Subaru Forester Key Fob Battery

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How Do Locksmiths Program Key Fobs

How To Replace Subaru Forester Key Fob Battery 2011 2012

What Methods Do Locksmiths Use to Program Car Keys? Locksmiths interface with your vehicles computer through the OBD port, which is normally situated beneath the steering column, to program car keys and FOBs. The cost of programming a car key ranges from $25 to $100, depending on who provides the code, the vehicle, and the locksmith.

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How To Replace Your Subaru Key Fob Battery

Replacing the battery in your Acura key fob is a straightforward but not always easy process. Key fobs are sealed tight to help durability and keep water from getting into the electronics, and there isn’t always an obvious way to open them up. You may also need to reprogram your key with your vehicle after changing the battery in some cases. Our Parts team has the tools and knowledge to replace the battery in your specific key fob correctly. Stop in, and we will gladly help you!

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Why Does My Key Fob Not Work After Replacing Battery

To open the key fob and inspect for damaged contacts or misaligned buttons, you may use basic tools. Replace the automobile key fob if that doesnt work. Another reason your vehicle remote may not function after replacing the battery is the lock. Check for these symptoms to see whether the lock or vehicle door has become faulty.

Use Obd2 Scanner For Diagnosis

2006 Subaru Forester Battery

Since Subaru Forester is equipped with on-board diagnostics , a fault diagnosis can provide initial indications of where the malfunction is located. This method will be especially useful when diagnosing a faulty remote keyless system receiver module.

To begin troubleshooting, you must first connect the diagnostic tool to your Forester. The OBDII connector is usually located under the dashboard. With the tool connected, turn on the ignition. Most diagnostic devices then ask for some information about the vehicle. It is important that you enter this 100% correctly, otherwise the result of the search may be inaccurate. In addition to the vehicle make, model, and engine type, you usually also have to type in the Vehicle Identification Number . Since some OBD codes are manufacturer-specific, the scanner will be able to give you more accurate information if you enter more details about your Forester.

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Return The Control Module

After the successful insertion of the new battery, carefully return the control module into the housing.

You should make sure that you return the module to the right housing so that closing the housing will be as easy as ABC.

That is why you are advised to mark the housing with the module after the latters removal in step 3.

Dead Coin Battery Inside Key Fob

Dead coin battery is the leading cause of key fob not locking or unlocking the doors in Forester. Usually there are signs of weakening battery before it gives up. If the remote was working previously, but the range of the remote was gradually decreasing until it ceased to function, this indicates that the battery was wearing out.

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Remove The Mechanical Key

How To Replace A 2005 – 2010 Subaru Forester Key Fob Battery FCC ID NHVWB1U711

The first thing you need to do is to remove the mechanical key. There is a button at the back of the fob, press the button with your thumb to take off the mechanical key.

If your thumb is too big and cannot enter the small groove accommodating the button, you can use a screwdriver to press the button.

While pressing the button with one hand, use the other hand to remove the mechanical key.

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What To Do In Case Of Water Damage

If your Forester key fob stopping working after exposure to clean tap water or rain, immediately remove the battery and clean the electronic component with paper towel and let it dry fully before putting back the battery. In case of exposure to salt water, or soapy or dirty water, it is recommended to clean the chip with isopropyl alcohol or electronic cleaner. If the key fob still doesnt work after cleaning and drying, the chip is probably fried and you will have to buy a new key.

Replacement Subaru Keys & Key Fob Batteries In Roseville

Need a new Subaru key fob battery? Lost your current Subaru key fob and need a new one? The Parts Department at AutoNation Subaru Roseville has replacement Subaru keys and replacement key fob batteries in stock and available to purchase.

Our team will gladly help you replace your battery and get your key fob configured with your vehicle again. Feel free to stop by our Subaru Parts Department in person or give us a call if you have any questions.

