How To Replace Ring Doorbell Battery

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How To Charge Your Ring Video Doorbell Battery

How to Charge Ring Video Doorbell Battery (2nd Generation) | Ring

Similar to other rechargeable battery packs, your Ring Video Doorbell is recharged using a Micro USB cable. While the doorbell came with one in the box, these can sometimes go missing but not to worry.

Micro USB cables are one of the most common A-to-B wires for mobile devices and other smart home hardware, so there’s a good chance you have a spare one lying around that will fit your bell without an issue.

And if you’ve truly lost the one and only cord you had, you can always purchase a replacement from Ring directly.

Step 1: With battery and cable in hand, connect the small end of the Micro USB cable to the input on your Ring doorbell battery to charge it.

Step 2:According to Ring, it takes about six to eight hours to completely recharge a depleted doorbell battery.

While you can always connect the USB-A end of your charging cable to a laptop, game system, or other device that has a USB input, you’ll get the fastest recharge times by connecting your USB cable to a dedicated power brick that you plug into a wall outlet.

Step 3: When the battery is finished recharging, the indicator light on the cell will turn a solid green. Unplug the wire and reconnect the battery to the faceplate assembly.

For first-gen and 2020 Ring doorbells, you’ll need to reattach the entire doorbell frame to the mounting bracket.

Can You Replace A Ring Video Doorbell Battery

Best answer: Yes. Some Ring Video Doorbell batteries are easier to replace than others, though.

Drop and go batteries for Ring Video Doorbell

Most Ring Video Doorbell models feature a quick-release battery pack, which is designed to be easily removable. That’s because most Ring Video Doorbell models are battery-powered and are designed to help owners quickly and easily change out the battery for a charged one. You can either stock up on a second Ring Video Doorbell battery so that your doorbell never goes unpowered, or just charge the battery up when it gets low as you would a phone.

The difference between the Ring Video Doorbell and a phone is that the battery has to be removed to be charged. So unless you do happen to stock up on additional batteries, you Ring Video Doorbell will be without power for the few hours it takes to charge this battery up.

If the battery goes bad within the initial 1-year warranty period, Ring will replace your battery for free. Ring sells individual replacement battery packs for if you are outside of the warranty period, or if you just want an extra battery to keep on hand.

What about the other models of Ring Video Doorbell?

Reason #: Cold Weather

Ring themselves states that cold weather adversely affects the longevity of your Ring devices battery, as well as how well it charges even when hardwired. At about 36°F/3°C, the battery may not hold a charge well. If it drops another 4°, the battery might not even charge at all. This, unfortunately, extends to hardwired doorbells as well.

Once temperatures drop to -5°F/-20.5°C, the battery may stop working altogether. In periods of a cold snap, you may even notice that youre not receiving Motion Alerts, even though its been clear someone has been at the door .

If your region frequently experiences weather like this, youre likely to experience this on a regular basis. So what can you do to fix this? Well, because this is how lithium ion batteries often perform in this type of weather, not a whole lot.

When it comes time to recharge your devices, make sure to charge them to a full 100% before putting them back outside. This will help give you a longer period of time before you need to recharge your device again.

If your battery is removable and you typically only charge the battery, try bringing the entire doorbell inside next time. This will give the entire unit a chance to warm up as the battery charges.

When the weather warms up, things should improve in terms of battery life.

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How Can I Improve The Ring Doorbell 3 Battery Life

The more motion events your Ring Smart Lights trigger, the more your battery is used to power the gadget. If your device reacts to an unusually high number of events each day, you may notice that your batteries deplete faster than usual.

You can take the following steps to avoid excessive activity.

  • Reduce the sensitivity of your motion settings.
  • Disable specific products at specific times of the day.
  • Change the Smart Alerts setting to Standard or Light.
  • Change the orientation of your Ring product.

Although having motion detectors may have been one of the reasons you purchased the ring video doorbell in the first place, I believe motion alerts are unneeded.

They mostly alert you to folks who will ring the doorbell regardless â or the postman â and who you dont particularly care about.

We discovered that the alarms were going off so frequently that we had to quickly turn them off, which made a significant improvement in battery life.

You should also ascertain that the Ring is within range of a robust Wi-Fi connection. If your router is located a long distance from your front door, the Ring will most likely be desperately clutching to a weak Wi-Fi connection.

If it is constantly looking for a Wi-Fi network, it may deplete the battery and may cause you to miss people at the door. It also means that the video stream will be intermittent.

If you are unable to relocate your router closer to the front door, consider purchasing a ring-compatible Wi-Fi extender.

