Samsung Lithium Golf Cart Battery

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Samsung Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

Lithium 72v 400a golf cart battery build spim08hp

According to the Samsung SDI official website, we can know that in 2017 PGA Merchandise Show, Samsung SDI uses the lithium-ion battery, whose launch was the first move by a major golf cart company.

Nonetheless, despite certain advantages, Samsung offers comparatively fewer options and varieties for manufacturers to select all over the world, which is actually not beneficial and considerate enough for global buyers.

Golf Cart Battery Systems

48V Golf car battery systems for EZ-GO and Club Car vehicles. These systems are designed to be drop in replacement for lead acid batteries, and they are extremely easy to install. The benefits of Lithium Ion battery systems include much shorter charging time and significant saving in electricity bill, no maintenance, longer lifetime, lighter weight, and etc.

ePOWER4803C and ePOWER4803E are integrated golf car battery systems with a 48V 3KWh Lithium Ion battery pack. The battery configuration is a 16s1p 60Ah pack. It is typically programmed with 80%DOD, or 2.4KWh usable storage capacity. ePOWER4803E system fits in EZ-GO golf cars and ePOWER4803C fits in Club Car golf carts. Battery management system, control circuits and battery charger are included in the system. It is simple to install and use. It includes an On/Off switch, a state-of-charge gauge, a DC main power connector, an AC power input socket, as well as a video output port for diagnostics.

Etekware Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

ETEKWAREis a company integrating product R& D, manufacturing, solution design, sales and consulting service in clean and sustainable energy generation and storage business. Our company started as an OEM/ODM manufacturer for alternative energy solution companies. Taking all the influencing factors into consideration when choosing the best lithium golf cart batteries, ETEKWAREs best lithium golf cart battery is strongly recommended. Reasons are as follows.

ETEWKARE offers reliable and well-compatible 48-volt lithium-ion batteries for golf carts. Different from traditional lead-acid batteries, our lithium golf cart batteries select the superior LiFePO4 battery cells to offer better performance for our customers. Huge capacity, good cycle lifespan, low self-discharge rate, lightweight, and overcharge protection are the most charming perspectives of our motive power batteries. Also, it is entirely safe for our customers to use and install, which is a perfect choice for all golf lovers.

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Are Lithium Batteries Good For Golf Carts

Yes, lithium batteries are the best type of batteries to power a golf cart because they last longer than conventional lead-acid batteries, charge faster, are lighter, and last up to five times longer than traditional batteries.

Lithium batteries dont lose power while they lose charge, which will make your golfing day more enjoyable.

In fact, lithium batteries seem to be the future power source for almost every newly manufactured land vehicle.

They are long-lasting and are completely maintenance-free.

As they are almost 3 times lighter than conventional batteries, they make golf carts lighter, increasing their speed, performance, and autonomy.

Who Makes Golf Carts With Lithium Batteries

High Quality 48v 10.4ah Battery Lithium 48 Volt Battery For Golf Cart ...

There are 3 well-known golf cars and small electric utility vehicles manufacturers that are making golf carts with lithium batteries. These are EZ-Go, Club Car, and Garia. As lithium battery packages are not cheap, most companies offer them as optional.

Below you will find three models fitted from factory lithium battery packs available in the US and many other countries.

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Best Overall: Enduro Power Lifepo4 Lithium Battery

  • Huge capacity in a smaller box
  • Big brand reliability
  • Capable of a simple series connection


  • Dimensions: Varies by model
  • Cycle lifespan: 4000-8000

Enduro Power lithium batteries are fast becoming the brand to beat in terms of lithium batteries and for good reason. Their batteries have a huge lifespan, are more compact than most competitors, can easily be connected in a series, have excellent surge protection, and are capable of both under and overvolting.

Enduro Power manufacture and ship its batteries from inside the USA. That means fast delivery times on potential custom orders too. Since these batteries are smaller and can be connected as a series, it may even be possible for you to double the battery life of your golf cart, depending on the space you have for batteries.

