How To Replace Dyson V6 Battery

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Repair Guide : Battery Dyson V6 Vacuum Cleaner

How to replace the battery on your Dyson V6⢠cordless vacuum

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Your Dyson V6 battery is no longer charging and you can no longer use your vacuum cleaner as you see fit? Or the autonomy is so low that you have to do all the cleaning in less than 30 seconds … The indicator lights but the battery remains flat when you connect it to the mains? In short, you want to replace the battery of your vacuum Dyson V6 but you rely on SOSav to reveal the steps to follow. Well, we explain everything in this repair guide illustrated and commented! You can change your used Dyson V6 battery in just a few minutes!


The Dyson V6 Battery: Its Lifespan And Possible Issues

At purchase of the DysonV6 battery, a buyer receives a year warranty on the battery. Also, the original battery that comes with the Dyson V6 package is very good, since its single voltage capacity is 4.05-4.12V. Apart from that, its internal resistance is around 23, while the whole pack of batteries carries 148.

Meanwhile, by continuously charging and using the battery, the cell capacity of the battery gets used up. Therefore, it starts from a full power capacity of 4.2V, and then drops down to 3V after consistent use. For example, the table below shows the capacity of the battery cells:

V6 Battery cell
6 1056

Where the 3V does not run out of power, what happens is that the average capacity of the cells remains at 2.75V which is 1100mAH. That indicates a drop in the battery cell capacity by a whole half. Therefore, there is a reduction in the vacuum cleaner work life from e.g five minutes to two and half minutes, as opposed to the usual one minute that most users experience.

Clearly, the reason for the wrongly estimated battery life lies in the effect of internal resistance. For example, where dual batteries are in use and one has an internal resistance of 86 and the other has 148, the difference in voltage is 1.2-1.9V. That is caused by the internal impedance when the discharge is 20-30A.

Apart from this, the Dyson V6 has a protective plate that protects the battery when its voltage drops to 3V before the full release of such battery.

Overview Of Dyson Series And Type Of Battery They Have

Knowing which vacuum uses what battery type is really important. Heres we have made a list of all the Dyson Series and the type of battery they come with.

Dyson Vacuum Series
Yes No

The Dyson V11 and V15 come with both types of batteries. So, if you have a vacuum of these two Dyson series make sure to check them first.

You can check the Dyson replacement battery on .

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Touyeet Dyson V6 Replacement Battery

This replacement battery for the Dyson V6 has a lesser capacity than the previous item. But it comes with additional fasteners, allowing it to be as secure as possible to the vacuum cleaner while youre using it. Like the FirstPower variant, this battery from Touyeet is compatible with other Dyson vacuums like the SV03 and DC72.

Dyson V6 Battery Replacement Compatibility

digitalsouthdesigns: How To Replace Dyson V6 Battery

Since some of the parts from Dyson V6 battery replacements look similar, you have to be careful when shopping for one. Not all parts are interchangeable, and only certain Dyson v6 battery replacements can fit into your machine. Order the right size, voltage and type for your appliance by checking its details shared on a website or through different online reviews. You can ask the retailer if you buy your replacement battery from a local store.

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How To Replace Dyson Vacuum Battery

Is your Dyson vacuum starting and stopping on its own in the middle of use?

Is it not holding charge even after hours of charging?

If youve had the same battery for at least two years, these are tell-tale signs that it might be time to replace it.

Under normal use, the lithium battery that powers your handheld or cordless Dyson vacuum can serve you for a few solid years. However, the battery needs replacing after extended use. After you install an aftermarket replacement battery, your vacuum should regain its cleaning power.

In this guide, I will show you how to replace a Dyson battery whether yours is a cordless model such as the VS 6 or a handheld vacuum like the DC16.

Things you will need

Enermall Dc59 V6 Battery

As for this particular vacuum replacement battery, its compatible with the different products in the Dyson V6 line. Fitting this battery pack on the V6 Absolute, Animal, Motorhead, or Slim should be a hassle-free experience. But the charging color on this model is green instead of the blue LED on the original Dyson battery.

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Should I Leave My Dyson On Charge All The Time

Yes. This practice shouldnt be an issue since Dyson batteries have a built-in overcharge protection system that slows the current to a trickle upon reaching full capacity, a similar technology found in mobile devices.

Its a best practice for frequent users to keep it plugged, so its always full and ready to go.

Replacement Battery For Dyson V6 Dc58 Dc59 Dc61 Dc62 Animal Handhelddc72 Dc74 Animal Sv03 Sv05 Sv06 Sv07 Sv09 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V6 battery replacement (and security tip).

