Off-grid Solar System Packages With Batteries

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Sizing Of The Photovoltaic System

EASIEST Off Grid Solar Power System Battery Bank

Knowing the annual energy consumption in Kwh E d } of an institution or a family, for example of 2300Kwh, legible in its electricity bill, it is possible to calculate the number of photovoltaic panels necessary to satisfy its energy needs. By connecting to the site , after selecting the location in which to install the panels or clicking on the map or typing the name of the location, you must select “Grid connected” and “Visualize results” obtaining the following table for example relating to the city of Palermo:

Provided inputs: Location : 38.111,13.352Horizon: CalculatedDatabase used: PVGIS-SARAH2PV technology: Crystalline siliconPV installed : 1System loss : 14Simulation outputs: Slope angle : 35Azimuth angle : 0Yearly PV energy production : 1519.1Yearly in-plane irradiation : 1944.62Year-to-year variability : 47.61Changes in output due to: Angle of incidence : -2.68Spectral effects : 0.88Temperature and low irradiance : -7.48Total loss : -21.88PV electricity cost : 

Using the wxMaxima program, the number of panels required for an annual consumption of 2300 kWh and for a crystalline silicon technology with a slope angle of 35°, an azimut angle of 0° and total losses equal to 21.88 % is 6 rounded up:

E_d:2300 E_s:1519.1 P:300 Number_panels:1000*E_d/ 5.046847914335243
Battery_capacity:0.70*E_d/365 4.410958904109589

If the price of energy is 0.5 /Kwh then the cost of energy excluding taxes will be 1150 per year:

Discover Aes Lithium Battery

Discovers Lithium batteries are an advanced storage system optimized for the longest lifespan, faster recharge, and high efficiency. Discover uses Lithium Iron Phosphate technology which is robust, safe, and offers the longest lifespan of any off-grid battery.

Price: $$$$ Maintenance: None

Need help deciding? Give us a call.

Dont be shy. If youre still not sure how many batteries you need or any other question about your off-grid solar design, give us a call and well connect you with our solar design technicians who can help you find the best solution!

What Is An Off

An off-grid solar system is a complete package that contains everything you need to generate your own energy. These systems are suitable for homes, holiday homes, offices and larger buildings that want energy independence and help create green energy.

An off-grid solar system will include:

  • Solar panels and mounting kits for roof or ground mounting.
  • Solar power inverter to turn DC Solar current into AC mains current.
  • DC to AC inverter for creating the power grid.
  • Maintenance free batteries for efficient energy storage.
  • CCGX monitoring panel so you can always see whats going on
  • Autostart generator for emergency backup.
  • 4G router to keep everything talking and online.
  • Cables, fittings and fixings to put it all together.

Our off-grid solar systems can also include design and specification services and full fitting too!

Sunstore off-grid solar systems can supply enough energy for an average three bedroom house with family. They can also be scaled down for holiday homes and smaller properties if necessary. We can help you specify your own system or build one for you according to your needs.

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What Is An Off Grid Solar System And Who This Is For

Solar power systems are great alternatives to your typical electrical systems. Aside from obvious benefits like energy-efficiency, solar power systems are also cheaper and are friendlier to the environment.

There are three types of solar power systems: 1) on-grid, 2) off-grid, and 3) hybrid solar systems. This article will tackle and focus more on the second type, the off-grid solar power system.

As in their name, solar power systems like a home off grid solar system operate on solar power. They then convert that solar energy into electricity.

Also called stand-alone power systems, off-grid solar systems are basically not connected to any electrical power grid. Because of that, they are equipped with a high-capacity battery bank to store the electricity harvested by the solar panels.

Because of the battery storage, an off-grid solar system is perfect to use in long winters, during adverse weathers or emergencies. During these conditions, there is a high possibility that power outages will occur which can sometimes last from hours to days to weeks.

With an off-grid solar system, your home will not be affected since the system can provide electricity for you. Just make sure that your solar system is designed to have the capacity to meet the electricity needs of your home.

This type of solar system is also perfect to use in remote areas located far from the local electrical grid or in areas that are prone to power outages.

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What Is The Best Off Grid Solar System Kit

15KW off

You want to determine how much power you need for your off grid home. Next, narrow down the best off-grid solar systems because there are so many options to choose from. Before making any final decisions on a particular system, it is always recommended that you complete research on different styles of off-grid solar systems.

Determine the size of the solar system required, choose a company that has a solid reputation with both installation and customer service, and ensure that your current climate will be able to harness enough energy to power the chosen system.

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How Many Solar Panels Will You Need

How many solar panels will you need? That depends entirely on how much energy you need to generate. Every situation is different and depends on your homes average energy use, hours of sunshine per day, roof angle to the sun, size of your roof and a number of other factors.

There are solar panel calculators online or Sunstores experts can help you specify the right solar system for your needs. As an average, a three bedroom home run completely off-grid would require around 4.4kw of solar panel output. A smaller energy efficient building may only require 2.2kw. Much depends on those conditions above.

Sunstore would be happy to discuss your options and help you decide how many panels you need.

