Portable Oxygen Concentrator With Battery

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What Is An Oxygen Concentrator

Batteries & Power with the SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator – DirectHomeMedical.com

Portable oxygen concentrators are battery-operated devices that provide supplemental oxygen to people who require greater oxygen concentrations than the levels of ambient air, says Sanul Corrielus, M.D., a board-certified cardiologist based in Philadelphia. Oxygen concentrators draw oxygen from your immediate environment, he adds, meaning they dont require refillable oxygen canisters or tanks, which makes maintenance and upkeep easy.

How Do Portable Oxygen Concentrators Work

Portable oxygen concentrators convert outside air into almost pure oxygen with the following steps:

  • Draws outside air into the unit
  • Filters the air to remove any contaminants
  • Compresses the filtered air
  • Passes the filtered and compressed air through a sieve bed that extracts the nitrogen
  • The resulting air is about 95% oxygen, which flows from the machine through tubing connected to the machine on one end and to a nasal cannula or face mask on the other end.

    For more information, the American Lung Association has a webpage with helpful videos showing how to use a portable oxygen concentrator.3

    How Expensive Are Portable Oxygen Concentrators

    New portable oxygen concentrators costs vary depending on their features, oxygen output, batteries, and other accessories. These devices can cost between $1,400 and $3,500. You can find refurbished portable oxygen concentrators or even rent them for a much lower price. Depending on their condition and other considerations, used machines can cost anywhere from $800 to $2,000. In most cases, Medicare or health insurance will cover the majority of the costs. Be sure to consult your specific health care plan to see what is covered.

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    Buy A Portable Oxygen Concentrator Battery

    Using a portable oxygen concentrator is a key element to helping you live an active, healthy lifestyle. . . . Make sure you keep your POC delivering the right dosage for you all day long while you travel, enjoy your favorite activity and spend time with your family out-and-about. Replacement batteries, including 8-cell and 16-cell, and specialty batteries, will make sure your activities stay on track. Extra wall-based battery chargers and car chargers are available to make sure your batteries are always properly charged. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always available to help you obtain the right type and amount of batteries to keep you active and mobile. Dont see the battery you need for your portable oxygen concentrator? Call us as at 833-POC4YOU or email us at support@Go2POC.com as we have access to most current and past POC models.

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  • What Type Of Portable Oxygen Concentrator Is Best

    China Mini Portable Battery Operated Oxygen Concentrator

    Portable oxygen concentrators are not one size fits all. Your oxygen needs, lifestyle, and budget will all affect which device is the best choice for you. A few of the most reliable portable oxygen concentrators that have received the best customer reviews include the Inogen One G4 and G5, and the Invacare Platinum.

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    What Is A Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration , oxygen concentrator machines use an electrical pump to pull outside air through a filter to remove the nitrogen content, providing the high oxygen concentrations used in oxygen therapy. Most portable oxygen concentrators work by compressing the air into zeolite towers that absorb the nitrogen. Zeolites are a group of porous minerals that contain alkali and alkaline-earth metals. Theyre useful for removing volatile and organic chemicals from air streams by safely separating isomers and gas mixtures.

    Portable oxygen concentrators offer independence and freedom for people requiring medical oxygen. While being more affordable and convenient, theyre also lighter and much easier to transport, and they dont require you to dispose of emptied pressurized oxygen tanks or cylinders.

    Who Needs A Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    Many people use portable oxygen concentrators for various medical issues. Chronic obstructive lung disease , sleep apnea, anemia, and surgery can lower oxygen levels, causing blood oxygen numbers to go below average.

    A portable oxygen concentrator boosts your blood oxygen levels quickly and easily. These machines take in air, compress it, filter out nitrogen and other impurities, and then supply 95 percent pure oxygen to you via a mask or nasal cannula.

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    How Do I Charge Multiple Portable Oxygen Concentrator Batteries

    We also offer desktop charging stations for select oxygen concentrator batteries.

    The batteries offered by The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop are FAA-approved to use in-flight during commercial flights.

    In addition to battery power for your oxygen concentrator, we also stock batteries for various nebulizer devices. Nebulizers help patients receive medication for their respiratory illness by sending a fine mist into the lungs. While not all nebulizers require batteries, some portable devices do.

    Batteries are one of the most critical aspects of your portable oxygen concentrator. They are designed to match each model exactly, so any replacement batteries must be purchased accordingly. At maximum charge, your battery can last long enough for you to explore, ride, and go shopping without needing to plugin. This is literally what makes your oxygen concentrator your compact passport to independence. When purchasing a portable oxygen concentrator, it’s important to compare the battery life of each model as well as the costs.

    AC power supplies are used to connect to standard power outlets, while DC power supplies are used in cars, RVs, and boats to power the device. Most devices have internal batteries that can be replaced with a fully charged one.

    Types Of Oxygen Concentrators

    OxygoNext Portable Oxygen Concentrator- Long Lasting Battery Up to 13 Hours!

    There are two types of oxygen concentrators: stationary oxygen concentrators and portable oxygen concentrators.

