Rad Power Bike Battery Not Charging

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Possibleproblem #: Bad Charging Port

Rad Rover 6 Plus battery Wont Charge fix

Almost every e-bike has a battery that can be charged while its still plugged into the bike. This time-saving feature is great, but it also adds an additional point of failure. Sometimes, the wiring between your bikes charging port and your battery develops an issue that prevents your battery from charging.

If your battery wont charge, remove it from the bike and try charging it again. If it starts charging, theres a good chance that your charging port is the cause of your trouble. Either charge the battery outside of the bike from now on or take your bike into a specialist shop and have them look at your charging port.

Tip No : Dont Overcharge An Electric Bike Battery

Dont just leave your electric bike battery on the charger for long periods of time think several days or more. When you do, you can create a situation wherein the battery will discharge leaving it at perhaps 95 percent of capacity. The charger then goes to work, topping off the battery. This cycle of minor discharges and topping off continues creating a series of poor charging cycles.

Instead, use a timer on your mobile device to remind you to take the battery off of the charger.

Ebike Winter Battery Tips: Storage

If you wont be using your electric bike battery for more than two weeks, dont leave it completely charged. Battery manufacturer Bosch recommends only keeping it charged between 30-60%. Keeping a full battery can actually diminish the range over time, leaving you with less time to ride your bike. If its only a couple of days, its not a big deal, but the range costs add up over time. *See note

Rad Power Bikes recommends keeping your battery between 50% 75% for long term storage. They also recommend balancing your battery after long term storage. You can learn more about electric bike batter balancing here. Other popular electric bike companies like Juiced and Ride1Up recommend an 80% charge for long term ebike battery storage.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to charge your battery completely and then go out for a short ride. Using throttle only will deplete your battery faster. If you have 5 battery indicator bars, ride until you only have 4 remaining to achieve a charge level of 80%.

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Use The Charger That Comes With Your Battery

Were not trying to trick you into relying on our products. Sticking with our battery charger is honestly one of the most important steps you can take to keep your battery healthy.

The battery and charger are designed to work together. The battery manufacturer has tested the heck out of charging the battery using the charger they created to do exactly that job. Switching it up could result in it being charged too fast, which will heat up your battery. And as we now know, too much heat can land your battery in trouble. You could be looking not just at capacity loss, but major unrepairable, damage to the battery.

Is There A Fuse On A Rad Electric Bike

Stolen 2017 Rad Power Bikes Radwagon

Yes. Rad electric bikes have fuses. They help the bike to protect the components from overload. Besides, fuses can prevent short circuits. So, the risk of fire reduces due to the presence of fuses in the rad electric bike. However, when a single fuse melts, you must replace it immediately. Its crucial to keep riding the bike.

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Ebike Not Speeding Up

There are numerous reasons why your electric bike isnt speeding up.

More often than not, the feedback magnets – positioned on the pedal crank or the rear wheel hub – for the proximity switch get dirty. Clean them with a rag, and you should be good to go.

This common eBike battery issue is often wrongly diagnosed.

Most quality electric bikes feature a switch on the back and front brakes to stop the drive motor. In some cases, these switches can get stuck – leading to their failure. Activate both brake levers a couple of times to try and free up the switch.

To check the limit switch, though, you might have to remove the whole rear or front brake lever. Thats another reason why you should avoid leaving your eBike out in the rain.

Also, while it might sound obvious, be sure to check if youre in the proper mode – for example, pedal-assist, throttle-only, or pedal-only. Ive sometimes found myself in the wrong mode, and I couldnt figure out why my eBike isnt speeding up.

There is typically a minimum speed that will activate the drive motor. That is just a safety feature – and its usually around 1.8 mph.

What Speed Are eBikes Limited To?

eBikes are limited to 25 km/h – or 15.5 mph – to conform to the majority of road rules around the globe. Once the motor reaches this speed limit, it will stop providing power further.

Of course, you can still pedal faster than 25 km/h, but you wont get any assistance from the main motor.

Is 250Watts Enough For An eBike?

Possibleproblem #: Failing Battery

Batteries are made up of banks of individual cells. These cells are managed by a small circuit board called a BMS, or battery management system. In some cases, the BMS in your battery will cause unwanted behavior or prevent it from charging altogether.

The good news is that this is the BMS job. Its usually doing what the manufacturer set it up to do. The individual cells in your battery will fail at different rates, and when one of them fails, the BMS will have to prevent power from going in and out of that failing cell.

If enough of your batterys cells experience enough problems, the BMS will stop your battery from working altogether. This is exactly what its designed to do, as it keeps you and your bike safe.

If enough of your batterys cells experience enough problems, the BMS will stop your battery from working altogether. This is exactly what its designed to do, as it keeps you and your bike safe.