Brilliant Replacement for Dyson V6 Battery If you’re looking for high-quality Dyson V6 battery replacement at affordable price, this Dyson V6 battery may be a great choice. This is a replacement battery suitable for Dyson V6 Animal Vacuum Cleaner. In addition, an integrated microchip that can prevent overcharging and lengthen battery life is inside this Dyson V6 replacement battery.

  • A Grade High quality Li-Ion battery
  • Brand New, never used, not genuine.
  • Equipped an integrated microchip which prevents overcharging and lengthens battery life
  • The battery should be charged for about 4-6 hours before being used
  • Great replacement for your old, damaged or worn one
  • This battery is compatible with Dyson V6 Animal Vacuum Cleaner.


Battery Type Li-ion Voltage 21.6V Capacity 2000mAh Package Includes– 1 x Battery

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Kunlun 4000 Mah Replacement Battery For Dyson V7

One of the more popular replacement battery options for the V7 is the Kunlun 4000 mAh. Its compatible with all the V7 options, from the stick vacuum versions like the MotorHead to handheld options like Trigger.

Kunlun offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is an attractive offer considering its low price.

Consumers say this battery will fit the original charging dock.

How Do You Know If Your Dyson V6 Battery Needs To Be Replaced

An obvious sign that you need to replace your Dyson V6 battery is if the run-time between charges has reduced. A completely dead battery may also not turn on at all.

The Dyson V6 battery also has a diagnostic light. This will flash red when there is a fault with the battery.

Note: Its also possible for the V6s battery to stop working due to a temporary fault. In this case, the diagnostic light will flash amber. Some common reasons for this are that the battery is either too hot or too cold.

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How Long Does A Battery In A Dyson V6 Last

If youre wondering how long it will run, Dyson claims that it will use non-powered tools for at least 20 minutes. And based on my experience using Dyson products, Id say that their claims are largely true.

For instance, although the V11 Torque Drives claimed run time is 60 minutes, tests show that it actually lasts for more than 70 minutes. The V10 Absolute ran for roughly 61 minutes during my tests.

Best Replacement Battery For Dyson V6

Replacement Battery for Dyson V6 and V8 with Real Rated Battery ...

Nothing on this green earth works for eternity, and the batteries of your Dyson v6 are no exception. As sooner or later you will need to change the power source, it is better to have ideas of replacement beforehand. In this post Ill sort out a few replacement options you can try when the original battery runs out.

Like all other pieces of electronic equipment, there is no absolute good or bad. Some excel at a few key points that put them ahead in the picking line, where others dont. I have picked the 7 best replacement batteries for Dyson v6 that will offer you the top performance.

So, keep your patience and stick with me till the end. Once you have finished, you can take your decision yourself which one to pick.

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Tips To Save Yourself From Frequent Battery Replacement

Here are some of the useful tips that can enhance your battery life.

  • Dont use Dyson on Turbo Mode all the time.
  • Clean your Dyson vacuum once a month.
  • Check for blockages in your Dyson vacuum.
  • Use Dyson parts only.

Dyson vacuum filter cleaning takes time but it is recommended to clean the filters at least once a month.

Can I Replace Dyson Battery With Higher Mah

You can replace a Dyson V6 battery with a higher-capacity model. But its not without some shortcomings. For example, replacing the original Dyson battery pack with a model that has a higher mAh number will make the vacuum cleaner heavier than before.

Also, some aftermarket batteries, particularly those that perform better than the standard Dyson battery pack, might be quite expensive. So it might be ideal to check your budget first before finalizing your decision to purchase a third-party battery for your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

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Reviews For Dyson V6 Vacwiz Battery Power Pack 967810

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Alex December 30, 2020

    Excellent quality battery, so much better than the Chinese rubbish i got from Amazon, and with next day delivery SUPER JOB.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Robert L March 16, 2021

    I called up the vacuum wizard and ordered this battery over the phone as they promised me it was a really high quality replacement Battery for my old Dyson V6. The battery seems really high quality many thanks guys.

  • Rated 5 out of 5


    Top Quality Battery and service.

  • Heres How You Can Choose The Right Dyson Battery Replacement

    How to replace the battery on a Dyson V6 handheld

    When you are going for a new battery, you must know the Dyson model. If you dont have a model number, check out this guide What Dyson Model You Have to find the Dyson Model number.

    Dyson vacuums come with two different types of batteries the first one is a snap-in battery while the other one is screwed. If your Dyson has Red Button near the battery, its a snap-in and this battery type can be easily taken out and replaced.

    Whereas if you dont find a red button, the battery is screwed and you will have to unscrew it to take the battery out.

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    Fhybat V6 Replacement Battery

    Different Dyson V6 users may have peace of mind with this replacement battery installed into their vacuum cleaners. Its a CE-certified product, which means it complies with the standards set by the European Union . It also means that the product passed different quality assurance tests to ensure users can make the most value out of this model.