The only letdown of the Enduro Power lithium batteries for golf carts is that they are expensive compared to most of the competition. Yet, if budget isnt an issue for you, then these batteries are the obvious choice to keep your golf cart running for as long as possible.

Why Is Samsung Sdi Increasing Their Investment In The Golf Cart Industry

Samsung began 2017 with a bold statement of intent in the golf cart battery market. The company will now supply cylindrical lithium-ion batteries to the worlds largest golf cart manufacturer. This major new contract with E-Z-GO comes only two years after signing with Korean golf cart manufacturer DY.

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How Much Does A Samsung Lithium Golf Cart Battery Cost

The initial price of a lithium golf cart battery is significantly higher than the equivalent battery made by other companies, but this is justified by its long life span. Unlike cheap batteries that last only three to four years, a lithium battery is likely to last for at least seven years. Even though it costs a bit more, it is likely to be worth it in the long run. Compared to other batteries, a lithium battery should last a lot longer than the typical three to four year-old one.

Converting Your Golf Cart To Lithium Ion Eagle 48v Lithium Golf Cart Battery Module Kit | Unboxing & Review

If you think that changing over from traditional to lithium ion is difficult, youre wrong, its actually super easy. All you have to do is pull out your old crusty batteries, drop in your new 12 volt Lithium Ion batteries, reconnect your wires, secure the batteries down, and youre good to go.

Lithium Ion batteries also tend to be smaller than traditional Lead Acid, so you may find yourself with some extra room under the seats.

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Samsung Adds New Value To Lithium

To compete, Samsung SDI plans to add value to the advantages offered by lithium-ion batteries. The demand for this technology is driven by its efficiency. Lithium-ion batteries have a lifespan up to twice as long as lead-acid equivalents. They require less maintenance than comparable lead-acid batteries. The corrosion risks associated with lead-acid batteries are minimal in lithium-ion batteries. However, all these advantages will be available from competitors lithium-ion batteries.

Samsung SDI is aiming to compete with a unique battery management system . Samsungs BMS will monitor battery lifespan, charge levels and temperature. Users of Samsung lithium-ion batteries will receive automated performance updates based on this information. The BMS will be a standard feature on all Samsung SDI lithium-ion batteries for golf carts. This initial value-add will differentiate Samsung products in the emerging market for lithium-ion batteries in golf carts. Investing in further innovations could establish market leader status for Samsung. In the early development of the industry, these value-adds could be significant. They will make it more expensive to enter the market and more difficult for existing players to compete.

Lithium Ion Batteries Reduce Overall Weight Of Golf Carts

Lithium batteries are very light compared to traditional batteries. Lithium Ion batteries can weigh anywhere between 70 and 80 pounds. Traditional Lead Acid batteries can weigh up to 330 pounds!

If you convert your golf cart to lithium ion batteries, you could potentially lose almost 300 pounds of weight. This could increase ride height by a half an inch, and even help to increase battery efficiency.

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Roypow Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

RoyPow Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology leader in lithium battery R& D and manufacturing, offering you professional battery system solutions for LSV including Golf Carts, AGV , Forklift, Energy Storage etc.

RoyPows S series products are lithium-ion battery packs with an integrated golf cart battery system. However, the nominal voltage is just from 38V to 76V and the nominal capacity from 105 Ah to 160Ah.

Is Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Conversion Difficult On My Cart

Rechargeable Lithium ion Battery Pack 36V 40Ah for e bike, e scooter, e ...

No. It is super easy! Lithium batteries are literally a drop-in replacement for your old Lead-Acid Batteries. To install lithium golf cart batteries, just remove your Lead-Acid batteries, replace with your 48-volt lithium golf cart batteries, reattach your cables, secure your holding brackets and your install is complete.

