Super Start Battery Warranty Without Receipt

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Where Are Super Start Batteries Made

O’Reilly Auto Parts Battery Warranty Experience – How Does it Work?

Super Start batteries are proudly made in the USA. They are designed, engineered, and assembled in East Penn Manufacturing. East Penn is famous for its Dependable Deka battery brand. The company has been making batteries in Lyon Station, Pennsylvania, since 1946. They use the latest technology and processes to ensure that our batteries meet or exceed the highest standards.

Walmart Car Battery Warranty Without Receipt Without Charging

. So if you still have the. Ad Need a New Battery. Up to 4 cash back OUR GUARANTEE.

The battery Free Replacement Period begins the day of purchase and expires at the end of the Free. AutoZone Has You Covered at Americas 1 Battery Destination. The same OPTIMA battery.

However AutoZone will take back a faulty car battery within the warranty period even if you already installed it in your vehicle. If i recall the last time many moons ago when i bought a battery from crappy tire the filled out the warranty work on the spot. If the battery tests bad and it is within the warranty period it will be exchanged.

All batteries are tested prior to considering an exchange whether or not you have a receipt. The only way for us to determine your original battery purchase date is to have the original receipt. Free Curbside Pickup Available When You Shop Online.

If you dont have the. Discount Battery has the best warranty policy in the business others cant match it and wont. The Warranty includes the following.

The typical lifespan of a car battery is between three and five years under normal conditions and. With the bill number or purchase date or even the battery serial number the employees. Go by super start battery warranty without receipt original purchaser only and are subject to super start testing centres 29 off new.

Walmart Car Battery Warranty Explained. Autocraft battery warranties go from 90 days to 3 years while DieHard batteries vary from 1. Mar 5th 2018 122 pm.

Napa Battery Warranty Without Receipt

Do you know what NAPA battery warranty without receipt is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

NAPA brags some of the best batteries around. Even so, NAPA batteries break prematurely every now and then due to manufacturer deficiency. When this happens, NAPA has a fantastic warranty in place to ensure you get your moneys worth.

Unfortunately, NAPA requires you to have the original receipt. If you do not have the original receipt, you will not be able to return the NAPA battery under warranty. It is essential to keep your NAPA battery receipt as a result.

To learn more about NAPAs battery warranty, keep reading. This article explains everything you need to know about the NAPA battery warranty, including what you should do if you do not have the original receipt.

Lets get started.

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Can You Return Batteries To Walmart

Yes, you can return newly purchased, faulty car batteries to Walmart for a refund, exchange, or store credit within 90 days from the purchase date. You can also return other types of household batteries to Walmart. A household battery has the same return policy and must be returned within the 90-day window in original packaging and, preferably, with the purchase receipt.

Returns with a receipt are eligible for a full refund in the original payment method used to cover the purchase. If you used a debit or credit card with a chip, the refund would be sent to the exact card used. You can exchange batteries without a receipt or opt for a store credit.

Also, non-receipt returns under $25 are eligible for a cash refund at Walmart.

To encourage people to recycle old batteries and reduce landfill waste, new battery purchases come with a core charge. If you want to avoid paying the core charge again, bring your old battery and recycle it at Walmart when you buy a new one. Depending on your state, you can save between $5 and $20 on recycling. Its one of the ways to save $10,000 in a year.

That said, Walmart doesnt give you money for old car batteries, but you can exchange batteries when you buy a new one and save money on core fees.

See our guide on 19 places to sell used car batteries for cash near me.

Auto Parts Seller With Thousands Of Outlets

AUTOOL BT760 12V 24V LCD Display Battery Max Load Tester &  Analyzer ...

Initially, Johnson Controls made batteries for OReilly, an Auto parts seller with thousands of outlets all over the U.S.

Many people thought that OReilly was making Super Start batteries because it seems that this is the only place that sells this battery brand. As such, they assumed that these batteries were made at OReillys factories.

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Another Walmart Everstart Warranty Story: Our Ford Van Battery Story 2015

Our 2012 Walmart EverStart Maxx Battery is still going strong. The Walmart battery warranty is constantly changing. So whenever we get a new battery, we ask for the manager, confirm the warranty policy and write it on the envelope for the warranty. This is kept in the glove compartment of the vehicle along with the receipt from the purchase .

Bottom line: ask questions, take notes and keep a record.

Try Kindness with Walmarts Auto Department

Weve read a lot of complaints about Walmarts Customer Service. There are people ranting about how poor it is and how rude the service people are. Our experience has been much different. We dont always get what we want, but most of the time we try to be kind and patient. We also try to relate to the service person or manager as a Real Person with Feelings. If we do this, even though the store employee has a Job to do, they bend over backwards to help us.

Be kind, be persistent and be genuine. Youll find that Walmart employees will respond the same way. Youll be so happy you did this!