    Buture Dyson V6 Replacement Battery

    This replacement battery can be a safe choice for interested buyers that dont want to think about compatibility issues for the different Dyson V6 vacuum cleaners. It also has built-in protection against overloads, short-circuits, and high temperatures. Purchasers may also take advantage of an 18-month limited warranty if they bought this item from a reliable shop.

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    Can You Postpone A Replacement

    If your Dyson battery has already lost its power, unfortunately there is still very little you can do and you will really have to buy a new one. However, you can postpone a possible replacement in the future. The usage tips below can ensure that your battery lasts longer.

    • Dont constantly put your Dyson on turbo mode
    • Only use Dyson parts and attachments
    • Cleaning the Dyson vacuum cleaner*
    • Check the vacuum cleaner every now and then for blockages

    If your Dyson battery has already lost its power, unfortunately there is still very little you can do and you will really have to buy a new one

    * Of course you dont have to clean your entire vacuum cleaner every day. Vacuuming itself takes time enough. However, cleaning a Dyson filter on a monthly basis is recommended.

    Dyson V6 Battery Resistance

    dyson v6 replacement battery 3000mah from tattu, 30% longer run time ...

    In attempting a Dyson V6 battery replacement, it is very important that you do not miss a particular step. That is because testing the internal resistance of the battery you intend buying is vital to the use of your Dyson V6. Though the Dyson V6 circuit board only has an over-over-the-top protection, it does not have a balanced charge function. Hence, the need to test the internal resistance of the battery so as to find out whether the battery is fit for purpose, and has a good lifespan each time it is charged.

    Use this table as a resistance measure and check:

    V6 Battery Type
    V6 VTC5A 62.85

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    Firstpower V6 Battery Replacement

    This particular Dyson V6 battery replacement has a 4,000 mAh capacity, allowing the vacuum cleaner to suck up more dirt and debris longer than before. It also has the same size as Dysons proprietary power pack. Also, this model is compatible with other Dyson vacuum cleaners, including the DC58 and DC61.

    How Do You Replace A Dyson Battery

    Make sure to check your products owners manual to check if you need to go through extra steps to replace your specific Dyson vacuum cleaners battery. Still, heres a look at the general steps to complete this process. Also, youll only need a Philips head screwdriver for this process, aside from the replacement battery:

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    Shamnee Replacement 3500 Mah For Dyson V6

    Another option for V6 owners looking for a replacement battery is the Shamnee 3500 mAh. Its a smaller capacity than FirstPower, but it does come with extra bolts, which is handy if, for some reason, youve stripped them.

    This battery will fit the V6s dock without any issues as it has the same size.

    Some reviewers say it lasted longer than the original, but they did not specify how much longer. So take it with a grain of salt.

    Keeptop V6 Replacement Battery

    Replacing my Dyson v6 (SV04) battery

    This aftermarket battery has a 4,800 mAh capacity, which should provide better and longer cleaning performance to your V6 vacuum cleaner. However, the accompanying screws may not fit properly into the vacuum cleaner. So it might be best to use the original screws instead of the ones in this products packaging.

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    An Overview Of The Best Dyson Replacement Battery Per Model


    The V6 was once Dysons flagship but is now an entry-level option.

    Despite its age, there is still a bevy of options available, some with higher mAh numbers that should run longer than the OEM variety.

    However, these larger cell batteries will be heavier. Some options come with extra filters, screwdrivers, and bolts, so its something to consider for deal hunters.

    You can still purchase an original battery directly from Dyson, but it isnt cheap. The price is equivalent to two or three replacement batteries.

    For those of you who have an out-of-warranty V6, I wouldnt fault you for purchasing a third-party alternative to give your vacuum a new lease in life.

    Important note: Do not charge the battery immediately if its hot, or youll risk damaging it. Let it cool down first before recharging. Its a common theme for all replacement vacuums Ive seen so far. So its a heads up for those of you purchasing replacement batteries for the V6.

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    Best Replacement Battery For Dyson V10 Models

    Next, well look at replacement options for the Dyson V10. Since this model is just a few years old, there wont be as many options as the V7 or V8.

    There will be fewer reviews since not as many people have purchased replacement batteries. Being a newer model means V10 replacement battery alternatives will be more expensive than a V8.

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    How To Choose The Right Dyson Battery Replacement

    There are two important considerations to make when purchasing a new Dyson battery. Of course, it is essential to first know which Dyson vacuum you own.

    Checking the type of connection you have is also crucial. A snap-in battery and a battery that is screwed on are the two different kinds of batteries. A snap-in battery is one that has a sizable red button at the bottom.

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