What Drains The Battery Of My Ring Video Doorbell


Ring Video Doorbells use lithium-ion battery packs, an extremely common type of cell that can be found in all kinds of indoor and outdoor devices. While a full battery charge should last several months without service, there are a few things that can affect the overall health of the battery.

Temperature extremes are one of the major causes of rapid battery-drain, particularly the cold. In fact, during the winter months, you may find that you need to recharge your doorbell’s battery more frequently.

Another factor is the amount of activity your doorbell is capturing on a daily basis. An active doorbell that is constantly triggered by motion happening on and around your property is going to be non-idle more than a doorbell in a relatively motion-free environment.

If you want to see exactly what features are affecting the health of your doorbell battery, you can monitor and adjust certain Ring Video Doorbell capabilities under the Feature Power Usage tab in the Ring app .

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How To Charge A Ring Video Doorbell

Ring’s many generations of its video doorbell are one of the most popular options for monitoring your front stoop, porch, backdoors, and wherever else you can place one of these surveillance devices.

  • USB-A power brick

  • Ring companion app

Quick to install and easy to use, a number of Ring’s Video Doorbell products come with built-in batteries for homeowners who don’t want to physically wire the device into their home’s existing doorbell system. Like most batteries, though, you’ll need to occasionally recharge the cell to keep your Video Doorbell operating.

Fortunately, the process to do so is just as easy as setting up the doorbell .

How To Charge Your Ring Doorbell

Batteries on the Ring doorbell and Ring doorbell 2 are charged using a regular micro-USB cable. Each new doorbell comes with an orange cable, but any micro-USB will work just as well.

1. Unscrew the screw at the bottom of the doorbell’s mount to remove the Ring’s faceplate.

2. Lift the faceplate away from the rest of the doorbell.

  • If you have the original Ring doorbell, there will only be one screw at the bottom, and you will be removing the whole doorbell from the wall mount, not just the faceplate. Skip to step 3.

3. Press the release tab to remove the battery.

4. Plug the battery into the charger and let it sit until it’s fully charged.

  • Ring doorbells take anywhere between five to ten hours to fully charge. The length of charge time depends on whether the USB is plugged into a wall or a USB port if it’s plugged into the wall, it will charge faster.
  • You will know your doorbell is done charging when the charge indicator on the battery becomes green on the Ring Doorbell 2, or blue on the original Ring Doorbell.

5. When it’s fully charged, re-mount your doorbell and screw it back into the wall.

Wait about thirty seconds for the doorbell to turn on, then press the button so that the battery life updates on the app.

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Has Your Ring Video Doorbell Stopped Working It Could Be A Dead Battery

We love our Ring Video Doorbell, but recently it stopped working. I forgot that the unit has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that needs to be recharged from time to time.

The suggested battery life from the manufacturer is 6 to 12 months. While the unit is working you can check the battery charge on the Ring app. Once its dead, you will not be able to check the battery charge and will need to remove the battery and recharge it. This is how to remove, recharge and replace the Ring Video Doorbell rechargeable battery.

Welcome To Your Ring Video Doorbell 2

How to Charge Your Ring Video Doorbell 2 Battery (Simple) | Ring

Congratulations on Your Ring Video Doorbell 2!

You’ve taken a big step forward in securing your home!

The following article covers some basic information that will get you up and running quickly. If you haven’t yet set up your Ring Doorbell 2 in the Ring app, and need help, .

Be Sure Your Battery is Fully Charged

Your Ring Video Doorbell 2 comes with a removable, rechargeable battery. Before you finalize your installation, make sure your battery is fully charged. The video below will familiarize you with the process for remove and charging up your Ring Video Doorbell 2 battery.

Run a Video Quality Test

The video below will give you information on how to test your video quality both near your router and outside at the install location. This will help you identify any possible issues related to Internet speed, or wifi signal strength.

Add Some Shared Users

If you have friends or family members you’d like to have access to your Ring Doorbell, you can add them as a “Shared User.”

Customize Your Motion Settings

Ring is always working toward improving your home security experience. Beginning October 2020, weve begun releasing a new feature for battery-powered devices called Customizable

Motion Zones. Customizable Motion Zones have been a standard feature on wired Ring devices for some time, but they will soon be an option for Ring neighbors using battery-powered devices.

Change Your Notification Settings

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Your Ring Doorbell May Be Faulty

Suppose even after trying all the above troubleshooting tips your doorbell battery is still not charging.

In that case, you should contact Ring Customer Support, who would help you by providing a thorough analysis of the issue.

Id even been looking into alternatives to Ring doorbells, as my Ring Doorbell has given me its fair share of trouble, like the time it wouldnt ring, get delayed, or the time it wouldnt connect to Wi-Fi.

