Replacing Battery On Nissan Key Fob

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Can You Start A Nissan With A Dead Key Fob

2010 – 2020 Nissan Rogue Key Fob Battery Replacement

Maybe you’re stuck somewhere with a dead key fob and no way to get a replacement battery. If so, don’t worry you’ll still be able to drive yourself home.

As mentioned in the instruction section on changing the battery in a Nissan key fob, the fob contains an extra physical key. You can pull this key out in a pinch and use it to unlock and start your Nissan.

On certain Nissans, you might have to put the entire key fob into a slot called the Intelligent Key port. You can find this slot on the left side of the steering wheel, below the air vents.

Change Battery In Nissan Key Fob

To change out the battery, you simply need to insert your new CR2032 battery with the negative side facing you or up. Slide the battery starting from the outer edge of the casing towards the metal connection.

Simply press the battery into the metal connection and downwards to secure.

Perfect! You have just one final step to go which is to securely connect both sides of the casing back together. Do this by holding the side with the battery on the bottom and sliding the tip of the side with the circuitry to meet as below.

Once you have got the top of the casing touching on both sides, it should provide a secure enough connection to then close the two sides in together and press down to secure the internal clips. By pressing down on both sides as shown below, you should hear a few clicks which indicates the side is locked in.

Simply then insert the key back into its slot and replace the metal key ring. Dont forget to give the Nissan key fob battery a test to ensure you can arm and disarm your vehicle. If the test fails and it does not work, simply refer to the steps above to ensure you havent made a mistake.

What Size Battery Does A Nissan Key Fob Take

Posted on October 27, 2021

Nowadays, all new Nissan vehicles come with a remote keyless system. You don’t need to physically use a key to start your engine or unlock your door with this system. Having a Smart Key as Nissan uses is nice, but what do you do if it runs out of battery power? With so many micro-battery sizes on the market, knowing which size to purchase for your Nissan intelligent key is challenging. Luckily, we’ve researched the batteries and replacement process to provide you with an answer here.

All Nissan Smart Keys use the same battery size: CR2032 3-Volt. To change the battery in your key fob, follow these steps:

  • Remove the valet key by pressing the small button on the back of the fob.
  • Using a screwdriver or card, gently pry open the fob until it clicks and is in two pieces.
  • Remove the battery and insert the new one.
  • Reassemble the key fob and replace the valet key.
  • That’s an overview of the battery size for Nissan Smart Keys and how to replace them. But, there is more that you need to know about this process. In the remainder of this post, we will discuss how to change the battery in more detail. Additionally, we’ll discuss how long the batteries should last, programming the Nissan key fob, and whether or not they qualify for a warranty.

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    Can You Replace A Key Fob Battery Yourself

    You can replace the battery in your key fob by following these steps:

  • Find out the type of battery used: This will be embossed on the side of the fob. The most commonly used type of batteries are button cells, sold by brands like Duracell and Energizer.
  • Open the key fob at the seam: Most key fobs are made of two halves that join together at a seam. You can easily split them apart by using a finger or sharp edge against the notch.
  • Take out the old battery and replace it with a new one: The button cell battery will look like a little silver coin. Pop out the old one and pop in the new one the same way. Take care to insert it in the same orientation .
  • Snap the fob halves back in place and test it: Check whether the lock/unlock and start functions are working properly to ensure youve replaced the battery correctly.
  • Can You Drive With A Dead Key Fob


    No auto manufacturer is going to pin everything on the key fob working all the time. Therefore, even if your battery dies, you can still use the fob to drive the car.

    • Despite most cars going keyless, several of them still have a key slot usually located on the steering column. It will typically be covered by a plastic cover which you can pop off. Once you insert the physical key into it, you can easily turn on the car and drive away.
    • Some cars begin ignition with the START button, which switches on the car only if the key is detected. With a dead battery, the car may not recognize the key fob and hence the START button may be unresponsive. In such cases, you can use the fob itself to push the START button, which will switch on the car.
    • Some vehicles like Fords have a slot on the steering column where you can insert the fob, which will start the vehicle.

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    Top 3 Reasons Why Your Nissan Key Fob Not Working After Battery Change

    There are two major scenarios to consider with Nissan car key fobs not working after battery change: 1. Your car key fob wasnt working beforehand and replacing the battery hasnt solved the problem, 2. The key fob needed a battery replacement and has suddenly stopped working after the battery change.

    If your situation falls in the latter category, then perhaps, the key fob has been reset due to the battery change. Most of the Nissan car key fobs automatically reset after a battery replacement. On the other hand, if your issue falls in the first category, there might be other deeper problems with your key fob or the car itself.