    Stationary oxygen concentrators, or home concentrators, tend to provide continuous oxygen flow at larger volumes than portable machines. Theyre also significantly larger than most portable options, typically weighing between about 30 and 55 pounds. These models often feature handles for easy rolling or moving from one location to another in a persons home.

    Portable oxygen concentrators provide individuals who need supplemental oxygen outside of their home with a much more lightweight and mobile solution. They deliver oxygen in the same way stationary oxygen concentrators do, but they tend to push lower volumes of oxygen comparatively. Most of these devices use rechargeable lithium ion batteries instead of relying on a wall adapter, so they also require frequent recharging.

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    Portable Oxygen Concentrator Price List India

    A medical-grade portable oxygen concentrator, on average, costs you around 1.90 Lakh to 2.30 Lakh.

    If you are looking for prices of all home and portable oxygen concentrators and not just portable ones, then you may want to read The Ultimate Guide to Oxygen Concentrator Prices in India .

    You can check the latest price list of portable oxygen concentrators in India below.

    Purity: 90-96%, Type: Portable , Pulse Flow: 6Pulse setting


    Purity: 90-93%, Temperature Range: 40Celcius, Transportation Humidity: 95%


    Purity: 87-95.6%, Temperature Range: 40Celcius, Transportation Humidity: 90%


    Temperature Range: 40Celcius, Purity: 90-96%, Type: Portable


    Purity: 90-96%, Type: Portable , Pulse Flow: 1-5Pulse setting


    Purity: 90-96%, Type: Portable , Continuous Flow: 0.5-2LPM


    Purity: 90-96%, Type: Portable , Pulse Flow: 1-5Pulse setting


    Purity: 90-96%, Temperature Range: 40Celcius, Battery Duration: 8hours

    Purity: 87-96%, Battery Duration: 4hours, Type: portable


    Purity: 90%-3%/+6%%, Battery Duration: 4hours, Type: portable


    Purity: 87 – 95%, Temperature Range: 40Celcius, Transportation Humidity: 95%


    Purity: 87-96%%, Temperature Range: 40Celcius, Battery Duration: 3.5hours

    245,000.00Get it by Tuesday, December 06

    Can You Get Too Much Oxygen From An Oxygen Concentrator

    Yes, it is possible to get too much oxygen from a concentrator or other oxygen delivery system. Geriatric nurse practitioner Christopher Norman shared his expertise regarding this important point of oxygen therapy: As I tell everyone, oxygen is a medicationits only available with a prescription, and theres good reason for this. Just like any medication , too much can be harmful, too little is unlikely to be beneficial, and making adjustments with the amount is often best done with the help of someone knowledgeable . Knowing how to properly use your supplemental oxygen equipment is crucial to successful use of this medication, said Norman.

    Its a good idea to bring your new portable oxygen concentrator to your next doctor appointment to make sure the device is appropriate, working properly, and the settings are correct.

    Have questions about this review? Email us atreviewsteam@ncoa.org.

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    Arya Portable Oxygen Concentrator


    Orders placed before 3:00 p.m. M.S.T. qualify for same day shipping, as long as we have all of your required documents on file. While we try to ship everything out as quickly as possible, it may take up to 24 hours for your order to be shipped.

    Standard shipping time frame for orders is 4 – 10 business days.

    Please note that our shipping carrier does not deliver on Sundays. For instance, Next Day orders placed before 3:00pm M.S.T. on a Friday are not delivered until the next business day, Monday.

    We require a full street address on your order as we cannot ship to a P.O. Box.


    Ground Shipping: Ground Shipping is free with the purchase of any home or portable oxygen concentrator unless you get a promotional discount. A standard $20.00 shipping fee is added to the purchase of all accessories.

    Next Day and 2nd Day Air shipping options are available on most orders at an additional cost . Saturday delivery is available in select areas determined by UPS. Additional costs apply for Saturday delivery.

    Alaska/Hawaii orders are an additional shipping cost. Please call us toll-free for pricing at 1-800-520-5726 between 8:00am and 5:00pm, MST.

    *FREE UPS Ground is only available in the 48 contiguous states.


    We will provide you with a tracking number via e-mail the minute we ship your package out. The tracking number can be located at the top of your invoice. You can track all orders at .

    Where To Buy A Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    XGREEO Battery Operated Portable Oxygen Concentrator Generator Home Car ...

    You typically need a prescription for supplemental oxygen from your health care provider to purchase or rent an oxygen concentrator. Once these needs are established, its best to ask your health care provider and health insurance provider where they recommend sourcing a device from to keep costs manageable. Based on this information, you can consider a number of online medical supply companies, as well as those with brick-and-mortar locations near you.

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    What Are Portable Oxygen Concentrators

    Portable oxygen concentrators help deliver medical oxygen to people needing oxygen therapy without hindering mobility or independence. Theyre relatively lightweight oxygen concentrators producing oxygen-rich air for you to breathe in easily through a breathing mask or nasal cannula.

