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A/c Compressors In San Bernardino Ca

Deep Cycle Battery Charging with your Alternator: The 3 Best Options explained [ Wiring Diagram]

M & M Alternators is a proud family owned and operated business with well over 30 successful years in the industry and the hands on experience to match.

We are The Rebuilding Specialist and have been since 1980.

M& M Alternators also offers warranties for every product we sell. Warranties consist of:

6 Months 2 Years Lifetime

With 3 locations in the Inland Empire M & M Alternators is never too far. For directions to a shop near you or if you have any questions comments or concerns please dont hesitate to give us a call at 888-0907.

We rebuild much more than just A/C Compressors. We also rebuild and can help you with:

When it comes to new car batteries no one offers a better deal than M & M Alternators in the beautiful city of San Bernardino, CA.

If you have any questions comments or concerns about pricing or the many different products and services we provide please feel free to visit us at the shop, or simply give us a call today at 888-0907

Why Won’t My Car Battery Hold A Charge

From the easiest-to-fix to the most complicated, here are the most common reasons your vehicles battery cant hold a charge:

  • Corrosion around the battery terminals: Your local Midas technician will visually inspect these during every Midas Touch Courtesy Check1 and can clean away corrosion safely.
  • Somethings draining your battery: Check every light switch, door , and lighted compartment in your vehicle. You may be leaving a door slightly ajar, or a faulty latch could appear closed but is allowing your lights to stay on overnight.
  • End of battery life: Every car battery has a finite charging capacity, testable with a voltmeter machine.
  • A bad alternator: The alternator is responsible for recharging your battery as you drive, so its one of the first mechanical problems to check.
  • Other defective vehicle parts: From the fuses to the serpentine belt.

Servicing Your Vehicles Electrical System

To diagnose issues with your vehicles electrical system, we use specialized equipment to tap into your vehicles computer system and locate the cause of the problem. For per maintenance. our team will do the following:

  • We will check your battery, and replace it if necessary, to ensure that your vehicle is receiving enough power.
  • We will check your vehicles electrical cable connections, and make adjustments if necessary.
  • We will perform engine diagnostics, if necessary, for more complex electrical problems and sophisticated vehicle computer systems.

Sometimes, the problem is as simple as a faulty battery. In other cases, the problem is more complex and requires the attention of an experienced automotive technician, like the ones youll find here at A & M Auto Repair and Tire in Valdosta.

Todays cars are controlled by computers from the alternator to the starter, air conditioning system, and virtually everything in between. Our technicians will ensure that we find and resolve the problem quickly, so you can get up and running.

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Specialty Batteries Near Me

Were so much more than just one of those places that sell batteries. Visit any one of our stores for access to more than 60,000 unique batteries, light bulbs, and accessories. We offer unmatched service to consumers, businesses, and government entities at the national and local levels. Our friendly staff will help you find the boat battery, motorcycle battery, or car battery youre looking for, as well as additional options for snowmobiles, laptops, UPS systems, watches, lawn equipment, scrubbers, golf carts, maintenance equipment, industrial use and more.

Rebuilt Alternators In San Bernardino Ca


At M & M Alternators we can help you get your car or truck back on the road in no time at all with one of our rebuilt alternators.

  • If you are in the San Bernardino, CA or surrounding area and are in need of an alternator please be sure to contact us today!

For questions, give us a call today at 888-0907!

We can provide you a free price quote right over the phone. Our customer service is second to none, so you can rest assured knowing that you will be completely satisfied.

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Why Wont My Car Start

If your vehicle wont start, its most likely a problem with your battery or the ignition and starting system:

  • Your battery is drained : Its the best-case scenario: you accidentally left on your lights, or some other battery-draining feature. A jump start will send you on your way, lesson learned.
  • Your battery is too old to hold a charge: Its time for a new battery. If your jump start fails or your car wont start the next day have your battery tested.
  • Your starting system needs service: Its not your battery. Theres a mechanical problem preventing ignition, draining your battery, or keeping your battery from charging as you drive.

If a single jump start doesnt solve your starting problems, have your battery professionally tested. If your battery is healthy, its time for diagnostic service, beginning with your starter and alternator.

When Should A Car Battery Be Replaced

A car battery should be replaced when its capacity has dropped below 12 volts — which happens to most batteries after three to seven years of use. Here are some signs that your battery is running critically low:

  • Your battery wont accept a charge: You hear rapid clicks instead of your engine cranking — and jump-starting doesnt help. Youll need a new battery to get rolling again.
  • Your battery cant hold a charge: Jump-starting works, but you have to jump-start repeatedly. Replace your battery as soon as you can. Youre at risk of being stranded.
  • Your battery shows low voltage on a voltmeter.

