Replacement Batteries For Nissan Leaf

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Avis Car Rental Places Near Oklahoma City Ok Usa

Nissan LEAF (2014) – New Battery Install

The airport zone is the most popular AVIS location in OKC Airport, USA. The rental car desk is usually located right at the airport, but sometimes you might need to get by yourself or to use a free shuttle bus to get to the rental desk. Check the pickup type carefully when doing your rental.

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Nearby downtown car rental locations

  • 28.76 km / 17.87 mi

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Option One: 16 Blade Battery

Christchurch-based EVs Enhanced designed a new battery calling it the 16 Blade.

There are three variations they have created:

  • Green: 40 kWh battery intended for commercial production.
  • Blue: 74 kWh battery .
  • Red: Performance-focused variant.

The GREEN battery is intended for commercial production.

Green blade battery specs

third of the cost of an equivalent new Leaf. This is about $20,000 less the trade-in price of the existing battery.

EVs Enhanced claims the battery will outlast the car and will not suffer from the degradation issues of current batteries.

Original Leaf battery chemistry is a Ni-Mn , then Ni-Co-Mn .

The Nissan Leaf 30000 Km Later

30,000 Km and still driving like new

Its been 17 months since we first took delivery of our LEAF. Yesterday, as I was driving to work, I had to pull over and take this picture as we had just hit the 30,000 mark. For us, its an impressive milestone. I dont think weve ever driven any of our past cars that much in such a short period of time, specially considering most of the driving on the LEAF has happened within the city. For comparison, our gas car only drove 12,000 Km during the same period, which shows that the LEAF is not a good second car like many say, but it is in fact the first car in our family.

30,000 Km also means a lot in terms of savings, for both our pocket and for the environment. Our gas car would have burned at least 2,500 liters of gasoline to drive the same distance, cost about $3,125 at the pump and thrown 6 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere. By comparison, the LEAF cost us about $470 in home electricity, without any gas, oil changes or tailpipes.

On a yearly basis, we drove 21,496 Km in 2012, using just $333 of home electricity. Thats $28 per month, or half of a Corolla gas tank, to drive almost 1,800 Km. Overall, we saved $2,150 in gas, oil changes and car insurance last year.

Finally and most important, the LEAF continues to be very very fun to drive! The instant torque, great acceleration, the low center of gravity and all the quietness and comfort make it always a very pleasant ride.

On to the next 30,000!

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Size In Terms Of Capacity

When measuring size in terms of capacity, you will look at a kWh measurement.

These differ among the various Nissan Leaf model types and are as follows:

Nissan Leaf Model Type

The Nissan Leaf S and Leaf SV have a capacity size of 40 kWh.

The Nissan Leaf S Plus, SV Plus, and SL Plus have a robust 62 kWh capacity.

The Nissan Leaf Battery

12V Lithium Battery for Nissan Leaf (2012

An electric vehicle comprises numerous parts, one of which is the battery.

Understanding how an electric car battery works will allow you to understand your car better and get the most out of it!

Now, lets look at what the Nissan Leaf battery is all about.

The Nissan Leaf battery has come leaps and bounds from its original big unit.

The cell structure within the battery is laminated and has been designed with a Ni-Co-Mn positive material. Moreover, the cells are high-performance and have a high cooling level ability which is great for battery life.

When the initial battery launched, it was made of 48 modules in a 4-cell configuration. Today you will find that the battery is designed in an 8-cell configuration.

The new lithium-ion battery makes for a much smaller unit and higher density of lithium ions.

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History Of The Nissan Leaf

The Nissan LEAF has been around for a while, and has âthe distinction of being the first widely available and affordable all-electric car,â according to Consumer Reports. Edmunds credits the LEAF as being âfirst, full-electric mainstream vehicle to be put on sale for the American consumer.â The 2021 model is a mid-priced new vehicle with two battery capacity options, and a range of up to 226 miles, putting it on par with other second-generation EVs. However, older models, starting with the 2011, are some of the least expensive used EVs available. Read on to find out what to ask, what to know, and if a Leaf may be right for you.

First Generation LEAF – 2011 to 2017

A 2011 LEAF can be found for just a few thousand dollars and can provide a good, if local, EV experience. However, the initial battery pack had only 24 kWh capacity and 73 miles or range, and Nissan did not install any temperature control in the battery management system. This meant that many early Leaf batteries suffered serious degradation, and many early Leaf drivers had to get replacement batteries or live with severely curtailed range. However, the early model, which comes in SL or SV trim, is reliable, safe, and a pioneer of electric vehicles.

