Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Life

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Why Is My Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Draining So Fast

Ring Spotlight Cam & Stick Up Cam Battery Life Ring Charging Station

There are several reasons why the battery is draining fast, here are a few reasons why this may be happening.

  • Cold Weather If you live in a cold climate region that gets around 36°F or lower, it can have an effect on the battery life of your lithium-ion battery.
  • Increase number of events If the location of your Spotlight Cam has a high number of events, your battery will drain faster.
  • Live Streaming If you are streaming live views often to answered motion events from notifications, you can drain your battery faster.
  • Poor RSSI RSSI measures how strong a signal is when it received by a device. So, if your Wi-Fi has a poor RSSI signal, between 65 and 80, most likely there is too much interference between your Wi-Fi router and devices. To learn more about RSSI click here.

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Review: Set Up And Design

You’re unlikely to have any problems setting up the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery it only takes a few minutes and just involves following a few instructions via the Ring app. You don’t need to connect the camera to a hub or anything like that, as it’s able to get online through a direct connection to your router .

Design-wise, it’s not the most attractive bit of kit we’ve ever come across, but it does the job. There’s room for two battery packs inside the camera , so you can be recharging one battery while you’re using another, making sure that video coverage never gets interrupted.

Everything you need for installation comes in the box with the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery, even a screwdriver and screws. It’s fair to say the mounting plate is a little awkward to manage, but you shouldn’t have too much difficulty attaching it to a wall or fence post or wherever it is that you need it to be.

The device is listed as “weather resistant”, which sounds more vague than you might hope, but Ring does market this as an outdoor camera and we can confirm that it survives rain showers unharmed. As home security cameras go, this one earns top marks in terms of the ease of setup, and a middling score for the overall design.

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Vs Ring Spotlight Cam Wired

The Ring Spotlight Cam Battery and its sister the Ring Spotlight Cam Wired are exactly the same except for one thing: their power source. Hence the name, the Ring Spotlight Cam Wired requires an outdoor power source. The advantage? Youll never have to worry about charging the battery, although installation will become a bit more difficult.

Overall, it all comes down to your preference. If you want a battery-powered camera, go with the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery. If you want one that doesnt require charging, go with the wired version. Theres actually another version, the Spotlight Cam Solar, which is exactly the same hardware as the battery version but comes with an extra charging cable and a solar panel. It has the best of both worlds, but its also slightly more expensive at $229.

To learn more, read our full review of the Ring Spotlight Cam Wired.

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What Is A Ring Spotlight Cam

A Ring Spotlight Cam is a combination of a spotlight and outdoor security camera that protects the vulnerable areas outside your home after sundown. Attached to the Spotlight Cam is LED light strips on both sides of the lens which trigger when motion is detected.

The camera streams and records video up to 1080p resolution and support two-way talk and night vision up to 30 feet. The Spotlight Cam comes either wired or wireless.

How Long Do The Ring Spotlight Batteries Last

Ring Expands Oz Range With New Spotlight Cam Line  channelnews

PC Magazine reports that the spotlight cam batteries are designed to last for six months to a year, depending on the variables previously noted.

The Ring Spotlight Cam comes with a single rechargeable battery pack, with the ability to add a second pack if you choose. The process of recharging the battery is pretty straightforward, as well. Ring provides the following recharging instructions:

  • To open the battery compartment, press the white button and lift it open.
  • Remove the battery by pressing the release tab.
  • Connect any micro-USB charger to the charging port in the battery. During charging, both the red and green lights will light up.
  • Your battery is fully charged when the light on the battery shines a solid green.
  • Slide the fully charged battery back into the Spotlight Cam until it clicks in place.
  • Firmly close the battery compartment door. It might take a little pressure, but youll know its secure when you hear a click.
  • Spotlight Cam will power up after a minute and be ready for use.
  • Charge length will vary depending on what settings you have set up, usage levels, and weather. The colder it is, the quicker you will lose charge.

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    Battery Spotlight Camera Are Good

    The Ring Battery Spotlight Camera is good, But the batteries in them are crap they don’t last long at all , they should have batteries in them that last at least for 6 months or 12 months like Eufy ones do


    batteries in Eufy Wireless cameras last for 365 Days

    There are a lot of good things that can be said about the ring spotlight: the build, functionality and ease of use regarding the ring software. The LED lights are bright, the alarm system is great.

    Unfortunately, none of that matters if the ring spotlight only records for a maximum of 30 seconds.

    Burglaries/vandalism or any unwanted events are cut short and missed.

    There is a long thread detailing the shortfalls and the attempts of many people who have already bought these devices to get Ring to change the software/app to allow for longer than 30 seconds recording. This thread is almost a year long with no proper response from Ring.

    see: https://community.ring.com/t5/Security-Cams/video-recording-length/td-p/1268…


    Internet Router Needs Resetting

    Check if there is an internet connection problem, by opening the Ring App and select your Ring device and then select Ring Health, if your Ring device is offline it will say Offline under the Network header. There can be a power surge, a wire in your router setup temporarily comes loose, or you temporarily lose power which will affect your internet router. The next step would be to check if all of your wires are plugged in and the front of the routers lights are all green. Check if another device is having trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi connection. Try unplugging your router for 30 seconds then connecting it again. Remove the internal battery of the device then insert it again and check if the device has a Wi-Fi connection.