Your BMS isnt perfect, however, and its not unheard of for these devices to fail even when the cells in your battery are totally fine. Your BMS might be malfunctioning in a number of ways as a result of damage from heat, faulty wiring, or an unfortunate short.

Batteries arent meant to be disassembled, especially by consumers. Even if you opened up your battery and tested the components with electrical equipment, replacing a component like a BMS or a bad cell is currently difficult and expensive. Its not easy or cheap to get your hands on replacement parts.

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Ebike Winter Battery Tips: Bring It Inside

Make sure to keep your ebike battery inside during the winter. Rad Power Bikes suggests keeping the battery at room temperature, or around 50-77 F . And, according to Juiced, you should charge it inside too. You should never charge your battery at or below freezing, and if you just brought it inside, you should give it a couple of hours to warm up before charging. BTW, this is more than just good advice. Not following these guidelines can actually void your warranty, depending on the manufacturer.

Additional Tips To Follow

Something You Must keep in mind when charging your Rad Mini

You have learned when to charge a rad power bike battery and how to do it. Now you can simply put it to charge. But here are additional tips to follow. They are a must for safe charging.

  • Avoid thunderstorms: Avoid charging the battery in bad weather, especially in a thunderstorm. Here short circuit can occur, and the battery gets overheated. It can simply spoil your expensive battery
  • Use optimal load: Like other premium brand ebike batteries, rad power bike batteries come with a safety circuit. When the battery is subjected to overload, the fuse melts. Thus, the battery stop working. Another hand, lower voltage slows the charging down. So, the best practice is to charge the battery in an optimal load.
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    How To Make Your E

    Follow these steps to keep your electric bike, and battery, running smoothly

    An electric bike is a significant investment, with prices ranging from about $1,000 to as much as $10,000, with the average $2,000 to $3,000. At any price, an e-bike can pay big dividends in fitness and transportation.

    Sales have skyrocketed during the pandemic, jumping 145 percent in the U.S. in 2020 from a year earlier, according to the World Economic Forum. Whether you bought a new or used e-bike, youll want to take care of it. In addition to being costly, they may be hard to replace if they break down.

    E-bikes have a motor and a lithium-ion battery, making both riding and maintenance a bit different from a conventional bicycles. But following our tips can help you get the most from your e-bike.

    We asked experts at bike brands Rad Power Bikes, Specialized, and Trek about the best methods to pedal your e-bike, as well as other hacks to make it last longer.

    We also wanted to know the best ways to charge and maintain the battery, because that component can cost $500 or more to replace. And we got some advice on how to prevent your e-bike from being stolen.

    Heres what we found out.

    When To Charge Rad Power Bikes Battery

    This is the point where every rider makes mistakes. Most of them charge the battery whenever they have to. Some people do it whenever their hearts want. You cant do it like this. You must remember charging and discharging are chemical reactions. You should balance them and make them as smooth as possible. Its essential for the durability of the battery.

    Anyways here is when you should charge your rad power bike battery.

  • If you have a fresh, brand new battery, charge it for 12 hours. Dont look at the battery level just charge it fully. Then ride the bike and charge it again for 12 hours. Repeat it up to the fourth ride. During this process, you can use the PAS and throttle normally. This process is called battery balancing.
  • After battery balancing, you can charge the battery whenever necessary. There is no fixed rule on when to charge it. But its good to charge the battery after every ride. Thus, you will be prepared with full backup before the next ride. But the best practice is to charge it when the battery level is under 30-40%.
  • Sometimes, you dont get enough time to ride. In this case, you have to store the battery for months. While storing the battery, its good to charge it once every month. Otherwise, the battery can get exhausted. So, charge the battery for 12 hours once every month while storing it.
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    Ebike Winter Battery Tips: Winter Riding

    Remember, excessive heat and excessive cold are bad for electric bike batteries. For winter riding Rad Power Bikes recommends not riding in temperatures below 4 °F. Just keep in mind that riding in lower temperatures will also decrease your range, much like your cell phone battery lasts less time in cold weather.

    A Simple Rule Of Thumb


    So, how often should you charge your battery? A simple rule of thumb is charging after every ride. In this way, your e-bike will be ready as soon as you decide to ride it again. Ideally, you should follow the 30%-60% alternating rule described above.

    With a high-capacity battery such as the one used in the Delfast 3.0, you may not need to charge so often. The Top 3.0 has a maximum range of 200 miles . This is comparable to the range of an electric car. Thus, you probably wont need to charge it after every ride if you use it for commuting or short leisure rides.