When using Lithium batteries, you will need fewer total batteries to achieve the same amount of power with your cart so you may have extra space under your seat after the install. If this bugs your OCD side, you can order some cheap battery blanks from us to fill the extra space.

Should I make the switch to Lithium on my golf cart?

If you already need to replace your batteries, the short answer is: Yes, absolutely.

But if your current batteries are working fine, there is no urgent need to switch. But there are many benefits to making the switch so we would suggest you weigh the benefits of lithium outlined above to decide if they are worth replacing your Lead-Acid batteries with.

What are the best brands of Lithium Golf Cart Batteries?

There are several great major name players making lithium golf cart batteries, and due to advances in technology, there are quite a few new smaller lithium manufacturers who are making extremely high-quality products!

Allied Lithium golf cart battery

Samsung lithium golf cart battery

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Club Car Onward 4 Passengers

The Onward series, made by Club Car, offers a 58V lithium battery package as an optional.

These are high-performance batteries that give the car good acceleration, good climbing capacity, and excellent overall performance.

The batteries of the 8P lithium-ion version are maintenance-free and are covered by a 6-year warranty.

There are plenty of options to configure your golf cart, from the exterior color to the suspension type, the canopy, the diameter of the wheels , and more.

You can even order it with a Bluetooth soundbar for an enhanced audio experience whilst driving on the golf course or downtown.

Although the 58V battery package is very efficient and has all the benefits that lithium batteries offer, it is advisable to use the cart in Eco-Mode to have a decent range.

Advantages Of Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

Whether youre taking a quick trip to a small-town store, renting out carts to customers, or toting your clubs around the course, lithium 36 and 48 volt golf cart batteries will change the way you move.

Check out the benefits of lithium below, and discover how a new 48v or 36v LiFePO4 battery can take your cart from average to amazing!

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Why Are 48v 94ah Samsung Lifepo4 Batteries For Golf Carts Considered As The Future

Why Are 48v 94ah Samsung LiFePO4 Batteries For Golf Carts Considered As The Future?There is a lot of buzz about 48v 94ah samsung LiFePO4 batteries used in golf carts at the moment. Users cannot seem to get enough of what these batteries have got to offer. Of course, there was a time when lead-acid batteries were used in golf carts. Although they were good, people made a few complaints about their efficiency. This is what LiFePO4 batteries have been developed to fight against. According to experts, the future really looks bright for these batteries given the fact that their features are very impressive. As a matter of fact, it has predicted that by 2025, most golf cart owners are likely to start using LiFePO4 batteries.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 25

Simply put, the LiFePO4 technology has been able to overtake others with some breathtaking features. There are safety devices like diodes, heat sinks, thermal switches, and fuses.

Key points to note

Lithium Ion Batteries Last Longer

Golf Cart Upgrade, Lead to Lithium Battery, EG4

Lithium Ion batteries are going to last you a lot longer than traditional Lead Acid. The chemistry used in Lithium Ion allows for more charge cycles.

You may notice that your lithium ion battery gets 3 to 5 thousand cycles in its life, where your traditional battery will only see 1,000 cycles max. That is pretty significant if you ask me.

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How Will Samsungs Investment Impact The Global Golf Cart Industry

Samsungs export-led expansion plans are not without risk. About half of the 34,000 golf courses around the world are located in North, Central and South America. Uncertainty around trade policy in the Unites States has the potential to raise unexpected trade barriers. However, the growing popularity of golf in developing countries, particularly China, may mitigate some of this risk. The successful expansion of Samsungs production capacity and the likely response from competitors would be a boon to the industry. Efficient lithium-ion batteries with innovative value-adds look set to become standard.

The Disadvantages Of Lithium Ion Batteries

To be honest, if Im going to explain the lithium battery drawbacks, its important to understand what exactly Im comparing them to. If were talking about a power source for cars, then they should be compared to gasoline, not other types of batteries.