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    Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Review: Features And Performance

    The main job of the Ring Spotlight Cam is to ping your phone whenever motion is detected, as well as letting you tap into a live video feed through the app whenever you want to. We found it managed this with aplomb, managing to strike a good balance in terms of ignoring passing clouds and passing squirrels, but sending alerts once actual people were spotted.

    You can adjust the motion detection sensitivity, and get the camera to focus on a narrower or wider field of view if you need to so even if you are getting hit with more notifications than you’d like, you can quickly tone them down. The night vision, meanwhile, isn’t a game changer but is enough for a large-ish room or small-ish back garden.

    Some of the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery’s competitors film in 4K: extra video quality is always welcome of course, but it’s debatable whether you actually need that sort of higher resolution for a security camera. Certainly in our tests we found that the 1080p HD video footage was crisp and clear enough for our needs.

    We like the way you can get the spotlight to come on automatically when motion is detected or operate it manually from your phone . As for battery life, Ring says you’re good for 6-12 months or 1,000 notifications, and we noticed a drop of about a percentage point a day while we were using it.

    Why We Recommend The Ring Spotlight Cam Wired

    Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Review

    The Ring Spotlight Cam Wired looks and feels exactly like its wire-free counterpart. But in addition to an easy installation and instant motion alerts, youll also get more advanced motion detection.

    With the Ring Spotlight Cam Wired, you can create custom motion zones. That way, youll get notifications if any motion is detected on your lawn but not when a car passes on the street beyond it.

    If your Wired cam detects continuous motion, itll keep recording until it senses that the motion has stopped. The Battery cam will record only in 30-second increments.

    After setting up the camera in the Ring app, find a good spot near an outlet and about 9 feet off the ground. Once youve mounted the bracket and camera, use the provided clips to secure the power cable to the wall. After that, plug the camera in and padlock the outlets cover so nobody can unplug the camera. The whole process should take around 30 minutes.

    At $199, the Ring Spotlight Cam Wired is the same price as its battery-powered counterpart. Its also pretty in line with other wired cameras.

    The Nest Cam Outdoor, also priced at $199, doesnt have a spotlight but has super clear HD playback and a sleek design. And while you need a subscription to Ring Protect to access recorded video on your Ring cameras, Nest offers three hours of cloud storage without a subscription.

    > > Power on.Buy the Ring Spotlight Cam Wired.

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    Choose The Version Of Your Product

    Cloud, Internal memory, NAS, SD card Cloud Cloud, Internal memory, NAS, SD card Cloud
    Image quality according to customers
    Image quality according to customers Good
    • The camera runs on batteries, so it’s completely wireless.
    • With its 140-degree viewing angle, you can keep an eye on a larger part of your garden than with similar cameras.
    • With the integrated microphone, you can listen in on what’s happening remotely.
    • You need a good WiFi signal where you’re installing the camera use a WiFi extender to create a strong WiFi network near your camera.
    • Saving footage and viewing it later requires a subscription.

    How Often Do You Replace The Ring Spotlight Cam Batteries

    Ring is well known as one of the premier providers of outdoor security systems. One of their best sellers is the Ring Spotlight Cam this is a versatile, wireless HD security camera that offers the ability to see, hear, and speak to anyone on your property from your personal phone, tablet, or PC. However, the price of all that power is energy, and that means youll need to replace your Ring Spotlight Cam batteries now and then.

    Ring Spotlight Cam batteries generally must be replaced every six months to a year. Of course, factors like usage, brightness setting, and even the weather can impact the amount of battery power you use and how often the batteries actually need replacement.

    Honestly, a year doesnt sound too bad, but there are a LOT of variables to consider. Not everyone agrees with the time-frame reported, either. Some users report replacement every three months, particularly in colder weather.

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    Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Review

    Ring’s spotlight makes for color night vision, with a battery for wireless setup.

    What We Like

    • Good video, audio and night vision: Aside from the lack of zoom, the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery definitely met my standards for these categories.
    • Built-in spotlight: The built-in spotlight makes for a good active deterrence feature against intruders, while providing auxiliary outdoor lighting as well.
    • Affordable cloud storage: Only $3 a month for 60 days of cloud storage is by far the best deal Ive seen from a home security camera. Only $3 a month for 60 days of cloud storage is by far the best deal Ive seen from a home security camera.

    What We Don’t Like

    • No storage included: Although the prices are reasonable, you will have to pay a subscription to get cloud and local storage.
    • No person detection: Unfortunately, the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery lacks any artificial intelligence capabilities.

