Nest Cam Outdoor Or Indoor Battery

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Installing The Nest Cam Battery

Nest Cam (Battery) review: The Googliest

Its no secret that weve reviewed the Nest cameras in the past if you dont believe us, check out our Nest Cam Indoor review, our Nest Cam Outdoor review, our Nest Cam IQ Indoor review, or our Nest Cam IQ Outdoor review. So naturally, we already had the Google Home app downloaded on our phones.

To add the latest Nest camera to the app, we scanned its QR code on the front and plugged it into power via magnetic cord to let it charge for about five hours. Then, we added the camera to our Wi-Fi network and voila! It showed up on our Google Home app.

But adding the Nest Cam Battery to the Google Home app was just the beginning. Next, we had to install our security camera outside. Using an extension cord, we installed the camera about 6 feet above the ground, screwing the wall plate into the side of our brownstone and then connecting the magnetic plate twists. Since everything is magnetic, the camera plopped on without much effort.

TIP: If you want professional rather than DIY installation, enter your ZIP code to find an installer from OnTech1. It will cost $99.99 to install the Nest Cam Battery if you dont have an OnTech membership already1.

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Overall Review: 2021 Google Nest Cam Battery Indoor/outdoor

Overall the Google Nest Cam 2021 battery seems to be, versatile, and very smart. It can record videos day or night, and with the addition of person recognition, it helps to keep the video event library super organized.

Downsides? Im a bit concerned about it getting stolen, since the camera only clicks into the mounting plate with magnets. Theres also no colour night vision as you can find on other cameras. And one of the big downsides here might be price, since you can find other wireless camera solutions for a lot less. Google Nest Cam sells for about $179 USD. But having something that integrates seamlessly into your home ecosystem might be worth paying more for.

Erin L

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Nest Cam Review: Storage And Subscription Fees

One of the key features I like most about the new Nest cameras is that the company is offering for free three hours of rolling video storage, as well as people, animal, vehicle, and custom activity zones.

Because this three hours of video is stored on the camera itself, it also means that if your power or internet connection goes down, you will still be able to view any footage of someone who might come to your door.

If you want to save video from longer periods, Nest offers two plans: Nest Aware , which gives you 30 days of video recordings and Familiar Face detection, and Nest Aware Plus which provides 60 days of video recordings, 10 days of continuous video recording, and Familiar Face detection. For more details, check out security camera storage plans compared.

Accessing Nest Cam Footage: Google Home App

Google Nest Cam

In order to view your Nest Cam footage and be able to download it, you need the Google Home app. When you set it up, youll assign it to a room or space and thats how youll find it with all your other devices. By clicking on your camera inside the app, you can view battery life, a list of events or even take a live look at whats happening. The app is easy enough to navigate and the events are even broken down by People, Animals, Vehicles or Motion. You can dial this recognition in even further with person, pet or package recognition.

With that said, if you do go looking for some of the more detailed and specific settings, it can be a bit of a treasure hunt, since the labels and how to find things isnt intuitive, and if youve got lots of devices it can be a bit of a slog. My workaround for this is to Google what Im looking to do, and just follow the instructions that come up, usually from Googles own website.

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Googles New Nest Cam And Doorbells Can Run On Batteries

However, if you dont mind having to swap out batteries every now and then, then you might be interested in Googles latest Nest cameras and doorbell. The company has announced a new Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell, both of which are powered by batteries which means that youll have more freedom in their placement, although like we said, you will have to swap out the batteries every once in a while.

According to Google,The wire-free design makes installation even easier, too. And for those who prefer the option to wire their devices, weve added the ability to wire the battery-powered Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell. The Google Store is stocked with accessories for Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell so its easy to install them where you want.

In addition to these devices, Google has also announced a new Nest Cam with floodlight and an indoor Nest Cam, both of these are wired so thats something to keep in mind. The new battery-powered Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell are priced at $180 each, while the Nest Cam with floodlight will go for $280 while the wired version of the Nest Cam is priced at $100.

Nest Cam Review: Battery Life

You can use the Nest Cam plugged in, or have it run on battery power alone. The company estimates that the battery will last up to 7 months if it records between two to four events per day, up to 3 months if it records nine to 12 events per day, and about 1.5 months if it records 20 to 35 events per day.

