Solar Panel For Car Battery

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Can You Charge A Car Battery Using A Solar Panel

Can 10W solar panel keep a car battery charged or topped up?

Battery chargers enhance the performance of batteries and can extend the life of the battery. Car batteries will discharge even when not in use as devices like alarms and clocks will continue to discharge the battery. Car batteries can also be used to store power to a certain extent.

The standard car battery is rated 12v and can be recharged with a maximum of 10 amps at 13.8 to 15 volts. The recommended float charging is one amp at . You can check the recommended settings on the batterys manual. This can also vary depending on the type of battery whether AGM, Gel, or Lithium Batteries.

So can you charge a car battery with a solar panel? Yes, a standard 100-watt solar panel with a charge controller can provide around 5 amps to charge a battery and will take around 12 hours to fully recharge a battery with a battery voltage below 11.85. This can take two days depending on the amount of sunlight the panel is receiving. A smaller 5-watt panel can provide a trickle charge to maintain the battery and prevent it from dying.

What Is A Solar Car Battery Charger And Who This Is For

The solar charger for car batteries is an innovative solar product. It is made of a solar panel glass and an ABS plastic material. It also has a monocrystalline silicon solar cell. This charger is compact and lightweight. It is designed, engineered and made to keep a car battery topped off. It works likes a solar charger and maintainer that prevents dead battery.

It also has safety and protection features to prevent reverse charging, for instance. The device is ideal for applications, such as snowmobiles, motorcycles, car, tractors, Powersports, and marine. It is for those that want to use a solar charger that can be used in charging the batteries of different vehicles.

Also, this device is for those that want to save money and energy cost. It depends on solar power thus, it does not rely on electricity at all. In this case, you can benefit from the free energy coming from the sun. With it, you also do not spend more money because it does not add to energy cost.

Besides, the car charger is also for people that want to help conserve nature. It is for those that are looking for alternative energy products. With a sun-powered charger, you can give your share to the environment.

These are only some things to know about a solar car charger that you need to know. In this case, you will have a better idea of how it can offer you with benefits.

When To Use Solar Car Chargers

Solar car chargers are helpful when leaving your car alone for extended periods. Car batteries leak power over time, so if not driven for more than a couple of weeks, the battery will die.

Solar chargers convert the sunlight that comes through the windshield or outside the car into electricity and uses the power to keep the batteries topped up on energy. Hence, the vehicle is always ready to drive.

They can be more convenient than regular car starting batteries, as they can be used anywhere, even if youre far from the nearest power bank. However, most solar chargers dont charge the battery from dead.

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Ring Stick Up Camera Installation

These pictures give you a small insight into my temporary set up. I did it this way to test the camera angle and placement before securely fixing it to the soffit.

If youre thinking that someone can just come, grab it and take it away, youre right but Ring has built-in two security screws which fixes it to its base and secures the battery compartment. These screws are included in the box and are easily fitted. While it might not stop someone ripping it from its spot, it will definitely slow someone down who may try, or simply to try tamper with it to disable it i.e youll have warning itls happening.

I dont like screwing holes in the outside of houses so Ill be mounting mine, at least to start, with double-sided outdoor 3m tape.

This installation is a temporary mash together job Ive done which works fine but I wanted to test it before finally mounting. The wiring looks terrible but Ill make it pretty in the end.

Ring Stick Up Cam Not Recognizing Solar Panel: Troubleshooting Steps

12V 120W Flexible Solar Panel Plate Solar Charger for Car Battery ...

Despite the success and reliability of the 3rd generation Ring Stick Up Cam, like any piece of sophisticated equipment, it may give you problems, including recognizing the Ring Solar Panel hookup, which is designed almost exclusively for the Stick Up Cam.

However, no problem is unsolvable, and there are some troubleshooting steps worth trying to get your Ring Stick Up Cam to charge in the sun. Below, well cover a few issues you may encounter with your Ring Stick Up Cam/Solar Panel combo and how to fix them.

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Connect The Solar Panel To The Charge Controller

Next up connecting the solar panel!

Most solar panel cables come with pre-attached MC4 connectors. To connect a solar panel to a charge controller, you need MC4 solar adapter cables.

For the panels positive cable, connect the MC4 inline fuse, positive extension cable , and then the MC4 adapter cable.

For the panels negative cable, connect the negative extension cable and then the MC4 adapter cable. Dont let the exposed wires touch!

Follow the instructions in your charge controllers manual for connecting it to the solar panel. Ill show you how I connected mine:

First connect the negative solar cable to the charge controller, then connect the positive. Your charge controller should turn on or light up to indicate that the panel is properly connected.

Everything is now wired together!

Just one more step

How Are Batteries Rated

Batteries are rated two ways

A Car Battery is designed to produce a high current for a short period. Several thin layers of lead are used to create a large surface area for ion exchange.

Such a configuration creates a high Cold Cranking Amps rating on car batteries.

