Invisible Fence Dog Collar Batteries

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Batteries: For Pet Stop Dog Guard Perimeter Technologies Invisible Fence Dog Guard

How to Change Your Invisible Fence® Battery

6.0v Lithium Battery

Trust your Pets Containment to our batteries.

These Batteries are

Pet Stop® Dog Guard® Perimeter Technologies®,also Invisible Fence Compatible Receivers

See Pictures For all Receivers this battery fits:

7.5 v. Silver Oxide Battery

Trust your Pets Containment to our batteries.

These Batteries are

Pet Stop® Dog Watch® also Invisible Fence®

See Pictures For all Receivers this battery fits:

Trust your Pets Containment to our batteries.

These Batteries are

Pet Stop® Universial Collar Remote, and Hand Held Unit, Dog Watch®

See Pictures For all Receivers this battery fits:

Invisible Fence Compatible Batteries 3.6v

Trust your Pets Containment to our batteries.

These Batteries are

R 21, R 22, R 51, Microlite

See Pictures For all Receivers this battery fits:

Why are these batteries so good? The design was personally approved by the former Chief Engineer at Invisible Fence Company – the same person who designed the original PowerCap himself. Additionally, they are built under his direct supervision in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania. That’s right – they’re NOT made in China!

The Size And Shape Of Your Garden

If your garden is awkwardly shaped, with corners and big trees, a wireless electric dog fence system will probably not be sufficient for your dog.

If you have a precious flower bed or a rockery youve spent ages crafting, you might be better off going for an underground wired electric dog fence system, as your dog will be free to roam in those areas.

Wireless electric dog fences are best suited to smallish uniform gardens without obstructions like corners of buildings and big trees.

The transmitter is placed at the center of the signal radius so your boundary will be circle-shaped.

If your garden is square-shaped, youll want to make sure that the invisible boundary will be within the compounds of your garden.

Depending on the model of wireless dog fence you purchase, the signal should be able to reach up to 3 acres.

This is fine if your garden doesnt have lots of big trees. If its a flat area, there should be no problem.

But, if there are hills or ditches, you may find that the signal doesnt work as well.

Speaking of the signal,Do Wireless Dog Fences Need Wifi? This quick guide answers this question and more!

How To Test The Electrical Prongs

In addition to checking your battery, you should also check the electrical prongs on the receiving collar to ensure they are delivering static shocks correctly.

To do this, you will use the testing light that comes with your invisible fence collar:

  • Carefully position the tool over both prongs, and then press the test button on your receiver.
  • Look for a red flashing light on the tool that will show if the electric shock is being delivered properly.
  • Keep in mind that the higher you set the level of shock, the brighter the red light will flash.

If your light does not flash when you test the electrical prongs with this testing light, here are a few things you can do.

  • Tighten the prongs and test again
  • Double-check that the battery is charged and test again
  • Ensure that the transmitter is plugged in and turned on then test again.

If everything appears to be working fine but the prongs are not showing that theyre working with the testing tool, call the manufacturer for further troubleshooting.

Keep this testing light around in a handy spot.

Not only is it good for testing the electrical prongs, but it can also be used to adjust the prongs, as well as to open and close the Power Cap battery on the collar when it is time to change the battery.

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Best Wireless Dog Fences That Actually *work* For 2022

Jesse Hopping, CCDT

If you have dogs at home, its only natural to want them to play in the garden as much as possible.

Letting them roam loose in an unsecured garden is enough to keep you constantly on edge so what can you do about it? Well, one of the most common solutions is a wireless dog fence.

There are electric dog fences with wires you need to bury under the ground.

If you dont like the idea of turning over your garden and messing about with wires, youve got plenty of wireless alternatives.

Wireless fences come with a receiver collar you put on your dog and a transmitter that you set up indoors.

This transmits a radio signal across a certain radius. If your pup breaches the boundaries, the collar communicates with the transmitter and hell receive a slight static shock.

Today, well be highlighting the 3 best wireless dog fences you can find to make your life easier.

Well also be throwing in the usual treasure trove of buying guidance and useful tips so youve got everything you need in one place.

In This Article:

Electric Dog Fence Batteries & Accessories

Invisible Fence Compatible R21 and R51 Dog Collar Battery

Many pet owners who dont have a physical fence in their yard rely on an invisible dog fence to keep their pets safely confined within their backyard. These electric dog fence systems help a dog to know what her boundaries are, thus keeping her safe from wandering away, getting lost, having a run-in with wildlife or other pets, or getting hit by a car. And they are great alternatives for having to install a costly fence that will require maintenance and upkeep. But in order to keep your electric dog fence up and running, its important that you make sure that the fence and its components are fully charged at all times. You may also need to purchase a variety of electric dog fence accessories for your system.

Some electric dog fence accessories that you may need include additional receivers so that you can add extra dogs to your underground fencing system, wire to extend the boundaries, replacement batteries for electric dog fence collars, and surge protectors.

