Interstate 6v Golf Cart Battery

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Batteries For Electric Golf Carts

RV Battery Upgrade | 6V Golf Cart Battery Install

Batteries for an electric golf car are different from and serve a different purpose than a car battery.

The batteries for your electric golf cart must provide all of theenergy that is needed to move the cart. So as they are used thebatteries discharge or in other words their capacity is reduced -therefore you must recharge them after every use.

High Cycle Golf Cart Batteries

Select a battery option:

The physical dimensions of a battery. Reserve Capacity Reserve capacity is the steady power your battery provides the electrical system when the alternator is not operating. RC Reserve capacity is the steady power your battery provides the electrical system when the alternator is not operating. Ah Ampere hour measures the batterys capacity and indicates how much energy can be stored by the battery. Termination Code

Using Additives To Extend Battery Life

Battery additives can reduce corrosion which means your batterieswill charge up quicker.

A quicker charge means less internal heat whichprotects the paste on the plates.

It also reduces the frequency or need for watering which means it will take longer for the water levels to get low.

Find out what additive I use in all of my batteries here:

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How Long Do Interstate Golf Cart Batteries Last

Interstate golf cart batteries typically last for 5-6 years, providing you look after them. Considering most golf cart batteries last from 3-7 years, you can be satisfied that you will get a decent amount of time out of your Interstate batteries before you need to replace them.

One of the most attractive features of Interstate batteries is that they dont require much maintenance at all.

You dont need to constantly water them, and weekly or monthly inspections are unnecessary.

As long as you keep your battery charged and dont try and run your cart on empty, you should get at least five years out of your Interstate golf cart battery.

While this isnt as long as Trojan batteries, its still a decent amount of time and means that Interstate batteries are a good choice for golf cart owners.

Interstate Batteries: Usa Made And A Good Choice

Interstate 6 Volt Deep Cycle Golf Cart, Marine, Solar and RV Batteries

Interstate is one of the most trusted battery companies in the business and has been manufacturing high-performing batteries for a range of vehicles for decades.

Our Interstate golf cart battery reviews have touched on all the important facts such as warranty, the company behind the brand and more!

The fact that you can pick up an Interstate golf cart battery from Costco and a range of online retailers makes them an excellent choice if youre looking for an affordable, high-performing battery for your golf cart.

Just be sure to select the model that is best suited to your cart, as there are four models of Interstate golf cart batteries to choose from.

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Mighty Max Exit Sign Battery

Dimensions: 2.76 inches x 1.89 inches x 4.21 inches This UL-certified battery comes in a pack of ten and delivers a performance that would satisfy even the most skeptical of customers.

This pack of 10 is a more economical option if you consider the cost per battery. This battery is temperature-resistant, shock-resistant and vibration resistant. Comes with a guaranteed warranty of 1 year and a refund policy of 30 days.

Features of the battery:

  • One month return and refund policy

Does Interstate Make 6v 8v Or 12v Cart Batteries

Interstate golf cart batteries are available in 6v, 8v, and 12v. Depending on the configuration of your golf cart, you could always purchase 2 x 6v Interstate batteries instead of opting for a single 12v battery.

Lots of golf cart owners are motivated to buy 2 x 6v batteries, as they tend to last longer than 12v batteries, and theyre lighter.

But if you opt for two batteries, its a good idea to replace them at the same time, or you might cause yourself problems in the long run when it comes to maintaining them.

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Golf Cart Batteries Not Charging

Having owned and used many golf carts for almost 20 years, I’veexperienced just about every golf cart “failure.” One of them being “mygolf cart won’t charge.”

The first time it happened I assumed it was the charger and tookit in to a local golf cart dealer who tested it – it did need a new cordbecause of wear and tear – but it wasn’t the charger.

Find out what prevents your batteries from charging:

Test The Golf Cart Battery For Its Functionality

Costco 6V Golf Cart Battery For Your RV or Trailer – Affordable Off Grid Power

Whether you are buying the battery in the shop or online, it does not cost anything to be vigilant. The first thing you should do when you have your hands on the golf cart battery is to see if it is in proper working condition.

This method will also come in handy while you are checking the health of the existing golf cart batteries. Here is how you can do it:

  • Inspect the battery physically to see if the terminal is functional if there is an unnecessary expansion in the casing if the plastic is cracked, and if there is any leaking.
  • Check the battery voltage. The battery showing 0 volts needs replacement, while a battery that cannot show a reading of 10.5 volts as it is charging has a dead cell. Any deviation from the norms means a problem with the battery.
  • Use a simple digital voltmeter to inspect the load of the battery. Only test the load when the golf cart battery is fully charged.
  • These steps will also help you decide if you need to buy a new golf cart battery at all.

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    Will It Be Feasible To Replace 8

    It all depends on your golf cart voltage. If you can make it work with 6-volt batteries instead of 8-volt ones, then it is not a problem you need to be worried about. For instance, in a golf cart with a voltage of 24 or 36 volts, you can opt for 6 volts, 8 volts or 12-volt batteries.