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Light Bulb Store Near Me

Online searching for a light bulb store near me? Look no further than Batteries Plus Bulbs. Youll find an enormous selection of options for your home, vehicle, or business needs. Our associates can help advise you on upgrading to LED light bulbs, CFL bulbs, fluorescent light bulbs, and other energy-efficient options. Plus, we carry a variety of interior and exterior lighting products, as well as *smart home products like smart light bulbs, plugs, doorbells, and cameras.

Rebuilt Alternators In San Bernardino

How to Wire a 1 Wire/3 Wire Alternator (10SI Delco Style) to a Farm Tractor

Your cars alternator is one of the most important auto parts under the hood. It is responsible for recycling the power your battery uses while driving. It will make sure that your cars lights, stereo, and other systems have enough juice to run properly.

Providing our loyal customers with an affordable rebuilt alternator for their vehicle is what we do best. If you are in need of assistance with your car or truck parts and labor simply give us a call at 888-0907!

Some of the main reasons that our customers trust us with their car parts and service are listed below:

  • M & M Alternator has multiple Locations in the Inland Empire
  • We are a Family Owned and Operated business
  • Our Prices are Low!
  • WARRENTY We have it, ask about it today!
  • Option for Installation / Labor at Low Cost

If you are still not convinced to give M & M Alternators a chance to win your business for life simply take a look at our Yelp Profile and see what our current customers are saying about us!

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Signs Of Electrical System Problems

How can you tell if its your vehicles electrical system or some other component that needs repairs? It can be tricky to pinpoint an electrical problem, but there are some signs you should be on the lookout for:

  • Your vehicle wont start, and when you turn the key, you hear nothing at all no grinding or clicking noises.
  • Your vehicle is running just fine, but your headlights dim when youre idling or driving slowly.
  • The dashboard or interior lights do not illuminate or are very dim.

If your vehicles electrical system needs servicing, talk to our professional mechanics at A & M Auto Repair and Tire who will find and fix the problem quickly, so you can get back on the road.

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Welcome To Tae Tucson Alternator Exchange & Cae Copperstate Auto Electric

TAE/CAE has been servicing the Arizona area since 1979 and we would love the opportunity to earn your business!We are a locally owned second generation business that provides our customers with all their alternator, starter and battery needs.We can test, advise and give a free estimate before we repair, completely rebuild or sell you a 100% brand new part from our large inventory.Here at TAE/CAE we believe that once you give us a try you will glad you did because we will never sell you something more than what you need which saves you time and money!

We Service all makes and models, Automobile, Truck, Agriculture, Classics, Power sport, ATV, UTV, Motorcycle, Scooter, Marine, Lawn & Garden, Golf Cart, Industrial, Fleet and DC Motors.

Our Mission

TAE/CAE is Dedicated to Outstanding Service!Through our People, Our Most Valued Asset at TAE/CAE, We are Committed to Superior Quality and Value to All our Customers!

Because we are FACTORY DIRECT we guarantee you will leave feeling great about the money you will save when purchasing your next alternator, starter, parts or battery knowing you got the best value in town!

Please call us today if we can be of service in Tucson 520-622-7395. Or in Phoenix 602-253-4155. Thank you!

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Battery Place Near Me

With over 700 stores throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, theres sure to be a Batteries Plus Bulbs nearby. Stop in today for the best selection of energy and lighting products. Be sure to ask about how to save your business time and money by opening up a commercial account. Our experts are always on hand to answer your questions and help you find exactly what you need.

*Smart home & key services vary by location check your nearest store for eligibility.

Are Battery Terminal Covers Necessary

Perko 9703DP Heavy Duty Battery Disconnect Switch w/Alternator Field D ...

While battery boots are responsible for protecting your battery connections, the battery terminal lugs ensure a secure connection with the power source. Wayteks battery terminal insulators protect live power connections from accidental shorts. Several standards require that continuously charged connections must be protected from accidental shorts, which our products fulfill. Products are available in multiple colors, materials, and sizes.

Whether youre looking for a battery management system to charge multiple batteries at once or simply a junction block to connect multiple wires, Waytek is your one-stop-shop for all your battery connection products and accessories. To see a comprehensive list of Wayteks battery terminal cover related products, click on the links below.