What Size Solar Panel Kit Do I Need

If you’re picking out a home solar system kit or sizing solar panel for shed, you need first to consider the size of your battery and your daily power usage. Suppose you have a 12 volt 200ah battery only 80% of that is usable due to depletion limitations. In that case, you only have 160 amp-hours of energy to draw on. If you learn that you typically can last two days with power from that battery, you consume 80 amp hours daily. A 100-watt 12 volt solar panel will produce an average of about 30 amp-hours per day , which means you would need three 100-watt solar panels or one 300-watt solar panel to fully recharge your battery on an average day.

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Utility Bill Rate Design

Good electricity rate design allows you to save money when you save energy. This might sound intuitive but not all provinces are same. Superior designs have low fixed monthly fees and tiered electricity rates. Inferior designs have high fixed fees and flat electricity rates.

Ontario scores near the front of the pack when it comes to these factors having time-of-use rates and fixed monthly fees of $26 .

For example, reducing your electricity bill from 1,500 to 750 kWh per month will save you 54% on your electricity bill in British Columbia, 48% in , but only 43% in Ontario!

Note that fixed monthly fees dont disappear even if you switch to solar youll pay them as long as you remain connected to the grid. But this isnt a bad thing $26/mo is a small price to pay for using the grid as your back-up energy source!

The only way to completely remove your fixed costs is to go off the grid, something most homeowners in Ontario dont do because of high battery costs.

Disconnecting from the grid also means that you wont be able to participate in your utilitys net metering program.

Batteries Are The Heart Of Any Off

Current Sharing 101 w/ Large LiFePO4 Battery Banks

And with solar and battery storage exploding in the last 5 to 10 years, equipment manufacturers are constantly putting out products that are more efficient and ever lower in price. If youre looking to install an off-grid solar installation, batteries are an integral component of that. And, with so many battery manufacturers all touting the merits of their own technology, it can be hard to discern which ones are the best batteries for solar off grid.

Weve created this short battery guide to help you on your quest to disconnect from the grid! Below, we go over the main types of battery technology for off-grid solar installations, how to calculate a batterys long-term cost-effectiveness, and overview the factors to consider when purchasing batteries for solar.

Theres no right or wrong answer when choosing batteries. Instead, its finding the battery that fits your specific needs.

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Background: Specialized Solar Systems Off

An off-grid solar system is not connected to the electricity grid and requires battery storage. Off-grid solar systems must be designed correctly in order to generate enough power throughout the year and have the necessary battery capacity to meet the installed locations electrical energy requirements or demand.

In Africa, we are very fortunate with abundant sunshine. A backup generator or alternative back up power source may be necessary to supplement your electrical demand and recharge the batteries during times when the batteries are inadequately charged due to very bad weather patches or other unforeseen circumstances. We recommend that the size of the backup power source should be adequate to supply energy to your house and charge your batteries at the same time.

Above image: A typical off-grid solar system arrangement

Generally, off-grid solar system sizing or specifications are based on your daily wattage usage and peak Wh requirement. Daily watt-hour usage can normally be calculated from your utility bill over a time-period but may require more accurate usage pattern monitoring with energy metering data loggers.

To view some of Specialized Solar Systems off-grid solar power installations please select this link

please include the location where you plan to install your off-grid solar energy system.

Why Off Grid Solar System Packages With Batteries

For those living off the main grid due either by choice or circumstance, an off-grid system is one that provides them with electricity such as rooftop solar or off-grid solar power systems. These solar technologies provide their own sources through renewable means like solar panels not connected to outside grids nor reliant upon complicated transmission towers carrying lines down miles into each homes property boundaries they go about running everyday life, as usual, free from reliance upon any paid.

An off-grid standalone solar system includes four main parts, including a solar battery bank, solar panels, a solar inverter or an MPPT solar charger controllers , a solar charger controller, and a backup generator which is optional but comes in handy when there is a power shortfall caused by low sunshine or changes in the climatic conditions. Off-grid systems are built to provide power for homes that live without electricity and these sources can be either AC or DC, and they vary depending on the off-grid system. Some examples include solar inverters using common solar panels or backup generators powered by wind turbines .

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Implication Onto Electricity Bill Management And Energy Investment

Customers have different specific situations, e.g. different comfort/convenience needs, different electricity tariffs, or different usage patterns. An electricity tariff may have a few elements, such as daily access and metering charge, energy charge or peak demand charge . PV is a promising option for reducing energy charge when electricity price is reasonably high and continuously increasing, such as in Australia and Germany. However, for sites with peak demand charge in place, PV may be less attractive if peak demands mostly occur in the late afternoon to early evening, for example residential communities. Overall, energy investment is largely an economic decision and investment decisions are based on systematical evaluation of options in operational improvement, energy efficiency, onsite generation and energy storage.

What Is An Off Grid Solar System : ECO

An off grid solar system is an independent, stand-alone energy system. Its designed to produce electricity without being connected to an existing grid, but it can also store and distribute that electricity when no other power sources are available. The system uses the power of the sun to generate electricity, and it stores that energy in batteries that can be used whenever needed. Thats why its sometimes called solar photovoltaic energybecause it uses solar panels to generate electricity and PV panels to store it.

