Tesla Model 3 12v Battery Replacement

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Model Y 12v Replacement Cost

Tesla Model 3 12v Battery Replacement

The new version has just made its debut in the market. So the expected cost is not revealed yet. But the older lead-acid variant follows a similar nature.

It also has unstable costing that is based on different working areas. But the average pricing for the replacement remains between $100 to $200. Additional parts and the labour costing are the actual pricing.

Replace 12v Lead Acid Battery With Lithium 12v In Model 3

When an EV is off, the 12V load is much higher due to the advanced computer systems that are constantly running to maintain the high-voltage battery pack, keep the vehicle connected via remote access features, maintain charging and BMS communications, etc. It can put up to 50 Watts of load on the 12V system when the vehicle is off. This cycle ends up draining the 12V pretty quickly and requires it to be recharged by the high-voltage battery pack regularly.

When turning on an EV, the 12V uses no additional load. While driving, the 12V battery is used for non-driving tasks , while the high-voltage battery pack focuses on the driving part, which extends the driving range. The 12V battery is subjected to relatively low discharge and recharge currents due to the separation of tasks.

**Tesla recommends you leave your car plugged in when not in use. This will further the life of both of your batteries.

The problem:

An EV needs a 12V battery that can handle a high number of cycles and low current requirements, and an ICE vehicle needs the exact opposite: a battery for high discharge and low cycle counts. So, while these lead-acid batteries are doing their job just fine in an ICE vehicle, what does a Tesla need?

The Solution: Lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are typically used for high-voltage battery packs, cell-phones, laptops, medical equipment, and cars where batteries are being cycled frequently, and longevity is important.

How to replace 12V battery:

Tesla 12vdc Battery Tips From The Delaware Valley Toc

1. What does the 12v battery do?

It is a lead acid battery that provides primary power for low voltage systems used to wake the car, Bluetooth receiver, lights, Sentry Mode, door locks, windows, latches, actuators, etc. When car is awake and high voltage contactors are closed, 12v support is supplied by the HV battery pack.

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Where To Buy A Tesla Model 3 12v Battery Is There Any Aftermarket Replacement Available

The Tesla OEM 12V battery comes with a four-year or 50,000 miles warranty. So if your battery dies within warranty, you are highly recommended not to buy a new battery as you can get it replaced for free at any nearby Tesla service center.

In other cases, you can either go to a Tesla service center and get your battery replaced or go for aftermarket options.

But for the sake of this article, Ill only share that yes, there are companies such as Ohmmu which are pretty popular in the Tesla community that offer OEM 12V battery replacements.

While the products are undoubtedly great, they dont work well with Tesla.

No, no Not the car. The whole company!

Intrigued? You better go through this link first then.

Can I Replace Teslas 12v Battery Myself

Tesla Model S 12V AGM OEM Battery (TSLA

Yes, you can replace Teslas 12V battery yourself.

If you are at home and have all the equipment available, you can easily replace your cars battery. All you have to do is simply follow the step-by-step guide I have elaborated above.

But if your battery goes dead while youre cruising on the road, you dont have enough options left but to call Tesla roadside assistance.

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Stick To The Same Charging Routine

A good practice to keep your battery healthy is to charge your car every day and never let it discharge completely. This will provide a consistent, moderate charge for the battery, which will help prolong its life.

When you leave your car plugged in overnight or for long periods of time, make sure you set a daily charging routine so you dont overcharge your car.

Tesla offers a Preconditioning feature that lets you control the climate inside your car so its warmer or cooler when you get in. If you own a Tesla, use this feature to start heating or cooling your car before you actually get in, and set it to start charging your battery at the same time.

Replacement Cost Of 12v Battery

Replacing is the only solution to perform when the Battery is completely gone. Besides, it makes the ride feel responsive like before. There is no chance of facing a dead battery situation from a remote area. But the replacement cost is not fixed. Multiple sectors under the replacement make pricing different.

So the cost of a 12v battery for all the models remains under $300. There is a low chance of increasing the pricing.

On the other hand, a similar battery with a warranty will require no cost for replacement. In short, it can be done for free.

