Marine Battery For Sump Pump

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Battery Backup Pumps Require ‘deep Cycle’ Marine Type Batteries

What’s the Best Type of Backup Sump Pump Battery?

Compared to an automotive starter battery, the ‘Deep Cycle’ Marine Battery is designed with thicker plates that are alloyed with a higher antimony content. This design difference allows ‘deep cycle’ batteries to tolerate deep discharge, with full recovery upon recharging, and still provide acceptable lifetime before requiring replacement. Deep cycle batteries typically provide much greater storage capacity than starter batteries, making them useful in boating applications as well as in battery powered backup pumping applications.

Do not confuse ‘Deep Cycle’ marine batteries with ‘Dual Purpose’ marine batteries. A ‘Dual Purpose’ battery represents a compromise in design between the starter battery and the deep cycle battery. Although dual purpose batteries can give excellent performance in many applications, We Specifically Recommend The Use Of ‘Deep Cycle’ Batteries With Your Basementsaver Battery Backup Pump.

Doing It Right To Make It Last Forever

Getting a sump pump for your home is one of the more efficient ways to protect yourself from a water related disaster. From natural floods, to burst pipes, and everything else in between. We offer a full service experience for your sump pump project. We will assist you in choosing the best pump that is not only within your budget but will also provide you with the best functionality. Once chosen we will provide you with expert installation and maintenance services. When you choose our services, you can have the peace of mind that comes from having a team you can count on.

Would you like to install a sump pump in your Innisfil, ON. home to provide support in the event of a flood? Call us at 7335154 and schedule an appointment with our experts today!

The Basement Watchdog Model Bwe 2000 Gph Backup Sump Pump:

Basement Watchdog BWE systems come with a pump, charger, controller, switch, and battery box. The battery is not included in it. Once the main pump stops or when power is cut, the BWE will start pumping. Pumps for the Basement Watchdog system have two redundant floats on each switch. Whenever one float fails to work, the second one takes over. This will double the protection for added reliability. An easily rechargeable battery allows you to pump continually for days at a time.

The device will also sound an audible alarm when it is turned on and illuminate an LED to alert you to take the corrective action. Battery backup sump pumps are rated at 1,000 gallons per hour at 10 and 2,000 gallons per hour at 0. The Basement Watchdog sump pump works both with wet cells and maintenance-free AGM batteries.

The problem with this sump pump is that it does not contain a battery within the package. A proprietary battery is required for this battery backup sump pump and has a shorter life expectancy. It means that you will need to purchase a second, overpriced battery if you want to be safe during a major event.

A sensor measures battery fluid level. The controller will sound a warning when water is needed. This fluid sensor is only compatible with Basement Watchdog batteries and not with other brands.

Product details:

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Battery Recommendation For Sump Pump Backup

  • How much effort are you willing to put into battery maintenance?
  • Many people overestimate the time they would actually spend on this task.
  • How often does the utility electric power fail especially during the wet whether periods?
  • How often does your sump pump operate during wet weather?
  • Is your basement finished and/or does it have a lot of water damageable things stored in it?
  • Does the ground around your home slope down to below the basement floor level?
  • My concern is about power outage, when we might be out of town….It doesn’t happen a lot, but still it happens once in a whileOr when I’m on a business trip And yes, when it’s raining or snow is melting, my main pump is running quite frequentlyMy basement is not finished, but it does have a lot of things that would be damaged by waterThe 2 Yuasa batteries are sealed batteries….so other than charge/discharge cycle I don’t see what type of maintenance I would have to do

    A deep cycle marine battery is the proper type for back up sump pumps.If you have your pump manual it will recommend a battery with the proper specifications.If not, there is always Google.


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    Can You Count On Your Sump Pump

    Battery Back

    A sump pump is one of the most important disaster prevention devices in a home. When this simple system fails, the results can be catastrophic, leading to thousands of dollars in damage, daily disruptions caused by major repair work and higher insurance premiums for years to come. So spending some time and money on avoiding failure makes a lot of sense.

    Some homeowners keep a replacement pump on hand in case their pump dies. Thats a good idea . But having a replacement handy wont help you if youre on vacation during a power outage or if your pump dies while youre slumbering through a stormy night. Thats the beauty of sump pump backup systems: No matter what the reason for the pump failure, a backup system will save the day. In this article well show you the options.

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    Can I Use A Marine Battery For My Sump Pump

    You can certainly use a marine battery to power your sump pump and will likely get around 40 to 70 minutes of motor use with 100AH and depending on watt requirements of the pump. A deep-cycle marine battery should be used rather than a dual starting/deep-cycle battery for optimal results and overall battery health.

    Sump Pump Motors Operating Time Charts

    One of the most popular and affordable 100 Ah batteries is Mighty Max ML100-12 100 Ah AGM deep cycle battery.

    Following charts list Mighty Max ML100-12 discharging features – constant current discharge characteristics and constant power discharge characteristics :

    End Voltage Per Cell

    Note: listed values are average values and they vary slightly from the battery to the battery.

