Milwaukee M18 Battery Comparison Chart

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Difference Between Milwaukee M12 Vs M18 2023

The entire selection of Milwaukee M18 Batteries EXPLAINED! Coptool Power Tool Showcase

One of the most renowned names in the power tool industry is Milwaukee, a Hong Kong-based company. Customers highly appreciate the DIY power tools they offer. The brand promises durable and powerful tools for its consumers fulfilling their requirements. Long-lasting power tools are a sense of relief. People hardly invest in power tools if they find them complex, not worthy, or can be used once. Therefore, we see Milwaukee striking each weak point of the customer, ensuring its power tools to be the best fit for their needs.

For this purpose, various comparisons such as Milwaukee m12 vs m18 impact driver, Milwaukee m12 vs m18 drill,

Explore Milwaukee Power Tool Battery Packs And Chargers Available Online

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Intro To Milwaukee M18 Battery System

Milwaukee M18 battery system is a set of lithium, power fade-free batteries designed to power a broad range of compatible Milwaukee M18 cordless tools and to be recharged using various compatible Milwaukee M18 lithium battery chargers that also often double as a carrying rack for a larger number of batteries.

Milwaukee M18 batteries feature a nominal voltage of 18V and 20+V maximum charging voltage and are at least comparable with 18-20V lithium battery systems from other renowned cordless tools brands.

Most popular models of Milwaukee M18 batteries feature nominal capacity in the 2.0 and 12.0Ah range, come with a fuel gauge , an intelligent Battery Management System that monitors the battery and protects it from unwanted events, can operate in very cold weather , etc.

For short, Milwaukee M18 tools, supported by Milwaukee M18 batteries, are one of the most popular residential and professional cordless tools systems.

Here is the short list of Milwaukee M18 batteries with their most important features and specifications.

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Smarter Performance With Redlink Intelligence

Redlink Intelligence is an on-board electrical system that optimizes tool performance. This technology enhances communication between the Redlithium battery and the motor, which improves overall performance, efficiency and productivity. It also increases safety by detecting early indicators of overheating and protecting against excessive thermal buildup to prevent heat damage and optimize the lifespan of the tools.

Milwaukee M18 Redlithium Xc Extended Capacity Battery Pack

milwaukee battery chart

Milwaukee M18 REDLITHIUM XC Extended Capacity Battery Pack is designed as a battery pack offering a 50% larger capacity than the CP2.0 batteries.

Milwaukee M18 REDLITHIUM XC Extended Capacity Battery Pack comes with all features that a good Milwaukee M18 battery has, including durable construction, intelligent BMS, and charger tester, low-temperature construction, etc.

However, this battery is perhaps not the best suited for high-demanding tools and applications, at least not as the Milwaukee M18 High Output CP3.0 battery.

For the most up-to-date offers and prices, feel free to check the Milwaukee M18 REDLITHIUM XC Extended Capacity Battery Pack Amazon link .

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Milwaukee M18 Battery Comparison: Standard High Demand And High Output

Before we start looking at the Milwaukee M18 batteries compared in detail, lets sort out the High Demand and High Output designations.

Milwaukee High Demand batteries were the first advancement out from their standard packs. It provides a 35% power boost while running up to 60% cooler and still using 18650 cells with some pack upgrades.

High Output batteries are a more comprehensive upgrade with 21700 cells and new battery, tool, and charger electronics. They work in any Milwaukee M18 or M18 Fuel tool, but tools with the new electronics get up to a 50% power boost. The battery runs 50% cooler than standard packs and these batteries take advantage of the new Super Chargers lightning-fast charging times.

Check out our Milwaukee battery warranty article to understand how long Milwaukee covers each of these batteries for service and replacement.

