Small Gps Tracker With Long Battery Life

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Can A Gps Tracker Drain Your Car Battery

Tiny GPS tracker – long battery life – protect & monitor with GPS tracking

If you are using an OBD vehicle GPS tracker or hard-wired GPS car tracker you do not have to worry about the GPS units draining your car battery. Simply put, GPS trackers wont drain your car battery! For example, a fleet GPS tracker connected to the OBD2 power will go into a sleep mode or stand-by mode to conserve power when the vehicle shuts off. This reduces the demand for power to the GPS device from the car battery. If you recently purchased a vehicle-powered GPS tracker and your car battery died, the most likely causes were headlights being left on, overuse of the car stereo, faulty cables, or even a bad alternator.

Gpt1: A Small Gps Tracker With Long Battery Life

Are you looking for the smallest GPS tracker with the longest battery life? If yes, you have landed on the right page.The GPT12 is an all-around GPS tracking device with long battery life that can help you in many situations and let you enjoy tracking all of your vehicles thanks to its advanced technology. This GPS tracker is compact, portable and can be used on vehicles of all kinds or cars of all makes and models. It is incredibly easy to attach to a vehicle and provides real-time data.

Best Long Battery Life Gps Tracking Device

138 Days Of Live GPS Tracking

The included 138-day extended battery and waterproof case give you the ability to secretly monitor any automobile without ever having to worry about battery life. In fact, Everlast Nano will give you approximately 6-months of accurate real time vehicle tracking. . By giving you pinpoint accurate real time updates as fast as every 5-seconds, Everlast Nano gives you the technology to quickly find out the truth!

  • FreeSmartphone App: Instantly track a car from your iPhone or Android WITHOUT THEM EVER KNOWING!
  • Longest Battery Life: Approximately 138 days of real time tracking .
  • Hide Under Any Car: Included waterproof case with magnet catches GPS signals that reflect off ground.
  • Real Time Alerts: Get ext messages if a driver is speeding, or leaves/enters any area.
  • Panic SOS Button: Send out for emergency help so your employees or children are always safe.
  • USA/Canada/Mexico: Secretly track a vehicle anywhere in North America! With 4G cell coverage, never worry about losing live GPS tracking service whether youre traveling in Mexico, Canada or USA!

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Do Gps Trackers Need Battery

No! An OBD GPS tracker can easily be connected to your vehicles on board diagnostic port where it can pull power directly from your automobile! In fact, this style of plug-and-play GPS tracking system is commonly used in fleet management. If you are looking for a GPS tracker that doesnt require charging another option is a hard-wired GPS vehicle tracker that can be installed via the 12-volt system of the automobile.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Gps Tracker

NEW Trak4 Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracker Portable Mini Tracking ...

Implementing a GPS asset tracker in your business is a wise investment. But as with any other purchase, you should know exactly what youre getting before clicking buy.

If you’re looking for the perfect tracking device, its worth downloading this free GPS tracking buyers guide. It covers all the features to look for when choosing a tracker, which is helpful since every business has different needs.

But for now, lets go over three of the most critical factors to consider when comparing GPS tracking devices.

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The Most Advanced Gps Tracker Has A 12

It wont help you find your soulmate, but itll damn right help you find everything else. The AirBolt® is a tiny, guitar-pick sized tracker thats best described as the most advanced GPS tracker for its size. Small enough to fit on your keys, in your luggage, in your wallet, or even around your pet, the AirBolt uses a GPS along with LTE-M and Narrowband IoT networks to help you track your belongings anywhere in your neighborhood or even halfway across the world.

Most trackers work on one of two technologies, Bluetooth, or Cellular. Bluetooth trackers are relatively cheaper, but have a major drawback of being limited to your devices Bluetooth range. Cellular trackers on the other hand, use a combination of GPS as well as cellular triangulation to find your device. They require a much bigger battery, and need a cellular subscription to work, even if your lost object is just 10 feet away. The AirBolt on the other hand uses a newer generation of cellular technology that works on lower energy that needs charging just once a year, and without a subscription if youre searching for your lost item within Bluetooth range . It also has a built-in buzzer, accelerometer , temperature sensor, and water-sensor , and is designed to be weatherproof and waterproof.

Designers: Kabir Sidhu & AirBolt Pty

North American Tracking Capabilities

Everlast Nano works anywhere in the United States, Mexico, and Canada where there is cellular coverage.

The applications related to GPS tracking continue to grow as more people and businesses become acquainted with technology and can see firsthand the benefits of locational-based technologies. For example, it is now very common for parents to utilize GPS tracking systems to learn where a teen driver is going or if an elderly driver is still driving safely. And businesses continue calling upon fleet tracking GPS devices for a number of applications ranging from mileage accounting to automotive security. In fact, the GPS monitoring industry continues to grow at a rapid rate as companies seek ways to reduce inefficiencies and families seek digital tools to upgrade personal safety.