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Best Overall: Petsafe Wireless Dog And Cat Containment System

Product Ratings

What We DidntLike

  • Receiver housing is slightly fragile
  • The relatively sharp learning curve to deal with

Our favorite wireless dog fence comes from the inimitable PetSafe. This is the parent company of the Invisible Fence brand you might see in the pet store so what do you get for your money?

To kick-off, youll benefit from a sprawling ½-acre maximum coverage area. This should be more than fit for most purposes. If you have a larger space to contain, dont worry.

You can choose from larger PetSafe fences with no problem at all.

As with all wireless fences, the area covered needs to be circular. Make sure this is suitable for the outdoor space you have in mind.

Set-up is fairly simple. That said, it will still take a while to get used to the feel and operation.

You should also allow up to 2 weeks to train your dog properly before leaving the fence to do its work.

The lightweight and waterproof collar is built to stay the distance and your dog should find it comfortable and irritation-free.

As long as your pooch weighs 8 pounds or more and has a neck size anywhere from 6 to 28 inches, youre in luck.

All the training flags you need to get started along with everything else required to start training your furball to respect boundaries.

Battery life is impressive returning anything up to 2 months of use before it needs swapping out.

Note that these are proprietary batteries so youll be locked into buying them from PetSafe.

Pet Stop Replacement Batteries

Pet Stop replacement batteries are innovative, little marvels of technology that work flawlessly with the receiver collar. Theyre ranked the highest on the market in durability and performance, and they are relatively inexpensive when evaluated next to batteries from companies such as Invisible Fence®, DogWatch®, PetSafe® and the rest.

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Reviews For Replacement Battery For Invisible Fence Brand Collars

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Sherry Warren November 3, 2021

    Received the order on time and it worked perfectly in our invisible fence collar. We were able to buy a single battery at reasonable price. We look forward to using extreme dog fence for future purchases.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Robin January 13, 2022

    Ordered 2 of these as replacements for the battery in our Invisible Fence collar. They worked perfectly and were so much less expensive. I highly recommend.

  • Perimeter Technologies Invisible Fence Compatible Batteries Offer An Affordable Option

    How To Replace an Invisible Fence Battery

    Perimeter Technologies Invisible Fence® Compatible Batteries cost much less than Invisible Fence® brand batteries. Oftentimes Perimeter Technologies Invisible Fence® Compatible Batteries can cost up to half as much as name brand Invisible Fence® batteries. While the savings is an important aspect to consider, also consider that the proprietary nature of Invisible Fences® batteries makes it so you may not always find it in stock at your local third-party retailer. The affordable nature of Perimeter Technologies Invisible Fence® compatible batteries allows you to stock up on batteries, so you will always have batteries on hand whenever you need to change them.

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    Runner Up: Petsafe Stay And Play Compact Wireless Fence

    Product Ratings

    What We DidntLike

    • The system initially feels awkward to use but that soon improves

    Another stellar dog fence from PetSafe is up next in the form of the classic Stay and Play.

    If the previous fence with ½ acre of coverage seems slightly small, this ¾-acre model steps things up a gear.

    Since were on the topic of the previous PetSafe fence, we did a head-to-head comparison of the PetSafe Wireless Fence VS Stay and Play. Check it out!

    While we wouldnt exactly describe this system as plug-and-play simplicity, you shouldnt find setting the fence up too demanding.

    It pays to read the instructions and any accompanying guide closely before you get started. You should pack plenty of patience and be prepared for a sharp learning curve.

    The good news?

    Once youve got the fence installed, you should find it pretty much runs in the background while giving you peace of mind that your precious pooches are safely contained.

    As youd expect, collars are waterproof and shouldnt irritate your dogs neck. They run using a 6-volt battery.

    PetSafe understands that many pet owners will never have used one of these fences before.

    Theres a nifty guide thrown in so you should take the time to study this and youll make your life easier thanks to PetSafe.

    If your dog does make their way outside, itll enjoy static-free re-entry. This is ideal since they might otherwise be discouraged from returning home.

    We Would Love Tohear From You

    Were here to help. Customer service is important to us and we desire to handle your inquiry as quickly as possible. In most cases, is the best route to obtaining fast answers to most of your questions. However, if you wish to send a comment to our corporate office or contact our national Customer Support center, feel free to fill out this form. Well make every effort to answer your submission promptly, and will respond within 3 business days.

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    Place The Boundary Flags

    You will need to train your dog otherwise the wireless electric fence wont work. The first step is to mark the perimeter of the boundary with the boundary flags.

    The pet fence flags come with the wireless electric dog fence kit. The manufacturers instruction manual will have its own guidelines for you to follow.

    First, hold the collar in your hand at the height of your dogs neck and at the spot where you dont want them to go further.

    With the aid of someone else, get them to turn the dial down on the transmitter indoors.

    When the collar beeps, get your colleague to stop turning the dial as youll have found the correct boundary area.

    Next, place the boundary flags. Every time the collar beeps, place a flag in the ground.

    Space the flags approximately 10 feet from each other until youve created a visual flag fence. Theyll stay there until your dog is familiar with the boundary.

