Interstate Deep Cycle Marine Batteries

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Benefits Of Using A Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Deep Cycle Marine Battery Interstate

These batteries have a lot to offer, and that is precisely the reason why so many people choose them. Here is a list of their main advantages:

  • Deep Cycle Marine Batteries can be discharged down to 80 percent without causing damage.
  • They provide power to electronics and appliances.
  • Low risk of overheating.
  • There is a wide range of applications:

Cathodic protection

Other underwater usages, especially on sailboats that lack power.

Fishing boats with trolling motors

Industrial machinery that is electrically-propelled

Energy storage schemes for wind or polar power

Power for equipment and instruments, and more.

Renogy Deep Cycle Agm Battery

If you are looking for a battery to store solar energy, you have hit the right spot. Renogy brings you a special marine battery intended for solar energy storage applications. It is a deep cycle AGM battery which is an excellent choice for off-grid application as backup power for a boat. However, with the right battery, it can be an ideal choice for daily use too. Bear in mind, the battery will need a special charger unless you are using a smart charger.

The product is rated deep cycle AGM battery and thus comes with the typical features of AGM batteries such as leak-proof, spill-proof and maintenance-free. It is also shocks and vibration resistant which will result in higher durability.

The manufacturer recommends avoiding over-discharging batteries, especially when they are in series or parallel connection for a longer life span. It should be discharged to a maximum of 50%. The battery packs a lot of power and has a capacity of 100 amp-hours.


What Is A Deep Cycle Marine Battery

When it comes to you surely have a variety of options available on the market. Finding a suitable marine battery, however, may become a difficulty as they are many products to choose from but also many unreliable units. For this, it is necessary to know what to look for, and luckily for you, we have gathered all pieces of information you need in one place.

To understand what exactly a deep cycle battery is, how it works and what it does, we need to start with marine batteries in general, and their three basic types: Cranking/Starting Marine Battery, Dual Purpose Marine Battery, and the subject of our article Power/Deep Cycle Marine Battery. Lets have a closer look at the deep cycle marine batteries, as they are the type that we are actually interested in, and then say a few words for the other two types.

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Other Electrical Appliances Charging

Furthermore, they can be used to charge other electrical devices both inside and outside the house, including home security systems, push mowers, electric mowers, Murray riding lawn mowers, burglar alarms, and much more.


  • Spill-proof and shockproof sealed lead-acid batteries.
  • The absorbed glass mat technology keeps you safe.
  • Gives plenty of power for your mobility devices to keep going all day.
  • A one-year manufacturers warranty ensures that
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • The carry strap is flimsy and easily detaches.
  • A trolling motor

Interstate Batteries Sealed Lead Acid Replacement Battery

Interstate Batteries SRM

This is a universal 12-Volt marine battery which has a capacity of 35 amp-hours that can be used for a wide variety of applications such as consumer electronics, electric vehicles, power sports, portable tools, medical mobility, lawn and garden tools to name a few. But mostly used by boat owners because it is small and lightweight and will not add a significant weight on the boat.

A product of Interstate Batteries, this deep cycle battery requires no maintenance as it is a sealed lead acid-SLA battery. This also means that there will be no room for leakage and hence gives you great options for mounting in any position.

Like any deep cycle battery, it has a decent long-running service life but needs an ample amount of time to recharge fully once it is drained. Full recharging can take up to 12 hours or more.

Another advantage is that the battery can resist vibration and shocks. This will result in increasing the longevity of the cell.


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Dual Purpose Marine Batteries

As their name hints, these players know both how to sprint and how to run a long distance. In other words, a dual purpose marine battery is a hybrid that can provide a boost of power to crank, start your engine and at the same time provide a steady stream of energy to your appliances.

Now we know this sounds great, but we are sure you have heard the old saying To do two things at once is to do neither. This is precisely the case with dual purpose marine batteries- they can do neither of the tasks mentioned above exceptionally well. Their lifespan is also not as long as the one of an actual deep cycle battery.

When Should You Replace Your Battery

Your battery will not last forever, even with the proper maintenance. Therefore, it is essential to know when its time for a replacement. If you see any of the signs below, then it may be time to go shopping.

  • You have to jumpstart your battery.
  • Your battery finds it really difficult to turn the starter over.
  • The electronics and lighting dim or go out while starting.
  • Your battery finds it hard to hold a charge.
  • Your battery is submerged.
  • Your battery discharges too often between uses.

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Mighty Max Battery Deep Cycle Agm Battery

Backed by a 30-day return policy and a full 1-year warranty, Mighty Max showcases a 12 Volt AGM marine battery with 35 amp hours capacity. This AGM deep cycle battery is pretty compact measuring just 7.68 by 5.16 by 7.13 inches and weighs only 23.5 pounds. Because of its light-weight, it is a popular choice for powering small boats. However, they are being used in a range of applications starting from consumer electronics to portable tools. The handle design makes it easy to carry around.

This is an AGM sealed battery and requires no maintenance. Moreover, it gives you the freedom to mount the battery anywhere that suits your surroundings without fear of leakage. It is able to resist shocks and vibration. The battery can withstand both low and high temperatures making it a great choice as a marine battery.

The ML-35-12 uses a calcium-alloy grid to store more energy and boosts its performance for a longer time. Having said that, it is worth noting that once the battery is drained, it takes time to recharge.


Interstate Deep Cycle Batteries Review Introduction

Interstate Batteries’ New Deep-Cycle Battery for RVs

The Interstate Deep Cycle Batteries are sealed lead-acid batteries that are exceptionally durable and strong.

