Prius 12v Battery Replacement Cost

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What Are The Symptoms Related To A Bad Battery

DIY – Toyota Prius C (2012-2016) – 12V Battery Replacement (Negative first, then positive)

The battery is considered dead when there isn’t enough charge to start the engine or run electrical components.

Normally, the first sign is dim lighting in the interior of the vehicle, and when you try to start it, the engine may crank slowly, or not at all. A very rapid clicking noise is normally heard if there is any charge left in the battery, but in many cases the vehicle will be completely unresponsive.

If the battery is losing charge while driving the vehicle, the battery warning light will illuminate, and the engine may stall.

Removing The Prius Battery

Before starting the work you will need to decide whether you want to keep power to the vehicle at all times. Failure to do so is not a major problem but you will lose such information as the radio presets and power window limits if you don’t maintain power. Neither is a big thing to correctinput the radio information again and run the windows up and down a few times.

If you want to avoid this small problem, you will need another battery and jumper cables or a battery charger. Instructions are in the section below, and once the power source is connected you can proceed. Do take notice of the caution given there.

You are ready to install the new 12-volt Prius battery.

Floor mat has been removed from the trunk

Reasons To Avoid Prius Battery Repairs

Earlier, we discussed how some people try to prolong the replacement with a Prius battery repair. However, there are some reasons why you should avoid these practices.

  • Temporary: These hybrid battery repairs are only temporary. You arent going to dramatically extend the life of the battery. Even after the labor and cost of the repair, you will still need to have a replacement done anyway, thereby costing you more money in the long run.
  • Voids warranty: If your hybrid battery is still under warranty coverage, repairing it is going to void it. Plus, why would you want to avoid the replacement when the battery is covered for free during this time?
  • Dangerous: The hybrid battery is not like your traditional car battery. You dont want to mess with it if you arent qualified or serious damage could occur.

Instead of trying to find a shortcut around the repair, bite the bullet and get it replaced. Not only will you ensure the hybrid vehicle continues running as it should, but you also guarantee plenty more miles of travel from behind the wheel of your fuel-efficient vehicle. Budget accordingly so you are never unprepared for whats to come.

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Can A Prius Battery Die

It can! Like all batteries, a Prius hybrid battery has an entropy date. Its battery is mined, refined, built, slotted into a car, used, and one day, just like everyones love life, it dies. This may take a decade or two and hundreds of thousands of miles, but at some point or another, your Prius battery will go bad and youll need to replace it.

Prius Battery Keeps Dying

DS46B24R Toyota Prius Optima Battery 12V

Things dont always go as planned. You head out to your Prius and touch the door handle, but it doesnt unlock. Try pressing the unlock button on the smart key, still nothing. Once youve opened the door using the emergency key insert, the car wont Ready. Aarrgh! A dead Prius battery! Why does it keep dying?

If youve landed here looking for instructions to jump start your Prius, click the link. This article is for those whose Prius 12V batteries keep going dead and want to know why its happening.

There are 4 possible reasons your Prius battery might keep dying:

  • The battery has very low capacity
  • Something is draining the battery while the car is sitting
  • The battery isnt being charged while youre driving
  • The battery terminals are loose

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How Much Does A Toyota Prius Battery Replacement Cost

Wondering how much it costs to replace a Toyota Prius battery? We have the answer, plus a few other cost-related questions you may have.

The hybrid car battery isnt as cheap as your typical gas vehicle battery. In fact, the price might be shocking if you arent prepared for it. How much does a Toyota Prius battery replacement cost, for example?

In this guide, we break down the cost of the Toyota hybrid battery. We also show the warning signs that its time for a replacement.

Can You Manually Charge A Prius Battery

How to Charge the 12-Volt Battery in Your Toyota Prius You may charge the 12-volt battery in one of two ways: using a battery charger or by jumpstarting it with wires attached to another vehicles battery. While the former just requires the attachment of a charger, the latter requires additional guidance.

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How Does A Toyota Prius Compare To Other Hybrids On The Market

Despite the Toyota Prius hybrid being one of the first widely marketed and popular hybrid vehicles, there are plenty of other hybrid options available on the market today, in a wide array of makes and models. So, how does the Toyota Prius stand up to its competitors? Firstly, you need to know that there are two types of hybrid vehicles, including full hybrids and plug-in ones.

The main difference between these two types of hybrids is the way the battery charges. A full hybrid charges from a huge battery pack that draws power from the gasoline engine and the brakes. The plug-in hybrids can be just that, plugged in.

