery. Then, it uses an algorithm to estimate when to recharge the battery entirely to 100% when it needs to. Optimizing the chemical behavior of the battery helps to slow the natural aging of the battery.

    To enable or disable Optimized Battery Charging, select Settings> Battery> Battery Health> Optimized Battery Charging.

    Update Your Apps Regularly

    One of the main culprits of battery drain in iPhones are the apps. Always running in the background refreshing, consuming data, sending out those notifications. You can manage them in the background app refresh settings and suspend the ones that you dont need.

    But developers keep adding new functionalities to these apps. So, before proceeding to update your apps and access those new app features, make sure to go through the most recent reviews because these newly added functionalities bring a swarm of bugs that affects your devices performance and battery health. The most common example is overheating or battery drain caused by a recently updated app.

    This tip applies to both kind of users who update their apps daily and the ones who check for app updates every once in a while.

    Enable Reduce Motion Of Interface

    The Reduce Motion aspect of iOS has always proved to be quite helpful in saving the battery life of your iPhone. The option basically turns off animations and allows less strain to be applied to the battery life. You can enable it by going to Settings> Accessibility> Motion and then turn onReduce Motion.

    Make Sure Personal Hotspot Is Off

    Personal Hotspot turns an iPhone into a hotspot that broadcasts its cellular data to other devices within range. This is a useful feature, but it also drains the battery. Especially if you don’t turn the hotspot off when you’re finished.

    When you use your hotspot, there’s a list of tips to save battery while using your phone as a hotspot.

    To disable the hotspot on an iPhone, open the Settings app, tap Personal Hotspot, then turn off the Personal Hotspot toggle switch.

    Calibrate Your Iphone Battery

    How to make your battery last longer and improve battery life on your ...

    It is essential to calibrate the iPhones lithium-ion battery periodically because of two major reasons:

  • It helps the software calculate the actual range of battery life.
  • Non-calibrated battery causes discrepancies in battery reporting. For example, it may jump from 35% to 25% within minutes of usage.
  • Many factors like software updates, background app refresh and day-to-day usage also contribute to an iPhone battery become incorrectly calibrated.

    iPhones battery can be calibrated by merely discharging it to 0% and leaving it like that for some time and then charging it to 100% and an extra hour or so.

    The iPhones battery should be calibrated after every software update and every once in a while.

    Fourth Method: Turn Wi

    Enabling Wi-Fi only when needed greatly helps in terms of battery saving. It is thought to extend the battery life significantly. There are many ways for you to turn off wireless services on your device. You can disable the features individually or simultaneously.

    To disable Wi-Fi on your iPhone XR, refer to these steps:

  • From the Home screen, go to Settings.
  • Tap Wi-Fi.
  • Toggle the Wi-Fi switch to turn it on/off.
  • To disable Bluetooth on your iPhone XR, follow these steps:

  • From the Home screen, go to Settings.
  • Tap Bluetooth.
  • Toggle the Bluetooth switch to turn it on/off.
  • To disable all wireless radios including cellular network connection on your iPhone XR, you can use the Airplane mode toggle instead. Heres how it works:

  • Tap Settings from the Home screen.
  • Tap Airplane Mode.
  • Toggle the Airplane Mode switch to turn the feature ON.
  • When enabled, your phones wireless functions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular networks are turned off.

    After a few seconds, toggle the Airplane Mode switch again to enable wireless features of your iPhone.

    Always make it a habit to turn these features off when not in used because doing so can slow down the process of battery draining especially when your phone keeps trying to search for available networks.

    About Optimized Battery Charging On Your Iphone

    With iOS 13 and later, your iPhone learns from your daily charging habits to improve the lifespan of your battery.

    A batterys lifespan is related to its chemical age, which is more than just the length of time since the battery was assembled. A battery’s chemical age results from a complex combination of several factors, including temperature history and charging pattern. All rechargeable batteries are consumable components that become less effective as they chemically age. As lithium-ion batteries chemically age, the amount of charge they can hold diminishes, resulting in reduced battery life and reduced peak performance. Learn more about iPhone battery and performance and how to maximize battery performance and lifespan.

    With iOS 13 and later, Optimized Battery Charging is designed to reduce the wear on your battery and improve its lifespan by reducing the time your iPhone spends fully charged. When the feature is enabled, your iPhone will delay charging past 80% in certain situations. Your iPhone uses on-device machine learning to learn your daily charging routine so that Optimized Battery Charging activates only when your iPhone predicts it will be connected to a charger for an extended period of time. The algorithm aims to ensure that your iPhone is still fully charged when unplugged.

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