How Does A Car Battery Warranty Work At Walmart

When purchasing a car battery through Walmart, you will automatically receive a warranty based on the type of battery you purchase.

Like all major auto parts suppliers, Walmart offers its own brand of car batteries known as EverStart.

EverStart batteries come in three different varieties, each including their own unique warranty:

  • EverStart Value

All EverStart warranties are included in the price of the battery.

You can shop for Walmarts EverStart batteries online here.

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Super Start Batteries Are Only Available At Oreilly

Now, the confusion in peoples minds came about because OReilly, an American auto parts chain of stores in the United States, sells Super Start batteries. So, people thought that OReilly made super Start batteries.

And then, theres another story that says an Australian company makes the Super Start batteries. To know more about their history, you can read more about it here.

This article will focus on the Super Start batteries made and sold in North America and not in Australia.

Do Different Stores Offer Different Warranties

Car Battery Warranties are a SCAM : Buy the Cheapest Battery at Walmart

Many stores will carry different car batteries, and each manufacturer has its own warranty terms. All of them may have slightly different warranties. The best way to find out if your car battery is under warranty is by looking at the receipt and asking the salesperson for more information. You can also check any warranty information printed on the battery itself.

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A Battery Charger Is A Must

Weve found the top-rated battery chargers at Walmart to be a good deal. The cost between $25 and $50 and are great protection against battery mishaps.

The 3 top-rated battery chargers are:

Walmart Car Battery Warranty In Detail

Last Updated on September 7, 2022 by John K. Clifford

In general, this type of Walmart car battery has a 3-year free replacement warranty. Also, two years of prorated replacement warranty are added to these three years. So, in the event of a malfunction, customers should come in with their car battery purchase receipt for a principal refund within the appropriate time frame.

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What Are Cold Cranking Amps

The battery’s Cold Cranking Amps is an essential measure for good cranking ability in cars, trucks and boats. CCA is the amount of current or amps a battery can provide at 0 °F for a 30-second duration until the battery voltage drops to unusable levels. For example, a 12-volt battery with a 650 CCA rating means the battery will provide 650 amps for 30 seconds at 0 °F before the voltage falls to 7.20 volts for a 12v battery. So in freezing temperatures, a higher CCA level is required to crank your engine. Also, as more cranking power is used, the amount of battery power available decreases.

Does Walmart Give Cash Back For Old Car Batteries

Super Mini Jump Starter Car Battery 8000mah For 12v /24v Vehicle

Walmart doesnt give cash back for old car batteries. The only cash back you may get for returning an old battery to Walmart is the core charge. So when your battery runs its lifespan, simply return it to Walmart to get your core charge refund.

The core charge fee is meant to encourage customers to return their old batteries for recycling instead of dumping them in landfills. Depending on your state, the core charge can be anywhere between $5 to $10.

When you return your old battery at the same time as buying a new one, you wont be charged the core fee again. It means youll save about $5 to $10 in fees on the new battery. But if you dont have an old battery to exchange with the new one, youll have to pay the core charge.

To get your core charge refund, return your old battery to the automotive department or the Walmart Money Services desk and apply for a core charge refund. You can opt for a cash refund or a discount on a new battery.

Some locations require you to have the original receipt to prove that you bought the battery at Walmart and paid the core charge. Contact your local store to find out how they process core charge refunds.

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What Is Covered In Most Warranties

If the battery is defective and stops working while it is still brand new, it will most likely be covered under warranty. Each battery has a specific warranty period, such as 12 or 24 months. Each receipt will have the warranty details attached. You will need to read through this carefully. If it has been a few years since you bought the car battery, it may no longer be eligible for a warranty.

Who Manufactures Everstart Battery

Johnson Controls, the exclusive provider of EverStart batteries to Walmart as of 2022, manufactures the batteries. Johnson Controls is a big battery company, and its EverStart batteries are low-maintenance, high-quality, and long-lasting. Depending on the style and size, they might range from $50 to $130.

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When Does The Warranty Work

In layman terms, when your battery dies within the warranty period, it comes into the picture. If your battery has a free replacement warranty, you get a new battery at no extra cost.

The new battery would be the same model as the one replaced or of a similar value or similar specifications.

But if the warranty is a maintenance warranty, youâd probably get your battery serviced and recharged.

Walmart also offers a prorated warranty for its EverStartMaxx range of batteries, where if your battery gives up in this period, you can get a discount on your new battery.

Any warranty in general, not just Walmart car battery, covers all damages that are beyond your control.

However, your warranty doesnât cover all damages. Here is a list of issues that are not incorporated in your warranty.

  • Leaking battery and corrosion in the leads
  • The battery doesnât charge to its maximum capacity
  • Bulging of the battery case
  • The battery doesnât give enough power to crank your engine
  • Any issues like a short circuit that damage the product during self-installation
  • Damages incurred by the battery because of exposure to natural elements
  • The battery was damaged due to an accident
  • Impaired battery owing to mishandling by you or another person
  • While these are the general circumstances, it is not always so. The auto service center in the local Walmart has the discretion to accept your claim for a replacement or not.