Second Generation – 2018 to current

Sell Or Scrap The Car

Heres perhaps the major problem with BEVs . Depreciation.

Without an efficient battery pack, your Nissan Leaf or any electric car is worth very little. Why? Because nobody wants it! Think about it. Would you pay any money for a car thats dying?

People looking for a basic runaround car might pay you a bit. However, youre more likely to get more money from a scrapper.

Dont expect more than $5,000 to $7,500 for your model. Depending on its initial cost, this may represent a considerable depreciation rate.

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Acdelco Advantage Battery 49s

This battery is characterized by tremendous deep cycling abilities. Without forgetting to mention that the battery is also charge receptive a reason why it is a perfect battery for start-stop functions in your BMW X5.

Amazingly, the battery is designed with oxygen recombination tech to ensure there is reduced water loss and keep the battery maintenance free. In case you need an awesome replacement battery for BMW X5, this is the best battery for you.


  • It has a total weight of 58.6 pounds
  • Its dimensions measure 13.9 x 6.9 x 7.5 in
  • The battery has a total voltage of 12 Volts
  • The battery has a total capacity of 95 Ah
  • It has a CCA of 900
  • It has a reserve capacity of 160 minutes
  • It has a three years warranty

An advantage associated with this unit is that it is designed with premium alloys and paste that is of high density to ensure the batterys performance is at the maximum.

The battery is designed with great innovation, experience and technology to ensure its the best quality battery in the automotive market. The AGM design makes it leakage free because all the components are tightly held within the casing in the glass mat separator rather than flowing from cell to cell.

These batteries have a long service life because pressure on the plates is maintained thus reducing the amount of active mass lost from within the grid. Also, the terminal design reduces leakages that may cause corrosion thus ensuring the terminals remain clean at all times.


There May Come Other Battery Options

Nissan LEAF 62kwh Battery Swap

In Japan, Nissan has a joint venture with Sumitomo, with whom they operate a battery remanufacturing facility that disassembles Nissan Leaf batter packs. In the process, they salvage any of the 48 battery modules that still have 80 percent or more of their original capacity.

This costs the driver less than $3,000 in Japan, and is thus a great alternative to the idea of getting either a totally new one, or getting the car to Portland to be worked on by the likes of EV Rides, who while undoubtedly doing a good job, also charge a high premium. Its also true that Nissan dealerships are already equipped to offer the installation service for properly made remanufactured Nissan Leaf batteries. Could this be a viable alternative? It would seem so.

Toyota hybrid owners have been able to enjoy battery repurposing and refurbishing on their cars for some time, and at a much lower cost than that of replacing the battery outright. To be a true champion of the environmental cause, it seems to be on Nissan to provide this more comprehensively to its customers, especially those early adopters who then faced a real predicament when their less-than satisfactory batteries started to lose their charge.

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Electric Cars Are Great In Theory

Electric cars have their benefits. Negligible charging costs, extreme torque, and government grants are just some of them.

In their push to make the population turn electric, governments worldwide turn a blind eye to certain factors. The cost of a new battery is one of them.

The cost to replace the battery on a Nissan Leaf makes it at least as expensive to own as a gas-powered car, all things considered.

It might be slightly better for the environment, yes. But its not emission-free, contrary to propaganda. And, on top of all that, can a vehicle owner really afford to pay up to $10,000 for a new battery pack? The cost is tremendous.

If youre set on an electric car, your best option may be buying a one- or two-year-old Leaf and selling it after only a year or two of ownership. You could then repeat this cycle. Its annoying but will minimize the effect of depreciation and mean you shouldnt ever have to pay to replace the battery pack.

Do you already own a Nissan Leaf with poor batteries? In that case, check what you can get on the warranty. If youre still stuck, purchasing reconditioned batteries is probably the cheapest way to replace them.

But its still expensive.

What Do You Look For When Choosing A Mechanic To Replace Your Nissan Leaf Battery Pack

If you are located in San Diego or Southern California, there are only a handful of independent mechanics with the experience to do a LEAF battery replacement correctly and cost efficiently. At Griffins Auto Repair, we have years of experience with replacing LEAF battery packs and are considered the go-to shop for all Nissan LEAF repairs. Our Nissan repairs and services come with a 24-month or 24,000-mile guarantee, so you can feel confident giving our Nissan mechanics a try. We also offer same-day repair in most cases and a no-cost downtown shuttle service.