    There could be several reasons why your Nissan key fob isnt working after changing its battery. Given below are the 3 most common causes behind this key fob issue. Lets check them out:

    Can I Drive With Low Battery Key Fob

    In case your key fob has a low battery, you will still be able to drive your car. However, you will not have access to some of the features that the key fob provides.

    For example, if your car has a remote start, you will not be able to use it. You may also not be able to lock or unlock your doors remotely. In some cases, you may not even be able to open your trunk.

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    Which Battery Is Suitable For Nissan Key Fob

    In principle, Nissan Key Fob uses a coin battery, specifically the CR2025 battery. CR2025, on average, stores 3V, runs on for 170mAh at maximum and can sustain up to six months. Regarding its size, this coin-cell battery is only 5-25mm in diameter and 1-6mm high.

    Since CR2025 is extremely small and can store large amounts of energy, this battery is commonly used in handy accessories such as watches, calculators, hearing aids, and key fobs. Due to its versatility, this battery type is widely used in many household tools. Therefore, looking for the matching key fob battery for your car is not too difficult.

    Additionally, if you want a better guarantee for the power storage of the key fob, you could take it to the mechanics or a service center for an overall checkup.

    Why Wont My Key Fob Work After I Changed The Battery

    How to replace battery in Nissan key fob

    To open the key fob and inspect for damaged contacts or misaligned buttons, you may use basic tools. Replace the automobile key fob if that doesnt work. Another reason your vehicle remote may not function after replacing the battery is the lock. Check for these symptoms to see whether the lock or vehicle door has become faulty.

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    How To Replace The Battery In Your Nissan Key Fob

    For correct 2015 Nissan Altima key fob battery replacement, follow these steps closely:

    • Set the key fob on a table with the buttons facing down.
    • Remove the metal ignition key You should see a small slider tab. Push the tab toward the outer edge of the key fob to release the metal ignition key. Pull the bottom edge of the key fob downward, and the key should slide out. Make sure to set the emergency key aside someplace you wont lose it!
    • Pry apart the fob With the key fob buttons facing up, look into the slot where the emergency key used to be. You should see two notches on the plastic bottom edge of the fob. Carefully insert your flathead screwdriver into one of the notches, and use it to pry apart the two halves of the fob. If its stubborn, try the other notch. Remove the top half of the fob.
    • Replace the battery With the top half removed, you should see the battery. Carefully pry it out with your screwdriver, taking care not to scratch the components. Push in the new battery with the positive side facing up.
    • Reassemble the fob Line up the front half and the rear cover of the key fob and gently push them together, making sure theyre flush at every edge. Push the metal ignition key back into the slot until it clicks securely in place.

    Look For The Seam Where The Halves Of The Fob Come Together

    Alaina DiGiacomo/

    Most key fobs open in a clamshell fashion, where two halves snap together. There will be a seam where you can split the two halvessometimes there will even be a notch at that seam. If your car still requires you to put the key in the ignition switch, make sure you dont hang anything from that keyring other than the fob the weight of your house keys can wear down the ignition cylinder, which is potentially hazardous.

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    Causes Behind Nissan Key Fob Not Working After Battery Change

    A lot of Nissan car users keep complaining that their Nissan key fob not working after battery change. This happens quite often, especially after replacing your car key fobs batteries. While the modern-day car key fob technology is a boon to us, situations, where the key fob wont work, can be quite troublesome. Youve recently had the key fob batteries replaced, so it cant be a battery issue.

    One of the main reasons your car key doesnt work after changing its battery is that the key fob automatically resets after a battery change. Some of the other causes behind this issue could be a damaged car door circuit, faulty ignition cylinder, or a damaged key fob.

    When Do I Have To Reprogram My Key Fob

    for Nissan Armada 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Remote Key Fob 315MHz ...

    When the key fobs battery is replaced, you may still experience issues with it.

    Your key fob may fail to respond to commands even with a new battery inserted or installed in it due to an automatic reset that may have occurred to the electronic system during the replacement process.

    This issue can be rectified by reprogramming your key fob.

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    How To Open Nissan Key Fob

    When unopened, your Nissan key fob is made up of two main components which are conveniently stored together. The small security hardware device and a physical key to get you out of binds when there may be an issue with the device.

    To then open the Nissan key fob device we need to firstly turn the fob onto its back. You will see a small switch which you can push up to release the internal grip on the key simultaneously pull the physical key out from the casing.

    Once the key is released, you can put it to the side and continue to opening up the casing.

