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How Much Do Tires Cost At Sams Club

Sam’s Club’s Tire & Battery

Compared to other tire stores, Sams Club is one of the cheapest places to buy your tires and get them installed. The average price at Sams Club is about $143 per tire. If you choose to have your tires installed at the tire center, youll find that the installation price averages around $20 per tire for most vehicles.

Between Fall 2019 and Fall 2020, Consumer Reports polled nearly 50,000 of its subscribers to ask about cost, selection, sales service and perks when it came to purchasing tires. Below, youll see how Sams Club Tire Centers average prices compared to other popular tire stores.

$17 91

As you can see, Sams Club offers the second-lowest average price per tire. Still, you may be able to find cheaper installation atWalmart, which will install tires no matter where you bought them.

In addition to great prices, Sams Club also offersprice matching if you find a better all-in price on tires at a competing store. To get a price match, you can bring a recent all-in quote to your nearest store. All-in pricing includes the cost of several things including the tires themselves, mounting and balancing, lifetime balance and rotation services. For more details on all-in pricing and the Dare to Compare Promise, visitthe website.

Sam’s Club Battery Warranty

What is covered with a Sam’s Club Battery Warranty?

  • A Battery is warrantied for the length of time listed on the label to the member who originally purchased it.

  • A Battery must test BAD, before it is approved for a replacement.

  • If you no longer have an active membership, you can receive a prorated refund for the amount of life remaining on the pro-rated warranty on a Sam’s Club Gift Card, which can also be used at Walmart and

  • A Battery is NOT warrantied against installation errors or miss-application.

  • The warranty for replacement Batteries is from the original Battery’s date of purchase. A warranty does not reset to the current transaction’s date.

  • Can I have a Battery installed at Sam’s Club?

    Yes, our Tire & Battery Center will install batteries purchased from Sam’s Club free of charge on most vehicles. Shop Batteries

    However, our TBC does not install batteries in the following situations:

    • Vehicles that require major component removal

    • Batteries connected in series or parallel

    • Vehicles that require the battery to be registered to the On-Board Diagnostic Unit

    • Specialty batteries requiring acid installation

    • Vehicles requiring over 1 hour to install

    How do I claim a Battery Warranty at Sam’s Club?

    Can I receive a refund for a core charge at Sam’s Club?

    • Sam’s Club only refunds the core charge for batteries purchased at Sam’s Club.

    • Sam’s Club does accept batteries that our members want to recycle to ensure proper disposal.

    Dare To Compare: Five Reasons Why Sam’s Club Tire And Battery Center Is A Great Choice

    It’s summer and that means that it’s time for road trips. Before you head out though, you need to make sure your tires are ready for the trip! From climbing mountain trails to flying across the desert or even just stop-and-go traffic on the way to soccer practice, a good set of tires is key to your piece of mind this summer. There are a lot of options out there for places that you can go to get new tires and sometimes that only adds to the confusion. Here’s five reasons why Sam’s Club is a great place to shop for your new tires this summer!

    This summer, Sam’s Club wants everyone to #DareToCompare – not just the price of the tire itself but the total package. That includes selection, convenience, price, and all those other benefits that you might not even think about till it’s too late.

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    Do You Have To Be A Member To Get The Tire Services

    Sams Club Tire Center is undoubtedly one of the biggest perks of being a Sams Club member. But yesyou do have to have an active membership to use Sams Club Tire Center.

    For everything from purchasing tires to taking advantage of free tire repair services, Sams Club offers these products and services to members only.

    If youd like to become a Sams Club member, you can join Sams Club here!

    A basic Sams Club membership starts at just $45 per year, and a Plus membership costs just $100 per year.

    Other Great Benefits For Sam’s Club Members

    The Tire And Battery Aisle Of A Sams Club Wholesale Retail Store With A ...