Overview Of The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL Dual Battery

  • Power: The M18 FUEL Dual Battery is a cordless blower made by Milwaukee. It has a maximum air speed of 145 MPH and its nozzle can expel a max air volume of 600 cubic feet per minute .
  • Power delivery: The M18 FUEL Dual Battery is a brushless-motor, battery-operated blower. Therefore, it doesnt require to be plugged in when its being used. The user will enjoy the added mobility of its cordless design.
  • Battery: The Milwaukee M18 FUEL Dual Battery is powered by two 18V Li-ion batteries , yielding a total of 36V and is optimized to be used with Milwaukee’s HIGH OUTPUT batteries. Both batteries are required for operation.
  • Handling: With its handheld design, this leaf blower was created with portability in mind. Most users will have no problem using it almost anywhere. The blower in its bare tool version weighs 6.01 lbs the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Dual Battery is neither the lightest nor the heaviest cordless handheld blower on the market.
  • Speed Settings: With its variable speed settings, the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Dual Battery allows you to precisely control its air output. In addition, the blower is also equipped with cruise control, with which the user can easily maintain the selected settings.
  • Noise: With a , the M18 FUEL Dual Battery is neither louder nor quieter than its rivals in the electric handheld category.

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Why Buy Milwaukee Battery Chargers

Dont risk trying to charge Milwaukee batteries with an off-brand charger. Each charger from Milwaukee has REDLINK technology to properly manage the temperature of the batteries and charger, plus the voltage to make charging them safe.

If you attempt to charge a Milwaukee battery with another companys charger, it can sustain damage, and its longevity can be affected. Each Milwaukee charger comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty, so if something goes wrong with it, contact the customer service at Milwaukee.

Milwaukee M18 Redlithium Xc50 Resistant Battery Pack

Milwaukee M18 Powered Light Comparison

Milwaukee M18 REDLITHIUM XC5.0 Resistant Battery Pack is very similar to the “ordinary” Milwaukee M18 RedLithium XC5.0 Extended Capacity Battery Pack .

The XC5.0 Resistant battery model is built with a chemically resistant housing, providing increased protection against common oils, greases, solvents, and similar chemicals.

Other than that, these two batteries are practically the same.

Personally, Milwaukee M18 XC5.0 Resistant battery is, for a reason, NOT a very common battery since “ordinary” Milwaukee M18 batteries are already built using very chemically resilient housings.

But, if You do need such a battery, consider this model – for more information, feel free to check the Milwaukee M18 REDLITHIUM XC5.0 Resistant Battery Pack link .

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Milwaukee M18 Batteries & Charging Kits Tips

If you plan to use your tools over extended periods and want to reduce strain, you can opt for compact Milwaukee M18 cordless tool batteries, which weigh less than the standard version while still delivering exceptional power. For those times when you want to go longer without recharging, the XC line offers longer running times than other models. All Milwaukee M18 rechargeable batteries have REDLINK PLUS Intelligence, a system that regulates the rate at which they consume power and prevents overheating and overloading for safer work.

If you are just starting out, you should get your batteries as part of a cordless combo kit, with a charger and one or two batteries. For those times when you have a full crew working, multi-charger stations can power up to four Milwaukee M18 batteries at a time so you and your team can swap between the charger and the tool to keep everything going with minimal downtime. Opt for a fast charger model when youre using high-powered tools that go through a charge more quickly.

Their lithium-ion design prevents these Milwaukee M18 cordless tool batteries from developing a memory, so their maximum charge remains consistent throughout their operational life. FUEL gauges on the side give you a clear indication of how much power you have remaining. Their easy-to-lock and release mechanisms make changes fast and simple.

Pros Of M18 Batteries

One thing you will notice about the M18 batteries is that they bring on top-quality performance courtesy of their output. The REDLINK intelligence system improves its performance through communication between the tool, battery, and charger and prevents overloads. The batteries have a robust build, translating to durability, and are less prone to malfunctions due to accidental falls or any impact. Additionally, they can work in any weather, even in cold temperatures, and still bring their best.

The batteries complement the M18 gadgets in terms of portability, where their lightness makes them manageable. M18 batteries are adaptable when you look at their compatibility with all M18 equipment. There are three types of batteries depending on their run-time, regular, XC, and high demand. You can pick any of the three depending on the nature of your work.

