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Should You Buy Bridgestone Tires At St Lucie Battery & Tire In Fort Pierce

InTheBite Dock Talk: St. Lucie Battery & Tire

Buying new tires can feel like a challenge. With so many tire manufacturers, tire types, and even tire shops on Oleander Ave to choose from, how do you know which tires are right for your car, truck, or SUV? If you want to go with a global leader in tire technology, that choice is easy. Buy Bridgestone tires at St. Lucie Battery & Tire, a trusted Bridgestone tire dealer in Fort Pierce.

Bridgestones founder, Shojiro Ishibashi, envisioned a company that served society with superior quality. His goal is furthered with every tire that rolls out of our doors, leading to tires that force the industry to reimagine whats possible. Want to take that innovation for a test drive? Head to St. Lucie Battery & Tire, your nearest tire dealer in Fort Pierce, and give Bridgestone car, truck, or SUV tires a try. If youre not entirely satisfied with your eligible Bridgestone tires, you can return them within 90 days for a full refund or exchange.* Get to know the types of Bridgestone tires for sale at 3602 Oleander Ave in Fort Pierce and call for more information.

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St Lucie Battery & Tire Hits Half

St. Lucie Battery & Tires signature location is on the corner of U.S. 1 in downtown Fort Pierce.

There is an adage in business: If you take care of your community, success will follow. Today, the world has changed. Small corporations can be crushed under the weight of the modern world. With a global change in how business works, local businesses have shifted their focus to the areas they serve. They are growing from the inside of communities and pushing out for success.

The Treasure Coast is an example of a place that loves to develop community-focused success. When communities are adequately taken care of, local businesses see that devotion is repaid.

In 1971, Fort Pierce and the surrounding areas were agricultural communities. If you drove out west of town back then, out by where I-95 now is, youd find the Miller Egg Farm, with a small shop where Joey Miller, an ambitious young man, was selling and delivering his familys eggs.

One day, as Miller was on his egg delivery routes, he found batteries on the side of the road, dead, useless. Then it was, all those years ago, that Miller looked beyond his family farm and saw the batteries as a way to supplement his income and provide a service for the community.

Doug Miller is president of St. Lucie Battery & Tire, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

St. Lucie Battery & Tire has thrived for a half-century because it is honest, and has integrity and a devotion to its craft.

How To Reach St Lucie Battery And Tire In Fort Pierce

Step 1: St. Lucie Battery and Tire is located in Fort Pierce, United States. St. Lucie Battery and Tire rating is 4.6 star out of 5, based on 1447 reviews on their business profile on Google Maps.

Step 2: One can visit their website or may call to +17724940277 for inquiry.

Step 3: Address of St. Lucie Battery and Tire is 5500 Orange Ave, Fort Pierce, FL 34947, United States. Coordinates are also mentioned in this article, Latitude is 27.4467605 and longitude is -80.3255321.

Step 4: St. Lucie Battery and Tire plus code is CJX9+55 Fort Pierce, Florida, USA. Instead of addresses with street names and numbers, Plus Codes are based on latitude and longitude, and displayed as numbers and letters. Plus Codes are like street addresses for people or places that dont have one. So you can also easily reach St. Lucie Battery and Tire using plus code instead of a complete address.

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What Things Do People Lease

What you should really be asking isââ¬Â¦ what CANT you rent-to-own from ST LUCIE BATTERY & TIRE with a little help from Acima? You can take advantage of quick approval rent-to-own options on in-demand goods from ST LUCIE BATTERY & TIRE on . Wait theres more to it! We work with many merchants in Fort Pierce, FL, which means you can lease-to-own many of the items you want.

Ask for Acima at all of your favorite shops in Fort Pierce, even retailers like ST LUCIE BATTERY & TIRE that arent as recognized for having rent-to-own flexibility. Take a walk through your house. Does your living room need a furniture makeover? Get stylish and comfortable with rent-to-own furniture in Fort Pierce, including recliners, beds, matching dressers, TV stands, and more. Remember to upgrade your entertainment experience with a leased flat-screen TV, too! Or, upgrade your laundry room with a rent-to-own washer and dryer set that actually gets your clothes clean.