    Bottom Line

    Weve seen a number of spotlight-equipped security cameras over the years, but not all of them come from a brand as reputable as Ring. The Ring Spotlight Cam Battery stands as one of the best security cameras equipped with spotlights, and its ability to run on batteries is a welcome addition. That said, it has its own share of drawbacks, which well discuss in this review.

    Ring Spotlight Cam Battery features

    Video resolution
    • Weather-resistant and can work in temperatures from -5 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Color and infrared night vision available

    Ring Spotlight Cam Price And Availability

    Ring Spotlight Cam Battery 2
    • List price: $199 / £179.99 / AU$329

    The Ring Spotlight Cam will set you back $199 / £179.99 / AU$329, and is available from Rings website, as well as Amazon and other electrical retailers. Its available in two versions Battery, which is of course powered by a rechargeable battery, and Wired that requires mains power – both are priced the same. A solar panel for the battery version is priced at $49 / £49 / AU$79.

    As weve already mentioned, if you want to review video after the camera has recorded it, youll need to subscribe to Ring Protect. The camera comes with a free 30-day trial, after this itll cost from $3 / £2.50 / AU$4 per month or $30 / £24.99 / AU$40 for a year.

    • Flexible mount for attaching to walls
    • Waterproof design

    A chunky, rectangular-shaped outdoor camera, measuring 4.96 x 2.72 x 2.99 inches / 12.6 x 6.91 x 7.59 cm and available in black or white, its fair to say the Ring Spotlight Cam is not a thing of beauty. However, what it lacks in looks it makes up for in terms of versatility, with a large two-way speaker underneath the main lens and two bright spotlights either side and one below.

    On the back of the unit is a mounting plate that can be turned around depending on how you want to install the security camera. Ring also provides a drill bit and raw plugs for drilling screws into the brick wall, as well as a double-headed screwdriver for attaching the bracket to the wall. Ring recommends placing the device around 10 ft / 3 m off the ground.

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    What Is Ring Neighborhood

    If you had an older version of the Ring app, youll recognize this feature called Ring Neighborhood as the community platform that was integrated as a separate tab. It prompted lots of notifications and oversharing, and some Ring doorbell and camera videos even went viral online.

    These days, Ring Neighborhood is known as Neighbors by Ring. It’s a free app where customers can opt into getting and sharing real-time crime and safety alerts and connect with the police. Think of it as a virtual neighborhood watch.

    How Long Does Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Last

    After installing our Spotlight Cam Battery, a couple of weeks ago, I figured Ill take a look at the battery level, and what I found can disappoint you. The battery health was down to 70% in less than a month.

    This was very alarming and had me curious to find out how long does ring spotlight camera batteries last?

    After making some adjustments, I decided to write a post about it and included some of the different ways you can fix it.

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    Camera Quality And Ring Protect

    • 140 degree wide-angle lens
    • Ring Protect for storage
    • 1080p video capture

    The Ring Spotlight Cam has a great wide-angle lens on the front that will give you 140-degrees horizontal and 78-degrees vertical capture, so it fits a lot into view. There’s some distortion and darkening towards the edges, but most of the frame is bright and clear, which is good.

    The quality of the video that it captures is great: in daylight it’s clear and crisp with a realistic balance of colours. In IR-illuminated the video has that slightly ghostly appearance to it, but provides a method of capturing motion in the dark. Whether you use the light or not will depend on what you’re trying to do: gather evidence or deter intruders.

    Video captured with the flood lighting is pretty good too, but drops in quality compared to daylight capture – just because there’s less light around – but it’s good enough to pick out details.

    How you access the video is where Ring’s subscription plans come into play. As standard, you get notifications, access to the live stream and the ability to talk, but if you want access to videos after the fact then you’ll need a Ring Protect Plan.

    The Basic version covers one device and will give you 60 days of video storage in the cloud , meaning you can go and see the video captured when motion was detected. This can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet or via a browser. With Ring Protect you also get a timeline so you can skim back and see things happening, which is great.

    Ring Spotlight Cam Battery: Features

    Ring Spotlight Cameras Long Term Review – Wired, Battery And Mount Versions

    Theres no denying that there are more visually appealing wireless cameras on the market, but the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery more than makes up for its lack of style with a ton of substance.

    The industry-standard 1080HD video is no surprises here, but were giving points for the clarity of the image, which is of a higher-quality than some other models on the market. The 140-degree wide field of view is good and you can zoom in digitally via the app. The quality of the built-in microphone and speakers is excellent, so youll have no problems conversing with your pet if you notice them getting up to mischief in the backyard.

    If youre an Alexa-lover, youll be happy to hear that you can link your Ring account for hands-free home monitoring. Enable announcements though the Alexa app and then talk to your pet or visitors through compatible Echo devices.

    We love the motion sensors on the Ring and the fact that theyre customisable with different zones means you can choose the perfect setting for your home. There are also motion-activated alerts that immediately let you know if something is happening on your property.

    The after-dark settings are impressive too, with a motion-activated spotlight triggering color night vision and a security siren alarm that you can trigger from anywhere via your phone, tablet or PC to help scare off potential intruders.

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