The Cold Cranking Amps defines the number of amps the battery can provide for 30 seconds while maintaining at least 7.2 volts.

The range for this value is usually between CCA 300 to CCA 600. While most car batteries do not specify an Amp Hour rating, the average range is 60 70 amps at 20 hours.

Deep Cycle Batteries are designed to produce a lower current for a long period. They use fewer, thicker lead sheets to create a smaller, more stable, longer-lasting surface area. This configuration provides the higher Amp Hour rating required in deep-cycle batteries.

The Amp Hour rating of Deep Cycle batteries ranges from 100 to 400 amps @ 20 hours. The battery will provide the specified number of amps for 20 hours.

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Can You Use Car Batteries For Solar Power Storage

Solar energy is only available during the daytime which means you cant use it during the night. You, therefore, need to store this energy for later use at night and in overcast times when there is cloud cover and your panels are not producing as much.

Hence the need for batteries. Car batteries are cheap and readily available whether new or old used ones. You may therefore be tempted to use these batteries in your solar system. This is a bad idea and well tell you why but this is not to say that it will not work.

The best batteries for storing solar energy are lithium deep cycle batteries. Deep cycle batteries can also be Lead Acid batteries which most car batteries are. But this is not the reason we are saying not to use them for solar power.

Lifepo4 Vs Lead Acid Are Lithium Batteries Better Than Lead

Car Batteries For Solar?

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are inherently deep-cycle. They can be discharged up to 95% without damage, but the number of charge-discharge cycles reduces, shortening its life.

This is important because you only need to buy a lithium iron phosphate battery with an Ah capacity of 60Ah to benefit from 57Ah of usable capacity.

Also, if you discharged a LiFeP04 to only 80%, the battery would last half a life-time! For many applications, a lithium phosphate battery is a once-a-life-time purchase.

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What Are The Different Types Of Solar Car Battery Chargers

These solar car battery chargers work in the same way. They can maintain the charged state of your battery and prevent dead battery, as you would read in a 12v solar car battery charger review. Regarding the types, it just differs from brand to brand and model to model. For example, some of them work as a trickle charger that keeps the battery-powered so that it is ready whenever you need it.

On the other hand, some models work as a battery charger and maintainer. As it implies, it works by maintaining and keeping your battery charged. It is useful for plenty of applications, including marine, RV and car. It is also for snowmobiles, Powersports, tractors, and farming equipment. Nevertheless, the types only vary from one brand to another. Still, in many cases, these chargers are available in a 12V kit.

If you would like to buy the right solar battery charger, you can get started in the comparison process using the top suggestions and reviews earlier. They can give you an idea of the unique qualities, pros, and cons of these chargers. Nonetheless, these products are by reputable brands. They are high in quality and can last through the years. They do not require maintenance, too.

Ready All The Materials And Tools Required

Install the solar panel so that you could connect it to the primary connector later on. Arrange the panel first to know if an extension is necessary or not, as this will depend on the setup.

Make sure that you cover the wires for additional protection. Do this first if the battery isnt charged yet. Its crucial to charge the battery before you install the panels to save time.

Then, see to it that the batterys negative terminal is on one side, and the positive terminal is on the other side. You can continue to step 3 if your battery is already parallel.

Otherwise, you will need to cut your cables and create a few jumpers. Basically, it goes like this: the larger the inverter, the longer the cable.

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Battery Depth Of Discharge Chart

Percentage State Of Charge

Battery terminal volts


So you can see that the battery is fully charged at 12.73 volts and 90% charged when the voltage reads 12.62 volts.

Once the voltage drops down to 12 and under, a lead acid battery is pretty much discharged and should be charged up as soon as possible to avoid damage.

Note that the voltage reading should only be measured after the battery has not been used for at least 3 hours, so there is no chemical activity within the cells.

Replacing Your Lead Acid Battery With A Lithium Battery

20W 12V 5V DC Waterproof Battery Solar Panel USB Home for Phone RV Car ...

If you go into the market looking to replace your lead acid batteries with Lithium batteries you will most likely come across LiFePO4 Batteries like the Antigravity Batteries. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are actually more common in renewable energy applications and energy storage as deep cycle batteries.

LiFePO4 Batteries can be more affordable and safer compared to other types of Lithium-ion batteries. They are used in race car batteries owing to the lighter weight and pulse discharge it can provide. The ratings may differ from the conventional car battery for example Car batteries usually have a CCA rating which you wont find in these batteries. CCA or Cold Cranking Amps refers to the amperes a car battery can support for 30 secs at 0°F. They use a PHCA rating which uses a shorter during

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Solperk 12v Solar Panel Battery Charger And Maintainer

  • Equipped with thin amorphous solar cell films
  • Blue LED indicator
  • Easy to install and no maintenance required
  • More information on whats going on with the light
  • Poor suction cup quality

Solperk is a well-established name when it comes to solar products. With 20 years of experience and development under its name, youd find that getting a solar panel for your car from this company to be a wise choice. The Solperk battery charger and maintainer is perfect for a lot of purposes. It is well suited for any motorcycle, car, tractor, ship, RV, snowmobiles and trucks. It can charge and maintain all these batteries, especially during times when you dont use it.

