Subaru Keyless Fob Battery Replacement

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Can You Buy Subaru Replacement Key Fob

Subaru Key Fob Battery Replacement (+Keyless Entry Trick) Cars Simplified

You might find that even after changing the battery, the key fob does not work. You check the polarity of the battery and everything is in the right order, yet the key fob does not work. This is a pointer to internal damage to the key fob.

When the key fob is damaged beyond repair, the key fob is lost or you just need an extra key fob, you can buy a new Subaru key fob. You can get a new subaru remote from either of the following:

1. From Subaru dealership.

In this case you will drive your Subaru to the dealership and buy the new key fob. The dealer will cut the emergency key found in the key fob and program the new key fob to sync with your car. This will definitely come at a premium cost to you but will be hustle free and will be accomplished within a day.

2. From online retail store.

In this case, you will need to place the order online and have the key fob delivered in 1-2 days. The key fob comes with a blank emergency key and the remote is not programmed to be used in your car.

You will need to visit the locksmith to have the key cut and you can program the key fob as outlined below and save on cost. The new key fob comes with instructions as to how the programming will be done.

Ordering a new key fob online will cut the dealer cost by as much as 50%. It is the cheaper and most convenient method of getting a new Subaru key fob.

How to Reprogram Subaru Key FOB?

Test the key fob to see if it is working well. If they key fob is not working, it may need to be reprogrammed.

Once You Do This Turn The Key Fob Around So That You Can See Its Side

Once you do this, turn the key fob around so that you can see its side. Youll notice a small slot on the side of your key fob push gently to pry it open using your screwdriver, then pull it off using your fingers instead of the screwdriver. When you hear a click, take out the dead battery and replace it with a fresh new CR2032 battery.

What Is A Subaru Key Fob Battery

A Subaru key fob battery is a small, coin-sized battery that powers the electronic components in your vehicles key fob. Over time, this battery will eventually need to be replaced in order to keep your key fob functioning properly. While the average lifespan of a key fob battery is around two years, its not uncommon for them to last much longer.

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When To Replace Your Key Fob Battery

How long your key fob battery lasts depends on several factors such as how often you use it, your climate, and if the battery has been replaced before. A new key fob battery should, on average last a few years before you need to replace it. If you recently replaced your key fob battery and the key fob is still not working correctly, the problem is likely with the key fob itself.

How To Change Your Subaru Key Battery


Has your Subaru key fob run low on battery, or is it not working as well as it used to? If so, you may be wondering if you can change out the battery by yourself, without the need to head down to a mechanic or engage professional services. The answer is yes.

In this guide, we share with you how you can change your Subaru key battery. Depending on the type of key fob you have, all you will need is a flathead screwdriver and a new battery which can be purchased cheaply from any convenience or grocery store.

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How To Install The New Battery In The Key Fob

Spring is here and along with it, warmer weather! Warmer weather means more time spent outside, and more time spent outside means your car key fob battery is going to die sooner. So, today were going to show you how to install the new battery in the key fob. To start, youll need a flathead screwdriver.

With the screwdriver, pop opens the back of the key fob. Once the back is open, youll see the battery. Using the screwdriver, carefully pry the old battery out and dispose of it properly. Take the new battery and insert it into the key fob, being careful to line up the positive and negative sides correctly.

Once the new battery is in place, close up the back of the key fob with the screwdriver. And thats it! Youve now successfully installed a new battery in your key fob. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave any questions in the comments below.

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Can I Start The Subaru With A Key Fob That Has A Dead Battery

If your Subaru has a dead battery, you can still access it if you properly place the key fob inside the car. You can do this by placing your foot on the brake pedal while pushing the key fob on the engine start button. While your foot is on the pedal, the engine will detect the chip on the key fob, and your car will start in a few seconds.

