Vw Id 4 Battery Warranty

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How Much Does It Cost To Charge An Id4 At Home How Much Will My Electric Bill Increase

2021 Volkswagen ID.4: Battery Teardown

The U.S. national average is currently $0.13/kWh, meaning that the ID.4 costs approximately $10 to charge from empty to full at home. For an exact quote, contact your local electrical company to determine your current rate. For an exact quote, contact your local electrical company to determine your current rate.

Warranty Coverage For Hybrid And Ev Batteries

New technologies bring new questions, and there are plenty surrounding electric vehicles specifically their batteries. A common concern among drivers is what happens to a cars batteries as they age. Does the car become useless once the battery fails? Do warranties cover EV battery problems down the road?

Read on to learn about hybrid and EV warranty coverage and what to consider when switching to an electrified vehicle.

Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Volkswagen Id4

  • Adopt smooth driving habits.
  • Use regenerative braking to extend range and battery life.
  • Charging every couple of days is better than charging every day to keep it topped up.
  • Keep up to date with factory-recommended maintenance.
  • Use quality parts and fluids.
  • Keep on top of repairs to prevent them from developing into larger problems.
  • Regularly wash your ID.4 to remove dirt and grime to protect the paint and undercarriage from rust.
  • Keep your VW ID.4 stored in a garage to help protect it from extreme heat.
  • Read the owners manual to learn the location of important components, what your Volkswagen ID.4 needs and what quantity, and to understand the symbols and dashboard warning lights.

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The Best And Worst Years For The Volkswagen Id4

The VW ID.4 is still in its first model year so there arent any best or worst model years for it yet.

The 2021 ID.4 has been selling quite well and has been getting stellar reviews so far from both professional reviewers and actual owners. So even the first model year of the ID.4 doesnt seem to be suffering from any major teething issues.

Even if any issues start appearing, these can all be easily addressed by the dealership as all ID.4s still have their original warranty.

But as the ID.4 gets more updates in the upcoming years, later model years will likely offer you more bang for your buck as more standard features and improvements are introduced.

At the time of writing:

  • The Volkswagen ID.4 has only had 1 issue reported so far on CarComplaints.com
  • There are only 16 complaints for the ID.4 on the NHTSA website

Keep in mind that as of October 2021, over 12,000 ID.4s have been sold in the U.S. so the number of complaints reported so far are quite insignificant.

Hybrid And Ev Warranty Length

The ID.4

Powertrain warranties can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Typically, they cover at least five years or 60,000 miles, though some last as long as 10 years or 100,000 miles.

Hybrid and EV battery warranty coverage often lasts longer. Federal law requires automakers to ensure EV and hybrid batteries for at least eight years or 100,000 miles.

California goes even further, requiring a 10-year, 150,000-mile warranty on EV and hybrid batteries. Toyota has adopted that standard in all 50 states.

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How Long Will The Id4s Electric Motors Last

Given Volkswagens engineering resources we expect the ID.4s electric motors to last at least 500,000 miles.

Aside from their extensive experience with electric motors in their hybrid vehicles, theyve actually been experimenting with all-electric vehicles for over a decade with their e-Golf.

Independent EV engineers have also dismantled and closely examined the ID.4s electric motors and praised its design.

Barring any critical manufacturing defects, the ID.4s motors should easily last 15 to 20 years.

Interior Comfort And Cargo

While the ID.4’s interior is less flashy than the ID. Crozz Concept’s cabin, which featured a retractable steering wheel and sliding rear doors, it still offers a contemporary design with high-tech features, ambient lighting, and generous cargo space. The interior design is uncluttered and playful cloth seats with heat for the front occupants are standard but going with the Pro S model brings faux-leather upholstery along with 12-way power adjustable front seats with a memory function. The ID.4’s cargo area is quite spacious. We managed to fit eight carry-on suitcases behind the ID.4’s rear seat and 26 total with the rear seats folded.