    How Strict Is Walmarts Car Battery Return Policy


    In most cases, Walmart is quite strict about their 90-day return policy. In fact, Walmarts policy states that managers and supervisors are not allowed to approve late returns.

    However, despite this part of the policy, managers and supervisors still technically have the power to approve late returns, so there is always a slim possibility you will still be able to return something after 90 days.

    To play it safe, make sure you request all of your returns within the allotted return window.

    Walmarts car battery return policy and return window are known for being comparable to their major competitors, including major auto suppliers like AutoZone.

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    Walmart Car Battery Warranties With Details

    Free battery testing and installation
    EverStart Plus 2 years free replacement warranty No prorated replacement warranties Warranty receipt is required Free lead-acid battery recyclingFree battery testing and installation
    EverStart Maxx 3 years free replacement warranty 2 years prorated replacement warranty. Warranty receipt is required Free battery testing and installation

    Super Start Battery Warranty Without Receipt

    OReilly Auto Parts, which makes superstar batteries, offers to return any defective battery covered by a warranty. But for that, you need the original sales receipt. So if you have the receipt, then it will be easy to replace your battery. If you dont have a receipt, then you can still return it, but it may take longer to process your return.

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    Where Can You Buy Super Start Batteries

    All the models of Super Start Battery are available at any OReilly Auto Parts store. You can also order them at their online store.

    Note that Super Start Battery is only available at OReilly. This means you cannot find this brand on Amazon or any other independent online store.

    OReilly can provide you with any automotive battery that you need. On their shelves are batteries for cars, trucks, and machinery. They even have marine batteries for use in boats and yachts.

    OReilly has car batteries with high-quality materials. So, the said batteries can withstand the stresses of your daily drives.

    East Penn Manufacturings Facilities

    Lead Acid Battery Car Pulse Maintenance Charger

    On the other side of the coin, East Penn, the other manufacturer of Super Start batteries for OReilly, produces these batteries in their factory at Lyons, Berks County, Pennsylvania.

    It is a single manufacturing plant with an area of 520-acres complete with world-class facilities, which are the most sophisticated in the battery industry.

    Lastly, East Penn produces only the best quality batteries for OReilly. Proof of this is the Special Merit 2002 Vendor of the Year award that East Penn got from OReilly.

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    What Is Special About The Prorated Warranty

    Walmart has a prorated warranty option for its EverStart Maxx range.

    After the initial 3 years, if your battery fails within 5 years, you get the chance to replace the battery with an adjusted prorated amount.

    It is a simple calculation that you can do yourselves. The formula is as below:

    Walmart will add a sales tax to the amount you receive in the above calculation. With this in hand, you can easily calculate without being influenced to buy a new car battery.

    The best part of it all is that the 5-year warranty starts anew with the new battery.

    The prorated warranty has been under dispute in the online community recently. Few say that it is still in place while others allege that Walmart has discontinued it.

    So, you might want to call your local store to verify the details before you walk in for a claim.

    Tools & Equipment Warranty

    O’Reilly Auto Parts will pass on the manufacturer’s warranty on tools and equipment. Many items carry a repair warranty for a limited time. Items returned for repair must be accompanied by the original purchase receipt and are subject to inspection prior to repairs. Items returned for repair will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Shipping and handling expenses are the sole responsibility of the consumer and are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Certain repair costs may be the responsibility of the consumer. In such event, O’Reilly Auto Parts will notify the consumer of the estimated repair costs prior to making such repairs.

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    How Do I Return A Walmart Car Battery

    As mentioned, to return a Walmart car battery, the unit must be in its original packaging. It also requires that the return be made within 90 days of the day of purchase. It is also possible to receive a refund with the same payment method that the customer used if the customer has a receipt.

    This is how a large number of customers choose to pay for their Walmart battery in cash. So, if these customers need to return the battery, they can get the same amount of cash they spent on the purchase. Also, customers who do not have a sales receipt can choose from a variety of return methods.

    One of the most common possibilities is that Walmart offers a new battery if it verifies that the first unit was defective and the customer bought the wrong battery. The second possibility is that the cash refund is made anyway, without the receipt when the amount is less than $25. Finally, if the amount exceeds $25 Walmart offers store credit.

    1. Return by Mail: Mail-in returns are available when the customer uses the Walmart website to make the purchase. At other times, this method is also used when the customer does not want or cannot come to the store.

    Here, each customer must verify if a postal company offers the service to securely send a car battery. It is also necessary to print the return shipping label to complete the procedure. The shipment must be made within 90 days and the battery must be sent with the original packaging to complete the procedure.

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