Smoke Detector 10 Year Battery

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Detector Communication And Special Features

How easy is it to install a new 10 year battery smoke detector?


Some smoke alarms are combination units which detect carbon monoxide as well as smoke and fire. Combination alarms are available in hard-wired and battery operated models, and have two different alarm sounds to tell you whether its smoke or CO.


Since it is against the law to disable smoke alarms, many smoke alarms are now available with features such as hush buttons, which temporarily silences a nuisance alarm.

Additionally, smoke alarms are available with strobe lights, pillow/bed shakers, and other notifiers for those who are hearing or visually impaired.

Update Your Smoke Alarm To A Hard

There are 4 main power sources for smoke alarms 9V battery only, hardwired, hardwired with a rechargeable battery and 10 year Lithium Ion battery smoke alarms.

Depending on when your house was built or renovated there are different legal requirements about which type you are required to have.

How Do I Know If My Wireless Smoke Alarms Are Interconnected

It is almost impossible to tell if smoke alarms are interconnected just by looking at them. The best way to ascertain if your smoke alarms are interconnected is by testing them! Our alarms come with a dual test / hush button to make this easy.

Simply press the button to test your alarm if all alarms within the same network activate then it means they are successfully interconnected. Alternatively, just press the test button on the optional remote control device. Note when testing alarms it may take up to 10 seconds for all alarms to activate this is normal.

For more information on interconnecting / pairing your smoke alarms please go here: Setup & Install

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What Is A 10 Year Sealed Smoke Detector

Recently, my uncle called me. he said that he has to replace the battery of the smoke detector that is just use one year because that battery is get out of power. then my uncle asked me if I can recommend him a smoke detector without replacing battery frequently. of course, our company sumring develops and sells these fire alarm products, I at once recommend a 10 year sealed smoke detector for my uncle.

speak of 10 year sealed smoke detectorwhat is it maybe someone do not about and Let me explain it.10 year sealed smoke detectors are powered by sealed lithium batteries that have a life span of ten years. These alarms provide 10 years of continuous protection with no need to replace the battery for the life of the alarm.10 year sealed smoke detector provide up to 10 years of continuous service.

Although the 10 year sealed smoke detector can be used for 10 years, this is true, but we also need to take care of it and clean it from time to time to prevent dust and other things from entering the detector and affecting its function.

My uncle’s family is now using the 10 year sealed smoke detector I recommended to him. Although it was only installed and used for a few days, he was very satisfied with the product appearance and performance. Really good!Can you want to try it? click it 10 year sealed smoke detector

How Many Do I Need To Buy

Worry Free 10

In addition to the minimum requirement of one smoke alarm per level, Fire and Rescue NSW recommends installing smoke alarms in all bedrooms and living spaces and even the garage.

NSW legislation requires all residents to have one working smoke alarm installed on each level of their home. This includes owner occupied, rental properties, relocatable homes, caravans and campervans or any other residential building where people sleep.

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What Are Wireless Interconnected Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

There are two parts to this question the first is answering what does interconnected mean and the second is answering what does photoelectric mean?

Interconnectedsimply means that our smoke alarms can be wirelessly paired together so that they are all linked within the same network . When one alarm detects smoke within a building, then all smoke alarms wirelessly paired together within the same network will also initiate their audible alarm. The advantages of interconnected smoke alarms are that they can provide an increased early warning for occupants, particularly in multi-storey and/or multi-bedroom dwellings.

Older conventional smoke alarms typically operate as single unit, stand-alone devices. If a conventional smoke alarm sensed smoke on the ground floor of a building, it may activate, but any other smoke alarms on upper floors would not activate until smoke had physically entered their same air space by this time it could be too late to initiate an effective emergency response as the fire has also spread to the upper floor.

Interconnected smoke alarms are linked/paired together using Radio Frequency technology so do not need a home WiFi internet connection. The range for interconnection is 25 metres making it ideal for residential homes, apartments and units.

Battery Powered Wireless Interconnected Alarms

If it is not possible to run a power supply to the proposed smoke alarm location, we provide a smoke alarm that includes two sealed batteries. One for the alarm and one for the wireless interconnection. These units are compatible with our wireless interconnection base so you can have a combination of both in your home.

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Our Pick: First Alert Sa511cn2

For your primary line of defense, we recommend the First Alert SA511CN2-3ST Interconnected Wireless Smoke Alarm with Voice Location. This is a photoelectric alarm, so its effective against both slow-burning, smoldering fires and fast-burning, flaming fires. Its sold in a two-pack, and the two units link together through a wireless signaland can combine with additional unitsso that they all sound at once. In addition, you can preset each unit to a location so that when an alarm goes off, all of the units indicate which room the fire is in. The alarm is a voice alarm, which research indicates is more effective in waking small children than a simple tone. The First Alert SA511CN2-3ST is the only alarm we found that combines the voice alarm, the location feature, and the wireless connection all in one unitat a price thats merely on the high side of average for the category.