    Since you are looking to replace 8-volt batteries, you will need four or six 6-volt golf cart batteries to make your golf cart work, satisfying its voltage requirement.

    Can I Put Four 12v Batteries In My Golf Cart

    The answer to this question is yes, you can put four 12V batteries in your golf cart. However, you need to make sure that the batteries are compatible with each other and that they are properly connected.

    If youre not sure about which batteries to use, we recommend consulting with a professional or contact the manufacturer of your golf cart.

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    What Company Makes Interstate Batteries

    Interstate Batteries are manufactured by Brookfield Business Partners, Exide Technologies, and Johnson. Interstate is privately owned and has been in operation in the United States since 1952, and it produces and distributes batteries for a range of vehicles within the automotive industry.

    It is thought that the Interstate distribution network comprises more than 200,000 dealers in the US, Canada, and Central America, making Interstate one of the biggest and widest-reaching battery firms in the Americas.

    Given the historical prevalence of Interstate and the fact that the company has specialized in the production of batteries for electric vehicles for decades, its fair to say that you can buy an Interstate battery for your golf cart in the confidence that it will perform as expected!

    If your battery is faulty or underperforms for whatever reason, youre covered by Interstates twelve-month warranty, which is another benefit of buying from a trusted American company.

    Duracell Golf Cart Batteries Features And Benefits

    Interstate 6 Volt Deep Cycle Golf Cart, Marine, Solar and RV Batteries

    Fortified Internal Connections

    To mitigate against performance loss, Duracell applied internal connections to the battery. It shields the unit from vibration damage caused by navigating bumpy surfaces.

    Other batteries that do not contain these connections are more likely to succumb to vibration damage. Thereby not enjoying the lifespan of a Duracell product.

    Premium Glass Mat Reinforcements

    Duracell optimized the energy storage capabilities of their golf cart batteries by installing premium glass mat reinforcements. These reinforcements reduce the charge time. As well as increase the run time, as a result of its superior storage.

    Lower Level of Maintenance

    Flooded batteries require constant water maintenance to function. The battery cannot have too much water, nor too little water, and it only runs on distilled h20. Finding a balance can be challenging, and we often get it wrong. In which case, we reduce the lifespan of our batteries.

    To make life easier for golf cart battery owners. Duracells batteries contain a large reservoir for more efficient water usage. This means that the frequency of watering is reduced. These batteries also have unique alloy and separator materials. Which further enhances the efficiency of the batterys water usage.

    Topping off the watering maintenance of the battery is a twist and release vent cap system. Added for extra convenience. One single motion releases all the caps simultaneously to speed up the watering process.

    Hermetic Cover


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    Volt Golf Cart Batteries

    Electric golf carts are powered by six lead-acid batteries that sitmounted on a metal rack under the seat. They are either 6 volt or 8 voltbatteries. It is important to check your golf cart manual to see whichsize battery is recommended.

    The most common manufacturers of 8 volt golf car batteries are Exide, Trojan and Interstate.

    To learn what Club and EZ Go have to say about 8 volt batteries click here:

    Used Golf Cart Batteries

    Are you thinking about replacing your golf cart battery set with usedgolf car batteries? Ideally, when it comes time to replace yourbatteries, the entire set should be replaced with new batteries.

    But if you are thinking about used ones, it is possible – butthere are some things you want to know before you decide to do this.

    Click here to learn more:Used Golf Car Batteries

    The biggest investment in an electric golf cart are the batteries.These deep cycle or lead acid batteries are unlike other rechargeablebatteries, so learn how to correctly charge them.Charging deep cycle batteries correctly and practicing regularLead Acid Battery Maintenancecan improve the longevity and lifespan of your investment.

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    How Long Is An Interstate Battery Warranty

    The warranty on Interstate batteries depends on the type of battery you have. For golf cart batteries, all purchases come with a free 12-month manufacturers warranty. Some of Interstates commercial batteries come with warranties of up to four years, depending on its individual classification.

    Its so important that you check the terms and conditions of a batterys warranty before completing a purchase, particularly if youre buying a battery online.

    After all, its difficult to discern a batterys performance before installing it into your golf cart!

    Thankfully, Interstates one-year warranty is comprehensive and will cover you if you encounter any issues with your golf cart battery.

    This offers you peace of mind and ensures you dont have to worry about receiving a sub-quality battery.

    You can find a complete explanation of Interstates battery warranty by .