Head to the kids rooms and take a peek. Is it time for new school computers, gaming systems for fun, and tablets for streaming movies and shows? A queen bed instead of a twin? An adult-sized desk? You can lease it all through Acima! You can even bring home prescription eyewear and professional-level musical instruments for your whole household! Thats music to many parents ears.

For Tires And Auto Repair Services In Fort Pierce Fl Visit Our Saint Lucie Location And Have Truste

St. Lucie Battery &  Tire
General Info
Shopping for tires can be a challenge. Let St. Lucie Battery & Tires in Fort Pierce, FL help you find the right tire for your vehicle. We are an authorized dealer of major brands like Michelin, BFGoodrich, Uniroyal, Bridgestone, Cooper Tires and many more. Browse our online tire catalogs and request a quote. Call 772-489-3977, and one of our friendly mechanics will answer your questions.
  • Air Conditioning Service/RepairIf you live in a rural area where you frequently travel down dirt or sandy roads, you will more than likely have to change your cars air filter more regularly. The car air filter for your engine is called an internal combustion filter. This is different from the cabin air filter that is used in your cars air conditioning system. A clogged internal combustion filter could easily cause poor performance, poor fuel mileage and reduced engine life. In addition, it is one of those quick fix tasks that will create a headache of costly engine-related repairs if it is ignored and not replaced regularly. We recommend getting into the habit of checking and replacing your cars air filter with every oil change.
  • Air Filter Replacement

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Flat Tire Repair Service Richmond Hill Ontario Canada

Got a flat tire? Our mobile flat tire repair service in Richmond Hill, Ontario, is reliable, and our prices are very competitive. If a nail or a screw punctured your tire, we could fix it for you at home or wherever you are stranded in the Richmond Hill area. We provide this service for all passenger vehicles and lightweight commercial vehicles.

Is It Easy To Lease

Does the idea of making small lease renewal payments on your favorite things from ST LUCIE BATTERY & TIRE in Fort Pierce sound impossible? Its easier than you think! Shop now and pay later with a lease from Acima at any one of our rent-to-own host retailers in Fort Pierce, including your closest ST LUCIE BATTERY & TIRE .

Find local stores you trust and nationwide retailers you love in the 34982 area that offer Acima. If you want to browse online, we have a long list of stores that offer rent-to-own with Acima, categorized by products like tires, eyewear, jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, home appliances, furniture, and much more. Select the store you want to visit and pick the items you want, what thats a rugged set of new tires or a brand-name sectional for movie night!

You can apply for rent-to-own option in one of three ways: online, from your smartphone, or in-person by visiting ST LUCIE BATTERY & TIRE at 3602 Oleander Ave. in Fort Pierce, FL. We need a few bits of information from you to complete your rent-to-own application, and then youll get fast access to the things you need. Were known for taking chances on Fort Pierce shoppers with low or no credit. Try the rent-to-own route with Acima for products from ST LUCIE BATTERY & TIRE today!

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Why Buy Firestone Tires At St Lucie Battery & Tire

Leave Port St Lucie traffic in your rearview mirror. Enjoy the road before you and do more along the way. Soak up every mile with Firestone tires, backed by a history of dependability, durability and an unchanging pledge to deliver quality you can count on. Shop Firestone tires for sale at St. Lucie Battery & Tire and take them for a test drive or two. Regardless of where you purchase Firestone tires in Port St Lucie, you can drive worry-free knowing your qualified purchase comes with the Firestone 90-Day Buy & Try Guarantee.* Take your Firestone tires to work, school and everywhere in between for 90 days. If you donât love your tires, weâll refund or replace them, no questions asked. It’s easier than a Sunday morning drive. Learn why Firestone tires are different, and call your nearest Firestone tire dealer at .