    Read our related article, How Close Can a Dog Get to an Invisible Fence? Discover the boundaries you can set with an invisible fence.

    How We Tested The Best Wireless Dog Fences

    4.8V Rechargeable Dog Collar Replacement Battery For Dogtra Invisible ...

    Apart from the obvious features regarding size and fit, we wanted to look at its durability as e-collars dont come cheap.

    We ask ourselves, is the material long-lasting? Will it break easily? Will the pup be able to chew it off easily?

    Youll want to check that the buckle is solid and wont break easily. Also, we checked to see if its waterproof.

    A sudden downpour could see your dogs e-collar broken due to water damage and your money washed down the drain.

    We also checked what kind of batteries you need. Are they rechargeable or disposable?

    If the batteries are disposable see if they are proprietary. If you have to use the manufacturers batteries it might not be a cost-effective system.

    Another important consideration is whether the e-collar has a time-out feature.

    You want to be able to limit the amount of time that the collar emits a signal to keep your dog safe.

    READ MORE:The Best Electric Dog Fences. We tested the top electric fences and heres how it went.

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    Work Out Where To Place It

    As it transmits a circular boundary, the device is placed dead center of the dogs roaming area. It can transmit through walls, but large metal objects can interfere with the signal.

    Place the transmitter on a table or countertop and plug it in. Its best to place it at least two feet off the floor.

    When you flick the switch on, first turn it to high and turn the boundary up to the highest setting. You can adjust the boundary later on.

    If youre looking to expand the area where your dog can roam, stop by our How to Expand Wireless Dog Fence Systems guide.

    Location Of Your Transmitter

    To avoid any gaps in the signal, make sure no large metal objects are obstructing the signal.

    Objects such as ovens, electric switch boxes, cars, fridges, and washing machines will block the signal, allowing your furry chum to perform an escape trick.

    If possible, install the transmitter on the first floor.

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    Best For Multiple Dogs: Petsafe Pif

    Product Ratings

    • Lightweight, waterproof, and rugged collars.

    What We DidntLike

    • Youll need to dig reasonably deep for the privilege.
    • The lowest setting gives a sharp shock so start at the bottom and work slowly up if required.

    This system is designed to keep a couple of dogs from straying.

    The standard kit comes with a pair of collars. If you have more dogs in the house, simply add more collars and youre ready to roll.

    Flexibility is the name of the game here. As long as your dog weighs at least 8 pounds and has a neck measuring between 6 and 28 inches, this fence and collar make a neat fit.

    One thing to be aware of is that the static shock administered is reasonably sharp.

    We would advise starting at the lowest setting to make sure its not too much for your beloved furball.

    Just like all PetSafe containment systems, static-free re-entry helps encourage your dog to return home.

    When youre training your dog before you leave the fence to do its work.

    Youll have the opportunity to play with your dog and offer up plenty of positive reinforcement when they respect their new boundaries.

    The only real drawback with the PIF-300 is the stiff price tag. However, it is a small price to pay for your dogs safety.

    Bottom Line: For anyone with several dogs at home, the PIF-300 will make sure they stay safely inside instead of scampering off down the road.

    Yes unlimited

    Maintenance Of The System

    Changing the invisible dog fence battery – Easy! – R12 & R9

    A wireless dog fence system shouldnt require too much looking after but you will need to change or charge the e-collar batteries.

    Its advisable to check the contact points on the e-collar every week to check that the channel is clear.

    If its dirty it could block the static correction and fail to prevent your dog from shooting off.

    How useful was this post?

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    Troubleshooting A Blinking Light

    You may not even have to test your invisible fence collar to know when to change the battery.

    These receiving collars are equipped with lights to warn you when the system is not working correctly.

    When everything is working properly, you should see a green blinking light on your pups receiver collar.

    However, when the collars battery is running low, the collar light will begin blinking red every 10 seconds.

    If this begins happening, change your Power Cap battery as soon as possible.

    If you have purchased a collar with a rechargeable battery, remove the collar from your dog and plug it into the charger to refresh the battery.

    Youll have to keep your dog indoors or secured during charging.

    Read our related article,PetSafe Wireless Fence Collar Red Light Blinking, for more on why your dogs collar is blinking red and possible solutions!

    Pet Stop’s Gentle Steps Advanced Training Program

    Training is fun when it’s done the Pet Stop Way

    “I live on a farm with our two Australian shepherds. Having two young and energetic dogs, they had already been in trouble with the neighbors. Then, after being in front of a judge, convinced me that something had to be done. I had always been skeptical of the underground pet containment fences but needed some solution to contain the dogs while giving them a large area to run and play. I contacted Pet Stop and they offered a quick and easy solution to our problem as well as a guarantee that the fence would keep the dogs contained. Following the training instructions provided, the dogs quickly learned their boundaries. For almost two years, our dogs have run free and we have the assurance when we leave that they will be there when we return. It works! I would highly recommend the system and my Dealer to anyone seeking a safe and secure option for their pets.”

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