Toyota 84 Month Battery Warranty

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Inside Look : Toyota Premium Batteries

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    Denied warranty claims are common, but we can help you resolve them! If you are having problems with a dealer who refuses to cancel an extended warranty or want to claim an extended warranty for used cars, you have come to the right place.

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    Special Warranty Policy For Toyota Prius Batteries

    According to some battery reviews, the batteries of the Toyota Prius are given a special warranty policy. Toyota gives a basic warranty for the vehicle, 36 months, together with a 5-year or 60,000-mile coverage for its power train.

    In California, the Prius battery warranty is 150,000 miles or about ten years. But in other states, it is eight years or 100,000 miles. If your Toyota Prius batteries fail within these time and mileage frames, you are entitled to their replacements for free.

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    Your Primer On Battery Group Sizes

    The Battery Council International creates group sizes that reflect the batterys main characteristics, such as:

    • Terminal configuration

    Each vehicle has a recommended battery group size to use. By only selecting that battery, your vehicle will start up and stay running as expected even with all the electrical accessories on at the same time.

    The 24F and 27F group sizes are used most often in Toyota vehicles. Many of their models, like the 2007 to 2014 Yaris, use the 35 group size instead. As its their sister make, Scions use many of the same batteries that are found in Toyotas.

    Which Battery Is Right For Me

    Free Car Battery Test
    • 84-month warranty
    • Coast-to-coast warranty service at more than 1,200 locations
    • 24-month emergency roadside assistance/towing and installation labor
    • Matrix radial grids for high-current starting demands
    • Quicker recharge capability due to the correct balance of Cold Cranking Amps and Reserve Capacity to provide power and cranking ability
    • Extended battery life due to a patented lead alloy feature that reduces corrosion
    • Improved heavy-duty lugs on the positive and negative plates that allow a greater flow of power
    • Competitive 60-month warranty
    • Coast-to-coast warranty service at more than 1,200 locations
    • 18-month free replacement coverage
    • 42-month proration in a two-tiered price plan
    • Built to top industry standards
    • High vibration resistance
    • State-of-the-art design that includes many of the TrueStart features
    • Great non-warranty replacement alternative
    • Maintenance-free under normal operating conditions

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    Should You Get Your Battery Tested

    If you arent sure how old your battery is and would like the peace of mind of knowing you wont be at risk of getting stranded somewhere this summer, our ServiceCenter uses advanced battery testing equipment that is able to predict the failure of your battery before it happens. I know that sounds like some dealership voodoo that exists to sell you something you dont need, but its much more scientific than that.

    It measures the voltage and cranking amps available in your battery and calculates how long the battery will be able to perform the tasks required of it to operate the necessary systems in your vehicle. It also tells us if charging your battery will be sufficient to extend its life or if it has reached the end and requires replacement. If you are in need of a new battery, we think youll agree that TrueStart is the best battery for your Toyota.

    Schedule a Service Appointment Today

    If you would like our ServiceCenter to test your car battery, you can visit our website and schedule and appointment yourself, or you can call our appointment coordinator and allow them to assist you at 337 478 3511.

    How Often Do I Need To Replace My Car’s Battery

    While the signs listed above are usually a great indicator that it may be time to replace your vehicle’s battery, you can also determine when you should replace based on your vehicle’s age. In most cases, a car battery will last about 4-5 years. After about 2 years of driving, we recommend that you have your battery tested when you bring your vehicle in for service so that you never get stuck in a bind. Once your battery no longer provides optimal power, you may want to schedule an appointment for battery replacement at our Greensboro Service center where we use genuine Toyota TrueStart or True-2 batteries. Fortunately, drivers in High Point, Pleasant Garden, and Burlington are just a short drive away from our Toyota parts center, and we are here to help maximize your Toyota driving experience.

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    Fast Battery Replacement And Service In Greensboro

    If you are unsure if your battery needs to be replaced, our team of trained experts can assist in testing your battery’s life as well as check the battery posts for build-up or corrosion. Rice Toyota offers a team of experts that can determine whether your battery needs to be replaced or just receive a little bit of maintenance and we do it at affordable and competitive prices. Schedule an appointment at Rice Toyota for the best auto repair in Greensboro, NC or simply contact us with any questions you have.

    What Are The Details Of The Hybrid Battery Warranty Policy

    Toyota Premium Batteries

    If you have invested in a Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicle, you should know it has a Hybrid Component warranty. The vehicle comes with the basic coverage warranty that lasts 36 months, plus a five-year/60,000-mile powertrain coverage.

    There is also coverage of parts specific to this hybrid model, including the hybrid battery. The hybrid Prius battery warranty lasts for ten years or 150,000 miles in California and eight years or 100,000 miles in all other states.

    If your battery needs replacement in this time frame, you can get it at no cost.