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How Do You Know When Your Subaru Key Fob Need Replacement

If you own a Subaru, then you are probably familiar with the cars key fob. The key fob gives you the ability to lock and unlock your vehicle without touching it. Some people assume that this is a simple device, but it actually has many components that make up its functionality. If any of these parts break or stop working properly, then there could be problems with using your key fob as intended. To help ensure you can always get into your car when necessary without issue, here are some signs that indicate it might be time for a replacement:

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Subaru Forester: Replacing Key Battery / Replacing Battery Of Access Key Fob

Subaru Forester Key Fob Battery Replacement (2016 – 2021)


When removing or reinstalling the access key fob cover, make sure that the plastic part does not come off or become misaligned.

Battery: Button battery CR2032 or equivalent

  • Take out the emergency key.
  • Wrap a flat-head screwdriver with vinyl tape or a cloth, and insert it in the gap to remove the cover.
  • Take out the battery using a flat-head screwdriver with vinyl tape or a cloth.
  • Insert a new battery with its positive side facing upward as shown in the figure.
  • Attach the cover to the access key fob by fitting the projections and recesses together.
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    Your Key Becomes Damaged Or Vulnerable

    If your key is damaged, you can replace the key fob. The best way to do this is to use a clean cloth and wipe down the key fob. If you have some compressed air or an air compressor, use that as well. This will get rid of any dust or dirt particles that might be stuck on your key fob.

    If your keys are vulnerable, then you need to replace them because they are no longer safe for use. You should make sure the new keys dont have any scratches because these scratches can be used as fingerprints by criminals who want access into your home or car.

    Replacement Subaru Keys & Key Fob Batteries In Cockeysville

    Need a new Subaru key fob battery? Lost your current Subaru key fob and need a new one? The Parts Department at AutoNation Subaru Hunt Valley has replacement Subaru keys and replacement key fob batteries in stock and available to purchase.

    Our team will gladly help you replace your battery and get your key fob configured with your vehicle again. Feel free to stop by our Subaru Parts Department in person or give us a call if you have any questions.

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    Key Fob Battery Change But Not Working 100%


    PLEASE pay it forward and donate to my MAKE-A-WISHAnd, remember, I am not your Subaru Technician – always discuss any suggestions with YOUR authorized Subaru service technician.

    What Size Battery Does A Subaru Key Fob Take

    2006 Subaru Forester Battery

    Popular batteries for Subaru key fob battery replacement are CR2032 3V and CR2025 3V. There are other types to use but it is essential to check the manual of your car to know the perfect battery type for your fob. You should make sure that the battery makes the right metal contact to get the most satisfactory result.

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    Signs You Need To Replace Your Key Fob Battery

    If your key fob is starting to work intermittently, that’s a good sign the battery is dying. If you have to press the lock/unlock button multiple times to get it to work, then chances are your battery will need to be replaced soon. Of course, if your key fob has completely stopped working, the battery is most likely dead.

    Pros Of Having A Subaru Key Fob

    We only realize the worth of something when we lose it or it fails to function, and your vehicle key fob is no exception. This handy device saves us time and adds to our everyday convenience.

    But as with other gadgets, it may run into problems. However, you can fix the issue by replacing the battery, purchasing a new fob, or contacting a locksmith for repairs.

    Lets see what a key fob deprives you of when it ceases to function optimally.

    • Security. It helps you keep your car secure by locking all the doors accessibly. You do not need to reach closer to your vehicle for the purpose. Instead, you can operate it remotely as long as youre in range. Plus, a few models feature a code architecture as an additional security measure you can share it with your family or friends.
    • Operating sound. If you parked your car in a crowded parking lot, it isnt uncommon for you to forget the precise location. Luckily, as you tap the key fob, your vehicle will produce a beeping sound thatll help you spot it even in a crowded place.
    • Control vehicle on the go. You do not necessarily need to reach your vehicle to control it. Instead, you can use the Subaru key fob to control your car from your bag, purse, or pocket.
    • Smart start system. A few models feature a start system that allows you to sit inside your car and start the ignition as quickly as opening the car doors and windows.

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    Have Questions About How To Replace A Subaru Key Fob Battery

    If youve read our guide and still have questions about how to program a Subaru key fob or how to change the battery in your Subaru key fob, give Subaru South Tampa a call at 884-7513 or contact us online. We can help our Wesley Chapel neighbors troubleshoot any Subaru key fob-related issues they might be having. If youre looking for a complete Subaru key fob replacement, we can help you with that as well! In the meantime, take a moment to explore our Subaru research guides and Subaru parts tips for other helpful reads!