    Probably the biggest benefit of shopping with Sam’s Club is that when you do you, they treat members like part of the family. For some companies, it’s “good enough” to sell you tires and I’m sure they installed them well and at a good price too. With Sam’s Club though, check out all these other benefits:

    • Tire Mounting
    • No Charge Tire Lifetime Flat Repair
    • 24-hour Emergency Roadside Service

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    What Free Tire Services Are Available At Sams Club

    Sams Club Tire Center offers several no-charge services to active members including road hazard protection and lifetime tire repair.

    Road hazard protection applies to all tires purchased and installed at Sams Club. The protection expands the tire manufacturers warranty to include the pro-rated replacement of a damaged tire for four years from the date of purchase. Tires with 2/32nds or less tread remaining are excluded from road hazard protection. Its important to note that you will be required to purchase the appropriate installation package for the replacement tire.

    If your tire isnt eligible for replacement, the no-charge lifetime tire repair may still cover it. This service includes wheel removal, tire inspection and damage analysis along with repair , mounting, air pressure adjustment, balancing, a new valve system and wheel installation. Again, tires with 2/32nds or less tread remaining wont be serviced.

    Other free services include the following:

    • Air pressure & tread depth check
    • 50-mile re-torque
    • Shocks/suspension
    • Body/chassis work or repair

    Most notably, Sams Club doesnt do alignments when you get new tires. Youll need to factor this in if youre thinking about purchasing tires from the warehouse.

    How Much Does Installation Cost

    When it comes to installation, you can generally expect to pay $20 per wheel. This is the cost for Sams Clubs Premium Tire Installation Package. Its available only for passenger and light truck tires purchased from the warehouse, and it includes the following services:

    • Demounting, mounting, balancing, and a new valve stem
    • Emergency roadside assistance for three years from the date of purchase
    • Tire Pressure Monitoring System sensor removal and installation if required
    • TPMS reset if necessary
    • Waste tire disposal

    In addition to the Premium Tire Installation Package, Sams Club also offers a Dually/RV Installation Package for $20 per wheel, NHS/non-DOT tire installation for $9.50 per wheel and trailer/specialty tire installation for $20 per wheel. One-time balance and rotation is also available for $3.88 per wheel if youre a warehouse member who has purchased tires elsewhere.

    For more information on installation options and pricing, visit the website.

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    Things To Know Before Buying Sams Club Tires

    If youre in the market for new tires, youll likely find some of the best prices at Sams Club. The tire center offers a great selection including brands like Goodyear, Pirelli, Michelin, BF Goodrich, Continental and more. You can check out the available selection of tires that fit your car by visiting the website online and entering the year, make and model of your vehicle.

    Before you make your purchase, consider these five things to know about buying Sams Club tires:

    How Dare To Compare Matching Works


    Bring a valid “all-in” quote form a tire sales and installation retailer to your local Sam’s Club Tire and Battery Service counter. Make sure the quote is printed on dealer or retailer letterhead and dated within the previous 7 business days. Sam’s Club with compare the equivalent tire at their service center for price matching. Sam’s Club Tire and Battery Service Centers carry some club-specific brands, and they’ll compare those to your tire quote, as well. Here’s a run-down:

    • Bring quote written on dealer/retailer letterhead dated within 7 previous business days
    • Tire must be same brand, line, load index, and speed rating as tire to be price matched at Sam’s Club
    • Sam’s Club will price match these equivalent tire brands:

    *Club-specific tire model

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    Tire And Battery Centers At Sam’s Club

    Although this winter has been exceptionally mild for most of us, the recent snow storms we’ve seen in the past month should be a reminder to all of us that winter is a dicey season. I’m sure you’ve all seen the footage of the D.C. snowstorm. There’s no shortage of it on Youtube. Cars are sliding all over the road. Empty roads become ice rinks. Roads with any sort of traffic at all become demolition derby arenas. It’s terrible. It’s also a perfect example of why it pays to make sure you’re covered when it comes to proper traction in this, the slipperiest season.