    Sump pump motors come in different sizes:

    – 1/6 HP: ~125 W, ~10.5 Amps, 5+ hours.

    – 1/4 HP: ~187 W, ~15.6 Amps, ~5 hours, but end-voltage is rather low.

    – 1/3 HP: ~250 W, ~21 Amps, 3+ hours,

    – 1/2 HP: ~375 W, ~31.5 Amps, almost 2 hours,

    – 3/4 HP: ~560 W, ~46.7 Amps, 1+ hour,

    – 1 HP: ~746 W, 62.2 Amps. around 45 minutes, but end-voltage is rather low.

    These values are given for the brand new, fully charged battery. Also note that sump pump motors are not working constantly, and these values are for constant operation.

    For example, sump pump feature 12V 1/2 HP motor and it operates 15 seconds every 30 minutes. In that case, one may expect this battery to power such sump pump for ~10 days! If there are issues with the underground water levels and such motor operates 15 seconds every 1 minute, one may expect this battery to power such sump pump for ~8 hours.

    Mighty Max ML100-12 offers good performances at acceptable price, however, if the money is not of an issue, there are better performers, for example:

    – Group 27 batteries: VMAXTANKS XTR27-110 , or

    – Group 31 batteries: VMAXTANKS SLR125 .


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    Do I Need A Battery Backup For My Sump Pump

    Areas that have a lot of rainfall, are close to a floodplain or have a high water table are likely familiar with a sump pump. These appliances are used to send water away from a house to a storm drain or drywell, preventing basements and lower parts of the house from flooding. Sump pumps will turn on more often in some areas, while in others, they may not turn on at all. However, it’s always good to have a battery backup for the pump. Let’s take a look at why a battery backup is so necessary for your sump pump:

    Homeowners within areas that are susceptible to flooding are likely familiar with a sump pump. These fixtures ensure that even if torrential rain hits your area, your home can easily handle the excess groundwater without it flooding your basement. A sump system channels water to the lowest point in a basement or crawl space where it is allowed to accumulate inside a sump pit below floor level. A sump pump sitting inside the pit pumps out the water and directs it into a storm drain or nearby catch basin far away from the homes foundation. This is essential for preventing basement flooding and associated water damage over the lifetime of your home. However, for many homes, especially those where flooding is common, a battery backup sump pump could be an essential line of flood protection for your home.

    Bilge Pump: Rule 1500 Gph Marine Bilge Pump

    Best Battery for Backup Sump Pump Systems

    Rule pumps are a great choice for medium sized boats with a 1 1/8 discharge lines. We recommend the Rule 1500 GPH for medium size boats that need a pump that can be totally submersed in water without rusting.See Pump

    You never want to be on the water with a pump you cant trust. We think this bilge pump is the best choice for medium size boats that have consistent water to plump form the bilge. With enough power to pump 1500 gallons of water per hour it is a good choice for big jobs. Another feature we like is that it runs almost totally silent which makes it a good choice for large boat trips with friends and for fisherman.

    Pump Features

    • Runs silent with no vibrations


    • Powerful pump designed long term use
    • Efficient design uses little power
    • RULE is one of the best pump manufacturers


    • More expensive than other pumps

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    Top Reasons Forpower Failure

    The sump pump, unlike a lot of other pumps, does not require special wiring as it can utilize the typical power. When it comes to power interruption, the sump pump will not work and for that, you require a backup generator. There might likewise be switch problems where the float mechanism does not set off the pump on or off.

    Power failure in Aurora might also arise from inappropriate installation. When the manufacturers instructions are not followed, and the pipe wiring is not done right, it winds up failing even when there is no power failure. To prevent this, guarantee that you hire a professional in Aurora ON to install the pipe and if you are to do it, follow the manufacturers manual to the letter.

    Know When Your Pump Is Dead

    Too often, homeowners dont discover a sump pump failure until they see the damage. But there are ways to avoid that:

    If you buy a new AC sump pump run by a controller, itll have some type of alarm to let you know if the pump fails or the power goes out. The same holds true for most new battery-powered systems.

    • Local Alarm. Detects water at the top of the sump basket using either a probe or a float and sounds an audible alarm . Local alarms are great if someone is home at the time of the failure.
    • Verbal Message Via Landline. Detects water at the sump and dials a preprogrammed phone number and plays a recorded message . Also sounds an audible alarm. Must have a landline.
    • Text Messaging. Detects water at the sump and sends a text to three different cell phones. Search high water text notification for companies that provide this service.

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    The 5 Best Boat And Marine Sump Pumps

    Sump Pump Reviews » The 5 Best Boat and Marine Sump Pumps

    A boat sump pump system aka a bilge pump or marine pump is a good choice for keeping and draining water from your boat. Marine sump pumps are always a good idea for any boat that has on board showers, toilets or other water system.

    We searched the most popular marine pumps to find the very best for your boat. Our team reviewed drain kit systems to pick the 5 very best ones for all types and sizes of boats. Keep reading to learn more about the best shower, toilet and bilge pump systems.