    In any case, the Top 3.0 is fitted with a control display that indicates the percentage of battery charge. With such information, following the 30%-60% alternating rule will be quite easy.

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    Aug 29, 2018 · Hello, I’ve installed a e-bike conversion kit on my bike. 36v. Everything seemed to work fine, but somehow my battery ain’t charging up anymore . If I put the battery into the charger the LED on my charger stays green.. Apr 09, 2014 · if voltage is less than 40v (for 44v.

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    Rad Power Bikes Radmission

    Rad Power Bikes has played a big role in popularizing e-bikes by offering them at more affordable price points. The RadMission is a city bike with a boost. At 47.5 pounds, its heavier than standard bikes but lighter than many electric bikes. But its primary benefit is the price: Selling for under $1,000, the cost is comparable to some classic bikes, so its a great intro to e-biking and ideal for bike-only commuting.

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    Rad Power Bike Motor Cutout Under Load

    Sometimes, the bike starts and everything works well, but it stops in a middle of a ride. It happens when the motor cuts out from the source. This problem occurs due to overload, like a sudden voltage jump. Besides, it happens if the sensor is faulty or misaligned. Let me explain.

    • Overload: Whenever you get an ebike battery, the BMS comes with a safety circuit. It saves the battery from any unusual input or output. For example, take a sudden voltage jump. When you twist the throttle hard, the motor will accelerate fast. Asa result, a sudden voltage jump will appear in the circuit. Consequently, the motor will automatically cut out to protect the battery and other components.

    However, this problem mainly occurs when the battery is too old or chemically exhausted. Besides, a low-quality cheap spare battery can create this problem.

    • Sensor failure: This problem can also appear because of faulty sensors. Sometimes the sensor malfunction due to misalignment or damage. As a result, the engine cuts out suddenly.

    Recharge Your Battery Any Time It Completely Runs Out Of Juice

    Rad Power Bike Battery Solar Charging

    Okay, so now that you know not to keep it fully charged while youre not using it, you might be tempted to let it drain completely before storing it away.

    This is also not a great idea.

    Your battery may seem pretty quiet, but it has a lot going on under the surface. It contains a management system that needs to draw at least some energy at all times to monitor the internal state of the battery.

    The system will turn your electric bike off before it drops below an unhealthy voltage, but if it is not recharged soon after, the continuous draw can drop the battery below a healthy voltage. Once it hits that point, you’ll have an unchargeable, unusable battery.

    Keep it around that 75 percent range and you should be A-OK!

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    How To Safely Charge An E

    The lithium-ion batteries that power e-bikes can, in rare instances, catch fire. A few simple safety precautions will keep your battery safe and powered up.

    Dont use an aftermarket or off-brand battery. Yes, e-bike batteries are expensive , but the risk of starting a fire isnt worth it.

    Only use a charger made for your bikes battery. Here again, aftermarket options can increase fire risk.

    Finally, dont charge your e-bike battery when youre not around to monitor it. If the battery gets hot, unplug it . Frequent topping off can shorten battery life, but a few hours of charging once or twice a week will probably give you the range you need for your commute.

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    Ebike Winter Battery Storage & Tips To Keep You Riding All Season

    While many ebike owners are hardy and like to ride in winter, your ebike might not like the cold as much especially your ebikes battery. That doesnt mean you need to stop riding in winter but some tips to take care of your battery will help you out a lot. And dont worry, if youre looking to store your electric bike battery there are best practices below.

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    How To Shift Gears And Pedal On An E

    There are two common kinds of electric bikes: mid-drive, where the electric motor helps turn the pedals, and hub-drive, where the motor helps turn the wheels as you pedal. Understanding the difference can help you prevent wear on the e-bike as you shift gears.

    Some e-bikes, regardless of the motor, have a separate, typically twist throttle on a handle, like youd find on a motorcycle. That enables you to move without pedaling. This is handy for quick takeoff, but it uses a lot more battery, which limits the range of your motor and the amount of exercise you get.

    Nate Bosscher, a senior engineer on the e-bikes team at Trek, says the motor on a mid-drive e-bike is upstream of the gears and the chain, and that certainly puts more strain on the drivetrain than a non-e-bike. You can reduce the wear and tear on the drivetrain by regular cleaning and lubrication, he says.

    Whether youre riding a mid- or hub-drive e-bike, you should downshift to an easier gear ahead of a traffic light. Thats so you can resume pedaling without having to mash or stand on the pedals to make the bike move, Bosscher says.

    You also dont want to stand on the pedals with maximum force while trying to shift, which is especially hard on the bikes transmission, Bosscher adds. This is true whether youre shifting at a slower speed or flying down the road. And its always best to lighten your pedaling as you shift gears to reduce wear on the cluster and chain.

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