Youll be impressed with how this battery charger is fitted out with thin amorphous solar cell films so it can work even without the full blast of the sun. It can generally work also if it is cloudy or rainy. Whats more, is the charger charges the battery with small currents only making it a bet0ter maintenance for automobiles.

With a built meant for durability and longevity, this panel is designed to be rainproof and windproof thanks to its ABS plastic shell. Bear in mind though that since this has built-in circuits, it should not be immersed in water. Easy to install even for newbies and inexperienced folks, its interface is a simple plug and play with no required maintenance.

Are Car Batteries Good For Solar Panels

Car batteries are not suited for solar applications. I must confess that they do have a small range of use.

Car batteries are perfectly suited for light-duty solar applications.

I use a car battery for a solar garage door opener system. The car battery is suited for such an application because it draws a fairly high current a few times a day for a short period.


  • Can be hard to find

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Ring Stick Up Cam Review: Rings Solar

Despite its neat solar panel accessory, Ringâs Stick Up Cam has fewer features than our favorite DIY security cameras.

Megan Wollerton

Senior Writer/Editor

Megan Wollerton has covered technology for CNET since 2013. Before that, she wrote for NBCâs . Megan has a masterâs degree from the University of Louisville and a bachelorâs degree from Connecticut College, both in international relations. She is a board member of the Louisville chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. When Megan isnât writing, sheâs planning far-flung adventures.

Editorâs note : Amazon, which acquired Ring in February 2018, announced a second generation Ring Stick Up Cam that ships to customers on October 14th, 2018.

Deltran Battery Tender 12v 270ma 5w Solar Battery Charger

Charging a Car Battery with a Solar Panel and Charge Controller
  • Provides safe and efficient charging of a car battery
  • Prevents reverse charging and other electrical safety issues
  • Slim, portable, lightweight, and compact design
  • Comes with a state-of-the-art temperature compensation sensor
  • Easy to install and use
  • A bit pricier than others

The Deltran Battery Tender is a reliable solar power car battery charger that delivers optimum power to car batteries safely and efficiently. It has a contemporary design that should complement the aesthetics of modern cars. It is easy to use, too.

One of the most striking things about the Battery Tender is the squarish design of its solar panel. Most of the products on the market come in a classic rectangular design. The four corners of the panel already feature a hole for securing it with the accompanying mounting screws. We think adding suction cups would have made installation a lot easier.

You will love the charge controller of the Battery Tender. It features a 3-step microcontroller that allows the system to deliver the appropriate levels of charge to the car battery. The same microcontroller prevents damaging the battery by preventing the risk of overcharging. In addition to these protections, the Battery Tender also has reverse polarity protection. You will not have to worry about your battery losing its charge because the system has drawn it back in.

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Connect The Battery To The Charge Controller

Note: At this point I put on my gloves and safety glasses because places like Advanced Auto Parts recommend wearing them when working with batteries.

Follow the instructions in your charge controllers manual for connecting it to the battery. Ill show you how to connect the charge controller I used, the Renogy Wanderer:

Connect the negative battery cable, the one without the fuse, to the – battery terminal on the charge controller.

Connect the positive battery cable, the one with the fuse, to the + battery terminal.

Connect the battery cables to the battery terminals negative first, then positive. Before connecting the positive cable, I like to touch it to the positive battery terminal because sometimes there will be a little spark.

Your charge controller should turn on or light up to indicate the battery is properly connected. For instance, mine has a light that turns on.

The battery is now connected!

At this point, your manual may tell you how to program the charge controller for your battery type, voltage, etc.

Mine has a button which I can press to indicate battery type. It defaults to sealed lead acid, which happens to be the type Im using. So I just kept it at the setting it was on.

Why Batteries Fail

All batteries experience normal wear. A car battery in a solar application suffers faster normal wear since the plates are not designed to provide prolonged current. There are two basic wear factors.

  • Positive Grid Corrosion

The lead plates shed small flakes during charge/discharge cycles. The material will eventually wear away as lead is shed from positive plates, causing an open connection.

At the same time, the lead being shed falls to the bottom of the battery case as a brown sludge.

If material builds up enough, it can bridge several plates causing an internal short. Both of these conditions will result in a dead battery.

Battery Care and Maintenance

Flooded Lead Acid batteries life depends on regular care and maintenance. There are three basic maintenance factors.

  • Proper Charging

All batteries can suffer from these factors. Deep discharge is the greatest enemy of even a well-maintained car battery.

Prolonged load on a car battery can not only cause accelerated wear but can also cause plate damage. Plates can overheat and warp. This will cause an instant failure of the battery.

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