    Sam’s Club Tire and Battery centers makes sure we’re covered on the winter front without devouring every dollar in our wallet. in fact, Sam’s Club members receive the benefits of the Sam’s Club Tire Installation Package with the signature service and reliability of Sam’s Club. This package is only $15 per standard tire and $25 for dually tire and includes:

    • Tire mounting
    • No charge tire lifetime flat repair
    • 24-hour emergency roadside repair

    Sam’s Club Tire and Battery Centers carry all the best tire brands, including Michelin, BF Goodrich, and Pirelli. And they work so hard to ensure that members save money and hassle, they even offer “all-in” price matching.

    What To Consider When Buying Tools

    To help guide you as you shop for tools, here’s what to think about as you decide which options are right for you:

    What is the specific need?

    Are you buying for a home improvement project options? If so, ask yourself: What household tools do I need?

    Product features

    What features matter to you? Budget/price, quality, brand-name, and product warranty might be things to think about.

    Frequency of use

    How often will you use the tool? That might affect what quantity, price range and features you opt for.

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    What Are Good Tires To Buy

    Sam’s Club trained technicians can help you select the best tires for your car or SUV at the best possible price. Be sure to shop the wide variety of tire brands we carry and look for deals, rebates and instant savings to make your dollar travel as far as possible.

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    Why Do I Need Household Tools

    The Tire And Battery Aisle Of A Sams Club Wholesale Retail Store With A ...

    You don’t have to be a woodworking expert or hobby homebuilder to need a set of household tools. These can come in handy for simple things, like hanging pictures, assembling furniture, car maintenance, lawn care or making simple repairs around the house.

    What are the most popular brands of tools?

    At Sam’s Club, some of our best seller brands and products across tools, tools organization items and accessories/power tool accessories include:

    Most Popular Tools and Tool Kits:

    • DeWalt 12 Volt Max 3/8 inch Drill/Driver Kit
    • WORX XTD Extended Reach 4V L-Ion Cordless Screwdriver
    • Member’s Mark 238-Piece Mechanics Tool Set
    • Blackhawk Fast-lift Service Jack – 3.5 Ton Capacity
    • Banner 3-Ton Garage Jack with 3-Ton Jack Stands
    • Black Bull 8 inch Bench Grinder with Work Lights
    • WORX 4-1/2 inch WorxSaw Compact Circular Saw & Clamping Sawhorses With Bar Clamps
    • Worx Pegasus 4-1/2 inch Worxsaw Compact Circular Saw & 20V Cordless Drill
    • Bey-Berk 20 Piece Tool Set in Pink
    • Pro-Lift Low Profile Floor Jack – 2 Ton Capacity
    • Great Neck 8-Piece Steel Pliers and Wrench Tool Set

    Most Popular Accessories and Tools Organization Items:

    • Yellow Jacket 100-ft. Red, White and Blue Outdoor Extension Cord w/ Lighted Ends
    • Pro-Series Scaffolding Guard Rail System
    • Pro-Lift Pneumatic Chair with Dual Tool Tray – 300 lb. Capacity
    • Primefit 20-Piece Air Accessory Kit with 25-Foot Recoil Air Hose

    What are the most common tools?

    Where can I buy tools?

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    Whats The Best Car Cleaner

    This is a popular question as to when it comes to taking care of and cleaning both the inside and outside of a vehicle, there are a lot of products to choose from. All the products Sams Club carries are extremely reputable and have been tested thoroughly on a variety of materials. Whichever you choose from our inventory, you can rest assured that you will have the proper tools for the job to protect your investment and help it look like new.

    Sams Club Auto Center Near Me

    To find a Sams Club Tire Center nearby, simply head over to their store locator page or use the Google Map below. If you visit their store locator, just enter in a address and make sure to select the Tires and Batteries under the refine your search field. This will ensure you only get locations with the Tire Center. Once you perform your search, a new page will open up with a list and map view of the closest Sams Club Tire Center locations. You will see their address, phone number, and distance from your location. For more information about a particular location, select club page. This is where you will see the stores hours of operation, services available at the particular club, and much more.

