Noco Genius 10 Battery Charger

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**REVIEW** NOCO Genius 10 Battery Charger – AGM & Lithium

It cost me 178 dollars to buy a GEL battery. The brand new price is 00. Having been dead for 3 years, it no longer exists. I couldn’t stand the thought of it going to waste. As I traveled, I used this battery for everything. I ran into someone who needed a boost from time to time. It works just fine with the vehicle. If you need some lights for your camp, just take the battery over. All that is required is that the battery be connected. There is no limit to what you can say. So I left it connected and it drained quite a bit and it pretty much stopped working. 3 years later, it took 3 days and 3 “Repair” cycles to work again. There is a truck I own that drains and sulfates its batteries regularly. The battery was repaired 3 times and this last one came back to life. It really works. Additionally, it is capable of charging dead batteries as well.

Do More With Genius Multi

About this item:

  • Meet the GENIUS10 – It’s 17% smaller and delivers 115% more power. It’s the all in one solution battery charger, a battery maintainer, trickle charger, plus battery desulfator.
  • Do more with Genius – Designed for 6-volt and 12-volt lead-acid automotive, marine, and deep-cycle batteries, including flooded, gel, AGM, and maintenance-free, plus lithium-ion batteries.
  • Enjoy precision charging – An integrated thermal sensor detects the ambient temperature and alters the charge to eliminate over-charging in hot climates and under-charging in cold climates.
  • Charge dead batteries – Charges batteries as low as 1-volt. Or use the all-new force mode that allows you to take control and manually begin charging dead batteries down to zero volts.
  • Restore your battery – Automatically detects battery sulfation and acid stratification to restore lost battery performance for stronger engine starts and extended battery life.
  • Beyond maintenance – It’s not just a trickle charger, it’s an advanced battery maintainer. A fully-automatic, worry-free battery charger for everyday use – 24/7 – with zero overcharge.
  • Compatible with all types of vehicles – charge and maintain cars, motorcycles, lawn mowers, ATVs, lawn tractors, trucks, SUVs, boats, PWCs, classic cars, and more.
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty


Charge dead batteries as low as 1-volt. Or use the all-new Force Mode that allows you to take control and manually begin charging dead batteries down to zero volts.

Noco Genius10 6v/12v 10

Multi-PurposeNext generation battery chargers and maintainers.UltraSafe smart battery chargers designed to fully charge and maintain cars, boats, motorcycles, trucks and more.

10-Amp Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer, and Battery DesulfatorIntroducing the all-new GENIUS10, one of our most powerful, highest-performing, energy-efficient, and compact chargers yet. The GENIUS10 is a 6-volt and 12-volt battery charger, battery maintainer, and battery desulfator rated at 1-amp for lead-acid automotive, marine, and deep-cycle batteries, including flooded, gel, AGM, and maintenance-free, plus lithium-ion batteries..

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Noco Genius10 Battery Charger Features And Specifications

NOCO GENIUS10 Battery Charger is a fully automatic 6V and 12V battery charger and maintainer, designed to recover, charge and maintain starting, dual-purpose and deep-cycle, wet/flooded, enhanced wet/flooded, Gel-Cell and AGM lead-acid batteries.

Also, thanks to the special lithium-ion battery charging mode, NOCO GENIUS10 Battery Charger is able to charge even lithium-ion batteries with the built-in Battery Management Systems .

NOCO GENIUS10 Battery Charger charging modes include:

– 12V Mode: charging mode intended for charging of wet/flooded, enhanced wet/flooded and Gel-Cell batteries, including maintenance-free batteries with calcium alloyed lead plates.

– 12V AGM Mode: charging mode intended for charging of the AGM batteries.

– 12V Lithium Mode: charging mode intended for charging of the lithium-ion batteries with the built-in BMS.

– 6V Mode: charging mode intended for charging of the 6V wet/flooded, enhanced wet/flooded and Gel-Cell batteries, including maintenance-free batteries with calcium alloyed lead plates.

– 6V AGM Mode: charging mode intended for charging of the 6V AGM batteries.

– Force Mode: charging mode intended for recovering deeply discharged batteries, down to 0 volts.

– 12V Supply: in this mode, NOCO GENIUS10 operates as a 12V DC power source.

– 12V Repair: this mode is used for repairing of old, sulfated, or even damaged lead-acid batteries.

Cycling through charging modes is easy using controls on the front control panel:

– 20 Ah: 1.5 hours,

Improved Clamping Range Improved Clamping Force

NOCO 12 Volt, 10 Amp Genius Battery Charger

Genius clamps are built with needle-nose profiles for smaller terminal applications and detachable integrated eyelets for permanent mounting the accessory to battery. Designed to fit battery terminals of any shape and size. Engineered for improved clamping range, clamping force, and higher conductivity.