    Oxygen concentrators work by pulling in outside air, filtering it to remove nitrogen and any contaminants and compressing it using an electric pump. They typically operate using rechargeable batteries and offer pulse or continuous flow oxygen. At-home, portable concentrators are generally safer and use less electricity than traditional medical oxygen tanks.

    Can You Use A Portable Concentrator At Night

    Some portable oxygen concentrators arent advised for sleephome concentrators are often preferred. If you require supplemental oxygen while at rest, confirm with your health care provider which device is most appropriate for you and what settings should be used at various points of the day and night.

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    Buy A Used Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    If you cant afford to purchase a new portable oxygen concentrator, consider looking for a used one from your local DME provider. They typically run between $800 and $2,000, which is about a third of the cost of new units. Oxygen Concentrator Store also sells gently used portable oxygen concentrators.

    Christopher Norman, a New York-based nurse practitioner who specializes in geriatric care and holistic health, gave the following tips for people thinking about buying a used portable oxygen concentrator. As with anything you might buy, I would always advise asking about the equipments history. Was it maintained appropriately cleaned regularly what kind of environment was it maintained in has it ever been serviced and by whom and what is its purchase history ? I would advise a person to never buy used tubing or used filters due to risk for infection or other transmissible illness concerns, said Norman.

    Can You Use A Portable Oxygen Concentrator At Night

    Using External Batteries with Mobi Portable Oxygen Concentrators – DirectHomeMedical.com

    Yes, you can, depending on your personal condition and oxygen therapy needs. Some brands and models offer additional accessories to assist nighttime use. However, you should speak with your medical specialist first about using a portable oxygen concentrator during the night to find the right model and features.

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    What Are The Different Types Of Portable Oxygen Concentrators

    Portable oxygen concentrators deliver either a continuous flow of oxygen, measured in liters per minute , or a pulse flow. Pulse flow delivery systems produce a puff of oxygen every time you breathe.

    Most portable oxygen concentrators are the pulse flow variety, but there are some portable units that offer both continuous and pulse flow settings.

    Physical Oxygen Production Process

    This product uses air as raw material, DC 12V power supply, or battery as the power source, uses a high-quality molecular sieve, a small oil-free air compressor, and the advanced pressure swing adsorption separation method to extract high-purity oxygen at room temperature. This method is a pure Physical method, stable, safe and reliable, and can complete the absorption of outdoor air

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    Benefits Of Using A Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    If you require supplemental oxygen but want to lead a more active lifestyle, a portable oxygen concentrator provides the flexibility and mobility needed to breathe comfortably while away from home. Some models can provide individuals with as much as 12 hours of continuous oxygen, making it possible for people who use supplemental oxygen to travel or partake in more remote activities without worrying about running out of oxygen. Theyre also lightweight for easy carrying, and many models are Federal Aviation Administration approved for airplane travel.

    Does Medicare Cover Portable Oxygen Concentrators

    Personal care 40% 93% adjustable portable oxygen concentrator with ...

    Oxygen concentrators are considered durable medical equipment, and as such theyre covered under Medicare Part B if certain criteria for medical necessity are met. Medicare will cover the cost of renting oxygen equipment and accessories under the following conditions:7

    • You have a prescription from a doctor listing your need for supplemental oxygen
    • You have been diagnosed with low blood oxygen levels through a test conducted by your doctor or other health care provider
    • Other measures to raise your blood oxygen levels havent been successful

    Your doctor will be required to complete paperwork and provide documentation on the medical necessity of a portable oxygen concentrator. If you have questions about this requirement, your local State Health Insurance Assistance Program , can help. You can find your local SHIP counselor at www.shiphelp.org.

    Its more common for Medicare to cover the rental of in-home oxygen units rather than portable oxygen concentrators. Medicare providers may pay for portable oxygen concentrator rentals on a case-by-case basis, though, if they decide it would be beneficial for you either as a sole source of oxygen or as a supplement to an in-home unit.8

    Keep in mind Medicare will not cover the purchase of a portable oxygen concentrator, only the rental. See Medicare.gov for more information.

    If you buy a portable oxygen concentrator, Medicare will help pay for oxygen-related supplies and services such as:

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    How Does A Portable Oxygen Concentrator Work

    A portable oxygen concentrator, sometimes called a POC, is similar to a home oxygen concentrator but more mobile, says Corrielus. These devices are small enough to carry, which makes them ideal for travel, and some are approved for use on airlines.

    According to Corrielus, heres how an oxygen concentrator works:

    • The device draws in air from your surrounding environment.
    • Air is compressed inside the device.
    • Nitrogen is filtered out of the air.
    • Pure oxygen is inhaled through a nasal tube or mask.

    Experience The Inogen One G5 – A Step Forward In Oxygen Therapy Innovation

    The Inogen G5 is a robust and versatile concentrator that provides 1 to 6 flow settings in a lightweight design weighing under 5 pounds. It’s capable of 24/7 oxygen delivery, has a long battery life, and remarkably quiet operation.

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