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    Use A Screwdriver To Open The Housing

    Subaru Outback Key Fob Battery Replacement (2015 – 2021)

    Youd need to open the housing to uncover the control module. While you can directly use the screwdriver for the purpose, it is better to tape it to prevent damaging the control module.

    Now insert the screwdriver tip to separate the housing. As soon as you split it into two, youll find that one houses the control module while another is used as a covering.

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    How Do Locksmiths Program Key Fobs

    What Methods Do Locksmiths Use to Program Car Keys? Locksmiths interface with your vehicles computer through the OBD port, which is normally situated beneath the steering column, to program car keys and FOBs. The cost of programming a car key ranges from $25 to $100, depending on who provides the code, the vehicle, and the locksmith.

    Importance Of Subaru Key Fob Battery Replacement

    The battery in your Chevy key fob is important for a number of reasons. Not only does it power the device that allows you to remotely unlock your car doors, but it also helps ensure that the transponder chip inside the fob is properly powered. This chip is what allows your car to start when you insert the key into the ignition. If the battery in your key fob dies, it could prevent you from being able to start your car. For this reason, its important to replace the battery in your Chevy key fob as soon as possible if it starts to die.

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    Subaru Key Fob Tricks: Simple But Smart

    Apart from using your key fob to unlock your car, there are some other tricks you can perform with it. Some of them are discussed below.

    01. Instant Lowering of All Windows

    With the press of a single button, you can use your Subaru key fob to wind down all the windows of your car, as well as open the sunroof.

    This is a hidden feature of this device and knowing how to maneuver it is very essential to get this done.

    To use this feature, you only need to press the unlock button once, then press it again , then hold it down till you open all the windows.

    02. Mirror Folding

    This is an optional feature that goes with door locking, and it is not found in all models. For vehicles with this option, you only need to hold down the lock button to fold in the side mirrors.

    This is particularly helpful when you park your car in a narrow place or very close to other cars.

    03. Remote Start

    You can also use the key fob to start the engine of your car. Going about this is as easy as ABC. There is a circular arrow that you need to press once after hitting the lock button.

    In some models, you may need to press the circular arrow twice to get the engine running.

    Hence, you can start your engine two minutes before getting on board so that it will be warm before you hop in.

    04. Vehicle Summon

    Besides, you can use the fob to move your car in or out of a tight parking space while not in the car.

    This feature works only when activated with the aid of the center screen of the vehicle.

    How To Replace Your Subaru Key Fob Battery

    Subaru Key Fob Battery Replacement 2008

    Replacing the battery in your Acura key fob is a straightforward but not always easy process. Key fobs are sealed tight to help durability and keep water from getting into the electronics, and there isn’t always an obvious way to open them up. You may also need to reprogram your key with your vehicle after changing the battery in some cases. Our Parts team has the tools and knowledge to replace the battery in your specific key fob correctly. Stop in, and we will gladly help you!

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    A Quick Guide On Subaru Key Fob Battery Replacement

    A Subaru key fob battery replacement is inevitable if you discover signs of imperfect operations of your key fob.

    If you are very observant, you dont need to wait till the battery is dead before replacing it.

    It will be giving you signs that will indicate that there is a need for a replacement.

    If there is a reduction in its signal range or there are click inconsistencies, you may have no other option than to replace the battery.

    At times, unlocking is delayed for up to two seconds and the headlights of your car may not blink when you unlock it.

    Reach Out To The Dealer

    Subaru Forester / Outback / Impreza Key Fob Battery Replacement – DIY

    If its been 5 years since you bought your car, we recommend reaching out to the dealer for a key fob battery replacement. Why? Because an aftermarket fob might not function with your vehicle.

    Yes, you can program a few fobs, but they follow up with risks.

    Generally, removing the mechanical key and programming the fob will take around an hour.

    If you can afford to pay for an aftermarket fob, a dealer can adjust it for you. But, it is pretty risky and not advised by pros.

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