Kubota Tractor Battery Cross Reference Chart

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Common Battery Sizes By Vehicle Type

Kubota Tractor won’t start…Try This

The BCI designations include the group definition, dimensions, measurements, types, sizes, and other characteristics. The battery conversions chart can help you to cross-reference battery sizes, but it is also useful to understand the various group sizes that are designated for different types of vehicles. The following examines the most common battery groups according to vehicle type.

Where To Find/buy A Battery

New Holland TC40D
JD 3025E
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RK 55HC,ym1700, NH7610S, Ford 8N, 2N, NAA, 660, 850 x2, 541, 950, 941D, 951, 2000, 3000, 4000, 4600, 5000, 740, IH ‘C”H’, CUB, John Deere ‘B’, allis ‘G’, case VAC

NewHolland3415 said:I need to relace the battery on my 3415. I’ve l’ve looked on the internet quite a bit but can’t find much info on it and would rather not buy one from the dealer. Is it possible to get one from Sam’s, autozone, etc.?

Lawn Mower Battery Size Guide

Is it just about the right time for you to replace your lawn mower battery? Or maybe its the lawn tractor battery that needs replacement? For all internal combustion engines, there must be a battery to help crank or start the engine before it gets to work. Most people find it difficult to determine the right size of small engine batteries, the right dimensions, and other properties of the battery that matter when it comes to buying a new battery. Check the specifications on your Lawn Mower of tractor to determine the correct battery in the below lawn mower battery size charts.

The Battery Council International has standardized lawn mower batteries into the 12-Volt batteries group U1 format but even with that in mind, these batteries will still differ in other battery characteristics.

To be on the safe side while choosing the right size of your lawnmower, there are two other battery properties that need to match your engine specifications and that is the cold-cranking amps and the battery terminal position of the battery in lawnmowers i.e the position of the positive terminal and the negative battery terminal with respect to the battery cables.

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How Do You Disconnect Replace And Connect A Car Battery

Here are the steps to replacing your car battery.

  • Disconnect the battery cables from your battery.
  • Loosen the bolts on hold the frame holder or straps that hold the battery in place.
  • Lift the battery from the tray.
  • Clean any corrosion or leakage on the battery tray and surrounding components.
  • Lift the new battery and place it on the battery tray.
  • Replace and tighten the battery holder or straps. Make sure that they are snug and secure.
  • Reconnect the battery terminal posts and tighten them down.

Why Is My Battery Draining So Fast When Its Off

Battery cross ref

One of the most common reasons why your battery might drain when the car is off is that something is left on. Even if your headlights are off, a dome light sensor or other small electronic devices can drain the battery. If you leave your phone on charge in your car, it will drain the battery. When you are sure that none of these types of issues are the case, it might be that your battery is old and no longer able to hold a charge. It might be time for a replacement.

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Can I Use A Different Group Size Battery Or Will It Damage The Car

It is possible to change the battery tray and fit a different battery in the car. However, it is not always a good idea. If you put a different battery group size in your car it will probably still run, provided that the battery has enough cold-cranking amps and voltage to start and run the car. Putting a smaller battery in your car means that electronics will probably not operate properly if the car even starts and runs at all.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you put a battery that is larger than recommended, it can cause significant damage to your car. The larger battery can cause spikes and power surges that can damage your electronics, including your onboard computer. It can cause fuses to blow and can potentially damage the alternator. It is always best to use the recommended battery group size when possible.

How Long Does A Car Battery Last

Most car batteries have warranties that last for 36 or 48 months. The average car battery life is around 5-7 years, but this can be reduced by certain factors. Buying a quality battery is the first step to battery longevity. Avoiding accidental discharge to completely dead, such as by leaving the lights on overnight, will also help to preserve your battery life. Some batteries have been known to last for up to seven years, but this is rare.

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Whats The Best Lawn Mower Battery Size For My Machine

Remember something when choosing the right battery size when considering the cold-cranking amps, going below the recommended CCA will reduce the minimum expected battery life while at the same time going for a higher CCA rating has no practical advantage in any way and it might actually mess with the battery management system. The best choice would be to stick to the stipulated cold-cranking amps battery.