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What Are The Different Types Of Off Grid Solar Systems

There are typically five types of off-grid solar systems. Before you purchase and set up your off-grid solar system, it is important to know more about the product. This article will explain the different systems.

DC only system

DC only systems are smaller that are designed to power mainly lights and low energy consuming devices like your monitoring equipment. They are also perfect to use on DC-powered appliances having 12 voltages or lower.

This system either uses a solar panel or wind generator that generates DC power. This power is then used to charge the battery bank.

Here, there is no solar inverter. DC power is directly fed to your lights and/or appliances. This system typically has no back-up generator hence, you need to ensure that your system is sized to handle your loads in emergency situations.

Mixed DC and AC system

This hybrid system is similar to your DC only system but with the addition of an AC inverter. This is still designed for powering light or low energy equipment.

With the AC inverter, you are able to power appliances that have 230 volts.

Nevertheless, since it is a small system, there is also no back-up generator. Thus, it must be designed in such a way to ensure that it can handle your loads during emergencies.

AC only system

With the solar inverter, the DC power is converted into AC power that can be used to run your typical household electronics and appliances.

AC system with wind and solar

AC system with back-up generator

Choosing The Right Battery For Your Off Grid Solar System

The choice of battery is as important as the solar panels that generate electricity. Batteries are used to store the electricity from solar panels, and they determine how long an off-grid solar system can run without sunlight. There are a few factors to consider when choosing the right battery for your off-grid solar system: Lifespan The lifespan of a battery can determine how long your entire system will last. Its important to match your power needs with the lifespan of the battery. Cycle life This refers to the number of times a battery can be charged and discharged. A battery with a high cycle life can be charged and discharged frequently without losing charge capacity. Maintenance Maintenance is an important part of owning any piece of equipment. Batteries are no exception. Some require more maintenance than others.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Off Grid Solar Power Systems

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of a product is needed to make an informed choice about it. with this, youll know what to expect and be ready in cases of damage.

Like all devices, an off-grid solar system has its own share of advantages and disadvantages.


Reduce electricity costs

One of the main advantages of solar systems is the reduced electricity costs. For one, solar energy is free unlike your electricity. This is especially advantageous to people living in sunny areas.

Moreover, you can also save in terms of oil and gas prices. Since you rely on solar power, the continuing rise on fossil fuels wont bother you.


Since off-grid solar systems rely on solar power, they are also the friendlier choice in terms of the environment. Not only is it cheap, you can also do your part in saving the environment by going solar. Moreover, you can reduce your own familys carbon footprint.

Great for remote areas

Off-grid solar systems are also beneficial to those who live in remote areas. Instead of spending on extending your power lines, you get to save by living off the grid. You also have the freedom of choosing where you live since you can generate your own electricity.


Living off the grid is also suitable for those in areas that are prone to power outages or have power failures.

Low maintenance

Moreover, these systems generally have long warranties , so in cases of damages, you can always return them.



Get An Exact Quote From Our Solar Advisors

How to Size My Off-Grid Solar System & How Much Does it Cost?

The SaveOnEnergy marketplace helps you search, compare, sign up and save on the right energy fit for your home all for free. If youre interested in solar, answer a few questions to get an exact price quote from our solar advisors.

1. Complete the form below2. Schedule an appointment with a solar advisor3. Get an exact price quote for solar panels for your home

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Are Solar Panel Kits Suitable For Going Off

Solar panels kits are excellent for off-the-grid solar power systems because they are portable and designed with the elements in mind. The aluminum frames of off-grid solar panels make them incredibly lightweight. The off-grid solar panel kits can come in handy when you arent near any other energy supply source. They can help charge and operate all the basics when youre on the road without compromising efficiency rates. You may also purchase grid-tie solar kits to meet your grid-connected solar needs.

Qualify For A 30% Tax Credit When You Order This Kit

Does This Kit Come With Setup Instructions?

In addition to guaranteed lifetime customer support, we also provide you with a custom wiring diagram and commissioning guide for setting up your solar kit. Whether you are planning to hire a professional or install it yourself, this information will set you up for success when it comes to getting your solar power system up and running properly. In addition, youll also unlock lifetime access to The Solar Hub, where youll find instructional videos, articles, troubleshooting guides and tips, so that you can level up your solar knowledge and get the most out of this kit.

Powerful & Simple.

This is one of our best, most reliable off-grid solar power kits we’ve ever carried. It will power just about anything you need in an off-grid situation. With a 6,000 Watt split phase ouput, this means your system will be powerful enough to run everything from an air conditioner and well pump, to lights, fridges, TV’s, fans, kitchen appliances and more! Easily expandable in the future, you can add another inverter, more batteries and up to 10,000 watts of solar panels as needed.The 4,000+ watts of solar panels that are included will keep a charge on the batteries all day long using sunlight and will recharge your battery bank in approximately 3-5 hours of good, full sun.

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