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Rebuilt Starters In San Bernardino Ca

The starter in your vehicle is very important. Without a properly working starter you and your vehicle will not be going anywhere.

  • Car Starters are electrical, and draw their electrical current from the vehicles battery. If your starter isnt working properly, your vehicle will NOT start.
  • NOTE If your vehicles engine tries to turn over or makes the usual, rrrrrrrrr sounds like it wants to turn on when you turn the key you most likely DO NOT have a starter problem.

Providing our customers with quality rebuilt parts for their vehicles at an affordable price is what we do best!

Come by the shop or give us a call today for more info at 888-0907.

Some of the reasons we are so trusted and have been in business for so long are highlighted below:

  • Family owned and operated business
  • Multiple locations throughout the Inland Empire
  • Warranties for the parts we sell
  • Lowest prices around
  • If your still not convinced that we are the best at what we do please check us out on Yelp, or any of our other social media networks. Our customers feedback will speak for its self.

    We rebuild more than just starters here at M & M Alternators, below are a few of the most popular parts, and installation we offer:

    At M & M Alternators we can help you get your car or truck back on the road in no time at all with one of our rebuilt alternators.

    • If you are in the San Bernardino, CA or surrounding area and are in need of an alternator please be sure to contact us today!

    What Are People Saying About M & M Alternators & Batteries Inc

    Here are some reviews from our users.

    “If you are in need of a car or truck battery… this is the place. I have bought 2 batteries for 2 different Kia’s and both work great. Was in and out in minutes. Wow! “


    “Place has been at this location for a very long time, reasonable prices on car batteries good customer service.”

    “Worst battery’s in the ie don’t come here cheap battery’s don’t even last couple months just a heads up can’t return it or have warranty on it cause you need a receipt but they got all my information down weak spot.”

    “Need a battery for your car or a cycle or whatever it is you need for try this place out you wont regret it good prices and also wonderful stuff”

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    Get Professional Car Starter And Alternator Repair Services In Coopersville Mi Serving Walker Mi

    Adema Alternator and Starter Service is an alternator repair and installation shop in Coopersville, MI. We strive to deliver a top-quality product while providing the best customer service in the industry. You can count on us to repair or replace your alternator, starter or battery in a flash.Adema offers a wide range of rotating electrical services to our customers, which include trucking companies, truck parts distributors, school districts, city and county fleets, marinas, boat dealers, parts stores and warehouses, forklift dealers and OEM distributors-as well as “do-it-yourselfers.” Our starter and alternator repair shop is constantly searching to come up with the items that our customers need, and our quality and competitive prices keep them coming back! Get exceptional alternator or car starter repair services by stopping by our auto repair shop today.

    Batteries Plus Phone Repair

    One Wire Alternator Turn On Problems

    Bring in your broken devices for expert tablet and cell phone repair. Our technicians provide a wide range of services, including iPhone screen repair, iPhone battery replacement, Samsung repair, Galaxy S8 screen replacement, as well as repairs for your Galaxy Fold, Note10, Google Pixel, LG, HTC, Motorola, or Nokia phone. We even fix broken ports, speakers, and buttons.

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    New Car Batteries In San Bernardino Ca

    The battery in your vehicle might just be the single most important part in the entire engine bay.

    • If you dont have a battery or battery power, your car will NOT start or run.
    • The battery in any vehicle gives the engine the electricity it needs to start and get all the electrical components working.
    • It is recommend that you have your vehicles battery checked at least 2 times a year.

    Usually batteries slowly deteriorate over time. Even with regular maintenance it is possible for a battery to work fine one day and be completely dead and useless the next.

    Nearly everything in your car needs electricity to work. Some of the major components that need electricity are:

    M & M Alternators has been San Bernardino, CAs best and most trusted rebuilding specialist since 1980. We can help keep your vehicle starting up like a new car, with one of our re-built starters.

    To ask about part availability, pricing, warranties, or the different parts and services we offer, feel free to give us a call today at 888-0907.

    We offer free price quotes right over the phone. If our low prices dont convince you to work with us our unbeatable customer service will.

    Why Wont My Car Start If Its Not The Battery

    If your vehicle wont start with a fully-charged and healthy battery, the usual suspects are problems with your starter, your alternator, your ignition switch, your spark plugs or your fuses. Its also worthwhile to clean your battery terminals and connectors if theyre dirty or corroded and see if your car will start. But the only way to be sure your battery is healthy is to test it with a voltmeter. When you have your vehicle towed to Midas, its the first thing well check.

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