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Pros Of Milwaukee M12 Batteries

If you have a Milwaukee M12 cordless gadget, you are sure to enjoy a lot of benefits from the M12 batteries. The first thing to appreciate is its power and performance, which it owes to its high current discharge. The REDLINK intelligence technology provides optimized performance and overload protection. M12 batteries are very versatile, a feature you will notice from their ability to work in different weather conditions, boosting the M12 power gadgets functionality. They are also compatible with almost all M12 tools, except for some, which need special batteries.

These batteries come with a rubber base, which helps its stability when not in use, allowing you to place your tool in an upright position. Additionally, the battery has a robust construction that ensures durability and efficiency.

Milwaukee M18 Redlithium Xc40 Extended Capacity Battery Pack

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Deep Cut Band Saw One Battery Kit

Milwaukee M18 REDLITHIUM XC4.0 Extended Capacity Battery Pack is an 18V 4.0Ah power fade-free lithium battery able to store 72Wh of energy and to power a broad range of Milwaukee M18 energy-hungry tools and devices.

Milwaukee M18 REDLITHIUM XC4.0 Extended Capacity Battery Pack features an intelligent BMS that is able to communicate with both the tool and the charger and protect the battery from extreme conditions that may harm the battery.

Also, the battery comes with a fuel gauge, strong construction, low-temperature operation, high-vibration resistance, etc.

Although this is an excellent battery that offers 100% more capacity than 2.0Ah batteries and 33% more capacity than 3.0Ah batteries and is able to power a broad range of tools and appliances, many Milwaukee M18 owners go for XC5.0 batteries instead of XC4.0.

But, if the capacity and the weight of XC4.0 fits your needs, feel free to go for XC4.0 and not the XC5.0 battery.

For the most up-to-date offers and prices, feel free to check the Milwaukee M18 REDLITHIUM XC4.0 Extended Capacity Battery Pack Amazon link .

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Are Milwaukee Batteries Interchangeable With Other Brands

When your flashlight batteries have run out of charge, and unless you have a particular favorite brand of AA batteries, you likely just grab a battery pack and slip the replacements in and turn the flashlight back on. But, its not that easy when it comes to power tools in your woodworking shop.

Today well talk about all things Milwaukee battery packs and see just how interchangeable/compatible or not they may be with your Ryobi, Makita, Bosch, Craftsman, Ridgid, Dewalt, or Bauer power tools.

As you know, were talking about cordless power tools that are operated by lithium-ion batteries. And among Milwaukee batteries, well be referring to the M12 and M18 battery packs.

In This Article

What’s The Difference Between Milwaukee Xc And Cp Batteries

Milwaukee offers several battery categories, including:

  • CP batteries are compact batteries, generally used for tools that do not require extra strong currents. Also, these are the lightest battery packs.
  • XC batteries are “Extended Capacity” batteries, offering a larger capacity than the CP batteries, and are intended for somewhat more demanding tools.
  • HD batteries are “High Demand” and offer the largest capacity for the most demanding tools and applications.

Also, Milwaukee offers so-called “High Output” versions of their batteries that feature improved battery cells, allowing these heavy-duty batteries to run cooler.

Generally, CP batteries feature one row of batteries , XC batteries feature two rows, and HD batteries feature three rows of batteries.

In order to provide even more power, some battery packs use 21700 batteries instead of 18650 batteries.

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The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery’s Performance Versus Other Blowers

The following charts are provided to give you an idea how the key specs of the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Dual Battery compare with similar leaf blowers.

  • Forced air exiting this blower has been clocked at a max speed of 145 MPH. This puts the M18 FUEL Dual Battery ahead of the pack as far as air speed is concerned in battery-operated handheld blowers. If you wish to benefit from air expelled at the fastest possible speed, the Makita XBU01PT and its 208 MPH could be an option to consider.
  • The M18 FUEL Dual Battery is powerful, with an airflow rating of 600 CFM . This is certainly on the high end compared to other cordless handheld blowers. If air volume is important to you, the CAT DG651, with 800 CFM, could be in your good books.

