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Cordless Trimmer Battery Voltages

WORX GT 3.0 Grass Trimmer | Out of The Box
  • 12V – If you have a smaller lawn with thin grass then 12V will be fine.
  • 18V to 20V – For residential use but with thicker grass 18V to 20V is fine for most applications.
  • 36V or higher – If you have a larger garden with thick grass and weeds or if youâre using it for commercial use then aim for 36V or higher.

Cordless Weed Eater Battery Charger

The majority of battery powered string trimmers will have removable batteries that need to be charged in a separate charger. If youâre considering this kind of cordless string trimmer then be sure to check if the purchase price includes the charger. Not all of them do.

Some battery operated weed eaters will have an integrated battery which is charged by plugging the trimmer directly into a power outlet.

Itâs convenient because you donât have to mess around with external chargers but it removes the flexibility of being able to use a spare battery when you want longer trimming time.

How Long Will A Weed Eater Battery Last?

Donât expect to be able to get hours of use from your cordless string trimmer. On the bottom end of the scale you can expect to get 15 or 20 minutes use.

The best battery powered weed eater models will give you up to an hour or maybe just over that before you need to switch batteries. For most residential jobs this is plenty and itâs about the same as youâd get from a gas trimmer.

Core: ‘gasless’ And Long Battery Life

Core is another brand you might be less familiar with, and that’s because they aren’t always found in your typical garden store. This CGT400 is one of my favourite electric string trimmers because it’s really built to take a beating.

I’d qualify them as a more professional-grade cordless weed trimmer, and they’re built to last in several ways.

This trimmer has two modes. The first is meant for standard grass trimming, and it has the head spinning at 7,000 RPM. This allows you to cut through tall grass like there’s no tomorrow, but it eats up the battery power slightly faster. The other mode runs at 5,000 RPM but offers more torque. This is better for conserving battery life and ripping out tough weeds like thistles.

The power cell on this trimmer is top of the class, offering up to 70 minutes of continuous use. If you have a larger lawn or garden space and you need a super long-lasting battery pack, this is absolutely the option to go for.

The head is a ‘dual line’ version, meaning you feed in two different spools. The line is fed in the standard ‘bump’ method, and the head is really well built. It comes with a five-year warranty for residential use, and a two year for commercial. That’s phenomenal coverage.

With its CORE electric engine technology, this trimmer offers excellent power efficiency and torque, making it one of the best cordless garden trimmers for both personal and commercial use.



  • It’s expensive compared to bigger brand alternatives

Cordless Weed Eater Features

Cutting Width

Bigger doesnât necessarily mean better. While having a wider cutting width does mean youâll cover more ground in less time, it does make it difficult to get into tighter spots.

If youâve got wide open spaces or a large lawn then go for a wide cutting width.

If you need to trim in between plants or in some tighter spots then go for a medium or smaller cutting width. Some battery operated weed eaters allow for adjustable cutting width which gives you the best of both worlds.

Remember that the wider the cutting swath is, the harder the motor needs to work to spin the cutting line and this will drain your battery faster. If you’ve run a plug aerator over your lawn then it’ll grow pretty quickly and you’ll need to trim it more often.


Some cordless string trimmers have the ability to rotate the trimmer head so that you can turn your cordless weed eater into a cordless edger.

If your battery powered weed eater has a dedicated edging position it will be a lot easier to give your sidewalk a neat edge. Having an edger wheel also makes edging a whole lot easier.

It keeps the head at a consistent height above the lawn without you having to keep the trimmer steady.

Bump Feed vs Auto Feed Spool

Even the best trimmer string wears down eventually. Having a bump feed line makes it easy to control how much string you let out.

Simply bumping the trimmer head on the ground causes a little more string to be deployed.

Battery Trimmer Motor

Cordless Trimmer Weight

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Pros And Cons Of Cordless Weed Eaters

Cordless grass trimmers are technically quite similar to conventional gas or electric versions, but there are a few differences. The primary one is that a cordless weed eater runs on electricity, and it doesn’t require a power cable to be plugged in. It runs on batteries alone, which might be modular or integrated depending on the model.

Toro Powerplex: Powerful And Cordless

Battery Powered Weed Eater Lowes

If you’re finding that too many of the cordless electric weed trimmers lack power, you should definitely take a look at this powerful option from Toro.