As mentioned earlier, Google does sell an outdoor extension cord for the camera, but youll have to look to third parties if you want accessories like a solar panel.

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Security Cameras Brands To Consider

Weve tested all of Nests cameras, but its been years since a new one came out. So naturally, when Google announced a new Nest Cam Battery for only $179.99 , we were itching to try it out. We preordered it, and it finally came in the mail, and we have to say that it impressed us.

  • Person and package detection included for free
  • Three hours of video storage included for free
  • Weather resistance

What Else Is Out There

How To Set Up Nest Cam Battery (Outdoor or Indoor) 2021 Version

You have options these days when it comes to outdoor cameras. Google’s Nest Cam isn’t the best when it comes to specs or price.

The similar, yet smaller, lighter and more weatherproof Wyze Cam V3 is just $37 and includes 14 days of clip storage. Even if you add on the Wyze Cam Plus subscription for people and object detection, you’re still well under that $180 mark at around $60 for the camera and a year’s subscription.

Then there’s Arlo’s new $200 Pro 4 camera with a 2K resolution and wider field of view than the Nest Cam. We loved the Arlo Pro 3 and yet, the new Pro 4 is even better than its predecessors. Not only does it come with great features and reliable service, but it’s actually our favorite outdoor security camera of the year. You can read our full review of the Arlo Pro 4 camera here.

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Review: 2021 Nest Cam Battery Indoor/outdoor

Home security cameras are getting smaller, smarter and easier than ever to install. Thats the promise of the next generation of Googles Nest cameras. The new Nest Cam Indoor/outdoor Battery offers wire-free installation and enhanced smart alerts and recognition capabilities, all in a sleek design. I recently got a sample of the new 2021 Nest Cam to install in my home and test out. Ill tell you all about what it can do and how some of its unique features work.

Nest Cams Unique Battery And Solar Power Options

Googles Nest Cam with battery is a home security camera by Google that offers an innovative portable outdoor/indoor security solution with advanced features at an entry-level price of $179.99.

Now, with a product bundle from smart home accessories brand Wasserstein, the Nest Cam can be paired with a new 3.5-Watt Premium Solar Panel priced at $79.99.

This Nest Cam battery-included model has a unique design that makes it a multi-purpose security device. The video cam is a white sphere with a metal base plate and a strong magnet. Depending on where you install it, you can attach the magnetic part of the sphere to a metallic surface or the included mounting plate.

Then plug in the power cable or solar connection, and the installation is finished. If needed, the wall anchors and mounting plate make for a simple setup.

For indoor use, you can easily attach the round camera to the wall or ceiling. It is easy to adjust the view by maneuvering the spheres magnetic stickiness.

Another option lets you move the video camera to different rooms and place it on a flat surface. Accessory stands screw into a waiting threaded area.

That combination of permanent or portable installation options makes this video device easy to use anywhere inside or outside. While it works well, it does not come with a useful users manual beyond a quick start guide.

A better solution would be a downloadable PDF file. But then most things Google have little or no readily available directions.

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Nest Cam Review: Audio And Video Performance

As with most security cameras, the Nest Cam has a resolution of 1080p, which proved plenty sharp in my tests. Night vision is incredibly clear I could easily make out the words on my shirt.

I was also surprised at the accuracy of the Familiar Faces feature. Even though it had just two somewhat fuzzy photos of me to go on, the camera was able to identify me in the dark.

Among the best security cameras, the Arlo Pro 3 and Arlo Pro 4 have 2K cameras, while the Arlo Ultra 2 boasts a 4K cam they use their higher resolutions to enable digital pan-and-zoom. With this feature, they can automatically zoom in on subjects, which is especially helpful in an outdoor settings, where someone might be so far away that its hard to distinguish their features. Its one of the few features I wish the Nest Cam had.

Its speaker and microphone were able to both project my voice clearly and pick up a visitor, so that we could have a two-way conversation comfortably without having to raise our voices at all.