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    Car Talk: Battery’s Brand Name Is Nearly As Important As Its Warranty

    Dear Tom and Ray: I had to replace the two-year-old Autolite 84 battery in my girlfriend’s car. I thought the big “84” on the battery meant “84 months” … as in “84-month warranty,” but the clerk who sold me the new one said that although that’s true, “car batteries never last more than two or three years that’s why the manufacturer prorates them so heavily.” So why do car-battery manufacturers promote batteries as being “84-month batteries” if they seldom last more than 24 to 36 months? And if car batteries aren’t going to last more than 24 to 36 months, why pay extra for the “84-month” batteries? — Gary

    Ray: Well, the numbers on the batteries relate to their warranties, Gary. So an “84-month battery” is one that’s warranted for 84 months. If it fails before 84 months, it’ll be replaced.

    Tom: There’s a “free replacement period,” in which the battery is replaced for nothing during the first one to three years. After that, they’ll prorate it, which means they’ll give you some money back, depending on how old the battery is when it dies and how much time is left on the warranty.

    Ray: And although batteries do vary, in our experience batteries sold by reputable retailers generally last about as long as their warranties suggest they’ll last. So a seven-year battery usually lasts about seven years. That’s because those longer-life batteries have more lead plates in them.

    Are Truestart Batteries Good

    Generally, TrueStart batteries can serve the electrical needs of your car, such as its starting power and sustained use of its electrical devices.

    The warranty that Toyota gives to these batteries indicates its confidence that they can satisfy the needs of Toyota vehicles. Its guarantee is more than what other standard batteries offer, so they must be good.

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    How To Extend The Life Of A Truestart Battery

    Theres a reason why I have enumerated the exclusions to the warranty of TrueStart batteries. If you want to take full advantage of the battery warranty, you should avoid these exclusions.

    Additionally, you may want to take good care of your TrueStart battery. It is one way of extending its life. How do you take care of your TrueStart battery? Here are some suggestions:

  • Be sure that you have turned off all the car lights and electrical devices before you park and leave your Toyota car for the day.
  • Test your battery regularly. This will enable you to spot developing problems before they get serious.
  • Always examine your battery for the presence of rusts. Remove them soon as you see them forming. This will limit corrosion of the battery and its parts.
  • Avoid making short trips regularly.
  • Dont use the car electronics too much while the car engine is idling.
  • I Didn’t Drive My Toyota Ch

    NS60L Amaron GO Car Battery TOYOTA Vios Yaris Altis Wish MAZDA 2 Almera ...
    • December 3, 2015 Honda replaced the battery. The battery had gone dead twice in 2015 and twice in 2016. The car has been completely checked out and they find nothing. Something has to be draining the battery and no one can seem to figure it out. Is it the manufacturer of the battery or is there some other issue going on with the mechanics of …
    • How much to replace the battery in my Toyota? Depending on power, size, and quality, prices for a replacement car battery range from about $45 to $250. Your local dealership, auto parts store or …
    • Yes, Toyota batteries are known to fail early. Mine failed on my 2016 Highlander at 2 years and 8 months with 19,000 miles. It failed 600 miles from home on vacation in 70 degree weather. It was replaced by Toyota with an 84 month battery under warranty. Toyota’s do come with poor quality batteries.
    • Color-keyed heated power outside mirrors with turn signal and blind spot warning indicators, puddle lights with “ToyotaC-HR” projection, and auto-folding feature Remote keyless entry system with lock, unlock and panic functions Leather-trimmed shift lever with satin-plated shift knob Tonneau cover Leather-trimmed tilt/telescopic steering wheel
    • Read our Toyota C-HR review to find the perfect car, … Then the Toyota C-HRs seats split 60:40 and fold flat into the floor to reveal a total capacity of 1160 litres, … Its also got a more advanced hybrid system with a larger battery which means it can

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    Toyota Offers A Complete Line Of Top Quality Maintenance

    . – The exceptional 84-Month Warranty. With an 84-month warranty 1 Toyota TrueStart batteries will give you plenty of charge all winter long. The exceptional 84-Month Warranty.

    A Toyota 84-month battery warranty seems like a great deal but many users have complained that it starts breaking down around the four-year mark. TOYOTA WARRANTY POLICY PROCEDURES WARRANTY TEXT Policy 411 Service Part Battery Warranty Coverage 0407 Page 2 of 7 Battery Testing Process. 10 years ago.

    Shouldnt the dealership replace. N The only warranty replacement battery approved for your Toyota vehicle. Genuine Toyota TrueStart Battery with 84-Month Limited Warranty – Meets or exceeds Toyota specifications for all vehicles.