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How Fast Does The Id4 Charge

There are three different levels of available charging for the ID.4:

  • Level 1 . A Level 1 charges at approximately two miles of charge per hour, meaning that it will take about 80 hours to charge your ID.4 with the included Level 1 charger fully. Level 1 cable is included with the vehicle and can be plugged into a regular 120V GFI household outlet at home.
  • Level 2 . Level 2 charger can range from 16 to 48 amps.
  • 40 amps will charge your ID.4 at about 27 miles of charge per hour, taking approximately 12 hours to achieve a full charge.
  • 48 amps increase this to 32 miles of charge per hour, bringing the charging time down to about eight hours to achieve a full charge. This requires the additional purchase of a Level 2 home charger. See below for additional information on home charging.
  • Level 3. This type of charging is also known as DC fast-charging and will bring a full charge down to approximately 40 minutes, but this is not available as an at-home option, only available at charging stations. The 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 comes with 3 years of free DC Fast Charging at Electrify American charging stations across the United States, starting at the time of purchase for the original owner. The ID.4 EVs maximum charge rate is 135kW.
  • Are There Any Incentives On The Id4

    VW ID.4 Battery Tray – 53% Weight Reduction

    Depending on your area, incentives may vary. At the time, Volkswagen offers a $7,500 Lease Bonus Cash, a $500 First Responder for Retail or Lease, and a $500 Military for Retail or Lease incentives. In addition to incentives, Volkswagen has a special annual percentage rate option for qualified buyers. Customer incentives and rebates change frequently, so be sure to contact your local Volkswagen dealer to confirm any available discounts.

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    Get A Vw Battery Test Near Atlanta Ga Today

    If you suspect you need Volkswagen battery replacement, count on us. Even if the problem is something else, seeing us early can prevent it from worsening and save you money on more extensive repairs. We offer service specials on other maintenance and repairs, too. With our Service Xpress program, we pride ourselves on getting you in and out as quickly as possible.

    Vw Announces Id Battery Warranty Of 70% Capacity For 8 Years Confirms Disappointing Charge Rate

    VW is preparing to launch the ID3, its first next-gen all-electric car based on its new MEB platform, and it has been gradually revealing more about it leading to the release of the production version later this year.

    Today, they announced that the ID.3, and other upcoming ID vehicles, will have a battery warranty covering 70% energy capacity for 8 years and 160,000 km . They also confirmed the official charge rate, which is somewhat disappointing.

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    What Vws Warranty Does Not Cover

    There are no surprises on this list. Firstly, tires on 2021 Volkswagen models are covered by warranties from their manufacturers. Thats pretty common among car brands, but it means visiting an authorized dealer of the particular brand of tire, not a VW dealer, if you experience a problem.

    The Volkswagen warranty does not cover the following, which involve some common situations:

    • Damage caused by the customers negligence, misuse, or alteration of the vehicle.
    • Damage caused by improper fueling, such as putting diesel into a gas-burning vehicle or vice versa.
    • Damage resulting from modifying the vehicle, such as tinkering with the engine computer or installing aftermarket suspension components.
    • If you continue to drive after a warning dashboard light illuminates or the temperature gauge signals an overheating condition, Volkswagen may not cover any resulting damage.

    Why Did Vw Shorten Its Warranty

    VW Electric Research

    In 2015, Volkswagen was caught cheating on federal emissions tests with its popular diesel-powered models. Not surprisingly, the negative news and publicity hurt the brand . As a way to restore consumer confidence in its vehicles, Volkswagen doubled its new vehicle warranty, going from 3 years/36,000 miles to 6 years/72,000 miles. But that deal lasted for just two model years, as it turns out.

    We like that Volkswagen did not revert to its original 3-year/36,000-mile warranty. And, in fairness, the 2020 Volkswagen warranty length now surpasses that of many mainstream brands and matches the warranty length of many luxury brands. Hyundai and Kia are the mainstream brand champs in this area, with 5-year/60,000-mile bumper-to-bumper coverage and astounding 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain coverage.