Nest Cam Review: Smart Home Features


Right now, the Nest Cam will only work within the Google Home ecosystem. If you have a smart display , you can view a live feed from the Nest Cam, and talk with the person on the other end. Given that Nests older cameras work with Alexa smart displays, its reasonable to assume that the new Nest Cam will too, in time.

While the Nest Cam doesnt work with HomeKit, one workaround is to pick up the Starling Home Hub one of the best smart home hubs which connects Nest products to HomeKit. However, at the time I was reviewing the Nest Cam, Starling had not yet updated its app to enable integration with the Nest Cam.

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Setting Up New 2021 Nest Cam Battery Indoor/outdoor

Getting this device set up is super easy. Once its fully charged, you can open the Google Home app, and its very likely the app will already see the camera and make it ready to set up for you. If this is your first Google home device, you might have a few extra steps such as connecting to your Wi-Fi network and adjusting preferences. But if you have even one existing Google home device already, youll be set up in seconds, as I was.

View On Google Nest Hub

Of course since youre probably by now living in a smart home ecosystem, you wont be surprised to learn that you can also get a view of any of your cameras on your Google Nest device with a viewing screen. If someone rings the doorbell for example, the camera will pop right up on your screen. If you want to get a look at other cameras anytime you want, you can just ask Google to show it to you.

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Nest Cam Review: Design And Installation

The Nest Cam looks pretty similar to older devices that bear its name: it has a cylindrical body with a flat face and rounded back. At about 3.3 inches in diameter and the same in length, its about the size of a coffee cup, and feels like one when you’re holding it. Its minimalist design makes it look like something youd pick up in the kitchen section at IKEA.

On the bottom is a screw mount, a port to attach a charging cable, and a small speaker. At the very back is a small button to reset the camera.

While you can use the screw mount, the curved rear of the camera is designed to work with the included magnetic base. This makes it far easier to position the camera than some sort of swivel mount. However, it also makes it far easier to remove than other cameras, so as an added security measure, the Nest Cam wont turn on until its on its mount .

Also included in the box is a piece to screw the base into a wall or ceiling, and a couple of screws and anchors.

Good Home Security Questionable Privacy

Everything the Google Nest Cam (battery) Can Do

A third use choice is to use this Nest Cam indoors to monitor entryway access through a nearby window or as a room monitor for young children or household pets. This option lets you plug the cam into a nearby power outlet.

The device comes with a charging cable and power plug much like other electronic gear use. But that does not eliminate the question I raised earlier regarding the impact of a steady power supply overriding the internal batterys durability.

The camera may be hidden away inside or placed out of reach outside. That may not stop hidden personal risks.

If you place the camera too high off the ground outside, it could limit your view. Too close to the ground, a passerby can grab the easily detachable camera sphere, which is only magnetically attached to the metal plate.

Another concern is data privacy. Google has said it will not share personally identifiable information such as names or email addresses with other entities. Still, the company will not tell users anything more about how it uses your data.

Hey, this is Google we are talking about here. The company makes much of its money by monetizing personal data.

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Using An External Battery On A Nest Cam Or Dropcam Pro Camera

Using an external battery on a Nest Cam or DropCam Pro home security camera was half experiment and half necessity. I needed to temporarily relocate a camera to a spot that I wanted to keep an eye on at my home.

This article will discuss using an external battery on a Nest Cam or DropCam Pro. For those unaware, the DropCam Pro was the predecessor to the Nest Cam. The cameras have the same power specs and use the same type of micro USB connection. My experience with using the external battery on my DropCam is applicable to a Nest Cam as well. It might be applicable to other brands of cameras too. You will need to match the power specs with the battery outputs.

There are pros and cons to using an external battery on a Nest Cam or DropCam Pro. The biggest con is these batteries do eventually run out of power. No power equals no camera equals no cloud access. You get the idea. Its temporary. Be sure that your needs match the life expectancy of the external battery.

Buy a battery from a reputable manufacturer that sticks to their specs, provides over-current protection and is known for reliability.

So lets move on to my hands-on experience.

The spot that I needed to monitor had no power outlet anywhere nearby. We have a recent article called Alternative Power Sources for Home Security Cameras which I referred to. Heck, I wrote the article, so might as well follow my own advice, right?

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