    As far as Im concerned Toyota doesnt make oil I believe they have used Mobile One forever as their blender and they rebrand it with their labeled bottles they. Went to Toyota in Marina Del Rey Los Angeles to inquire about a TrueStart 12V battery for my 2012 Prius III and was told by partsservice that. Genuine Toyota True-2 Battery with 60-Month Limited Warranty alue battery line for price.

    If your car wonÆt start or stalls frequently it may be time for. Read information on Toyota Accessory Warranty Replacement Parts Warranty and Replacement Battery Warranty. All Toyota batteries installed by a Toyota dealer are warranted.

    The exceptional 84-Month Warranty. You get 100 FREE replacement for the first 24 months of the warranty period. Other types may void your coverage.

    Signs That You May Need To Replace Your Vehicle’s Battery:

    Since so many items in your vehicle use the battery, if you begin to lose power, you will likely start to notice. Most likely if your car doesn’t start due to battery failure you will be able to get it started with the assistance of roadside assistance, but wouldn’t you rather avoid that completely? Over the years as your battery ages, you’ll want to pay attention to the signs that may indicate you should start thinking about car battery replacement.

  • SLOW START: If you turn the key, your engine may sound as though it is struggling to start. When Greensboro drivers hear their vehicle is struggling to start, it usually means your car’s battery is on its last leg. If it becoming increasingly difficult to start your vehicle, you should consider having your battery tested and replaced
  • ELECTRIC COMPONENTS ARE FLICKERING: Something else that is usually a telltale sign that battery replacement is on the horizon is you’ll begin to notice that the interior lights aren’t as powerful as they once were, the dashboard display may not be as bright, and your radio audio could begin to fade in and out.
  • ROTTEN EGG SMELL: In extreme cases, you may smell what seems like rotten eggs in your vehicle which can mean your battery is venting acidic gas. If this is the case, please bring your vehicle in immediately before your battery starts leaking acid which can cause additional damage.
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    Can I Make My Car’s Battery Last Longer

    There are simple things you can do that may assist in the longevity of your Toyota’s battery to help it stay healthy as possible so you can continue to drive High Point, Pleasant Garden, and Burlington roads without fail.

    • Keep it clean: It is normal that over time your vehicle will develop some corrosion buildup on the terminals that connect to the vehicle. By removing the buildup, you can help keep the connection strong.
    • Avoid short trips: A car that continuously only takes very short drives, or that is driven infrequently tends to lose battery power quicker. Long drives will allow your engine to fully charge up the battery, so it is always a good idea to take drives that last longer than 15 minutes.

    What Is The Warranty Of A Truestart Battery

    Toyota Service Tips 101 | Batteries | 2016 Toyota Tier 1 Version

    Overall, every TrueStart battery is given a warranty of 84 months- a 2-year warranty, then the warranty for the batterys 25th-36th month.

    During the first 24 months of the battery, you can replace it for manufacturing defects. But you must buy the battery from authorized Toyota dealerships. Otherwise, your battery warranty will have some exclusions.

    Your battery will still have some warranty from the succeeding 25th month to the 36th month, but only at 50% coverage.

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    Is There A Discrepancy Between The 84 Months And The 24 Months Warranty

    No, there is none. The 24-month warranty allows you to get a replacement if the battery fails within 24 months of its initial purchase.

    The 84 months warranty is a pro-rated warranty covering the period after the initial 24-month warranty. This warranty takes effect from the 25th month up to the 84th month. And the warranty is pro-rated at 50%.

    It only means that the warranty period continues after the first 24 months, but only at 50% coverage. This is more advantageous to you as a car owner because the warranties of the batteries of other brands are only up to 24 months. There is nothing more after that.

    Minimize Paperwork With Donotpay

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    Our platform is full of useful tips and features for filinginsurance andwarranty claims, dealing withparking tickets, gettingrefunds and chargebacks, or writingharassment cease-and-desist letters.

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    What Can You Expect From A Toyota Truestart Battery Warranty

    Toyota recommends its TrueStart battery for most of its vehicles. It is the only warranty replacement battery approved by the company. A Toyota 84-month battery warranty seems like a great deal, but many users have complained that it starts breaking down around the four-year mark.

    The battery has a 24-month free replacement and a 60-month proration period. Considering that after four years of usage it starts to break, the free replacement period is not long enough. You can end up spending a lot of money replacing the battery after that period.

    When you decide to claim your battery warranty and solve the problem in no time, turn to DoNotPay!

    Buy A Truestart Battery From Authorized Toyota Dealership

    emcdesignss: Toyota 84 Month Battery Warranty

    If you bought the TrueStart battery in other battery stores, it would also last for the same amount of time. However, the warranty will have some exclusion. So, it is better to buy a TrueStart battery from an authorized Toyota dealership.

    The table below will show you a general picture of the warranty given by Toyota to its TrueStart batteries:

    Installed By
    100% replacement and repairs for parts only From 1 to 24 months

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