Toro isn’t as big a name as some of the others reviewed here, but that doesn’t mean they lack a reputation. Toro is a name to turn to for power, efficiency, and performance. This PowerPlex trimmer is no exception to that rule, and it has as much juice as any other weed eater reviewed here today.

It features 40 volts in a lithium-ion battery pack. That’s double the power of most standard trimmers you’ll find, which rarely exceed 20V. Tough weeds don’t stand a chance.

Though the battery is sleek, it is a bigger unit and heavier than many others. Luckily, this weed eater is nicely balanced and feels great and maneuverable in use. The body and construction are of such high quality that you feel very little vibration, despite the extra juice.

It features variable speed control, and you can increase or decrease your RPMs just by feathering the trigger while you work. The assist handle can be moved up or down the trimmer shaft without the use of tools. Depending on how much you’re gunning it, you should get roughly 45 minutes of use per charge.

The head is cast aluminum, giving it a lot of durability, and the head auto feeds, so you don’t have to bump it on the ground to get more string.

If you’re concerned about power, Toro is one of the best cordless grass trimmers around, with excellent customer reviews to boot.



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V20* Cordless 10 In Weedwacker String Trimmer And Edger

You can tackle several different tasks without switching tools when you put this V20* Cordless WEEDWACKER® Trimmer/Edger Kit to work. It features a motor you can trust to perform when duty calls and a reliably consistent, rechargeable 1.5Ah battery. With no stopping to bump required for trimmer line extension and an Automatic Feed System designed for convenience and efficiency, you can keep your focus on the job until it’s done. Once the task is complete, conveniently store using the integrated VERSATRACK hook which is compatible with the VERSATRACK system . The V20* battery platform is compatible with CRAFTSMAN® V20* Outdoor Equipment and Power Tools. You’ll find the complete line of outdoor tools and equipment essentials for a job to make you proud.

Cordless Weed Eater Maintenance

Your cordless trimmer wonât need nearly as much weed eater maintenance as a gas one will. Youâll still need to do a few things to keep it trimming beyond the warranty period.

Probably the most important thing to do is to keep it clean. The motor can get pretty hot so you want to keep any venting from getting impacted with grass trimmings.

Check your user manual for any lubrication that the motor might require and do this periodically.

The heart of your cordless trimmer is the battery. Make sure that you donât store the battery anywhere that it will experience extreme hot or cold. Thatâs a sure way to shorten its lifespan.

Also, when charging the battery donât leave the battery in the charger once itâs fully charged.

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What About Battery Life And Accessories

If you’re planning to replace a gas-powered trimmer, I’d say you should be aware of the battery life of these things. They typically last between 30 and 60 minutes of continuous use, and the batteries will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to charge up .

For that reason , I’d invest in an extra battery or two, so you don’t have to wait.

Be aware that lithium-ion batteries will slowly discharge, especially if left on the device they’re intended to power . To make it last longer, remove it from the trimmer when not in use and bring it inside. If you haven’t charged the battery in a couple of weeks, you’ll need to charge it up again. Luckily, lithium-ion batteries don’t have a ‘memory.’

Greenworks: Versatile And Battery

Join the Lawn Care Revolution | Worx GT Revolution

Another big name in the cordless lawn tool business, GreenWorks has a very capable line of trimmers, and of that line, I think this 40-volt unit is one of the very best. It’s a capable and powerful trimmer with a lot of user-friendly features and fantastic upside.

It has a number of great features that make it stand out. First and foremost is the telescopic shaft. Too many trimmers are ‘one size fits all.’ As a taller guy, I appreciate the ability to adjust the length of the shaft it makes trimming much easier. The length is up to 67 inches.

It also features the pivoting head, which quickly and easily transforms this from a grass trimmer to an edger, perfect for defining the edge of your driveway or getting weeds in tough to reach spots. It even has a handy wheel that allows you to rest it on the ground while edging.

Despite the fact that the head spins at an impressive 9,000 RPM, this is a very quiet cordless string trimmer, and it is just as powerful as similarly priced gas equivalents. It can rip through stubborn grass and tough weeds without issue.

The battery lasts a long time, particularly the 4AH version. You can get up to 50 minutes of continuous use out of it, and the fast charger gets you back to work quickly. It weighs in at a manageable 8.5 pounds, and with the counterweight of the battery, it’s a pretty comfortable trimmer to use.