While they are spill-proof and shockproof, thanks to a sealed absorbed glass mat technology that protects them from excessive current and internal spills and damages.

As a result, the battery is safe, durable, and dependable to use.

They come with a one-year warranty and are built with industry-leading standard materials.

Its a solid and reliable option for those wishing to pair their mobility devices, such as electric scooters and wheelchairs, with a powerful, safe, and dependable battery.

Furthermore, because of their comprehensive coverage, they are readily and easy to purchase. They come in various sizes and serial numbers, making them easy to utilize wherever you need them.

Theyre also inexpensive, and users have praised their durability and lifespan. They are without a doubt one of the best battery products and brands available.

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Optima 8016 Bluetop Starting And Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Optima brings you the ultimate power source for boats and RV with heavy electrical accessories. The 12-Volt deep cycle marine battery with 750 cold-cranking amps is a popular choice for boat owners and capable of up to 3 times more recharges than any other marine batteries. It can be mounted in almost any position as it is spill-proof.

The Bluetop Optima 8016 has a dual purpose, meaning it serves both deep cycle application and the starting application. It is maintenance-free and works well even in harsh weather. The unique spiral-cell technology ensures not only clean power source but also efficiency, high output and long running time. Moreover, it is 15 times more resistant to vibration making it extra durable.

Another great feature of this battery is that it has a reserve capacity of 120 minutes which gives you an ample amount of time to recharge it before reducing its amps to a minimal level.

  • Optimal starting power even in harsh weather
  • Highly durable as it is 15 times more resistant to vibration
  • Reserve capacity of 120 minutes
  • 99% pure lead plates for more energy storage


Vmaxtanks Solar Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery

If you are looking for a marine battery to be used with PV solar panels or inverters, Vmaxtanks deep cycle battery is one great option with a life span of 8 to 10 years in float mode. It packs a lot of power delivering 125 amp hours on a 12-volt battery. This battery will be the ideal choice for powering your boat for lights and a few appliances.

The battery is built with military-grade custom made plates to ensure high performance and long life span. Being an AGM sealed battery, it is maintenance-free and gives you flexible mounting options. Moreover, it has the benefit of recharging quickly. The battery is quite durable as it can withstand the impact of excessive vibration and shocks.

There is an option to acquire an additional battery calculator. It will be useful in determining the number of batteries needed for your specific AC or DC power requirements.


  • 8 to 10 years service life span in float mode
  • Build with military-grade custom made plates


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Installing Your Deep Cycle Marine Battery

If you dont know how to install your battery just follow these simple steps:

  • Switch your old marine battery switch to off. Disconnect the cables, starting with the negative one. Gently lift the battery and remove it.
  • Make sure that the terminals of your new battery are lined up with the cables. Put your new battery into the battery compartment or box.
  • Before attaching the cables, apply a small amount of Vaseline to each terminal. This way you will ensure a robust and reliable connection.
  • Reconnect the cables, starting with the positive terminal. Use a wrench to make sure that the wires are firmly attached to the terminals.
  • Place the lid back on the battery box.

Optima 34m Bluetop Marine Starting Battery

Interstate Batteries 24 MO 675 CCA Marine/RV Deep Cycle Battery by ...

Optima has specially produced a battery that is designed to be used as a starting battery. It is a 12-Volt marine battery with 800 cold-cranking amps that can start an engine even in extreme weather conditions. It is worth noting for boat owners that this battery has a blue top and a dark grey case and it is intended to be used when a dedicated starting battery is required and should never be used as deep cycling application unlike the other Optima blue top with a light grey case.

The battery has a reserve capacity of 100 minutes for consistent performance and long running time. It boasts having 3 times more recharges than other marine batteries. With no maintenance required, you can mount the battery in almost any position as it is sealed and resists against vibration.

The patented spiral cell technology is environmentally friendly and ensures safe usage. It also gives you the advantage of higher reserve capacity resulting in longer shelf-life.


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Power/ Deep Cycle Marine Batteries

We could say that these batteries are the equivalent of marathon runners. A deep-cycle battery is a device meant to be routinely discharged all the way down. The majority of deep cycle batteries on the market nowadays are lead-acid batteries. It is important to remember that the number of discharge and charge cycles a battery can perform and the depth of discharge are inversely proportional. A depth of discharge that is around 50% is considered to be the most optimal choice when it comes to expenses and storage.

Unlike cranking marine batteries, power/ deep cycle marine batteries are perfect for providing power to electronics and appliances, without the risk of overheating. For this reason, these are the types of cells that we are most familiar with.

The lead battery plates are what sets the deep-cycle batteries from the cranking ones. Deep cycle plates have separators and their active plates are also thicker. The plates of a deep-cycle battery are made of alloys that have more antimony compared to that of cranking batteries. For this reason, this type of cells resists corrosion through extended discharge and charge cycles.

Nowadays, newer technologies, such as lithium-ion batteries are getting more and more common in this same form factor. However, they are too expensive.

Drawbacks Of Using A Deep Cycle Marine Battery

When you choose a product it is essential to know its weak sides as well, so lets have a look:

  • Heavier than Starting Marine Batteries.
  • Deep Cycle Marine Batteries require regular maintenance and depending on the type of battery you choose you will need to do different things. For example, if you decide on a flooded battery, you will need to provide distilled water every time you refill it.
  • Many of the batteries can be permanently damaged by incorrect charging, so there is no place for mistakes with such devices.

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