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How To Enable Subaru Key Fob Tricks

what type of key fob you havetear-shaped key fob, program it yourselfrectangular key fobcertified dealershipprogram your Subaru key fob

  • Look for the transmitter circuit board inside your key fob . There should be one or two sets of numbers on the board.
  • Write this number down and keep it close.
  • Make sure you close the fob case before proceeding.
  • Have a seat in your Subaru, close the door, and make sure the engine is turned off.

move fast to get the timing right

  • Open the driverâs door, then use the door button control to unlock each door. Next, close the driverâs door.
  • Put the key in the ignition. Turn it to the first position, initiating the electrical systems while the engine is still off. Now, turn it back off. Do this ten times in a row as quickly as possible.
  • After the tenth time, you should hear a chime from the instrument panel.
  • Next, you need to open and close the driverâs door again. Listen for a confirmation chime and watch to see if your dome light flashes.
  • You only have 45 seconds to enter the 8-digit transmitter number into the engine computer as the chime goes off.
  • Use the first digit of your transmitter number and press the driverâs side lock/unlock button according to that number. Repeat this process for each digit until you have done the entire number.
  • For example, in the number â87654321â, press the button eight times for the first digit, seven for the second digit, and so forth.
  • You will need to enter the number one more time.
  • 5 seconds

    Lift Out The Control Module

    Subaru Forester Key Fob Battery 2015

    After successful separation of the housing, the control module accommodating the battery will stare at you.

    It will be located in one of the two housings. Remove the module gently so that removing the battery will be a piece of cake.

    It is advisable to mark the housing that accommodates the control module so that putting it back will not be difficult.

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    Insert The New Battery

    Popular batteries for Subaru key fob battery replacement are CR2032 3V and CR2025 3V.

    There are other types to use but it is essential to check the manual of your car to know the perfect battery type for your fob.

    You should make sure that the battery makes the right metal contact to get the most satisfactory result.

    Subaru Key Fob Tricks: Simple But Smart

    Apart from using your key fob to unlock your car, there are some other tricks you can perform with it. Some of them are discussed below.

    01. Instant Lowering of All Windows

    With the press of a single button, you can use your Subaru key fob to wind down all the windows of your car, as well as open the sunroof.

    This is a hidden feature of this device and knowing how to maneuver it is very essential to get this done.

    To use this feature, you only need to press the unlock button once, then press it again , then hold it down till you open all the windows.

    02. Mirror Folding

    This is an optional feature that goes with door locking, and it is not found in all models. For vehicles with this option, you only need to hold down the lock button to fold in the side mirrors.

    This is particularly helpful when you park your car in a narrow place or very close to other cars.

    03. Remote Start

    You can also use the key fob to start the engine of your car. Going about this is as easy as ABC. There is a circular arrow that you need to press once after hitting the lock button.

    In some models, you may need to press the circular arrow twice to get the engine running.

    Hence, you can start your engine two minutes before getting on board so that it will be warm before you hop in.

    04. Vehicle Summon

    Besides, you can use the fob to move your car in or out of a tight parking space while not in the car.

    This feature works only when activated with the aid of the center screen of the vehicle.

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    Dead Battery In Key Fob

    Dead battery is the leading cause of key fob not working in Forester. Usually there are signs of weakening battery before it gives up. If the remote was working previously, but the range of the remote was gradually decreasing until it ceased to function, this indicates that the battery was wearing out.

    For Vehicles With A Starter Button

    How To Replace A 2001 – 2005 Subaru Forester Key Fob Battery FCCID: A269ZUA111

    There is a chip in the vehicle key. It is used to automatically deactivate the electronic immobilizer when there is a valid remote control vehicle key in the vehicle interior. The electronic immobilizer is automatically activated as soon as there is no valid vehicle key in the vehicle.

    The engine can only be started with a genuine vehicle key that is coded correctly. You can obtain coded vehicle keys from an authorized Subaru dealer.

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    Subaru Key Fob Basics: Remote Start Unlock And Lock

    • To start your car remotely, press the start button two times within three seconds.
    • To unlock your car, press the unlock button once. To get the horn and light confirmation, hit the button twice.
    • To lock your Subaru, simply hit the lock button once. Double click if you want horn and light feedback.

