Recycle Aa Batteries For Cash

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How To Recycle Old Computers

Battery Recycling

Looking for a computer and electronics recycling center near you? Your local area is sure to have plenty of easy options for recycling any piece of IT equipment.

Recycling one million laptops saves enough energy to power over 3,000 homes for an entire year, according to the EPA. Every bit counts. You know that old Mac sitting on your desk or that PC your parents bought you for college that barely powers up? Were sure you doin California alone, the average consumer has 2 or more unused computers sitting at home.

Time to put them to good use.

You cant just throw them in the trash. The hazardous materials are a danger to the environment. Looking for a computer recycling center near you is by far the best option.

What Happens To The Batteries When I Recycle Them

Batteries that are recycled are processed to recover the plastics and metals, some of which are used to manufacture new batteries.

Envirostream, Australias first onshore lithium, nickel metal and alkaline battery processor, is able to recover 95% of the materials in the batteries for recycling. Any steel, copper and aluminium recovered is returned to the manufacturing sector for recycling, while the active components of lithium-ion batteries are used to produce a valuable product called mixed metal dust, which is used to produce new lithium-ion batteries.

Contact Republic Services At 289

  • Republic is working on rolling out a new online portal system to report missed pickups and pay for collection of appliances. In the mean time we recommend calling the above number instead.
  • Report any missed trash, recycling or yard waste pick-ups in Arlington, See full program rules
  • Arrange payment and pick-up of appliances
  • Get and estimate for collection of excess trash
  • Curbside TV collection if you cannot bring your TV to the Reuse & Recycling Center

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There Are Specific Handling Directions For Each Kind

Basic Rules

For all battery types, please remove them from packaging, bags, and other battery storage/transport means .

Battery recycling is for household batteries only. Do not place nails, screws, light bulbs, electric toothbrushes, vape pens, or other small items in with the batteries.


Residents should separate lithium batteries from the other types. You must also tape their contact points with clear tape.

You must use clear tape. Packing tape is best.

Do not use duct tape, masking tape, electrical tape, painters’ tape, or gaffers tape, and so on.

Place taped batteries into the appropriate container at the drop-off sites.

How can I tell if I have a lithium battery?

Lithium batteries are easily identifiable.

Lithium batteries will be clearly labeled with the word “Lithium” or “Li-ion” written on them.

They are the flat, button-like batteries, like those found in watches or hearing aides.

They also commonly found powering cameras, phones, and lap tops. Sometimes they look like traditional single-use batteries but have the word “Lithium” written on the side. Many drills, and other heavy-duty battery operated items use lithium batteries.

How should I tape these batteries?

You are trying to cover the parts of the battery that deliver power to the device they would be inside. These would be the “contact points.”

Here’s an example:

Why do I need to tape up batteries? This is a hassle.

nickel batteries

You must use clear tape. Packing tape is best.

Disposing Of Alkaline Batteries

Duracell Rechargeable StayCharged AAA Batteries, 4 Count ( Packaging ...

Most places dont accept single-use alkaline batteries for recycling. You cant take single-use batteries to Call2Recycle drop-off sites at The Home Depot.

In most places, you can put alkaline batteries, such as AA, AAA and D batteries, in the trash. They can be carried out to the curb with the rest of your household garbage. Many landfills will also accept trash bags that contain alkaline batteries. However, in the state of California, it is illegal to throw away any kind of battery, including alkaline batteries.

Even when single-use batteries can no longer run devices, they can still produce current. They can be hazardous if discarded improperly. Collect used household batteries in a container. A cardboard box or plastic tub is a safe option. Prevent any fire risk by taping 9-volt battery terminals before getting rid of them. You can use a piece of masking, electrical or duct tape.

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Can You Recycle Lithium

Yes, lithium-ion batteries are recyclable, but the process is a bit complicated. This might be the reason why youre struggling to find a recycling center that processes this kind of waste.

The first challenge to lithium recycling is that you cant handle those batteries like any other electronic waste.

Lithium is a highly reactive element.

To leave chemistry aside, lets just say that dumping a lithium battery into a load of paper recycling wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do.

Increased heat or electric discharge can cause the power cells to burst into flames. Cases like this are rare but are being reported increasingly often.

Even when done properly, stockpiling of water li-ion batteries is potentially unsafe and environmentally risky. Unlike other materials, these batteries cant be reused directly, so recycling is the only viable solution. In addition, lithium battery recycling reduces the need for new mineral extraction, which is always a win for the environment.

So how is recycling done?

First, qualified technicians need to disassemble batteries into modules. These professionals are trained high-voltage specialists who use insulated tools to avoid electrocution or short-circuiting the pack.

Short-circuiting a lithium-ion battery is no picnic. It may lead to rapid discharge and overheating that in return generate noxious byproduct gasses that may cause a cell to explode.

Read More:

How Much You Can Make When You Recycle Used Car Batteries For Money

Youll likely make under $10 for a worn-out car battery.