Get Bridgestone Tires At St Lucie Battery & Tire In Fort Pierce Fl

St. Lucie County deputy arrested with felony battery

You can buy Bridgestone tires at a number of authorized dealers in Fort Pierce, including St. Lucie Battery & Tire. Retailers of all kinds carry Bridgestone tires, and also provide critical tire services like tire mounting, alignment, balancing, rotation, and flat repair. Check Bridgestone tire offers and promotional financing online for potential discounts when buying a set of Bridgestone tires. You may be able to save even more if there are local Bridgestone tire sales in your area. Call St. Lucie Battery & Tire in Fort Pierce to find out!

*Conditions apply. See

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Yes Acima Offers Lease

Have you been looking for a way to rent-to-own televisions, jewelry, furniture, or even mattresses at the stores you visit every day? Does an essential appliance in your home need to be replaced before your next payday? Lets make it happen! Acima is the solution for Fort Pierce residents who want help getting the things they need today. Acimas affordable and flexible lease-to-own options make it so you dont have to have a perfect credit history to bring home what you need from great retailers like ST LUCIE BATTERY & TIRE .

Acima works alongside popular stores like ST LUCIE BATTERY & TIRE on to connect people just like you with simple lease-to-own options on all the must-have items, from tires for your work truck to eyeglasses for your kids. After all, we realize that life in Fort Pierce, FL can be expensive, and certain high-ticket items cant wait till payday rolls around. We also believe that a three-digit score does not define you, which is why we make the rent-to-own route available to those who might not be able to get financing. Rent-to-own through Acima is not the same as financing at ST LUCIE BATTERY & TIRE . Its a leasing option at ST LUCIE BATTERY & TIRE !

Types Of Bridgestone Tires For Sale On Cove Rd

What matters most to you when you’re shopping for tires? Some drivers look for tires that prioritize a comfortable and quiet ride. Other drivers put fuel efficiency at the top of their preference list. And yet, others look for tires that offer a long tread life and maximum off-road capabilities.

Whatever benefits stand out to you most, you’ll find that there’s a Bridgestone tire to match. Consider Turanza QuietTrack tires. These all-season touring tires helps absorb road noise to help deliver a quiet, easy ride. Likewise, Ecopia tires offer a pleasant ride, but they’re engineered with low rolling resistance to help make almost any car more fuel-efficient.DriveGuard tires help fight the frustration that comes with a flat tire. When you have DriveGuard tires installed on your crossover, minivan, sedan, or wagon, you can drive up to 50 miles at speeds of up to 50 MPH after a flat.** Drivers of sports and performance vehicles, though, gravitate to Bridgestone Potenza tires. They’re designed to provide racing-inspired cornering and grip.

Ready to buy tires that better support your vehicle and driving needs? Visit St. Lucie Battery & Tire, your Bridgestone tire dealer, to compare Bridgestone car, truck, and SUV tires for sale in Stuart. St. Lucie Battery & Tire is conveniently located at 4455 Se Coverd. You haven’t experienced clutch performance until you’ve driven with Bridgestone tires.

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How Do I Find The Best Place To Buy Firestone Tires In Port St Lucie Fl

You can buy Firestone tires at a number of tire stores in Port St Lucie, including St. Lucie Battery & Tire. Many places also offer great Firestone tire deals and discounts. To make your tires feel even more affordable, check out our tire specials online and learn about Firestone financing. Special financing can help you keep moving with the tires you need, when you need them, because you can’t always choose when you’ll have to buy new tires. Once your new tires are installed, remember to take care of your Firestone tires with routine tire pressure checks, tire rotations and wheel alignments.

*Conditions apply. See for details.

What Types Of Firestone Tires Are For Sale At St Lucie Battery & Tire

St. Lucie Battery &  Tire

Whether you drive a sedan, SUV/CUV, pickup truck, or minivan, finding the right tire for your vehicle and budget is easy to do at Firestone tire dealers like St. Lucie Battery & Tire. For Firestone light truck or SUV tires in Port St Lucie, ask St. Lucie Battery & Tire about Destination and Transforce tires. Destination all-season tires have become one of our most popular tires for a simple reasonâdrivers can rely on them from winter through summer, and throughout the tire’s tread life. The latest Destination LE3 tire, in particular, is engineered with industry-leading all-season tire technology to offer pickup truck and SUV/CUV drivers a quiet, comfortable ride on wet or dry roads. Firestone Destination tires are also available with a maximum traction tread for the off-roading enthusiast.

