Interstate Battery Clear Lake Iowa

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Interstate Battery Center Jobs

Interstate 80 – Iowa (Exits 290 to 280) westbound
  • Monitors inventory levels, oversees and coordinates the delivery and receipt of battery products.
  • Work is performed primarily in a retail store setting, however
  • Dallas, TXFull-time
  • Perform accounting & financial analysis for a $2B+ revenue business across a complex operational environment (i.e. multi-currency, multi-ledger, and numerous
  • Dallas, TXFull-time
  • The purpose of this job is to serve the employees of InterstateBatteries and to assist the Chaplain in the daily, administrative operation of the department.
  • Shenandoah, TX 77385
  • Communicates the goals of the department, sets guidelines and expectations for tire and battery service, executes company programs, adheres to policies and is
  • Provide direct oversight over all Testing & Charging operations, including receiving, testing, shipping and inventory management.
  • Assembles and heat-shrinks small parts and battery packs.
  • Resistance welding, soldering and small parts assembly experience technical battery knowledge
  • Grand Junction, CO 81505Full-timeOvertime
  • RDC environment may be subject to temperature extremes, dust , fumes and battery acid Heavy lifting up to 100 lbs.
  • Interacts professionally within the RDC team.
  • Full-timeWeekend availability +4
  • The city and school district share a magnificent state-of-the-art school and community center complex, and the City is forging a new vision through its General
  • Previous experience in hearing aid center management preferred.
  • Estimated $26.5K – $33.5K a yearFull-time
  • We Offer The Best Quality And Customer Service On An Incredible Range Of Battery

    • Car batteries, truck batteries and van batteries
    • High-performance AGM batteries
    • Batteries for RVs, ATVs and side by sides
    • Battery tenders to extend the life of car batteries, marine batteries and more
    • Jump-starter batteries to jump-start your car battery if it dies
    • Plus car battery testing, replacement and installation in 30 minutes or less for most vehicles!
    • Batteries for watches and key fobs and installation while you wait
    • Personal scooter and wheelchair batteries
    • Sealed lead-acid batteries used by your home security system
    • Replacement batteries for camping and hunting equipment as well as batteries for solar applications
    • Specialty batteries for cordless phones, garage doors, computers, cameras, Power Wheels/other ride-on toys, hearing aids, smoke detectors, fish locators and more
    • Lawn & garden tool batteries for hedgers, trimmers and mowers
    • Two-way radio batteries
    • Power tool batteries
    • Custom battery rebuilds for your favorite cordless power tool for most well-known brands like DeWalt®, Milwaukee®, Black & Decker® and Ryobi®
    • Battery chargers, tenders and battery jump-starters
    • Outdoor and road trip gear: RV supplies, flashlights, lanterns, camping and hiking equipment

    How Can I Tell My Battery’s Age

    The age of a car battery can be determined using the battery date code. The code is a two-digit code stamped into the cover as part of a longer code or on a battery’s top or side label. The battery date code indicates when the battery was shipped from the manufacturing plant and is read as follows:Letter – indicates in which month the battery was manufactured Digit – indicates the year in which the battery was manufactured For example, an automotive battery date code that starts with “B1” would be February 2021. In February 2027, this battery would be 72 months old.

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    How Does Heat Affect My Battery

    Hot weather means high temperatures under the hood, which accelerates corrosion inside the battery. It can also cause water to evaporate out of the battery’s liquid electrolyte. This can result in decreased battery capacity, a weakened ability to start an engine and, ultimately, shorter battery life.

    What Is The Difference Between A Standard Battery And An Agm Battery

    A standard/starting battery provides the power to start a vehicle and support standard electrical accessories. In contrast, an AGM battery is designed to provide the superior power, reliability and safety needed for many of todays vehicles. Including vehicles with start-stop technology and multiple power-hungry extras like GPS, entertainment systems and more.

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    Every Battery For Every Need

    General Info
    Visit your local Interstate All Battery Center located at 504 U.S. 18 for all of your battery needs. Interstate All Battery Center in Clear Lake is the leading source in defining the replacement battery business. We genuinely live by our promises to Have it, Find it, Build it and Every Battery for Every Need. By living these promises we have created a dynamic relationship with our retail customers and business-to-business clients that leads the industry in customer satisfaction ratings. We pledge to exceed our customers’ expectations by having the most friendly, knowledgeable associates while offering the highest quality product and providing the best customer experience in the battery business. Our concept is built on the hard work and dedication of nearly 60 years of the Interstate Batteries brand success. We are a fast growing company with a culture and ethic that allows us to value our associates and customers to the highest degree.
    Payment method

    How Do I Stay Safe When Working With A Battery

    Use extreme caution when handling electrolyte, a sulfuric acid/water solution that can damage clothing and skin. Keep an acid-neutralizing solution available, such as baking soda. Lead-acid batteries contain hydrogen-oxygen gases that can be explosive and sulfuric acid that can cause severe burns. To help avoid the risk of danger and injury, observe these precautions when handling or working with a lead-acid battery:

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    Can I Overcharge A Battery

    Yes. The most common effect is the battery rapidly dying however, a battery that swells and becomes hot to the touch is also a direct result of overcharging and can be very dangerous and even explode. A good indication of overcharging would be the smell of rotten eggs during charging. The battery is producing extremely flammable hydrogen gas. Never smoke or have open flames around a battery at any time. Always use the correct charger when charging a car battery, and have it checked periodically by a technician if charging must be done frequently. Pay attention to labels that indicate exactly how the battery should be charged this helps eliminate overcharging and possible harm and injury.

    What Are Cold Cranking Amps

    BigRigTravels LIVE! Monett, Missouri to Clear Lake, Iowa-Aug. 15, 2020

    The battery’s Cold Cranking Amps is an essential measure for good cranking ability in cars, trucks and boats. CCA is the amount of current or amps a battery can provide at 0 °F for a 30-second duration until the battery voltage drops to unusable levels. For example, a 12-volt battery with a 650 CCA rating means the battery will provide 650 amps for 30 seconds at 0 °F before the voltage falls to 7.20 volts for a 12v battery. So in freezing temperatures, a higher CCA level is required to crank your engine. Also, as more cranking power is used, the amount of battery power available decreases.

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    Interstate All Battery Center Junkyard Reviews

    • JJim Latham

      They have an excellent variety of batteries car fobs, watches, AA, AAA and a superb car battery.

    • CCarla Rezab

      Had had a dead battery and the staff on duty this past Thursday went above and beyond for me with my battery issues. I tried to tip him for his trouble of coming out in the cold to test my battery but he refused it. He even got a 2nd tester to double check the results showing my battery was not up to par. I certainly appreciated his help!!

    • TTruckie FDNY15275

      Very nice staff! Friendly and informative. If you need a battery, you should see these folks. They don’t do the installation, but they will help you get it done, borrow tools, and ensure that it’s good to go.

    • KKeith Wiele

      The employee crew at Interstate Battery, Clear Lake, IA are two of the nicest, competent people you will ever encounter. Thank you for all of your honest help today.

    • SScott Cobeen

      Note only do they have batteries..the young lady at the front desk is on the ball…would recommend interstate to anyone needing a battery for a Harley or watch!!

    • D

      They have more things than you would imagine. Friendly employees too

    • G

      Found a battery for my watch and good conversation

    • R

      Fast service! Great products! And flashlights too!

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