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    Volkswagen Id4 Insurance Group

    Depending on trim level, the ID.4 has an insurance group rating of 18 to 28 in most trim levels which is on par with similarly powerful electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf and Volkswagen ID.3. You can buy fixed-price insurance from Volkswagen, which wont go up or down in price over the first three years, though youre not tied into a contract so you can always change your cover if it becomes cheaper elsewhere later on.

    Vw Id Charging Capacity

    VW also confirmed that the batteries in the ID. family can accommodate a charging capacity of up to 125 kW:

    Volkswagen will offer the ID. batteries in different sizes. This marks a completely new departure as compared to the approach taken with the brands current range of electric vehicles. If an owner of an ID. vehicle is not really interested in being able to drive long distances , they can opt for a battery with a relatively low energy content. This, in turn, will make their vehicle less expensive. Those who frequently drive long distances, on the other hand, can choose a larger battery, which will make them more flexible in terms of how they use their car. Depending on the battery and vehicle type in question, a maximum range of approx. 330 to 550 kilometres can be achieved. Volkswagen also designed the batteries to be able to accommodate a charging capacity of up to 125 kW, which is higher than anything achieved to date in the ID.3 segment and ensures fast charging and shorter charging stops.

    The automaker is expected to launch the production version of the ID.3 later this year and it will be followed by a series of new ID electric vehicles.

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    Does The Glass Roof Open

    The glass roof on the Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S is a fixed roof, so the answer is no, it doesn’t open. However, unlike other electric vehicles on the market with the same fixed-roof design, the ID.4 Pro S is engineered with a power sunshade to help block out the sun and heat. The ID.4 Pro does not come equipped with a fixed glass roof.

    How Long Do Volkswagen Id4 Batteries Last

    Volkswagen ID.4 Battery Degradation Range Test

    The ID.4s battery should be able to easily last 300,000 400,000 miles as long as its properly looked after.

    It uses a relatively large 82 kWh battery so it will go through less charge cycles to cover long distances.

    Fully discharging or depleting the battery from 100% of its capacity is considered as one charge cycle.

    The ID.4s battery pack is much more sophisticated than the Lithium-ion batteries found in smartphones and laptop computers which are usually only good for 500 to 1,000 charge cycles.

    Aside from being significantly larger than a typical smartphone battery, the ID.4 uses liquid cooling and sophisticated battery management systems to monitor and control the long-term health of the battery.

    But despite all this extra engineering, all lithium-ion batteries will naturally degrade over time.

    Even if you barely drive your ID.4, it will still lose much of its original capacity and deliver less range after 10 to 15 years.

    Here are some tips that will help preserve the life of your ID.4s batteries:

    • Avoid using or storing the vehicle in extremely hot temperatures
    • Dont let the vehicle sit unused for long periods of time
    • When storing the ID.4, slow charge it to avoid battery degradation
    • Avoid regularly draining the battery to 0% or charging it to 100%
    • Charging up to 80% is recommended
    • Minimize the use of DC fast chargers at public charging stations

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    How Long Does The Volkswagen Id4 Take To Charge

    Charger Type
    20 to 30 miles 7.5 to 11.5 hours

    *These are rough estimates since charging slows down significantly once the battery reaches 80% to prolong its life.

    Using a DC fast charger:

    • You can add 50 to 60 miles of range every 10 minutes
    • VW claims you can charge from 5% to 80% in around 38 minutes
    • Owners have also reported being able to charge the ID.4 from 0% to 100% in just over an hour

    What Vw Battery Maintenance Should You Be Aware Of

    As previously stated, electric VW batteries should last for a long time. However, they degrade with age, slightly shortening your expected range. Extend your Volkswagen electric battery life by taking precautions like keeping it in a garage, away from extreme temperatures. While fast charging is helpful, try not to utilize it all the time. You should also avoid fully charging or draining the battery.