Because theyre interconnected, the SA511CN2-3ST alarms not only give you an early warning but also tell you where the problem is originating from. During initial setup, you assign each alarm a room location. When the alarms go off, they all announce the source alarms location. As training coordinator and fire safety educator Tom Kiurski told us, Vocal smoke alarms are recommended if you have children between 4 and 12 years of age, because studies show they respond better to a familiar voice, as opposed to something that can fall under white noise.2

V Hardwired Photoelectric Smoke Alarm With Interconnected Rf Module 10 Year Battery

How to install Kidde 10 year battery smoke alarm detector DIY video #diy #smokedetector #kidde


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Our Vulcan 240v Hardwired photoelectric smoke detectors with Rf Module are sensitive to both slow smoldering & advanced domestic fires. Our modern look alarms blend seamlessly with your decor and are easily camouflaged on the ceiling. All our alarms are fitted with a test/hush/silence button for ease of use.

In stock

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It Can Make All The Difference In A Life And Death Situation

Being caught in a house fire is almost too frightening to think about. But sadly, firefighters have to fight thousands of building fires every year. To escape a house fire, early warning is vital. That’s why every home in Australia needs a smoke alarm.

But with several different types of alarms out there, it can be confusing to know which ones you need in your house. Read on for information that will set you straight and hopefully prevent you from having to wave the tea towel at a screaming alarm every time you burn your toast.

On this page:

Can Different Brands Of Smoke Detectors Be Interconnected

No. We do not recommend attempting to interconnect different brands of smoke detectors onto the same network. The set-up and pairing process is different for each smoke alarm brand and this could introduce communication issues when establishing the network. Whilst some smoke alarm brands may share a common radio frequency, the bandwidth will always vary which may cause functionality issues, or simply not work at all.

As with any life saving appliance, adhere to the manufacturers recommendations and dont try to interconnect different brands of smoke alarms onto the same network.

Please see the bottom of our home page for more Frequently Asked Questions .

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Also Great: First Alert Sa303cn3 Battery Powered Smoke Alarm

*At the time of publishing, the price was $8.

To have the most complete fire-detection system, we recommend adding a First Alert SA303CN3 Battery Powered Smoke Alarm to each floor. This model is an ionization alarm, so its designed to be better than our other picks at detecting a fast, flaming fire. Its not as good as the others at detecting smoky fires, however, so we dont recommend it as a primary alarm. According to our research, ionization alarms are also prone to nuisance alarms, particularly from shower steam or cooking smoke, so make sure to place them accordingly.

Voltex Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Sealed 10 Year Lithium Battery Only Wireless Interconnect

Kidde Hardwired Interconnectable Smoke Alarm with 10

The Voltex battery powered wireless photoelectric smoke alarm comes with non-replaceable lithium battery that lasts more than 10 years and is fully compliant with all national codes and local building regulations.

Using sophisticated wireless technology, this smoke alarm can interconnect with up to 40 units at distance of up to 100 meters. No wiring is required! The digital radio frequency technology enables the smoke alarm to differentiate signals from other wireless devices, minimizing nuisance alarms.

Pairing the smoke alarms just needs a few minutes and the mounting plate is quick and easy to install, thanks to the customized mounting screws.

Voltex smoke alarms fully comply with national standard AS3786:2014.



*Based on a standard installation â Subject to location*

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Also Great: First Alert Sco501cn

*At the time of publishing, the price was $43.

Carbon monoxide is a deadly, odorless, colorless gas that can spread through a home as the result of a malfunctioning or improperly installed chimney or combustion appliance such as a gas stove, a gas boiler, a water heater, a propane range, or a wood stove, according to the Environmental Protection Agency and other sources. If you dont already have CO alarms, we strongly recommend including a few First Alert SCO501CN-3ST Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice Location units in your interconnected system.

This model offers the same features as our main pick and adds a carbon monoxide sensor. That CO detector adds a good bit to the pricecurrently a single SCO501CN-3ST unit is just barely cheaper than the two-pack of our top pickso we made this model a separate recommendation in case youre already covered with a stand-alone CO detector.

An Important Note On Fire Safety

Working smoke alarms are essential in any home, but you should treat them as just one piece of a comprehensive fire-safety plan. Your plan should include other safety items such as fire extinguishers and escape ladders, but most important, you should base your plan on an awareness of what to do in case of a fire. Firehouse Magazines Timothy Sendelbach told us, The best advice I can offer is to practice fire drills, using the test button on the alarm, to familiarize family members with the sound and recommended actions to be taken upon activation. For more information, we recommend the NFPAs page on how to make a home fire escape plan.

