Smartwatch With Longest Lasting Battery

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Budget Pick : Amazfit Gtr

Smartwatches with LONG Battery Lives (At Least 1 Week)

Looks more premium than the Amazfit GTS Heart rate monitor, GPS, and sleep tracking Sleep tracking could be improved No third party apps

Amazfits GTR smartwatch is slightly more expensive than the GTS shared earlier, but a worthy upgrade thanks to a more intuitive user interface and a more elegant look.

With this model, Amazfit has opted for a round watch face that looks more premium. Its is available in aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium which is slightly heavier than the GTS, but still lighter than most.

On the watch, youll find an additional button that makes it that little bit easier to navigate and the redesigned user interface is more fluid.

In terms of features, it is almost identical to the GTS, with a clear AMOLED display and range of sensors including a 24/7 heart rate monitor, sleep tracking and fitness tracking.

Despite having twice as much battery capacity as the GTS and a stated 24 days battery life, in reality, we found it to be very similar to the GTS at around 14 days.

For more info, see our full review of the Amazfit GTR vs the GTS.

How Can I Extend The Battery Life Of My Smartwatch

There are a lot of Setting options available to extend the battery life of your smartwatch.1- Decrease the brightness according to your need2- Try out the minimal watch face3- Turn off Always on Display from Settings4- Turn off all unnecessary notifications5- Update the software of your watch6- Delete unnecessary apps7- Turn on battery-saving mode

Amazfit Verge Rugged Smartwatch


WHY WE LIKE IT: An Alexa-supported smartwatch that includes 12 sport modes and offers enhanced smart support for sending and receiving calls and texts makes this perfect for someone who wants a fully hands-free experience.


  • Allows for both sending and receiving calls


  • Not compatible with Apple iPhones

If you have a connected home that relies on any Alexa-powered device, it makes sense to opt for a smartwatch that also works within the Amazon Alexa ecosystem. The Amazfit Verge is Xuamis answer to the smartwatch wearables category and is integrated with Alexa. So, this means that you can potentially go for a morning run and tell Alexa to start your coffee maker or adjust the thermostat so that you return to a comfortable home. The Amazfit Verge is one of the few non-Samsung smartwatches that supports sending and receiving calls, making it a great median-priced alternative for people not ready to upgrade to a pricier model from the Samsung Galaxy Watch portfolio.

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Garmin Fenix 7 Sapphire Solar

There are two added benefits to opting in for Garmins Fenix 7 Sapphire Solar, and it says it right in the name. First, this smartwatch uses light of various sources to charge its battery. As long as you step outside, your batter will get some energy! Second is the Power Sapphire lens material which, when coupled with the titanium bezel, make this an ultra-powerful watch.

So how much battery life can you expect with a Solar Fenix 7? With the battery saver mode, a solar Fenix 7s battery life triples from over 50 days to over 150 days! And if youre out for an extreme adventure or trip, and need GPS enabled the entire way, your Fenix 7 Solar can still last up to two days before needing more solar power.

In terms of health monitoring and activity tracking, it offers the same wonderful features you can get on the Fenix 7 Standard, or even the Fenix 6.

Mobvoisticwatch Pro 4g Lte

Garmin Forerunner 955, GPS Running Smartwatch, Tailored to Triathletes ...

Secondly, the Ticwatch Pro 4G Lite. Although this smartwatchs battery only lasts up to 30 days, compared to the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solars 120 days, you get more functionality packed into its stylish display.

However, 30 days of battery life is much longer than most smartwatches. This is thanks to layered display technology, meaning it has two displays OLED and LED. OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode, similar to TVs, and smartphones. As you can imagine, this display mode uses more battery power than the LED screen. The LED display is activated when youre not using the OLED display.

This, of course, is optional and can be changed in your settings. If you do change the settings display to OLED only, youll have to charge your watch every two days. But this still isnt as often as the Apple Watch Series 5, which struggles to make it past the 24-hour mark and has the flagship Always On Display. In OLED mode, the Ticwatch Pro has great fitness tracking apps and features like google assistant, power by Wear OS, Googles smartwatch operating system.

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Best Smartwatch With Oxygen Sensor

Before diving in, check out our top recommendations:

Comfortable Outdoor Journey

To position such a wristwatch is really easy and less complicated. You can position this watch by the help of 5 satellite positioning systems. These special features will make most of your outdoor journeys more comfortable.

This one uses circularly-polarized antenna technology which is worthy to improve positioning performance and accuracy.

Alexa Built-In & Powerful Zeep OS

One can easily set an alarm, ask any question, speak over translation, and more for the Alexa built in.

Again, it comes with an excellent operating system named powerful Zeep OS which features over 10 mini apps including home-improvement third party apps. This is pretty easy and efficient to enhance your daily life.

Other Beneficial Feature

Amazfit GTS 4 is completely different about the app navigation. All the fitness features are accurate and provide 100% true results. Health monitoring apps like OX2, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation works with more clarity than others. It also comes with 120+ sports and smart recognition.