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Tesla Flat 12v Battery

Each Tesla has 2 batteries, the large expensive battery pack with an 8 year warranty and a traditional 12v battery that runs the cars ancillary systems like any other car. While many people monitor the health of the main battery pack, the 12v battery can fail or run flat, especially if the car is left for a long period of time and the main battery has entered its low energy mode.

If the 12v battery is flat then it can feel pretty terminal for the car, the doors won’t unlock, the computers won’t fire up and more worrying the main car battery will not charge. Tesla charge the 12v battery from the main battery pack, but Tesla also take the view they must protect the main battery pack as much as possible and if it is running low may put the battery into a deep sleep/low energy mode. This minimises any drain on the battery preserving its life, but this equally prevents it topping up the 12v battery and effectively paralysing the car. The 12v battery can run flat within 24 hours once the main battery pack has stopped supporting it.

All is not lost however, and this guide talks you through how to get going again so long as the car is close to a charge port and you have access to a few tools and a the ability to provide a 12v jump start. The basic sequence is:

This is a matter of last resort and the main battery pack running to empty is not advisable.

Tesla Launches New Amd Chip And 12v Li

Tesla Model 3 – 12V Battery Replacement by Tesla

Tesla has introduced the new AMD Ryzen chip and 12v Li-ion battery in 2022 Model 3 Model Y vehicles.

Earlier this month, we reported on a bunch of new features and changes coming to the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y that leaked through a test program in Europe.

Amongst many things, the leak revealed that new Model 3 and Model Y vehicles coming to Europe, which are made in China, would come with the new AMD Ryzen chip that is powering the media computer in the new Model S and Model X and the Model Y Performance made in China. Also, the lead-acid 12v battery will change to a Li-ion battery system.

As we noted at the time, changes made to Tesla vehicles made in China often end up coming to Tesla vehicles made in the US soon after. Now we learn that Tesla has started production of the Model 3 and Model Y with those changes in the US:

The first Model 3 and Y vehicles with MCU3 are now being produced and delivered in North America!

Its the same for the Li-ion battery system to replace the old 12v system:

New Model 3 and Y vehicles also include the new 12v battery.


While under the hood, so to speak, these two changes are quite significant to the performance and experience of Tesla vehicles.

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Charging The Main Battery

Once you have breathed some life back into the 12V battery the car should be able to power up its computers. Open the charge port and connect a charger. When the main battery is so low, the charge will take some time to get going with any speed. We suggest not using a supercharger as the charge time may be very long and may inconvenience others.Let the cars battery management system charge the car as needed. You should be able to remove the 12v battery charger once the main battery charging has commenced.

The 12v battery may still be at a fairly low level of charge however once the main battery pack has reached a sufficient level of charge it will charge the 12v battery. Unlike internal combustion engined cars, you should not need to go for a lengthy driuve to charge the 12v battery.

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Reasons For Replacing The Battery

Though the replacement is heard as a simple task, it is not simple enough to perform. Replacing a battery means refreshing the entire system.

The entire working process will run with a new power supply related to better performance, responsive actions, and accurate range. Some great reasons make an impact on the batteries and their replacements.

  • Defected fuse issues
  • Frequent charging

These four are the main reasons behind the replacement. Except for them, some other minor issues can be another great reason for having a defective battery.

Will I Get A Notification Before It Dies

Tesla Model 3 12v Battery Replacement Cost

You may get a notification about needing to replace your 12v it may also die without any advanced warning. Emission of a rotten egg smell is another indication of need for 12v service. If you get a notification dont ignore it make an appointment as soon as possible to swap out the 12v battery.

Although in some vehicles the battery may last up to 3 weeks after a notification, in others it may die soon after which may leave you inconveniently stranded. You can also go to a service center directly as many will take care of you as a walk-in for this type of urgent issue.

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Why Would You Need To Buy A 12v Battery For A Model 3

There are a few reasons you might need to buy a 12v battery for your Model 3.

First, if your current battery is old and needs to be replaced, or if its damaged and needs to be repaired, youll need to purchase a new one.

You might also need a 12v battery if youre planning on modifying your car in a way that requires additional electrical power. For instance, if youre installing a new sound system, you might need an upgraded battery to power it.