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What’s The Law About Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are legally required for most residences in Australia. Here are the requirements for each state and territory. This is only a summary and laws can change: please check your state’s current requirements when replacing a smoke alarm, or when building or renovating. While the minimum may be one alarm per home, more alarms might be required depending on the layout of the home. Click the state name for links to relevant state authorities and regulations.

Note that under the Building Code of Australia, all homes built or substantially renovated since 1997 require mains-powered smoke alarms with battery back-up, and where there are multiple alarms, these may also need to be interconnected.

NSW: at least one alarm per level or per apartment. In every hall or corridor connected to a bedroom, or on a level where there is no bedroom, in the most likely path of travel for persons evacuating the building. Photoelectric recommended.

QLD: interconnected photoelectric alarms mains-powered or 10 year battery. This applies as of Jan 2017. Current alarms less than 10 years old need only be replaced when they expire.

VIC: at least one per home. Photoelectric recommended.

SA: at least one per home. Most homes now require mains-powered or 10-year battery models, and interconnection may be required as well.

WA: at least one per home. Most homes now require mains-powered or 10-year battery models.

Why You Should Trust Us

Ten Year Smoke Detector Batteries

We spoke to a number of people in the fire-safety industry: Joseph Keenan, assistant fire marshal of the Burlington Fire Department Judy Comoletti, division manager for public education at the National Fire Protection Association John Drengenberg, consumer safety director at UL Timothy Sendelbach, editor-in-chief of Firehouse Magazine, who has 30 years of experience in fire and safety services and Tom Kiurski, training coordinator and director of fire safety education for Livonia, Michigan, as well as a columnist with FireRescue1. Kiurski has 35 years of experience in the fire services.

In addition, we spent hours reading hundreds of pages of smoke-alarm studies, such as the NFPAs massive Smoke Alarms in U.S. Home Fires report, the National Center for Healthy Housings Evaluation of the 10-Year Smoke Alarm Project report , and Vision 20/20s The Smoke Alarm Problem report , among many others. Note that the National Center for Healthy Housing is partially funded by The Home Depot Foundation.

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Standard Smoke Alarms Hard Wired With Rechargeable Battery

These are a more recent style of alarm that is wired into the home but have a lithium-ion battery that lasts 10 years so never needs to be replaced. Whilst more expensive than the 9V battery units, it does not require people getting up ladders to change batteries in alarms yearly and reduces landfill with yearly battery disposal not required.

Where To Install Smoke Alarms

As for the specifics of smoke alarm location within a room, there are actually quite a few areas to avoid.

The National Fire Protection Associations recommendation for smoke alarm placement is that you have one on each floor and one in each bedroom. So for a typical two-story home, thats one in the basement , one on the first floor, and one in the second-floor hallway, with an additional unit in each bedroom or sleeping area. You should not place one in a garage or in areas that have temperatures lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit or higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

As for the specifics of smoke alarm location within a room, there are actually quite a few areas to avoid. First Alerts FAQ states, Install your alarms at least 20 feet from appliances like furnaces and ovens, which produce combustion particles. Alarms should be at least 10 feet from high humidity areas like showers and laundry rooms, and at least 3 feet from heat/AC vents.

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Other Types Of Alarms

There are two other types of home alarms that are useful for particular situations:

  • Carbon monoxide alarms often used to ensure safe operation of central heating systems. Carbon monoxide is a waste product of gas heating, so if you have gas heating it’s worth installing a carbon monoxide alarm, in case the heater develops a fault and the waste carbon monoxide gets into your home at dangerous levels.
  • Heat alarms ideal for kitchens as they detect heat rather than smoke, so aren’t prone to nuisance alarms from cooking fumes.

Even if you have one of these specialised alarms, you should always have standard smoke alarms as well.

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Standard Smoke Alarms Hard Wired: 9v Battery Backup

Kidde Code One 10

Most houses when they are built have this type of alarm wired into the home, it generally requires the 9V battery to be replaced every year which requires people getting up ladders to change batteries in alarms yearly and adds to landfill with yearly battery disposal.

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V Battery Smoke Alarms

9 volt battery smoke alarms are the cheapest option, and they can be installed easily in any location because there are no cables. However, the battery in these smoke alarms must be changed every year. As the battery is the only power source for this type of alarm, there is no backup if the batteries dies or fails.

One thing to consider before buying battery-only smoke alarms is that Victorian law requires all homes built after 1997 to have hardwired smoke alarms.

Why Buy Our Wireless Smoke Alarms

Wireless Interconnected Photoelectric Smoke Alarms Australia is proudly Australian owned and operated based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Our interconnected smoke detectors have undergone comprehensive laboratory testing and adhere to Australian Standard 3786:2014 .

This makes our smoke detectors fully compliant in all Australian states, including the stringent Queensland State Government laws.

Be wary of other smoke alarms being sold online which no longer meet the new legislative requirements. Buy from us with confidence that you are covered.

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