You should also be aware that issues with the devices charging may also occur due to you having a defective device.

Ring offers a one-year warranty for all their smart doorbells, which helps customers to get their defective device replaced or repaired free of cost.

However, since it is entirely up to the company as to whether they help fix your device or replace it, there is no assurance that your problem would be solved in this manner.

Original Ring Doorbell Battery Replacement

Ive had this device since it originally came out, Whenever that was, lol. The battery is finally finished, is it possible to replace it? If so, does anyone have a part number or link to the replacement ?


Hi @motoolfan. The Ring Video Doorbells battery is not removable. I recommend that you contact our support team at 1-800-656-1918 to discuss what options you have.

I have seen several You Tube videos on replacement of Generation One Ring batteries. So Im pretty sure they can be replaced. NOW tell us where to get one please.

Or if you would give us the specs for the batterythere are some refurbished ones on EBay but I would like to get a new one. There are many batteries that look similar on the net

Hey @Heavysnacks. We do not recommend taking the battery out of the Ring Video Doorbell or the the Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Generation, as it is not a removable battery for recharging or replacing. Whenever the battery is no longer functioning as it should, we recommend contacting support to see if you can get the device troubleshooted to function again , or get the device replaced within warranty. Removing the battery on these devices can void the warranty, which you can learn more about here.

If youre find your battery is not staying charged, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here

I dont think @Ring understands the question. We CAN buy replacement batteries from hundreds of online websites or in stores.

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Why Does My Ring Doorbell Run Out Of Battery So Fast

Why is my Rings battery dying so quickly? A large number of motion events and alarms, live streaming, a poor Wi-Fi connection, and cold weather are the most common causes for a Ring battery to deplete rapidly. The rechargeable lithium batteries in the Ring should last six to one year before they need to be recharged.

How To Charge A Ring Doorbell

  • Remove the battery from the bottom of the Ring doorbell.
  • Plug the Ring doorbell battery to a power source using the orange USB cable. The battery will be fully charged if the light on top turns green, and there is no orange light.
  • Insert the battery back into the Ring device.
  • The battery should last at least 6 months,depending on how often the doorbell is used. To avoid downtime, you canpurchase a 2nd battery to keep as a replacement.

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    How To Remove The Battery From The Ring Doorbell 3

    If youve recently purchased the Ring Video Doorbell 3 and find that its going to take a long time for the battery to fully charge, then this article is perfect for you. Well tell you how to remove the battery from your ring doorbell 3, charge or replace it with a fresh one if need be.

  • How can I improve the Ring Doorbell 3 battery life?
  • Why Is My Ring Doorbell Not Holding A Charge

    If your Ring doorbell isnt charging, make sure your Wi-Fi connection is strong and the charger or charging cord isnt broken. What exactly is this? Check the circuits in your home to discover whether a breaker has tripped. If the problem continues, your Ring doorbell battery may need to be replaced.

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    What Are Rings Cameras And Doorbells

    The most popular of Rings line of smart home products, are their battery-powered cameras and video doorbells.

    These doorbells and cameras work via a Wi-Fi connection, which connects them to the internet and the Ring app. If you have a Ring Protect Plan, the videos your cameras and doorbells recordings are saved here .

    The Ring app is also where you set up your cameras as well as how you want them to work. You can decide where they detect motion and when. You can also adjust settings such as Motion Sensitivity and where you want your cameras to detect motion.

    Most of Rings battery-powered smart home cameras and doorbells use a removable lithium ion battery that you can charge separately from the camera.

    If you have more than one battery, you can simply replace the old one with a spare thats already charged. The exception to this is the Ring Video Doorbell 2020 release. The battery isnt removable on this unit, so you have to take down the entire doorbell if you want to recharge it.

    Sometimes Ring users have run into the issue of the battery in their cameras and doorbells running out quickly sometimes within a matter of days!

    Because of this, some have opted to hardwire their battery-powered Ring doorbells into their existing doorbell wiring . With this method, the doorbell is supposed to receive power from the wiring. However, this isnt entirely the case.

    How To Charge The Battery Of Your Ring Video Doorbell 3

    How to replace and charge Ring Video Doorbell 2 battery DIY video | #diy #ring

    Only one battery is required for your Ring Video Doorbell 3 battery to function properly or, when hardwired, to act as backup power for your Video Doorbell 3. A second battery, on the other hand, is available for purchase if you desire prolonged battery life or dont want to endure any downtime while charging the battery.

    A typical micro-USB cable is used to charge your Video Doorbell 3 battery . The micro-USB cord is compatible with any USB power source, such as a computer. Depending on whether the USB cable is plugged into a USB port or a power outlet, it will take between five and ten hours to fully charge your battery.

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