Motorcycle Bike Powersports Battery Groups

Know Your Kubota – Z Series – Kawasaki Engine – Oil, Filter Change

Motorcycle batteries usually start with CB, YB, GB, Y, C, G, or 12N. Some examples include YB14L-A2, Y60-N24L-A, or 12N24-3. These are lead-acid motorcycle battery designations. Maintenance-free motorcycle battery designations start with YTX, CTX, and GTX, such as YTX9-BS. Gel batteries are also available for motorcycles. They begin with the letters YT, GT, CT, YTZ, GTZ, or CTZ, such as YTZ10-S. These are some of the more common designations, but these batteries come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and types.

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What Is Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity is the number of minutes that the battery can power the car at the minimum amount needed if the alternator should stop functioning. It is measured at 80° F at a discharge rate of 25 amps. The battery must be able to maintain at least 10.5 volts for a 12-volt battery, which is the minimum amount needed to power the car. What this means is that if your alternator goes out, you still have a short time to get to a mechanic.

How Many Volts Is A Car Battery When Fully Charged

The best way to understand volts is to compare it to a water line. If this were the case, volts would be the water pressure, the current would be the flow rate, and the resistance would be related to the size of the pipe. Increasing the voltage makes more electricity flow. When this is applied to car batteries, volts refer to the electrical potential of the energy stored in the battery.

Most car batteries are labeled as 12 volts. However, they can hold closer to 15 volts due to power from the alternator. When the car is running and the alternator is charging, the voltage should measure between 13.7 to 14.7 volts. An actual reading of 12.4 volts when the car is running means that the battery is only at about 75% of its optimal capacity. Your car will still run, but you need to get the battery checked because it can be a sign that it needs to be replaced soon. If it falls below 10.5 volts, your car probably will not start, but some can go as low as 9.5 volts and still seem fine.

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A Battery For Every Need

Batteries Plus has a wide selection of batteries that can help you power all of your farm equipment, whether its for a small plot of land or a massive farm. Plus, all of our batteries will meet the OEM specifications of your old battery.

Youll also want to consider a few things before buying a new battery:

  • What climate do you typically work in? If you need your farm equipment to start in colder environments, youll want a battery with enough cold cranking amps to get the power going.
  • How often will you use the battery? The more you use your battery, the stronger that battery needs to be. If youll demand a lot from your battery, consider getting a deep cycle cell.
  • Can you afford unexpected issues? If a faulty battery will cause a significant amount of stress or financial burden, youll want to consider the length and coverage of the batterys warranty when you purchase it. Most of our batteries have extensive warranties to cover these types of situations.

If you’ve found the perfect battery but you’re still having trouble with your emergency lighting fixture, it may be time to replace your device. Shop our selection of emergency fixtures, including exit signs, lights and combo units with classic and LED designs, for efficient and trustworthy emergency lighting.

Help is just a phone call away!

How Do You Read Bci Group Numbers


An example of a BCI group number is 94R. This battery group has dimensions of 12.4 x 6.9 x 7.5 inches. Its posts are located on the top and the right post is the positive terminal. Another example is a 4D group. This type of battery is intended for a commercial vehicle and has dimensions of 20.75 x 8.75 x 9.8 inches. The posts are located on the top, and the positive post is on the right. By comparison, A Group 100 and 101 are automotive batteries that have the posts located on the side, and the left post is the positive terminal.

This should give you an idea of what the different BCI group numbers mean when you are looking for your next battery. Other examples include group U1, which are intended for utility vehicles, and Group GC8, which is designated for golf carts. It lists many different battery groups that are designated for automotive and light truck uses, which come in many different shapes and sizes.

Best AGM Group 34, 34R Battery Buyers Guide

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What Is Battery Group Size

When purchasing a battery, you will see a series of numbers and letters in the name. These numbers and letters are the BCI group size of the battery. BCI stands for Battery Council International. This is a trade association that includes manufacturers, recyclers, distributor, and retailer organizations that supply original and after-market batteries.

BCI sets the standards for the dimensions, weights, and testing procedures for any battery that is sold in the United States. The organization also promotes legislation that pertains to the safe recycling and handling of lead-acid batteries. BCI encourages research and innovation to improve the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of battery technology.

When choosing a battery, you will hear terms like, group 51R or type 31 marine battery. These numbers refer to the physical size of the battery case. BCI currently lists over 130 different battery group designations. The designation gives you information about the intended application and type of vehicle for which the battery is intended. It also provides the length, width, height, type of assembly, terminal positions, and which post is the positive terminal.