Everlast Nano is currently priced at $199.00 and like all GPS systems that provide live locational data does require a monthly data obligation. The data obligations start at $24.95 per month which provides unlimited updates 60 times per hour.

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What Is A Gps Tracker With Long Battery Life

A GPS tracking system is when the placement of the GPS device within your vehicle makes a significant impact on the way the car drives. GPS trackers use an electronic sensor to track the cars position and speed, as well as other vehicle metrics, such as airbag ready, the ability to see great distances, the ability to see objects in the distance, and the ability to see blind or motorcycles in the road. When it comes to long battery life, there are many options to choose from. But our top pick, the Trekking GPS, has the best battery life of all the options on this list. The reason we include this option is that it offers the best range of functions, has the most advanced interface, and provides the best tracking performance. We would highly recommend it to everyone.

What Are The Different Types Of Gps Tracker Long Life

GPS Tracker with LONG battery life – Lasts more than a year

High-temperature gps batteries are last short, but the battery life of the gps tracker battery can last a long time. However, depending on the type of gps tracker batteries are last short, and the gps tracker battery can last for a long time. However, a long-lasting gps tracker battery can last up to 10 years, depending on the type of gps trackers battery lifespan. Some gps tracker batteries have a short lifespan, but some can have a long-lasting life. The lifespan of the gps tracker batteries is last short, but some may have a short-lived experience. The long lifespan of a Gps tracker is is less toated than other types of gps tracker batteries. However, depending on the type of gps tracker they are sold longer in the form of a tracker battery life.

Unlike traditional trackers, Gps trackers have a long lifespan. depending on the type of Gps trackers they are designed to last for a long time, and gps trackers have a long lifespan. Some types of gps trackers have a long lifespan, while others are so resistant to the wear and tear of the vehicle’s equipment. The long lifespan is lead to a long lifespan, while some trackers have a long lifespan.

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Landairsea 54 Gps Tracker

Best for location sharing and tracking valuable stuff using 4G LTE anywhere in the world.

LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker is one of the best and it uses 4G LTE and GPS technologies. You can monitor location using the app or website. It supports many useful features for monitoring kids, pets, and the elderly, such as speed alerts, geofence alerts, and battery alerts.

The device supports location sharing and a tracking feature. It has a long-lasting battery that can last for up to 3 weeks with a single charge. The device battery can also be charged in just under 4 hours.


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List Of Top Small Mini Micro Gps Tracker Devices

Portable and small tracking devices list:

  • Tracki 2022 model 4G LTE Mini GPS Tracker
  • Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker
  • LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker
  • GPS Tracker-Optimus 2.0 4G LTE
  • 2022 PrimeTracking GPS Tracker
  • Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7 GPS Tracker
  • Jiobit Location Monitor
  • AMERICALOC 300 Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker
  • Key Finder VODESON Wireless Key Tracker
  • How Flexible Is The Gps Tracker For Your Needs : Buy VJOYCAR GPS Tracker Bike With LED Light Waterproof ...

    Odds are, your business has more than one vehicle. You might even have a whole fleet. And if youre not using every single vehicle or piece of equipment at the same time, its worth looking for a tracker thats easy to swap between assets.

    Plus, the price of a trappable tracker is often the same as those without this feature.

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    Dustproof Mini Size Long Battery Life Gps Tracker Product Sends One Data One Day

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    What Are The Best Gps Tracking Devices

    Battery Operated Vehicle GPS Tracker

    Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace so the best vehicle locator with long battery life today will most likely not hold that title in 3 years, but in 2021 the top-rated covert tracker with battery power is the SpaceHawk. Clearly, the most striking feature of this mini tracker is the size:

    Dimensions 2.2 x 2.2 x 0.9

    However, another really cool feature that elevates the SpaceHawk over many of the other tracking devices on the market is the design of a motion sensor. What is a motion sensor to GPS tracker? When constructed with a motion sensor a GPS tracker has the ability to determine when a vehicle is moving or when it is parked. This single feature is very advantageous because it can lengthen battery life substantially. This is because when an automobile is parked the motion sensor will transition the mini GPS tracker into a sleep mode in an effort to maximize battery life. When the vehicle begins to move again the motion sensor will activate, powering the GPS tracker back on!

    Personal & Car Tracker Honorable Mentions

    Although we find the SpaceHawk asset monitoring device as one of the best devices in terms of a mini tracker with extended battery power, here are a few other fleet tracking systems that deserve honorable mentions:

    • Brickhouse Security 140-Day 4G Spark Nano
    • Cube Bluetooth GPS

    If you are concerned a GPS device might be hidden on your vehicle please read our tips about how to scan your car for a tracking device!

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    Live Gps Tracker With Long Battery Life

    When it comes to GPS tracking systems what businesses and consumers want are solutions that update quickly and have long-lasting battery power. Finding a GPS tracker that updates around 6 times per minute is fairly commonplace now that cellular technologies have continued to expand, but when it comes to battery-life the reality is almost all tracking devices simply arent very adequate. This is because most vehicle tracking systems are only capable of offering 10-15 hours of real time GPS tracking when the device is not pulling power from an outside source such as a car battery via hardwire connect or cigarette lighter port. This leaves many potential uses in a tough spot. Thankfully, Everlast Nano is changing that with not only its powerful internal battery source but also an extended battery pack accessory adding an additional 138 hours of wheels-in-motion recording time!