At Griffins Auto Repair, we also commonly perform the following Nissan services and much more:

  • LEAF Battery Pack Replacements & Updates

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Still Cant Find The Right Replacement Battery

At Battery Guy our staff have in depth knowledge and years of experience in the battery replacement business so get in touch with us and well try to help you out. You can call Toll Free on 800-572-1975 or Skype us at battery.guy1

If its currently outside business hours then please fill in our contact form and well get straight back to you.

Cost Of A New Nissan Leaf Battery

CASE OF 8 NISSAN LEAF GEN 1 BATTERIES 7.6V 64AH 500WH â Battery Hookup

According to various reports, including a forecast by the Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the lithium batteries used by the Nissan Leaf can cost you an estimated $6000.

However, the battery unit comes to around $4000.

This is all dependent on the type of battery package you are looking to buy. However, global finance forecasts estimate that you will pay around $137 per kilowatt of battery capacity.

In other words, if you are looking at a 40kWh battery, you can expect to pay $5 500.

Dealerships vary in price, so the best advice is to get a few quotes from various dealerships in your area.

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How Long Do They Last

Batteries on the Leaf last for quite a lot of time. But if you own some of the early models of the Leaf. You probably lost quite a lot of juice. According to research, the first generation of the Nissan Leaf is losing about a quarter of its capacity over 5 years. This means that these Nissan Leaf vehicles that were produced somewhere between 2010 to 2015 have lost around half of their capacity and you cannot expect to go more than 30 to 50 miles on a single charge which is disappointing.

Thats why you need to be aware of these old models before you rush out and get one. You need to learn if this vehicle had already its battery swapped with a new one and when was that performed.

If the Leaf that you intend to buy has a battery that has never been swapped. You need to deduct the price of a new battery pack from its retail value. Then you get the right cost of that Nissan Leaf. And Nissan Leaf battery replacement cost can be quite hefty. But more on that in the next chapter.

The important bit is that you need to be aware of this and not get ripped off by someone. Knowing how things work will be crucial for you and your budget.

Luckily new Leaf vehicles have a big warranty on the powertrain and the battery, unlike their predecessors. Which is standard for all EVs sold in the US. The warranty is a standard 8-year warranty or 100,000 miles on the battery pack.

How Much Is A Battery For A Hybrid Car

The price varies from producer to producer and from model to model. An overall figure goes from $2,000 to $8,000, and if you need an exact figure, you will need to search per model. Sometimes even service centers have an impact on the price of the battery, so keep your eyes open when doing this job.

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Battery Removal And Replacement

Despite lots of hearsay, as of September 2022, there are no commercial systems in place for LEAF battery replacement.

Some batteries have been replaced using a battery from a scrapped vehicle. These are one-offs, and unless the scrapped vehicle has a battery with a good SoH , then the process is uneconomic.

However, there will be more options.

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When Do Nissan Leaf Batteries Need To Be Replaced

Depending on a range of factors such as number of charging cycles completed, frequency of fully charging or draining the batteries, exposure to temperature extremes, and just general aging the performance of any lithium ion battery degrades over time. You may have experienced this first-hand with your cell phone and the batteries in electric vehicles are no different. EV battery degradation is a normal process that permanently reduces the amount of energy the battery can store and deliver.

In the case of the Gen1 LEAF models, their smaller battery packs tend to have a shorter lifespan than the average electric car because they go through more charging cycles for an equivalent amount of miles travelled. The early LEAF battery packs also did not have dedicated battery warming systems, leading to batteries being used in non-ideal temperature ranges. Compounding these issues is the fact that regenerative braking is less efficient when the battery degrades, so actual range per charge decreases more rapidly than one might expect. Where an early LEAF may have provided 75+ miles driven per charge when new, that range could potentially decrease significantly over time, eventually necessitating replacement of the battery pack to keep your electric car at its full potential.

Is The Nissan Leafs Battery Replacement Cost Worth It

This depends on the following two main factors:

  • If it is going to cost you more than you bought the car, then it is definitely not worth it.
  • If the vehicle looks old and does not seem like it will last for another few years to come, then it may not be worth it. This is because you will be paying a lot for the new battery just to put it on an old car that wont last long. It doesnt make sense.

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