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Genius10 Noco 10 Amp Battery Charger And Maintainer



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Noco Genius 10-Amp UltraSafe Battery Charger & Maintainer 6V & 12V Charge Mode 230Ah Battery Capacity 150W Output Power 12V AGM & Lithium Charge Mode 12V Repair Mode 13.6V Power Supply Mode Interchangeable Connector Clamps with integrated eyelets Mounting bracket with strap

  • Noco Genius 10-Amp UltraSafe Battery Charger & Maintainer

  • 6V & 12V Charge Mode
  • 12V AGM & Lithium Charge Mode
  • 12V Repair Mode

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Add To Cart. NOCO BOOST XL GB50 Jump Starter, 12 Volt 1500 Amp Hour $149.95. Add to Compare. Add to Wishlist. Add To Cart. NOCO BOOST PRO GB150 Jump Starter, 12 Volt 3000 Amp Hour $299.95. Add to Compare. Add to Wishlist. NOCO GENIUS10 Battery Charger and Maintainer, 6V and 12V 10 Amp Hour $99.95.

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Customer reviews Customer reviews 4.8 out of 5 3,104 global ratings NOCO Genius GEN5X2, 2-Bank, 10-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart Marine Charger, 12V Onboard Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer and Battery Desulfator with Temperature Compensation by NOCO Write a review How customer reviews and ratings work Top positive review.

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Sep 06, 2022 · NOCO Genius 1 -AMP Automatic Smart ChargerReview. This 1 -amp smart charger is part of NOCO s Genius Series. Like the majority of the brands other portable chargers, Genius 1 is designed to be easy to use..

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Using The Noco Genius10 Battery Charger

NOCO GENIUS10 Battery Charger Review, In Depth

NOCO GENIUS10 Battery Charger is an excellent automatic battery charger and maintainer.

As a maintainer, it can be used to maintain lead-acid batteries of practically any size.

As a battery charger, personally, it should be used for batteries in 30-130 Ah range, regardless of the battery type , chemistry , condition, age, etc.

Also, it is a good practice to periodically recharge the batteries that are used in cars, boats, industrial applications, and similar with NOCO GENIUS10 Battery Charger in order to ‘rejuvenate’ them – NOCO GENIUS10 Battery Charger automatically analyze the battery and adjust the charging process according to the battery condition.

Since NOCO GENIUS10 Battery Charger efficiency is ~87%, it requires ~150 watts AC to charge the batteries – practically any inverter generator with low THD is able to power NOCO GENIUS10 Battery Charger while being off-the-grid.

Long Story Short: With acceptable price and available features, NOCO GENIUS10 Battery Charger is one of the most popular 10 Amps battery chargers on the market.

It is a durable and reliable battery charger that comes with a very nice 3-year limited warranty.

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Noco Genius Genpro 10×1 10

Availability: In stock

Pay as low as /mo with financing from Affirm or Katapult Apply for financing at checkout.

Product Details

Meet the all-new GENPRO10X1. Similar to our GEN1, only better. It’s 41% smaller and delivers 33% more power. It’s one of the best performing onboard marine battery chargers we have ever made. A one-bank onboard battery charger rated at 10-amps for 12-volt batteries, including marine, boat, starter, and deep-cycle batteries. Independently charge and control each battery bank with selectable charging modes – including 12V, 12V AGM, 12V Lithium, and 12V Repair Mode – for all types of lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.

Our Installation Services & Customer Support
Fishing Electronics Installation

We install and optimize every aspect of your fishing electronics so you can spend more time catching.

Quickly Charge And Maintain Batteries From 120vac Power Source

This Genius smart charger plugs into an available wall outlet to quickly charge and maintain your battery. High-frequency switch-mode technology converts AC power into safe DC power to fully charge batteries. An onboard microcomputer monitors and controls this charging process to minimize power loss and maximize efficiency. The included mounting bracket with hook-and-loop strap lets you mount the unit in an enclosed compartment, garage, or workspace.

The table above provides a quick reference for how long it will take the unit to charge some different battery sizes.

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More Precise Charging In Any Climate

The new integrated thermal sensor automatically monitors and adjusts the charging cycle based on fluctuations of ambient temperature, limiting the chance of under-charging or over-charging, providing a more accurate and fully charged battery. Avoids under-charging in cold weather down to -4 F and avoids over-charging in hot weather up to 104 F.

Our Most Powerful Efficient And Compact Charger Yet


Compact, yet powerful battery charger. A mix of electrical engineering and industrial design pack a powerful battery charger into a tiny footprint. The GENIUS10 uses high-frequency switch-mode technology to efficiently convert A/C power into safe D/C power for battery charging. And its onboard microcomputer precisely controls the charging to minimize power loss to create an incredibly compact form factor.

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Genius Precision Battery Clamps

The needle-nosed battery clamps included with this Genius smart charger are designed to easily connect to battery terminals of all shapes and sizes. Unlike typical, plastic battery clamps, these clamps are constructed entirely of metal, ensuring maximum conductivity. The clamps are covered with an over-molded plastic housing, which makes them easy to operate even with work gloves on. A built-in 20-amp fuse protects your connection against dangerous overloads.

Extra-large 13/32″ eyelet connectors can be unbolted from the clamps for direct mounting to terminals on hard-to-reach batteries. The lie-flat design ensures maximum contact with terminals to optimize current transfer.

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