    Looking front on to the gap left by removing the physical key, you will see two tiny slots to help pry open the casing. These are shown below where the screw drivers are touching.

    Using the flat head screw drivers from your mini screw driver set, simply insert the end into one of the slots and turn 90 degrees to pop it open. Perform the same action to the other slot to pop open the other side of the case. If the case does not completely open, it may require some gentle additional prying on either side.

    The casing will then open into two parts, one side containing the battery and the other containing the circuitry. You can place the side with the circuitry to one side as you work on the side with the battery.

    Nissan Key Fob Battery Replacement: What To Watch Out For

    Though the procedure is relatively simple. You should be careful of a few things when doing a Nissan key fob battery replacement:

    • When opening the casing into two parts, dont use the grooves on the side of the casing as a point to lever your screwdriver. Older keys have these side grooves, but ignore those and focus on the slits at the top.
    • When prying open the casing from the top, dont apply too much force in case you cause any damage to the casing edge or any parts of its innards.
    • Dont put your key fob near anything magnetic while youre changing the battery. Magnets can cause damage to the internal workings of your Nissan key fob.
    • When replacing the battery, ensure that you put the side with the writing on it Panasonic CR 2032 face down into the battery casing. If you put it in the wrong way, it wont work.

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    Can You Program A Nissan Key Yourself

    Instructions for Programming Nissan Intelligent Keys Remove the key after inserting it into the ignition but before starting the automobile. Repeat roughly six times, however it might take up to ten. The danger lights will flash twice when your automobile accepts the Key. Youve entered program mode.

    Can You Start Nissan Car With A Dead Key Fob

    Nissan Key Fob Battery Change – How To DIY Learning Tutorials

    As we have said earlier, the battery in the key fob may die at the moment you least expect it. Do not panic as you can open the doors and start the engine even with a dead key fob.

    Use the emergency key at the back of the key fob to open the doors. Press the emergency key against the start button to start the car.

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    Nissan Key Fob Battery Replacement

    So now that you have exposed the battery you are now at the final stages of knowing how to replace battery in Nisaan key fob. Simply take the same screw driver from your mini screw driver set as you used before and pry out the battery from a small gap in the encasement. It should easily pop out ready for you to insert your new Nissan key fob battery, a CR2032 3V Lithium battery.

    Is It Time To Service Your Nissan

    If your key fob battery is dying, it’s a good reminder that it could be time to service your vehicle. If you haven’t had your Nissan serviced in the past year, go ahead and make an appointment with our online scheduler. We will replace your key fob battery, change your oil, and perform any other necessary maintenance so you can get back out on the road without any issues!

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    What Is The Emergency Ignition Key

    Every keyless entry system comes with an emergency metal key stored inside the key fob. This ensures that youll never be stranded far from Allentown if your key fob battery dies unexpectedly! Your cars door handle should have a small keyhole on the underside to insert the key and unlock the car manually.

    Before you can perform 2015 Nissan Altima key fob battery replacement, youll first need to remove the emergency key from the fob. Read the steps below for details!

    Why Is My Nissan Key Fob Not Working After Battery Charge

    How To Replace Battery In Nissan Murano Key Fob

    If your Nissan Smart Key fob isn’t working after you’ve successfully changed the battery, it may require reprogramming. Sometimes the Smart Key loses contact with the vehicle after it’s been without a good battery. So, double-check that you put the right battery in the fob and if so, proceed with reprogramming.

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    How To Change Battery In Nissan Key Fob

    Its all very advanced and technical , but like just about any other gadget out there, it has a limited battery lifespan. Its important then to know how to change the Nissan key fob battery. The first time you do it, it might feel a little tricky, but its actually much easier than it seems and youll undoubtedly get pretty deft at it over time.

    Below are the main steps for Nissan key fob battery replacement:

    Step 1: Release the mechanical key.

    Turn the Nissan key fob over in your hand and look for the little release catch on the back. Pull that down and it will release the stored mechanical key from its position in the fob. You dont need this key as part of the battery replacement process, but it does need to be out of the way.

    Step 2: Pry open the fob into two parts.

    The top end of the key fob youll see two small slits. These are ideal to slot a small flat-head screwdriver into before turning it clockwise to safely and evenly open the casing. You should be able to then pull the fob into two halves.

    Step 3: Remove the old battery.

    The battery is a round Panasonic 3-volt CR 2032 battery. You will see its metal disc sitting in one half of the key fob. Use a small flat-head screwdriver to pop the battery out safely. There should be a small gap under the battery perfect for such a move.

    Step 4: Install the new battery.

    Step 5: Replace key fob housing.

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