Long Durable Battery Life

You wouldnt like to use such a watch which has very shabby battery life and power. In this case, this one may be enough to cover all the work you do at once. This watch has battery of 15 days of endurance on primary usage and 45 days on saver mode.



  • The watch face is easily got scratches after using for long time
  • Bluetooths connection is totally annoying and poor

What To Keep In Mind Before You Buy It

While the Fossil Gen 5e is a great addition to your smartphone accessory, it does miss out on a few things. The smartwatch doesnt come with SPO2 monitoring, built-in GPS, menstrual tracking, Blood Pressure monitoring, and stress level monitoring. These are some of the features that some of the users would want to have on a watch, especially given the price here.

Features like adaptive brightness, wireless charging support, and automatic tracking are also not available, but these are not that important. The tap-to-pay was not accessible on the watch.

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Smartwatches With Long Battery Life In 2022

Once you start to research for the Best Long Battery Life Smartwatch, you realized that all the big names such as Apple, Samsung, or even Fitbit offer fully packed smart features, high-end fitness tracking functions, and all the perks, but the battery needs a charge every one or 2 days!.

And lets be honest the whole smart experience needs to be painless, and after all the gadgets or appliances that need to be charged, you dont wantto be also taking care of the smartwatch battery.

So down below we put the list of the Best Pick in 2022.

We divide them between Regular Smartwatches and Hybrid Smartwatches. The Hybrid are the ones that can perform Smart functionalities, as well as, track your activities but when it comes to design they look more like a regular watch, instead of a modern-looking Smartwatch.

But thats not all! some Hybrid Smartwatches can last up to Years!

In this guide, we list the Top Picks. These smartwatches will last longer than any other smartwatch in the market, but at the same time, they provide a full range of health and fitness tracking functions, plus smart features that will give you a real Smartwatch experience.

We review them not only on their battery Juice but also on their features, functions, and price so you can get the Smartwatch With the Best Battery Life in 2022.


Withings Steel Hr Best Hybrid Battery Life Smartwatch

Top 5 Best Smartwatch with Long Battery Life
  • Average Battery Life 25 Days
  • Average Battery Life No GPS

The Withings Steel HR smartwatch is the first hybrid smartwatch on this list of the best smartwatches with long battery life in 2021. It features an outstanding battery life out of the box and according to Withings , the smartwatch could last up to 25 days on a single charge and 20 more days when power reserve mode is enabled on the watch.

Battery life aside, the Withings Steel HR smartwatch is also a feature-packed smartwatch for its category. It comes with some fitness tracking capabilities like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, 24/7 tracking with your phones gps and Strava integration. These features are some of the features you wont find on most hybrid smartwatches in todays smartwatch market.

The watch is also water resistant up to 50 meters and it also comes with automatic swim integration capabilities so you have nothing to worry about when swimming or taking a shower while you have your watch on, just go diving below 50m with the watch.

Even with all its amazing features, the Withing Steel HR doesnt come without its own defects. Firstly, this smartwatch like most hybrid smartwatches out there runs on its own proprietary operating system which means you will be limited to only apps provided by the watches manufacturer.


  • Average Battery Life 20 Days
  • Average Battery Life 5 7 Days


  • Average Battery Life 4 7 Days
  • Average Battery Life 2 Days max


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Fitbit Versa 2 Up To 6 Days

With the Versa 2, Fitbit confirms that less is more.

The health and fitness brand name has actually taken everything that made the original a compelling spending plan smartwatch, improves on those functions, includes a rather fiddly voice aide, and also spits out a near-perfect physical fitness tracker that comes with some smartwatch perks.

It is just one of the best fitness watches from Fitbit but the lack of a GPS chip implies youll require to lug your phone any place you go.

With this wearable, Fitbit has actually again verified that you do not necessarily need excellent features to make an excellent physical fitness watch, as well as it doesnt need to be a burden in your wallet.

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Unlike most smartwatches on the market, the Versa 2 isnt aiming to change your phone as a matter of fact, you can call it a dumbed-down variation of a smartwatch. And that isnt necessarily a negative point.

The Versa 2 is directly focused on users crazy about fitness instead of those seeking performance from a wearable, making it an expansion of Fitbits exceptional physical fitness tracker variety, however one that comes with some added benefits.

While health and fitness tracking are the main focus, the Versa 2 bridges the gap between phone and wrist by offering message and also schedule notices, ways to manage your wise house arrangement and play songs from your phone while on a run or exercise session.


How Accurate Are Smartwatch Pulse Oximeter Sensors

Smartwatches and portable gadgets will play a significant role in the healthcare industrys development, and weve heard of several incidents where smartwatches have saved lives.

However, the accuracy of SPO2 Sensors in Smartwatches, which reads SPO2 from the wrist, is not precisely accurate and depends on many variables.

Because smartwatches measure your SPO2 from wrists, factors such as complexion, body fat, blood flow, correct wear, and appropriate bands will impact the results.