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    Fuel Economy And Real

    The EPA rates the rear-wheel-drive ID.4 Pro S’s fuel economy at 104 MPGe city and 89 MPGe highway the rear-wheel-drive Pro model is slightly more efficient at 107 MPGe city, 91 MPGe highway. On our 75-mph highway fuel-economy test route, the rear-wheel-drive ID.4 delivered 82 MPGe and sailed on for 190 miles. Note: we’ve found from our testing that EPA range numbers can overstate or understate the real-world highway range difference between EVs. Our testing was completed in near-freezing temperatures, which can drastically reduce driving range, so the 190-mile result is more impressive than it sounds. For more information about the ID.4’s fuel economy, visit the EPA’s website.

    Is The Volkswagen Id4 Reliable

    Rollplay 6 Volt VW Beetle White Replacement Battery

    Although Volkswagen doesnt have the best reliability rating, the all-electric ID.4 will likely be more reliable than its ICE stablemates.

    VWs tend to have higher repair and maintenance costs compared to American, Japanese or Korean brands, but EVs wont require quite as much regular maintenance as gas or diesel-powered vehicle.

    EVs like the ID.4 dont need to produce lots of tiny explosions per minute and generate tons of heat to provide power to the wheels.

    Consequently, it wont need as much cooling or lubrication to keep things running smoothly.

    Its drivetrain also has fewer moving parts which gives it inherently better long-term reliability.

    Owner reviews and reports on different Internet forums have been very positive for the ID.4.

    So far, weve only seen minor software issues and no widespread hardware problems or build quality issues have been reported.

    The ID.4 has also been selling in large numbers since its release so any lingering issues and defects should have shown up by now considering the large sample size.

    Here is some additional date that demonstrates the ID.4s overall reliability:

    • Kelley Blue Books consumer rating index gave the VW ID.4 a perfect score of 5/5 which is quite rare especially for an early model year vehicle.
    • Edmunds consumer ratings also gave the ID.4 an impressive overall rating of 4.4/5.
    • Car and Driver gave the ID.4 a very respectable 4th place when comparing to all other EVs in the market.

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    Where Is The Volkswagen Id 4 Made

    The Volkswagen Zwickau-Mosel plant in Germany currently produces the ID.4. However, the Emden plant will also begin to manufacture the ID.4 in 2022. Sometime in 2022, the Volkswagen Chattanooga plant in Tennessee will also begin to produce ID.4 vehicles sold in the North American market. In China, the ID.4 is manufactured by SAIC-Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen.

    What Is The California Clean Fuel Rebate

    While only available through August 2022, the California Clean Fuel Reward is available to anyone who purchases or leases an eligible electric vehicle with a battery capacity of more than 5 kWh from a participating retailer. Since November 2, 2021, first time ID.4 owners, when also a California resident, have been eligible for the $750 rebate, thanks to its 82-kWh battery.

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    Three Golden Rules For Better Range

    Its relatively simple to take care of your high-voltage battery. Just follow the three golden rules below and youve already done the most important things.

  • For daily usage,Volkswagen recommends setting the charging target at 80%. Before long trips,Volkswagen recommends setting the charging target at 100% for the highest possible range, and then driving off as soon as possible after charging is completed.
  • If the vehicle will be unused for longer than 12 hours, leave it parked with a battery charge level of at least 30% and no more than 80% .
  • When possible, avoid regular fast charging with direct current . While suitable for road trips, the high rate of current while DC charging stresses the lithium-ion high-voltage battery more than AC charging. Frequent fast charging can permanently reduce the battery capacity of the high-voltage battery.
  • Do Original Warranties Cover Battery Life Loss

    Volkswagen ID.4 Battery Prototype Update

    Most EV and hybrid battery warranties specify when the manufacturer will replace the battery. Tesla, for instance, will replace batteries that fall below 70% of their capacity while under warranty. Volkswagen promises the same for its ID.4 EV. Nissan will replace a Leafs battery if its capacity falls under 75%.

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    How Long Will A Volkswagen Id4 Last

    Released in early 2021, the ID.4 marks VWs first major foray into the North American EV market.

    It is an all-electric compact crossover SUV available in either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

    With its relatively affordable price tag , Volkswagen advertises the ID.4 as a car for the millions, not the millionaires.

    In this article well assess its average lifespan.

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