Often, youll get paid $6 or $7.

However, if you have a number of batteries to recycle, you could make as much as $12 per battery.

Since you werent using the old battery, you might as well make some money off of it!

Its a great bonus to get the car battery taken off your hands!

At the end of the day, youll make more money recycling some old batteries than glass bottles or cans.

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How To Recycle Cardboard

Cardboard is one of the most widely used biodegradable materials, and when not wet, it is easily recyclable. You generally have three options:

  • Consider saving the boxes for later use. If you move or decide you want to store items, having cardboard boxes never hurts.
  • Contact your municipality and see if there is curbside pickup.
  • If there is no curbside pickup, locate a cardboard recycling facility near you and bring your cardboard there.

Can Batteries Be Thrown Out

$450!!!! How to make extra cash recycling batteries

Batteries contain chemicals and metals that produce a reaction to generate electrical energy. While recycling of batteries is encouraged to protect the environment, you can throw out some types. Common household alkaline batteries are considered nonhazardous. You may toss out alkaline batteries with ordinary trash.

Button cell batteries used in items like remote car starters and watches contain silver and mercury. They must be recycled. In California, all household batteries are categorized as hazardous waste. Batteries must be brought to a household hazardous waste disposal facility. Another option is recycling at an authorized recycling facility in the state.

Rechargeable batteries can be charged hundreds of times before they have to be replaced. Laptops, tablets, digital cameras, cell phones and cordless power tools all use rechargeable batteries. These batteries are usually lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, nickel-zinc or small sealed lead batteries. Rechargeable batteries should be recycled. Look for the battery recycling seals on rechargeable batteries.

Tip: Remove batteries from broken cell phones and laptops before you give, throw away or recycle the device.

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Why Should I Recycle My Mattress

Good question. Why go through all the trouble? In the United States alone, up to 20 million mattresses are thrown in landfills each year, and each one takes up a great deal of space. This puts extreme pressure on the local environment. Around 80% of materials in your average mattress can be recycled, so bringing it to a mattress recycling facility near you is imperative.

How To Recycle Old Electronics

Looking for local electronics and computer recycling programs? Youve come to the right place. Well help you locate the nearest electronics recycling center. You can even help start one in your local area.

Recycling electronics isnt just good for the environment, it is mandatory. Due to the hazardous materials inside of them, you could be fined for throwing them in your normal trash. Finding a local facility that recycles electronics and accepts other e-waste is the easiest way to help the environment, create new jobs, and avoid paying hefty fines. Actually, you can even make yourself some quick cash if you know how to do it right.

Heres what you need to know:

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Best Places To Recycle Your Old Car Batteries For Cash

Recycling has become widely embraced by many consumers worldwide, which is a disposal method every car battery owner needs to imbibe. Most people do not know how to dispose of their batteries and do it wrong, e.g., trashing, ocean disposal, improper storage or abandonment, etc. Do you know you can recycle your old batteries and get paid for them? Find out how in this article.

Batteries Aren’t Created Equal But Recycle Them All Anyway

Battery Recycling

Its not necessary for consumers to understand every type of battery, Raudys says. The reality is theyre all recyclable. If its a battery, just recycle it and let us take care of sorting them and making sure they get dealt with in the right way.

Its that simplehowever, the consequences of improper disposal can be a much bigger deal, depending on the battery. There are significant differences among the batteries that run a TV remote, that power your cars starter, and everything in between.

Car batteries, rechargeable batteries , and even button cell watch batteries contain heavy metals and other toxic chemicals. Recycling batteries like these is often required by law. By comparison, primary batteriesthose designed to be used once, such as disposable alkaline AA batteriesarent quite as dangerous. Mercury used to be a typical ingredient in primary batteries, but thanks to regulations in the 1990s, battery manufacturers essentially stopped using the hazardous element.

Todays primary batteries are relatively benign, but that doesnt mean you should just throw them away. Its easy to get them confused with more sensitive batteriesand even alkaline batteries have recoverable materials.

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Advantages Of Recycling Batteries

Recycling of car batteries is such a big business now that entrepreneurs are also looking at this as a major opportunity. .

Recycling laws are stringent, and there are grave penalties for those of who are found in violation of such laws. These laws ensure that these batteries do not cause air, water, and soil pollution.

Lead is contained in large quantities in the batteries which can cause lead poisoning in not only humans but also animals.

Few of the recycling plants allow only Lead acid batteries and do not deal with Ni-Cad batteries and hence make sure that the recycling plant you are going to deals with the kind of batteries that you have.

Lead batteries have a symbol Pb on them which can help you identify the type of battery you possess.

An interesting statistic which you should know is that vehicle batteries are the most recycled elements in the world. Nearly 9/10 of all lead-acid batteries of the world are recycled.

Plus, there is so much lead from these batteries coming in on a daily basis that the lead recycling process goes on indefinitely and the lead and plastic which has once been used would continue undergoing the recycling process for so many times.