Furthermore, unlike the VO2 Max test, which is done while you are exerting yourself, the SPO2 measurement must be conducted while you are completely motionless and at rest. Any activity or attempt made prior to or during the test will have a significant impact.

Such technologies should not be used instead of a medical examination. That stated you cannot entrust your life to them. Get medical assistance immediately if you have health issues or are anxious about your well-being.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Battery Life Up To One Day

The SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3 looks satisfying, and it gives satisfactory performance. It doesnt have much difference compared to many other smart wearables out there, yet it has excellent features delivering their jobs well to win a place in your heart.


Outstanding Battery Performance

The lifespan of its battery is quite surprising. At such an affordable price, it provides you with a ton of features while giving you the chance to enjoy them the whole day by changing once you can utilize its functions all day long.

Bigger Display

This specific watch is slightly lighter and smaller than the galaxy timepiece. But you shouldnt think its display is small. It will look pretty big for a person with an average size wrist. The 45mm display will appear on your wrist with perfection while improving your reading capacity.

High Performance

Thanks to Samsung, they made scrolling and swiping easier with the fast interface. The speed is increased by adding an additional 1 GB of RAM. Its smooth to operate with a large space worth 8 GB where you can directly save music. Samsung apps are loaded more quicker. You can download and use third-party apps if necessary, but the watch will load them a bit slower.

Upgraded Health Tracker

Manual tracking shows more accurate data than auto-tracking. But it doesnt make it unworthy because the primary fitness tracking, meaning heart rate and sleep monitoring, are measured pretty well.

Incredible Connectivity



Garmin Fenix 5 X Plus Up To 14 Days

Garmin Forerunner 255 Music GPS Running Smartwatch, Advanced Insights ...

Smartwatch: 18 Days GPS Mode: 30 Hours Ultra Trac Mode: 64 Hours

The Garmin Fenix 5X Plus is one of the most full-featured Smartwatch with the best GPS for sports available.

Without a doubt is our number one choice for the Best Long Battery life smartwatch. With the greatest battery life features and GPS connectivity, It could have the number one spot, although is the most priced watch on our list.

With a full range of sport available you can track all your activities. Another cool addition to this watch is the onboard maps that will give you all the data about your location and surrounding areas, so its great for wandering around the city as well on the wildest outdoors.


  • Ultimate multisport GPS
  • Includes color TOPO maps featuring Trendline popularity routing to help you find and follow the best paths
  • Wrist-based Pulse Ox Acclimation sensor, Estimated blood oxygen saturation levels -especially useful when youre adjusting to higher altitudes
  • Rugged design, scratch-resistant domed sapphire lens plus stainless steel or diamond-like carbon titanium bezel, and rear case
  • Easily store and play up to 500 songs on your watch, and connect with Bluetooth headphones
  • Garmin Pay contactless payment solution lets you make convenient payments with your watch

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Aeifond Smartwatch With Camera

Were sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock


WHY WE LIKE IT: A cost-friendly smartwatch featuring social media notifications with a 0.3-megapixel camera that supports remote camera controls, SMS, anti-loss access, and select fitness and health data metrics.


  • Most compatible with Android devices

If youre shopping on a budget, but love the idea of a smartwatch with a camera, youll like the Aeifond smartwatch. This low-cost choice offers many features that are ideal for heavy social media and texting use. While the brand promotes the watch as being compatible with both Apple and Android devices, the fact that most of the robust features are incompatible with the iOS platform means that this isnt a good choice for Apple users. Still, along with Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp push notifications, you can also select notifications for SMS.

What Are The Best Standalone Smartwatches

The Smartwatch market has been heating up recently due to the growing demand for convenient and functional technology. The top manufacturers in the industry have been iterating to create the best smartwatch that provides unrivaled comfort and a rich, interactive experience.

With so many players competing in the market, several models have already emerged as clear leaders. Lets take a look at the best standalone smartwatches you can buy today.

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Amazfit Gts : Design And Build Quality

Take out the Amazfit GTS 2, still the familiar square screen, but with a little change in shape. There is a transition curve on the right, making the only physical button less obtrusive.

The screen quality and size have not changed compared with the previous generation, but the shape of the watch body has been adjusted, and from the front, it is more visually integrated.

The sides adopt curved transitions in both vertical and horizontal directions, making it difficult to cut hands. On the other side, there is a thin speaker opening. It is required for Bluetooth call function, music playback, etc. due to the upgrade of the bio-optical sensor, the bottom of Amazfit GTS 2 has also changed this time, with four openings, which has the ability to detect blood oxygen saturation.

On the upper and lower sides of the watch body, there are three microphone openings, so Amazfit GTS 2 can more clearly capture the sound of the user. In addition, the strap supports quick release. The original strap is made of silicone. If you need it, you can buy a fluorine rubber or leather strap. A charging base is included in the package. Amazfit GTS 2 uses magnetic charging, which can be fully charged within two hours.

Of course you get a few color options to choose from including midnight black, desert gold or urban grey aluminum alloy case. As you can see from the images I tested the midnight black option.

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