The Toyota Prius battery is made up of 28 Panasonic nickel-metal hydride modules, each containing six 1.2-volt cells. Connected in a series, they will produce a total of 201.6 volts. This is compared to the Lexus RX 400h which can deliver 500 volts.

What Is 12v Battery Replacement Cost

Prius Battery Replacement for about 80$!!!! (Repaired 18 min version)

> > May I ask why you are not interested in Ohmmu? < < I have the same question: has anyone here used the Lithion replacement, pros and cons?

> > I Had to get replacements every 18 months for my car battery. Decided to go ohmmu this time since im out of warranty. Working fine so far. If I never have to change it again, it was worth itI made a video about the installation< < Thanks for the video!Did you ask Tesla if they had any issue with you installing it? The Ohmmu site says it is fully compatible – but they would, wouldn’t they?


SSedan said:Those all in on the lithium batteries is there anything other than their marketing material that has convinced you it is the right choice?I never found a single negative thing about them, So I was convinced. I wish I could give a better review but only time will tell.

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When To Replace A Car Battery

  • Your car doesnt start. A new battery has a specified capacity to provide power. This capacity is referred to as the cranking amps rating of the battery. As a battery ages, the actual amps that a battery can supply becomes lower than its original rating Once the cranking amps fall below a critical threshold, it will be difficult or impossible to start your car.
  • Battery or charging system warning light is illuminated. Should a battery or charging system warning light illuminate, a mechanic should perform a few basic tests to determine if a battery replacement is needed.
  • Electrical components dont work. Once a battery has started to fail, and the voltage produced by the battery drops, then vehicle electrical components can malfunction, such as the security system. If you are experiencing electrical malfunctions, its a smart idea to have the battery tested.

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When Your Car Reaches A Complete Halt

When youre just starting your car, it gets powered by the electric motor while drawing the power from the Prius battery.

At about 15 MPH, the Toyota Prius will only make use of its electrical motor for power. Its no surprise why hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius are more fuel-efficient for city driving than on the highway.

When you finally pull your car to a stop, the electric motor and gas engine gets turned off. To run every other thing like the headlights, radio, air conditioning and so on, the car makes use of the Prius batterys power.

Why The Toyota Prius 12v Auxiliary Battery Costs So Much

Toyota Prius Starting Battery

If you have been a victim of 12v battery prices, I feel you. I have purchased many “special” batteries for my Prius’ and each time about choked at the cost.

Why on earth would Toyota make such an expensive battery for these cars if all they are going to do is die anyway? Well, here are a few things you need to know about that battery and why it is so darn expensive.

Why Your Prius 12v Battery Is DifferentMany do not know that the 12v battery in your Prius is different they only know it is expensive. The 12v battery in Prius is a different animal and for a good reason. Toyota wanted to have a battery that could handle the type of use that these batteries get.

AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are built very differently than a typical lead-acid battery. With AGM batteries, there is no “free” liquid electrolyte. The “mats” inside the cell hold all the electrolytes. This action makes the battery non-spillable and much safer. AGM batteries perform better than “flooded” batteries in applications where maintenance is difficult to implement. AGM also has minimal gassing when charging, making it a safer choice in many forms.

Also, the onboard charging system for Prius Generations 1, 2, 3 was designed for AGM, not lead-acid. That means when the 12v is undergoing charge, the onboard computer is looking for a specific internal resistance of an AGM battery. SO if you put in a flooded style, it will not charge that battery correctly, and it will fail.

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Dont Test Right After Charging

More often than not, youll need to charge the battery before you can test it, but if you test it right after charging, a bad battery may seem like its OK. Also, the battery produces hydrogen gas while charging and a bad load tester clamp connection can cause a spark and explosion. Either let the battery rest for a few hours or test it 3 times, waiting around 5 minutes between each test. The first two tests will burn off any surface charge.

What Is Prius Battery Replacement

All batteries lose their effectiveness eventually. Replacing a Prius battery is relatively quick if done at a certified dealership on a scheduled appointment. The technicians will carefully remove the cargo interior mats and gain access to the battery. From there, the technician must properly disconnect, remove, and replace the old battery with a new one.

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Wondering What It’ll Cost To Replace Your Toyota Prius Battery

Blog/ Wondering what it’ll cost to replace your Toyota Prius Battery?

AuthorSarah RobinsonCategoryCar Advice

Why go for a Toyota car with a Prius battery? The answer is quite simpleitll save you a lot of money on fuel.