Milwaukee M18 Redlithium High Demand Hd90 Battery Pack

Milwaukee M18 Batteries – Battery Comparison Test 6.0 VS 9.0 VS 12.0

Milwaukee M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH DEMAND HD9.0 Battery Pack is perhaps not as popular as the XC8.0 battery, but considering its size, weight, stored energy, price, etc., it is a rather popular battery used for heavy-duty applications.

Although lithium batteries are able to provide strong currents with ease and without significant loss of capacity due to the high-discharge currents, note that the High Demand HD9.0 M18 battery offers at least 2x more usable capacity than the very popular XC5.0 battery in heavy-duty applications – and this can be very important not only to professional users.

Designed for high-output currents, the High Demand HD9.0 M18 battery runs very cool considering its output power, prolonging the battery lifetime.

Also, the High Demand HD9.0 M18 battery offers vibration-resistant housing, fuel gauge, low-temperature operation, and all other features typical to a high-quality cordless tool battery.

So, You are interested in XC8.0 battery, but now you are considering High Demand HD9.0 battery?

Well, while the High Demand HD9.0 battery is an excellent high-capacity battery, Milwaukee also offers a High Demand HD12.0 battery offering even better performances than XC8.0 and HD9.0 M18 batteries.

For the most up-to-date offers and prices, feel free to check the Milwaukee M18 REDLITHIUM HIGH DEMAND HD9.0 Battery Pack Amazon link .

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How Long Does An M18 Cp20 Battery Last

When the new, fully charged Milwaukee M18 CP2.0 battery is discharged at a rate of 1A, it can provide such a current for ~2 hours, hence the capacity of 2Ah.

However, when the discharge current is increased, actual capacity decreases . However, capacity loss in lithium batteries is much lower than the capacity loss in, for example, Nickel-Cadmium or Lead-Acid batteries.

Milwaukee M18 Redlithium Cp20 Battery Pack

Milwaukee M18 REDLITHIUM CP2.0 Battery Pack is another rather compact Milwaukee M18 battery pack, featuring physical dimensions just slightly larger than the Milwaukee M18 1.5Ah battery.

Milwaukee M18 CP2.0 battery is able to store ~36Wh of energy and release it when needed.

Construction is very durable, with increased water protection – water is routed away from the onboard electronics and out of the battery pack.

Like all other Milwaukee M18 batteries, the Milwaukee M18 CP2.0 battery also features a battery charge indicator.

Milwaukee M18 CP2.0 battery stores 33% more energy than the 1.5Ah battery, with just a small increase in weight, making it one of the most popular Milwaukee M18 battery models.

For the most up-to-date offers and prices, feel free to check the Milwaukee M18 REDLITHIUM CP2.0 Battery Pack Amazon link .

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M18 Redlithium Xc50 Extended Capacity Battery Pack

Our M18 REDLITHIUM XC5.0 Battery delivers up to 2.5X more runtime, 20% more power and 2X more recharges than standard lithium-ion batteries. The lithium-ion battery pack features superior pack construction, electronics, and performance giving you more work per charge and more work over pack life than any battery on the market. The rechargeable battery also offers you 5.0 amp-hours of runtime. Each battery pack is durably built for heavy-duty use, runs cooler, and performs in climates below 0°F/-18°C. This protection routes water away from the electronics and out of the battery pack, extends your battery’s run-time and life by minimizing heat, and prevents pack failures from vibration or drops. Built-in REDLINK Intelligence protects the battery from overloads, preventing you from damaging your cordless power tools in heavy-duty situations, while the discharge protection prevents cell damage. An integrated temperature management system and individual cell monitoring help to maximize your battery’s life. Switch to our REDLITHIUM XC5.0 Battery Pack to instantly upgrade the runtime and durability of your Milwaukee M18 cordless tools.

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