    Signs You Need To Replace Your Key Fob Battery

    If your key fob is starting to work intermittently, that’s a good sign the battery is dying. If you have to press the lock/unlock button multiple times to get it to work, then chances are your battery will need to be replaced soon. Of course, if your key fob has completely stopped working, the battery is most likely dead.

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    Pro Tips On Subaru Replacement Key Fob

    Replacing your key fob can give you a headache, especially if you are on a budget.

    Particularly, These devices are a bit costly, and there is a need for re-programming after purchase. These few tips will help you to get it right in terms of getting a replacement for your fob.

    01. Check Your Vehicles Basic Warranty, Insurance, or Roadside Assistance Coverage

    You need to be sure that your lost or damaged key is covered by any of the policies mentioned above or not.

    This is very essential so that you can exploit the policy to reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket costs.

    If your warranty or insurance covers damaged or lost keys, you will not have to go through the stress of finding a way to get a replacement.

    02. When to Reach Out to a Dealer for a Replacement

    Eventually, if your car is five years old or less, it is advisable to contact a dealer for a key fob replacement. The reason for this is that some aftermarket fobs may not work with your car.

    However, aftermarket fobs are programmable but there are risks associated with their use.

    Usually, the replacement process can take up to one hour because of the programming and cutting of the spare mechanical key.

    A dealer can program an aftermarket fob for you if that is what you can afford at the moment, but it is very risky.

    03. Order Online

    If your car is ten years old or more, you can get a key fob from the aftermarket. You can order online because they may not be available in stores all the time.

    04. Call in the Locksmith

    Why Our Key Services

    How To Change Car Key Battery Subaru : Toyota Key Fob Replacement ...

    Your vehicle gets you reliably where you need to be, but without a working key fob, getting around is a lot more difficult. Some newer vehicles won’t even start without one. Whether youve misplaced your keys, you need a new key cut, your existing fob is damaged, or you just want a spare, have your key fob repaired, re-powered or replaced at Batteries Plus Bulbs.Our experts will help you with a simple battery replacement or give you a whole new keyless entry replacement if yours stops working. Contact us online or come visit a store near you for fast service even without an appointment.

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    Key Fob Not Working After Replacing The Battery

    When purchasing a new battery for the key fob of your Forester, keep in mind that the battery may be sitting on the shelf for a long time. Therefore after replacement it may not work, or may not last that long. Try purchasing the battery from a store where stock moves fast. If you still cant get the key fob to work after verifying that the battery is healthy, your key fob issues may not be due to bad battery.

    Water Resistant Not Waterproof

    Your Forester key has rubber seals which prevents the water from getting to the electronic chip inside. A splash of water or brief exposure to light rain should be fine, but exposure to excessive amount of water like submerging the key in the pool can cause the water to penetrate the seals and damage the chip. Submerging the key in ocean water at the beach can be much more damaging to key fob electronics due to highly conductive nature of salt water.

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    Why Wont My Key Fob Work After I Changed The Battery

    There may be broken contacts or the buttons of the fob are misaligned. Other reasons may contribute to your fob not working after replacing the battery.

    Get in touch with your mechanic if you cant figure out the cause of the problem. Your car requires troubleshooting, which helps in discovering its actual problem.

    How Long Does The Key Fob Battery Last

    How To Replace Subaru Forester Key Fob Battery 1998 1999 2000

    Depending on how often you use the key fob or remote control of your Forester, the battery should last between two and four years. This is assuming the new battery you installed is healthy and its use by date is many years away.

    Tip: You can try to lock/unlock your Forester with its spare key. It will rule out any other problem with the first key, for example, water damage.

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    A Quick Guide On Subaru Key Fob Battery Replacement

    A Subaru key fob battery replacement is inevitable if you discover signs of imperfect operations of your key fob.

    If you are very observant, you dont need to wait till the battery is dead before replacing it.

    It will be giving you signs that will indicate that there is a need for a replacement.

    If there is a reduction in its signal range or there are click inconsistencies, you may have no other option than to replace the battery.

    At times, unlocking is delayed for up to two seconds and the headlights of your car may not blink when you unlock it.

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