No matter the reason, make sure you do your research before purchasing a new 12v battery for your Model 3. You want to be sure youre getting the right sized battery for your car and that its compatible with any

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Your Tesla Model 3 12v Battery

The cost depends on when you need to do the replacement and where you are sourcing the replacement 12v battery from. If your Tesla Model 3 is still under warranty, the cost to replace the 12v battery is zero. However, the story is different if you do not have a warranty cover.

You may spend between $100 and $500, including the cost of parts and professional labor. A high-performance 12v battery costs more, so if you upgrade your Model 3s electrical demand, you may have to pay more for your replacement battery.

You can shop for a 12v battery on Amazon, where you can compare prices and brands. You can also shop in a physical store. The cost of the 12v battery varies from one brand to another. Note that the 12v battery is not made by Tesla, but you shouldnt have any problem finding a suitable replacement.

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Gaining Access To The Battery

To gain access to the 12v battery you need entry to the car. Each car is slightly different and the details of the steps to gain access are include in the user and first responder manuals however we cover the basic steps here.

The battery is accessible in the frunk of the car and so to gain access tot he battery, you need to open the frunk. If course with a flat battery you can’t just open the frunk as normal and you have to follow the emergency frunk opening procedure. Each model has a slightly different process for access and these are detailed in the appropriate guides linked to above, however as a quick start guide:

  • On early model S, you may find access through no more than removing the nose cone.
  • Tesla are increasingly putting cables behind the towing eye cover. Remove the cover and see if there are two wires that can be pulled forward. Connect the 12v battery charger to these and it should energise the lock.
  • If there are no cables behind the towing eye cover, then behind the front wheel arches there are emergency release cords than can be pulled on each side. This should pop the bonnet.

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Tesla Model 3 12V battery swap
  • Now:$16.99Was: Our maintenance-free sealed lead acid batteries with absorbed glass mat technology offer outstanding performance withstanding high current output and deep cycling. Excellent resistance to vibration, shock, chemicals and heat. Lower self-discharge…MSRP: $36.29Decrease Quantity of BW1229 – 12 Volts 2.9Ah -Terminal F1 – AGM Battery – HX12-2.9 – BW1229TIncrease Quantity of BW1229 – 12 Volts 2.9Ah -Terminal F1 – AGM Battery – HX12-2.9 – BW1229TPrice:

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How Long Does The 12v Battery Last In A Tesla Model 3

How long does the 12V battery last in a Tesla Model 3? The 12V battery in a Tesla Model 3 can last for 3-5 years or every 42000-70000 miles.

This battery is responsible for powering the cars lights, infotainment system, and other electronics. It is important to keep an eye on the health of this battery, as it can give you an early indication of any potential issues with your car.

There are a few things that you can do to prolong the life of your 12V battery, such as:

  • Keeping your cars lights turned off when youre not using them
  • Unplugging any unnecessary electronics when your car is not in use
  • Make sure that your Teslas infotainment system is turned off when youre not using it If you take good care of your 12V battery, it should last you for many years to come.

Common Tesla Model 3 12v Battery Issues And How To Solve Them

Even though all vehicles have a 12V auxiliary battery, batteries used in Teslas have a greater tendency of dying out early.

Model 3 owner jcanoe had very interesting insights on the subject matter:

The things that cause a 12V lead-acid battery to fail prematurely are load, heat, vibration and time. You can monitor the voltage of the 12V system from the 12V accessory port with a voltmeter or a USB adapter with a built in voltmeter .

At some point Tesla reprogrammed the charging routine for the 12V battery as they were probably overcharging the 12V batteries and causing the 12V batteries to fail. This change may have helped extend the life of the 12V battery.

As Tesla was continuously trying to fix the rapidly dying 12V battery issue, they were observed getting rid of it with the help of a software update as mentioned in the above comment, but it didnt turn out as expected.

But then Elon Musk, in an interview with Sandy Munro, confirmed that they have finally moved all Tesla models to a lithium-ion battery to nip this issue in the bud for forever.

Elon Musk said,

Were finally transitioning to a Li-ion 12-volt battery. It has way more capacity and the cycle life matches the main battery pack. We should have done that before, but its great that we are doing it now.

Though some minor glitches of Li-ion battery were claimed by some Tesla owners in Europe , causing it to die really soon just like lead-acid batteries and leaving the vehicle stranded and undrivable.

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