Yet, just like any storage cell, you can wake up to a dead battery. You might notice mysterious drops in the batterys charge, notice your gas engine running more than its meant to or even discover that your battery gauge never reaches or shows full anymore.

This isnt something youre looking forward to but if youre in this situation or want to know what your options are before going for that Prius battery-powered car then weve got you covered.

Relax and read on. Itll be worth your while.

Test At The Proper Current

2010-2015 Toyota Prius 12V battery replacement

Loading the battery at 1/2 the cold cranking amp rating is the proper way to load test a battery. If you test at too low an amperage, a bad battery may look good. If you test at too high an amperage, a good battery may look bad. Prius batteries are usually rated between 300 and 450 CCA. Check your rating before testing.

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What Is The Specific Type Of Toyota Prius Battery

Most Toyota models, including Prius, use a 12-volts AGM battery. AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat, which is a specific type of battery that comes with thin and sponge-like features and glass mat separators. Aside from cars, it is also used to power key fob sensors, lock actuators, and security systems.

These remarkable elements allow the battery to smoothly absorb liquid electrolytes to deliver top-notch performance. On top of that, AGM batteries do not spill, making them much safer and last longer than lead-acid types.

In general, the common lifespan of a 12-volt gel is around 5 to 6 years, if thoroughly kept in a charged state when not in use. After this period, the batteries decrease their original capacity or years of float voltage, from 100% down to 80%. However, temperature plays a pivotal role in the health of the battery.

Batteries that are past their prime years should be working at average ambient temperature or else it would increase their deterioration state.

Why Spend 10 Times More On A Special Agm 12

Since Toyota started making its best-selling Toyota Prius Hybrid, for whatever reason if the battery went dead, Prius owners shelled out at least $200 or more to replace the trunk-mounted AGM 12-Volt.

Since the battery is close to the passenger area, Toyota used a sealed, valve-regulated, recombinant AGM battery that doesnt leak fluid or vent under normal operation.Maintenance free AGM batteries mean worry free operations.

Contrast that to traditional lead-acid batteries vent trace amounts of possibly dangerous and toxic hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide.

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But, can you technically fit a much cheaper 12-volt lead acid lawn mower battery, priced at around $30 if you choose this EverStart Lawn and Garden Battery from Wal-Mart?

Before we answer that, heres how the Prius actually uses its 12-volt auxiliary battery and some cheaper non-automotive AGM battery alternatives if you dont want to shell out for the correct AGM battery but dont necessarily want to experiment with 12-volt lawn mower batteries.

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What Does A Prius Battery Replacement Include

Most Prius vehicles put the battery pack in the rear, beneath the floor of the cargo area toward the center-back, while others might keep it further forward underneath the rear seat area. In either case, the task only takes about an hour at a Toyota dealership or qualified auto shop. Problem with a hybrid battery are generally unrelated to any issues with a standard 12-volt car battery.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Prius Battery


The Prius battery replacement cost ranges from $2,000 to $4,500. Even if you choose to install a used Prius battery, installation could cost an additional $1,500. Planning for this cost throughout a hybrid cars lifespan is important. Some factors increase or decrease the Toyota Prius battery replacement cost.

  • The location where the service happens
  • The Toyota Prius battery manufacturer and type
  • The state the service is provided in

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Can You Boost Toyota Prius Batterys Life

Sure, you can do a few things to extend your Prius battery life.

  • Check, clean, and get your hybrid battery pack cooling system certified annually
  • Clean blocked and dirty cabin filters at all times, and remember to get them serviced or replaced
  • Get your battery checked by a professional regularly

Its hard to find time to maintain your Prius every day when juggling work and home tasks. But whenever you find time, please carry out one of these techniques. They will improve your cars battery lifespan significantly. Also, dont forget to maintain air circulation through the hybrid battery at all times.

Gather Estimates From Mechanics

Replacing a battery in a hybrid car is not as easy as swapping a battery in a traditional vehicle. One mistake during replacement can result in an electric shock, leading to severe injuries or death.

That explains why most technicians charge a lot for the service. Once you add the cost of the battery, your total cost will increase significantly.

But you can avoid the hefty replacement price by getting quotes from different shops. Select the repair shop that offers you the best deal.

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Prius 12v Battery Cost

Are you planning to replace your Toyota Prius battery? Battery replacement is surely an added expense that you need to prepare in advance, especially with the ongoing global financial crisis. So, if you want to know the current Prius 12v battery cost, you are right on track.

Here, we will have a breakdown of the latest price, along with the options on where to buy these hybrid batteries. We will also include some relevant tips to help with your purchasing process.

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