    Torque Specifications & Temperature Compensations

    1994 Damon Escaper Battery Upgrade, Using Interstate 6 Volt GC2 Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Terminal Torque specification: 5/16″ Stud = 95-105 inch-pounds
  • Equalization should be done every 4-6 weeks or if specific gravities have a .010 to .015 difference between cells.
  • We recommend using the following: For every 1º F below 77º F add 0.0028 volts per cell or for every 1º C below 25º C add 0.005 volts per cell to the charger voltage setting.
  • For every 1º F above 77º F subtract 0.0028 volts per cell or for every 1º C above 25º C subtract 0.005 volts per cell to the charger voltage setting.
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    Universal Power Group Ubgc2 Sealed Agm Deep Cycle 6v 200ah Battery

    Dimensions: 10.24 x 7.09 x 10.67 inches This is another battery with impeccable design and durable characteristics. This battery does not require any extra maintenance, and you would have to add water to it during its lifespan.

    Made with nothing but quality products, this AGM battery is spill-proof and probably one of the best choices for your golf cart. You can make use of it for whichever purpose, and in any position you find comfortable.

    Features of the battery:

    • It comes with a one year warranty
    • No corrosion due to battery acid

    : : 24 Volt 36v 42v 48v Golf Cart Battery Charger Ezgo Club Car Yamaha: :

    !!! Golf Cart Chargers with Built-In Battery Rejuvenator !!!KEEP YOUR BATTERIES FULLY CHARGED THIS WINTER – All our chargers have a Maintenance Mode feature – will automatically keep your batteries charged during the winter months or any time you retire your golf cart for extended periods of time. …

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    How Long Will Your Golf Cart Batteries Last

    How long will your golf car batteries last? It depends on how itis used, how well it is maintained and charged, temperature, and otherfactors. They typically are good for 2-7 years.

    Golf car battery terms are usually in reference to the size ofbattery , not the type or construction.The quality and construction of a these batteries can vary considerably -ranging from cheap off brands with thin plates to the true deep cyclebrands, such as Crown, Deka, Trojan, etc. This may be one of those caseswhere you get what you pay for.

    Exide Golf Cart Batteries

    Interstate 6 Volt Golf Cart Battery RV Marine Solar Deep Cycle

    We have Exide golf car batteries in our newly refurbished golf cart.One of the features I like is that it offers a quick-release 3-gang ventwhich allows me to check water in all the cells of one battery at thesame time.

    Exide offers deep cycle 6 volt and 8 volt batteries.

    This make is one of the most frequently used batteries that are put into new and refurbished golf carts.

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    Duracell Vs Interstate Golf Cart Batteries Maintenance

    While Duracells units require less watering and maintenance than the standard deep-cycle flooded batteries, it is still more than Duracell asks of you. The deep-cycle AGM golf cart batteries from Interstate require no maintenance, which is easier for you, and better for the unit.

    As a result of the above, it is the Interstate batteries that win this round.

    How Can I Tell When My Interstate Battery Was Made

    Fortunately, theres a simple way of checking when an Interstate battery was manufactured, which is helpful if youre in the process of buying a used cart.

    Every Interstate battery is labeled with a code, and this is how to find and understand it with a 4 step process:

  • Look at the corners of the battery and locate the alphanumerical code, which should be four or five digits long. Write the code down.
  • This is where things get a little tricky! The letters A, B, C, for instance, represent the months of the year. So, A = January, B = February, and so on.
  • The second digit of the code is a number, which refers to the year of manufacture. 9, for instance, would stand for 2019.
  • If your alphanumerical code is located behind the + marking on the battery, it may be preceded by a U.
  • So, by working out the alphanumerical code printed on your Interstate battery, you can work out the month and the year it was manufactured, with B9, in this example, referring to a manufacture date of February 2019.

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    Electric Golf Cart Batteries

    Electric golf cart batteries provide the energy and power to keep a golf cartgoing. These batteries are different from and serve a different purposethan a car battery.

    A golf cart battery is called a deep cycle battery. A deep cyclebattery can be deeply discharged and charged many times during itsservice life.

    They also provide a steady current over a long period of time,instead of brief bursts of high current over a short time period like acar battery. To learn more about plate thickness, voltage and more go to:

    Extreme Cycle Golf Cart Batteries

    Choosing Golf Cart Batteries by Deep Cycle Battery San Diego

    Select a battery option:

    The physical dimensions of a battery. Reserve Capacity Reserve capacity is the steady power your battery provides the electrical system when the alternator is not operating. RC Reserve capacity is the steady power your battery provides the electrical system when the alternator is not operating. Ah Ampere hour measures the batterys capacity and indicates how much energy can be stored by the battery. Voltage

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    Golf Cart Battery Chargers

    Golf Cart battery chargers may eventually need to be repaired or replaced. First one needs to determine if the problem is the charger or the batteries if your lead acid batteries are not charging. Newer chargers use a solid state circuit board – which means it has to detect a certain amount of voltage from the battery pack to start charging.

    What Are Interstate Golf Cart Batteries

    Interstate is one of the leading brands responsible for the manufacturing of golf cart batteries. As a long-established American company with its headquarters in Dallas, TX, Interstate batteries are distributed to the automotive industry throughout the Americas.

    There are four specific Interstate golf cart batteries that you can choose from, which can be purchased at Costco and various online retailers.

    Lets look at this brand of golf cart battery in more detail.

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