    The Uk’s Leading Gps Trackers Store

    Equipment GPS Tracker, 3 Year Battery Life

    Whatever the purpose, Trackershop has you covered!View Products

    The development of portable GPS trackers in the last few years has allowed for so many new uses and benefits to emerge.

    Using a covert or discreet GPS tracker for vehicles and assets has become easier, more accurate, more effective, and cheaper!

    Trackershop has been at the forefront of developing new styles of magnetic trackers to ensure that, whatever you need to track, there is a correct size, shape, and battery life for your needs.

    The flexibility of portable magnetic GPS trackers means that you can attach your device to a vehicle/asset in seconds. No complicated installation is needed, and you can then switch your tracking device from one vehicle to another whenever needed.

    We have pioneered longer battery life, smaller tracking devices, stronger magnets, and have made our discreet GPS trackers even more durable and waterproof.

    Being able to offer a solution for all tracking needs has seen a huge increase in the number of people and businesses utilising tracking devices on a daily basis.

    All of our magnetic trackers are totally covert, fully rechargeable, and can be used to monitor a vehicle in real-time whilst recording full history for all journeys. Our new advanced mapping panel allows you to set up zones, alerts and control your tracker remotely from your computer and smartphone.

    Whatever your purpose, there is a magnetic GPS tracker that will cater to your exact needs.

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    Portable Gps Tracker For Cars With Long Battery Life

    SEEWORLD portable car GPS trackers are best for trucks, vans, bikes, motorcycles, and other fleet management. Our devices support GPS/BDS/LBS locating modes and high-precision positioning.

    Our wireless GPS tracker for cars is small, light, and powerful, and it comes with a water-resistant magnetic shell that can be attached to any piece of equipment without the need for cabling or power.

    Except for mini vehicle GPS trackers, we have hardwired tracking devices , and OBD trackers, providing you the freedom to select the features that best suit your companys needs.

    When you buy a small GPS car tracking device from Seeworld, you will also get a user-friendly tracking platform , a smartphone app for iOS and Android, and responsive customer support from our pleasant and professional staff.

    Test WhatsGPS Track Platform APPFor testing our platform and app, you can log in by account: test01, password: 123456. SEEWORLD WhatsGPS tracking platform is a global GPS tracking system, which allows you to customize your reports and give you the level of detail you require. It may be used to track and secure your employees, personal vehicles, and company fleets.

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    Gps Trailer Tracker Features:

    The GL500MG is a powerful waterproof GPS trailer tracker designed for fixed asset tracking applications. It is powered by a user replaceable battery pack. Configured to wake up on a preset schedule to send an update of its current location, then return to a dormant state.

    • Low power consumption. Long standby time.
    • Powered by user replaceable lithium battery pack
    • Internal u-blox chipset
    • G Series: Cat M1/Cat NB1: LTE-FDD: B1/ B2/ B3/ B4/ B5/ B8/ B12/ B13/ B18/ B19/ B20/ B25/ B28 LTE-TDD: B39
    • Internal 3-axis accelerometer for optional motion detection
    • Internal GSM antenna

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    Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

    Best for tracking valuables anywhere using the Bluetooth feature.

    Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker allows you to monitor your valuables using your mobile phone. The device attaches directly to the valuables. You can use an iOS or Android app to monitor your stuff using the device. If you happen to lose the device itself, you can locate it using your smartphone, Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, or Xfinity.

    The basic location feature is free. If you want advanced protection such as smart alerts, sharing, location history, and battery replacement, consider the premium plan.


    • Compatible with Android and iOS.


    Order A Minimum Of 100 Pieces Today And Safeguard Your Business

    Long battery life Mini Vehicle GSM GPRS GPS Tracker Or Car Vehicle ...

    In the end, the small GPS tracker with longest battery life is an investment that may save your business. Its utmost customizability and the affordable price tag make it irresistible for many businesses who want to make most of real-time location tracking and take advantage of modern technology.

    Now, you have the chance to order the compact GPS tracker from Eelink and make the most of this secure tracking technology!

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    Gps Tracker: Why Long Battery Life Matters

    Battery life is something that matters a lot when it comes to GPS tracking devices. The reason for that is very simple not everyone has the time to change batteries on GPS trackers every now and then. Plus, it takes a lot of effort to track all of the batteries and know which have been changed and which are due to change.

    In order to prevent you from experiencing such problems, our company has designed the GPT12 GPS tracker with longest battery life. Small, portable and certified against all the standards, it boasts with a minimum of 3 years battery life!

    If you know the average lifespan of a standard battery, you probably know that this small GPS tracker has long battery life or the longest you have ever seen in a while.

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