Even though we have made some pretty crazy advancements over the years, kilo for kilo, batteries are only able to store a fraction of the energy produced by gas. To be more specific, batteries have a much lower energy density, aka they store less energy in each unit of weight.

You can also use this to argue the fact that it takes minutes to fill your gas tank, but hours to recharge your battery.

Dont get me wrong, these slight disadvantages are balanced out by advantages, such as zero air pollution , and much greater fuel economy.

Lets leave aside cars for a moment, and go through the problems you may experience with lithium-ion batteries.

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How Long Does A Lithium Battery Last In A Golf Cart

A lithium battery in a golf cart can last up to 10 years. This is three to four times what a traditional lead-acid battery can last. Also, lead-acid batteries need regular maintenance to ensure they reach their expected lifespan, while lithium batteries dont need any maintenance at all.

If you translate this number into charge cycles, the numbers are outstanding. Lithium batteries can endure between 2,000 and 5,000 full charging cycles versus the 500 to 1,000 full charging cycles conventional batteries can hold.

Another benefit of lithium batteries is that you can charge them at any time without risking damaging them.

You dont have to wait until they are completely discharged or reach a certain charge level to recharge them. Awesome, right?

Lithium Ion Batteries Charge Much Faster

High Voltage 36 Volt Deep Cycle Battery , 10s2p 36v 7ah Battery With ...

The first thing we should touch on is the charging speed. The Lithium Ion battery is going to charge much faster than traditional batteries. For example, traditional Lead Acid Batteries will need a solid 8 hour charge when completely depleted.

Lithium Ion batteries are going to charge almost 80% of the battery in 1 hour, and can completely charge in 3 hours.

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The Best Lithium Golf Cart Batteries 2022 Has To Offer

In recent years, more and more people have been making the switch from lead-acid batteries to lithium golf cart batteries for their golf carts. Battery technology has come such a long way, that the old simply cant compete with the new.

While its a well-known fact that lithium batteries are superior in almost every way, it can be tricky to know exactly what you should look for when buying one. In this guide, well cover the benefits of using lithium and the things you should consider when buying them. Then, well outline some of the best lithium batteries currently available on the market.


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  • Charging And Discharging Lithium

    As the name suggests, lithium batteries work by the movements of lithium-ions. Ions are moving in one direction when the battery is being charged, and the opposite when supplying power. Lets take a closer look at how these two processes work.

    • When charging, the lithium-ions flow from the positive electrode to the negative electrode through electrolyte . Electrons flow from the positive electrode to the negative electrode, but take a longer route around the outer circuit. The lithium is deposited from the negative electrode, which is where the ions and electrons meet.
    • When the ions are no longer flowing, then the battery is charged, and ready to use.
    • When discharging, the ions are sent back through the electrolyte from the negative to the positive electrode. The electrons also flow in the outer circuit from the negative electrode to positive electrode, powering your device. When the electrons and ions combine at the positive terminal, the lithium is deposited.
    • When the ions are done moving back, the power source is completely discharged, and will need to be charged again.

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    Can You Leave Lithium Golf Batteries On Charge

    No, its dangerous to leave lithium golf cart batteries on charge and can also shorten their life. Its never safe to leave unsupervised electric products plugged in. Most chargers are designed to cut out once the batteries are fully charged to minimize the risk of overcharging and overheating.

    However, its best to unplug the charger as soon as you notice that the batteries are charged.

    Besides, like any other battery, lithium batteries life gets shortened when they are overcharged.

    Sometimes, overcharging can lead to the batterys complete failure.

    Another important reason why you should never leave your lithium batteries on charge is that they contain very flammable components that could explode by heat exposure.

    Also, you shouldnt leave your lithium batteries on charge unattended because its not eco-friendly.

    Lithium batteries can hold their charge extremely well when they are left unused.

    If you are not going to use your golf cart for a while, just top the batteries charge, and store the vehicle. You will have it ready to go the next time you need to use it.

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