For drivers with an eye for fuel efficiency, consider Champion Fuel Fighter tires. They’re made with low rolling resistance, which can help you attain improved fuel economy.** That’s good for road comfort and even better for your wallet. Or learn more about Firestone WeatherGrip tires, created to offer reliable wet performance year-round. For drivers who like to push their performance vehicle to the max, youâll want to tryFirehawk tires, offering sport performance and quality within reach.

Ready to feel in control behind the wheel with tires that are both affordable and dependable? Shop Firestone car and truck tires for sale at 10672 Us-1 in Port St Lucie.

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Get Bridgestone Tires At St Lucie Battery & Tire In Stuart Fl

You can buy Bridgestone tires at a number of authorized dealers in Stuart, including St. Lucie Battery & Tire. Many name-brand retailers sell Bridgestone tires, and also provide critical tire services like tire mounting, alignment, balancing, rotation, and flat repair. You may be able to save on your purchase with Bridgestone tire offers or promotional financing. You might be able to save more if there’s a Bridgestone tire sale in Stuart, too. Call St. Lucie Battery & Tire in Stuart to find out!

*Conditions apply. See

Finding The Right Bridgestone Tires At St Lucie Battery & Tire

What do you look for when you go tire shopping? Some drivers care primarily about in-cabin noise and comfort. Other drivers prioritize tires that work to support better gas mileage. Still, others look for tires that offer max traction when off-roading.

Whatever traits stand out to you most, youll find a Bridgestone tire that meets your needs. Take Turanza QuietTrack tires. These all-season touring tires helps curb road noise to help deliver a quiet, easy ride.Ecopia tires also offer a comfortable ride, but theyre designed to have low rolling resistance, which helps make most vehicles more fuel-efficient.DriveGuard tires help fight the frustration that comes with a flat tire. When you drive on a set of DriveGuard tires, you can drive up to 50 miles at speeds of up to 50 MPH after a flat.** Drivers of sports and performance vehicles, though, tend to prefer Bridgestone Potenza tires. Theyre built for racing-inspired cornering and grip.

Theres a Bridgestone tire for all kinds of drivers, including those who try the unpaved path first.Dueler light truck/SUV tires are all-season tires that offer year-round traction and long-lasting treadwear on all terrains, whether its rugged roads or a bumpy city side street. When the seasons change, you can still turn to Bridgestone. The Bridgestone snow tire, Blizzak, helps you conquer cold-weather driving with a tread pattern and rubber compound that stand up to snow and ice.

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Midas Richmond Hill Is Your One

Midas stores are owned and operated by families in your community dedicated to providing high quality auto repair service at a fair price. And their work is backed by our famous Midas guarantee*. Whether you need an oil change or tires, factory recommended maintenance, or brake repair, your local Midas has you covered.

*See store for applicability and limited guarantee terms

  • Anti-lock Brake System repair and replacement

  • Brake adjustment

  • Brake fluid testing and replacement

  • Brake pad replacement

  • Wheel bearing repair and replacement

  • Wheel cylinder repair and replacement

  • CV axle repair and replacement

  • Driveshaft repair and replacement

  • Catalytic converter repair and replacement

  • Exhaust pipe repair and replacement

  • Flex-pipe repair and replacement

  • Oxygen sensor repair and replacement

  • Tail pipe repair and replacement

  • Coolant hose repair and replacement

  • Radiator repair and replacement

  • Water pump repair and replacement

  • Fuel filter replacement

  • Fuel injector repair and replacement

  • Fuel pump repair and replacement

  • Fuel tank repair and replacement

  • Differential fluid drain and fill

  • Engine air filter replacement

  • Power steering fluid drain and fill

  • Power steering fluid system flush

  • Serpentine belt replacement

  • Transfer case fluid drain and fill

  • Transmission fluid drain and fill

  • Transmission fluid system flush

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