The Best Group 51R, 51 Battery Buyers Guide

How Do You Use A Battery Charger And How Long Does Charging A Car Battery Take

Any type of battery charger works the same way. You place the clamps on the terminal posts, plug the charger in, and turn it on. Make sure to hook the positive clamp to the positive terminal and the negative clamp to the negative terminal. Be sure to read all directions in the manual before trying it for the first time and be sure to follow all safety recommendations. A trickle charger usually takes overnight to charge a battery from dead to full. Faster chargers are available that can reduce the charging time to as little as a few hours.

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How Do You Recharge A Deep

Charging a deep cycle battery is similar to charging a starter battery. Special chargers are available that are made for deep-cycle batteries. You hook the battery cables to the terminal posts, turn the charger on, and wait for the recommended amount of time.

You can also purchase portable chargers that are made for boats and other applications. In this case, you charge the portable charger and then transport it to the boat, hook up the cables, and use it similarly as a home charger.

What Are The Different Battery Connector Types

Kubota KX018 How to set the clock

Battery terminal posts come in many different shapes and sizes. The connectors typically fit over the post and can be tightened down with a nut and bolt. Some heavy-duty batteries use lugs as a connector. Lugs have a precision hole in them and create a fit that is not as likely to come off due to vibration.

Connectors for marine applications work the same way as car battery connectors, only they often have a quick disconnect capability. They must also meet the U.S. Coast Guard regulations. Motorcycle and utility vehicle connectors must be sealed in a way that keeps them safe from the weather.

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What Is A Deep

There are two different types of batteries available for your car, deep-cycle and starting batteries. Determining which one you need depends on the type of driving that you do and the types of demands that you place on your batteries. Starting, lighting, ignition batteries are typically referred to as starter batteries. This type of battery is designed to deliver a short burst of energy quickly to start the car. They are meant to ramp up the power and discharge their energy quickly. They are not designed to withstand full discharge frequently, which will shorten the battery life.

On the other hand, a deep-cycle battery is designed to deliver a steady current over a longer time. These batteries are best for electronics that place a continual strain on the battery. They can be discharged and recharged many times without shortening their life. Some batteries are known as dual-purpose batteries and are designed to be both starting batteries and deep-cycle batteries. The main difference between these two types of batteries is their cold-cranking amps rating. A starting or dual-purpose battery will have a higher CCA than a deep-cycle battery.

Discover The Difference A John Deere Battery Can Make

Built and tested for real conditions to meet the demanding machine specifications of your equipment. Our batteries extensive quality testing simulates rough, real-life situations including rigorous vibration and cold testing to ensure durability and reliability. Batteries are also tested to withstand full use and recharging at a sweltering 167 degrees F*.

*Batteries are tested per SAE J2185 or J2801 standards. .

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Battery Group For Big Trucks

Big trucks, such as heavy-duty, super-duty, and commercial vehicles often use battery groups 3, 3EH, 4, 4EH, 5D, and 7D. These batteries have three cells, but some batteries for heavy-duty vehicles have six cells. Six cell heavy-duty commercial batteries include 3EE, 3ET, 4D, 4DLT, 6D, 8D, 12T, 28, 29H, 30H, and 31.

How Do You Clean Battery Terminals And Contacts

Kubota Lawn Tractor

Corrosion and dirt on your battery terminals can greatly reduce the efficiency of your battery. You can use a special battery terminal cleaner from an auto parts store, or you can use plain baking soda and water. Here are the steps.

  • Remove the battery cables and inspect them.
  • Spray the battery cleaner on the terminals. You can also mix up one tablespoon of baking soda to one cup of water and apply it to the terminals.
  • Scrub the terminals with an old toothbrush or wire brush that is made for this purpose. Scrub until all of the buildup is removed.
  • Rinse off the residue with plain water and allow the terminals to completely dry.
  • Reconnect the battery cables.

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How To Buy The Right Size Car Battery

When choosing a battery, it is important to use the ones that are recommended by the manufacturer for your make and model of the vehicle. The easiest way to find out what battery group you need is to measure your old battery or your car battery tray and find the size that youve got in our table above. The best source of information to find the recommended battery group size and specifications is your Owners Manual. It will give you the group size, amps, and voltage required along with other specifications.

If you do not have your Owners Manual, you can often find it online. You could also call a local auto parts store or manufacturer, and they can usually look up the right battery group size in a database for you.

Other things that you will need to consider are:

  • Terminal type and configuration
  • Polarity

Kubota Tractor Battery Cross Reference Chart

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