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    How Long Do Vehicle Batteries Last

    Car and truck batteries today are designed to last a long time without the need for maintenance. That said, from time to time you will need to replace your battery and its important to pick one that you can depend on. After checking for compatibility, be sure that the battery you are looking at has a warranty and comes from a trusted brand. Once youve done that, you can have the peace of mind knowing that the battery you are putting in can last for years and deliver the starting power you need in a variety of climates. This advice also holds true whether you are buying car batteries, truck batteries, marine batteries or go-cart batteries.

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    What Different Types Of Tools And Tool Accessories Are There

    Sams Club TIRE Installation REVIEW $396 buying tires online best place to purchase

    Whether you are looking for items to complete home repairs or mechanical tools for your automotive shop, you’ll find dependable tools from leading manufacturers at Sam’s Club. Here are some common types of tools and tool kits, many of which you can find at our stores and online:

    Automotive tools

    For all kinds of car repair needs, these may be as common as a flashlight, screwdrivers, pliers and sockets or may include specialty items, such as spark plug pullers, lifting jacks, welders or a digital torque adapter.

    Power tools

    As the name suggests, these are not solely human-powered. They rely on compressed air, electricity or combustion. Common power tools include:

    • Impact drivers

    Cordless power tools

    Designed using the latest technology, power tools are simple to operate without the hassle of cords or gasoline. Instead, they get their energy from batteries and chargers.

    Hand tools

    Common hand tools include screwdrivers, wrenches, hand saws and chisels.

    Tool sets

    You can also save money with one of our tool sets or kits. These kits include multiple tools for tasks such as household projects, gardening and roadside repairs. They often come in a carrying case and make great gifts for any occasion.

    Lawn & garden tools

    Whether you’re looking for products to help with keeping the grass mowed and trimmed or help with plant growth, here are some garden tools and accessories many gardeners can’t live without:

    • Lawnmowers and trimmers

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    Sams Club Tire Rotation Service

    Tire rotation services can prevent uneven wear on your vehicles tires, which in and of itself makes it well worth the expense. You will find that most Sams Club locations offer tire rotation services, and you will definitely want to think about taking advantage of them for a number of reasons. These services can preserve the balanced handling of your vehicle, and help to keep its traction intact over the years.

    It is extremely important for all vehicles to have good traction, especially in the winter months. If you live in an area that tends to get snow and ice in the winter, getting your tires rotated every six months or 6,000 to 8,000 miles is a good idea. The professional technicians at Sams Club will take off each of your tires and put them into the ideal positions for even wear. You will of course want to make a point of paying for these services regularly so you can avoid uneven wear on your tires throughout the years.

    Tire rotation & balancing is included with your installation for the life of the tire.

    Sam’s Club Tire & Battery Locations Near You

    Sam’s Club Tire & Battery locations in the USA , shopping and business information and locator Sam’s Club Tire & Battery near me. Check the list below with Sam’s Club Tire & Battery store locations in America. To easily find Sam’s Club Tire & Battery just use sorting by states and look at the map to display all stores. You will learn following business information about Sam’s Club Tire & Battery: location at the mall, other nearby locations by states, opening hours, map and gps coordinates, directions, phones and contacts.
    You can also follow customer reviews for Sam’s Club Tire & Battery and ratings for each store.
    Number of Sam’s Club Tire & Battery locations in the USA: 8
    The biggest shopping mall with Sam’s Club Tire & Battery: Firecreek Crossing
    Do you like Sam’s Club Tire & Battery brand in America? Share your opinions and experiences with others!
    How do you rate Sam’s Club Tire & Battery? Tell others!
    5/5 , 1 vote

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