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Cordless Weed Eater Battery

Ni-Cad vs Li-Io?

If youâre looking for a battery powered weed eater youâll need to choose between either Nickel Cadmium or Lithium Ion batteries.

If you want a cheap cordless trimmer then it will come with a Ni-Cad battery while the best battery powered weed eater will always have a Li-Io battery.

Ni-Cad batteries are less expensive but they are heavier, have a shorter lifespan, take longer to recharge and will need to be replaced sooner than the Li-Io batteries.

As a Ni-Cad battery discharges youâll also notice reduced output power from your cordless string trimmer. Li-Io batteries are a lot lighter, charge quicker, last longer and donât suffer from the same reduced power output as they discharge.

Cordless String Trimmer Battery Voltage and Capacity

The battery in a cordless string trimmer will be rated according to its voltage and capacity.

The higher the voltage, the higher the cutting power youâre going to get. Of course your trimmer motor has a lot to do with this factor as well.

The capacity of the battery refers to how much charge it can store. This is normally quoted in Amp Hours . The higher this figure is, the longer the battery will last during use.

Whatâs the best voltage for my cordless string trimmer battery?

Youâll notice that different cordless weed eaters come with different voltage ratings for their motors. This is one of those situations where more is generally better if youâre looking for power.

Battery Powered Weed Eater Recommendation

Hello everyone,

I am looking for brand/model recommendations for a battery powered weed eater. Im looking for something my wife can easily operate so gas powered is not an option.

I got the Kobalt 24v trimmer and blower combo and love it. Battery lasts long enough to trim my whole lawn front and back and then swap batteries to the blower and clean the driveway. Its pretty Lightweight too.

Most of the trimmers we sell I would recommend minus the black and decker. I would recommend that if you plan on purchasing other outdoor power equipment that you plan out what battery size you will invest in first.

The kobalt 24v and craftsman 20v are compatible to use with both of their hand tool collections

The kobalt 40v is compatible with some of their battery operated lawn mowers, blowers, hedge trimmers and chainsaws.

Green works 60v has a big line of battery powered outdoor equipment but we dont carry any hand tools like drills or saws.

And then you have the kobalt 80v line.

And craftsman had a 60v line last year but we dont carry it in our store this year .

Long story short… you want battery compatibility with any other equipment you plan purchase so make sure what youre buying into has other items you intend to purchase.

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Black & Decker: Among The Best

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Black & Decker. They’re well known in the power tool realm, and they’ve got a good quality line of garden and lawn maintenance tools on offer now, all electric.

This Black & Decker beauty is a powerful little cordless weed eater with tons of flexibility and compatibility to boot. The whole thing runs on a 20-volt lithium-ion battery pack, which is easily removable for easy charging. That also means you can have multiple battery packs and swap them out for continuous use.

The whole unit is fairly light in weight and well balanced, so using it isn’t a huge chore. It has a trigger handle at the end where you can control the power, and a loop handle about a third of the way down the shaft. The reach is excellent.

A nice feature of this powerful cordless grass trimmer is the ability to vary the power output. You can range from 6,500 RPM for simple grass cutting, up to 8,500 RPM for stubborn weeds and tougher vegetation. This is controlled on the handle. Note: keep in mind that higher RPMs means a shorter battery life.

Finding A Good Cordless Electric Grass Trimmer That Works

Kobalt Battery Weed Wacker : Kobalt Straight Cordless String Trimmer ...

It’s starting again: that season where the sun shines and the grass grows like crazy. In the battle for control over your lawn, the right tools make all the difference.

Having spent the better part of my teenage years wrestling with a stubborn gas trimmer , I can tell you that we live in a golden age of lawn care. Nowadays there are many excellent quality cordless grass trimmers that will make you forget all about the dreaded pull cord.

The best cordless electric string trimmers have a distinct advantage over both gas and corded alternatives of the past: they’re light, portable, affordable to run, and easy to take to each and every corner of your garden. There is no gas or oil to mix and pour, and carburetors to clean out. They also differ from their counterparts in a few ways.

This article will be taking a close look at a handful of top-notch cordless weed trimmers, giving the pros and cons of each model and hopefully helping you identify a few brands to check out. I’m aiming it towards someone who knows very little about trimmers in general, so hopefully, you’ll find it helpful!

Let’s get going.

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