    Best Bilge Pumps Pumps Top 5

  • MAXZONE Sump Boat Pump
  • Rule 1500 GPH Marine Bilge Pump
  • Rule 2000 Bilge Pump
  • How To Buy A Primary Sump Pump

    Phcc Pro Series Pro Series Sump Pump Battery, For Use With Mfr. No ...

    Home centers sell a confusing array of sump pumps that range from $50 to $250. But dont despair. Weve reviewed all the specs, talked to the engineers and boiled it down to five simple buying tips:

    1. Horsepower means nothing. Its the pumping volume in gallons per hour that counts. Check the capacity of your current pump. If your current pump keeps up with the flow during the heaviest rainstorms, buy that capacity again. If not, buy a pump with a higher GPH rating. To find your current pumps rating, locate its make and model number on the label and find the specs on the manufacturers Web site.

    2. Check the head on the manufacturers GPH rating. Head is the height that water has to be lifted from the pump to the horizontal discharge pipe. More height means harder work for the pump. The GPH rating on most good-quality pumps includes the head . But some manufacturers rate pump capacity without head . That gives an unrealisticand misleadingestimate of pump capacity.

    3. Spend the money to get a quality sump pump. Look for a caged or vertical float switch, a motor with a UL and a CSA rating, and a pump made with a stainless steel, cast aluminum or cast iron impeller and pump body. Avoid pumps made from epoxy-coated parts.

    4. Buy an energy-efficient pump. Once you find a pump with the correct GPH rating, look for a model that consumes the fewest amps. This isnt about saving electricity high-amp pumps run hotter and burn out the float switch faster.

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    Be Watchful And Prepare Early

    Instead of waiting for the rainy season to start to check the working of your pipe, you need to have the system checked ahead of time. Even better, consistently inspect if it functions as anticipated.

    This permits more time to detect the problem and discover a solution before you need it urgently. Employ a Terra Cotta contractor to get the sump pump diagnosed, and corrected in time.

    What Terms Are Used To Describe Batteries

    When you’re shopping for a backup battery for your sump pump, you’ll notice terms being used like “deep-cycle,” “maintenance-free,” “marine,” and “solar.” But since they’re used interchangeably to describe standby lead-acid batteries, buying the right one can be confusing. Now, we’ll decode the battery nomenclature that will help you differentiate one battery from the next, so you can find the perfect type of battery for your sump pump.

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    Pumpspy Ps2000 Wifi Battery Backup Sump Pump System:

    PumpSpy battery backup sump pumps offer advanced emergency sump pump functionality. It plugs into your main sump pump and connects to WiFi, so you get alerts on your phone. PumpSpy also performs systems testing about three times a week. A 10 lift will allow it to handle 2400-GPH. There are two pumps, a primary 120-volt sump pump and a backup pump that comes on automatically if theres a power outage or something goes wrong with the primary sump pump.

    A technological improvement in sump pumps has resulted from the advancements in technology. PumpSpy checks the pump and battery for issues then alert the user. If everything is fine, you can check via the PumpSpy app, so WiFi will be needed to install it.

    The only downside is that the pump provides awful customer service with high costs. A test system was also included with PumpSpy, which analyzes your system three times a week to make sure its in proper working order. High water levels, power outages, and blocked discharge lines are among the alerts.

    One battery charge is capable of filling up 13,000 gallons and perform 2,000 cycles. A great feature of the PumpSpy battery is its ability to drain a 20-gallon basin in 30 seconds with a flow rate of 3,000 GPH.

    Product details:

    How To Check Your Backup Battery

    Can You Use a Pump Sentry Battery Backup With Your Existing Sump Pump?

    Even “maintenance-free” batteries need to be looked at once in a while to make sure they will perform as they should. But, how to do you check a sealed battery? The easiest way is to see if the battery has a sight glass that will indicate low electrolyte levels. The other way is to check the battery’s performance using a multi-meter.

    *Pro Tip: Regardless of type, you should never place or store a battery directly on the ground. Doing so will drain the battery and shorten its life. Instead, you could use a battery case, keep it at least 3-4 feet off the ground, and make a habit to check and clean your battery terminals per the manufacturer’s recommendation every 3 months.

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    When The Replacement Of The Sump Pump Battery Is Required

    Usually, the sump pump battery backup life expectancy is about three to five years. But the time may get shortened if you use that backup battery recklessly without any care. You wont always have to use this backup battery to pump water out from the basement.

    Only when electricity wont be available, the backup battery come into the game. When fully charged the battery, it lasts for five to seven hours and sometimes even longer than that. The battery gets recharged automatically when the power in your house is on.

    Damages in the battery can happen at any time because of the cell malfunctioning and other reasons. When the backup battery isnt working, a screeching beep sound will continuously keep coming. You will also see two red lights turning on and off in a cycle along with the beep.

    There will also be a red-light indication which points to the possible battery problem. You need to take the battery out of the box and disconnect the wired connections and sensor. Check the battery properly, and if there is a complex problem and the battery is old, you should replace it as soon as possible.

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