It is a fact that the recycling of batteries is a very environment-friendly and cost-effective method.

Why Recycle Electronics

Recycling saves a ton of energy. Literally. For every million laptops recycled, we save enough energy to power over 3,600 homes. Not only does it save energy, it prevents pollution and reduces landfills.

The USA generates a staggering 9.4 million tons of e-waste every year. You can help put an end to that now by finding an electronics recycling center near you.

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Why Recycle Batteries

Each year, millions of used batteries end up in landfills. Even though this is perfectly legal, it is terrible for the environment. Batteries contain toxic materials, including zinc, mercury, silver, and lead. When this gets into landfills, it can get into the soil, water, and other parts of nature.

Not only that, but processing these via incineration costs a great deal of energy without economic benefit.

In the past, recycling was not cost-effective, but due to advancing technology, the materials within a battery are now easily salvageable. Putting these raw materials back into the economy and keeping them out of landfills is a major goal for society.

If you are looking for a place to dispose of your batteries, you can either take them back to the retailer or locate a battery disposal facility near you. For AA and AAA batteries, you must locate a recycling center. For rechargeable batteries that have run through their cycle, you may either take them to a facility or return them to the retailer. Be sure to store them safely until you bring them in!

How Do Batteries Work

Alkaline vs. Rechargeable Batteries… Speedlight Recycle Test

Batteries consist of three parts: electrodes, an electrolyte, and a separator. The cathode and the anode of a common battery are hooked up to an electrical circuit. Between them is where the electrolyte is placed. Its normally a gel or liquid that contains ions, or electrically charged particles. When combined, these materials produce chemical reactions, which allow the battery to generate an electric current. The separators job is to keep the cathode and anode from touching each other. If not, a short circuit would be created, and would prevent the battery from functioning. These chemical reactions, also called oxidation-reduction reactions allow the flow of ions between the cathode and anode.

Commonly Recycled Items

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Make It A Business Venture

Are you not having much luck finding buyers for your used batteries?

There might be another way that could pay money.

You could learn how to recondition batteries at home as a side hustle. Restore and bring them back to life a little longer.

Reconditioned batteries typically sell for less than new ones, but theyll sell for more than dead ones. Its similar to buying a reconditioned phone or some other type of electronic device.

Learn how to recondition car batteries at home

Learn step-by-step on how to recondition a car battery DIY via a YouTube video.

What tools are required to recondition a battery?

Reconditioning will require the following tools:

  • Moisture-proof gloves & goggles

Your refurbishing hobby could turn into a business once you become more experienced and efficient with making the batteries work like new again.

Another Way To Make Money With Used Car Batteries

Are you not having much luck finding buyers for your used batteries?

There might be another way that could actually pay more than selling old batteries that no longer work or have little juice left.

You could consider learning how to recondition the batteries yourself, which brings them back to life a little while longer.

Reconditioned batteries typically sell for less than new ones, but theyll also sell for more than used ones.

Its similar to buying a reconditioned phone or some other type of electronic device.

Reconditioning batteries will require you to spend some time learning how to do it and spend some money up front on equipment youll need to do the job correctly.

For successful reconditioning, batteries will need to at least be able to register between 10 and 12 volts. Youll need a voltmeter to check it.

Youll also need a set of tools to help you open the battery cell caps, a reliable funnel and container to drain and refill battery fluid, and some safety equipment, like goggles and gloves.

You can learn more about the process of refurbishing batteries here or talk to an experienced mechanic about teaching you the ropes.

Your refurbishing hobby could turn into a business once you become more experienced and efficient with making the batteries work like new again.

If youre good at what you do, you should at least be able to charge people half of what the battery originally costs.

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How To Dispose Of Tires The Right Way

The possibilities for recycling grow more advanced by the day. Shredding and other hi-tech methods are keeping tires out of landfills and using them to create mulch, put them in flooring, or making surfaces for playgrounds. In fact, 90% of old tires now get a new life!

Tire regulations vary by state, but most allow you to take them to a nearby facility or retailer. Depending on their regulations, you might have to pay a fee to return them.

The One And Only Right Way For Lithium


The only safe way to recycle Li-ion batteries is to have them processed by a qualified electric and electronic recycling center.

For individuals, that means looking up your nearest center and dropping off any old phones, games consoles, laptops, or tablets. These will generally be accepted free of charge and recycled properly.

The problem is that not all recycling centers accept lithium-ion batteries. Email inquiries and phone calls take a long time, provided you have already tracked down the suitable facilities in your area.

GreenCitizen has developed the Green Directory, as a one-stop service for finding recycling services. The service is easy to use:

  • Enter what you need recycling, e.g. lithium batteries
  • Punch in your zip-code
  • Youll get a list of businesses that accept lithium batteries in your area. These might be big box stores, electronics retailers, or specialized recyclers.

    If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to safely recycle your lithium-ion batteries, take a look at GreenCitizens electronic recycling program.

    With GreenCitizen, you can dispose of lithium-ion batteries in two ways:

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