Where Are Interstate Batteries Made

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Are Interstate Batteries Good

How Car Batteries are Made

Its difficult to find anything negative to say about Interstate Batteries. Overall, theres nothing but praise for the company and its products. The batteries are known to be of top quality and come in a variety of applications for any use.

Still, theres always something to be aware of when working with any company because none are perfect. With that said, there are a few issues to watch out for, including a shortened warranty and trouble with customer service.

Thats why its important to evaluate both the pros and cons of the battery company before making a decision.

Advance Auto Parts: Interstate Batteries Deal Is Off

Announced in December, the partnership would have made Interstate Batteries the exclusive automotive and specialty battery brand for Advance Auto Parts, extending its retail presence to Advances nearly 5,000 stores.

From Counterman

Advance Auto Parts has decided to walk away from a previously announced partnership with Interstate Batteries, Advance CEO Tom Greco said.

The value envisioned by both parties was compelling, but circumstances changed, said Greco during Advances May 22 quarterly earnings call.

Announced in December, the partnership would have made Interstate Batteries the exclusive automotive and specialty battery brand for Advance Auto Parts, extending its retail presence to Advances nearly 5,000 stores.

Weve talked in the past about the importance of suppliers and external partnerships to help us better serve customers, drive sales growth, increase margins and improve cash flow, Greco said during the conference call. In line with these long-term financial priorities, and after several months of discussions with Interstate Batteries, weve decided not to proceed with the partnership announced in December.

Greco said the decision was made through the lens of our financial priorities and is in the best interest of our shareholders.

We still believe that Interstate Batteries provides a leading brand, quality products and an exceptional service model, and we wish them continued success, he added.

Everything You Need To Know About Interstate Batteries

Interstate Batteries is a well-known battery brand in the US. Many people rely on Interstate products to ensure their car runs, their lawnmower works, or their boat can sail the seas.

When discussing something as important as your car battery, you likely want to know where the batteries come from. But who makes these batteries?

Keep reading to learn about who makes Interstate Batteries and how reputable the brand is. Learn about suppliers, product quality, and more about this popular US company.


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How Reliable Are Costco Interstate Batteries

Im going to be throwing facts at you without wasting your time. Among various automotive batteries, the most common type is the Standard Flooded battery. They are constructed with durable grids and a free-flowing liquid design.You wouldnt need to perform any maintenance. Because the battery is sealed.

Next comes the AGM-type batteries. They tend to the greater engine power demand of the vehicle. Typically they are expensive. But you dont have that problem with Costco.

While the standard ones tend to the electric supply needs, the AGM fully blasts the engine with energy.

They come with a 36-month limited replacement warranty. A battery used regularly can last up to 3-5 years. So most of your batterys lifespan is covered. Although other retailers give a better period of warranty. But you have to look at the competitive prices too.

The Quality Of Costco Interstate Car Batteries

Interstate Batteries MT

The same company manufactures Costco Interstate car batteries in the same factory as regular Interstate car batteries.

This will raise another question are Interstate car batteries good?

Regular Interstate car batteries are also reliable and good performers in any conditions and situation,with the excellent build quality.

This meansboth companies share the same build quality and performance for their car batteries.

The only thing that separates them is a different warranty policy for both companies.

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What About Older Interstate Marine Batteries

Interstate Marine batteries include a date of manufacture on their stickers or stamps that may be used to determine when they were manufactured. The sequence begins with a capital alphabetical letter and then moves on to numerals. A through M are the months, with January being the first.

The letter I is absent in this example. The month is calculated based on the number. For example, if the battery is stamped E5, it was made in May of 2015.

The date will be May 2004 if the number is 04. This way, you can determine how old the item is and inquire if it is still available at the store. The bulk of previous-decade models is no longer produced. A retailer may have one on hand.

Are Costco Batteries Fully Charged

Many people buy car batteries from Costco, so they almost always have fresh car batteries which are fully charged from the factory.

So, in any case, the battery you bought from Costco is not fully charged somehow, which usually means the battery is already on the shelf for a couple of months just sitting there.

That can happen in rare cases if theres a specific car battery only some vehicles accept.

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Where Are Interstate Batteries Sold

Interstate Batteries are sold all over the United States, so it shouldnt be hard to find a store that sells them near you. You can also buy them online through a variety of retailers.

The interstate battery operates mainly distributors network and they are mainly a US-based battery making and distributors network, they are headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and have distributors in Bermuda, Canada, Coastal Rica, the Dominican Republic e.t.c.

They operate over 200 co-corporate and franchise retailed owned stores all over the world.

What Are The Types Of Interstate Batteries Available

Making Interstate MT7 AGM Batteries

There are several types of batteries in their product portfolio. Lets try to know all about them in short.

To meet the electricity demand of modern accessory-rich vehicles, Interstate has introduced MTZ batteries. You can install all the necessary add-ons to your vehicle and dont worry about the charge capacity of the battery.

When it comes to starting the vehicle, you would love the performance of MTX Line batteries. People can rely on this battery type for AGM-required applications.

Getting extended battery life along with high-cranking performance is now possible with Interstate MTP-type batteries. Whether it is cold or in normal weather conditions, the battery wont let you down.

This one is not an AGM battery and is capable of providing enough support for cars and trucks in warmer regions.

Those who have a tight budget can go for the Interstate M batteries. The good rating of its cold-cranking amps makes it desirable to lots of people.

  • AGM Powersports

Because of having perfectly sealed spill-proof design, these are suitable for Powersports vehicles. It requires no water filling making it maintenance-free.

On the water, boats need batteries with deep-cycling, starting, and a few marine-friendly features. You can find all of those in Marine Interstate batteries.

Lastly, you can choose their Marine RV batteries that promise the best outdoor performance.

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Who Owns Interstate Batteries

In 2013, Scott Miller, son of Norm Miller, became the President and CEO of Interstate Batteries, effectively making him the most substantial owner of the company. John Searcy founded the company in 1952, serving Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

In 1978, Searcy stepped down for Norm Miller to become the President and Chairman of the Board. About 35 years later, he passed the reins to his son, Scott. However, Norm continues to serve as the Chairman of the Board.

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Are Costco Interstate Battery Good And Reliable

Looking for some inexpensive interstate car batteries for short trips? Your local Costco can help. But are they the same as other interstate batteries? How reliable are they? Are they long-lasting?

Well, yes! But the difference lies in the details. Moreover, while researching for this article, I found out that there are as many fans of this battery as there are haters.

Why is that? Lets debunk that in this blog right here!


How Long Do Interstate Batteries Last

Interstate Batteries 970 Marine Cranking Amp Dual Purpose AGM Battery ...

If used well, expect the battery to last between three and seven years, depending on the series you went for. A good way to estimate the bare minimum is the warranty interstate gives you.

This is the minimum lifespan they expect from the batteries as long as you treat them right. I found this is a conservative amount, and you can easily add half or double the months on the warranty to get a true lifespan.

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Must Have Battery Accessories

A good battery charger/maintainer is essential for people whose batteries might sit for extended periods of time or be used in applications without an alternator or other form of generator, like for boats with trolling motors or in RV or other recreational uses.

Optima recently released two excellent models to do just that. These arent just basic trickle chargers either, they automatically monitor and adjust the voltage applied when charging depending on the charge level and battery health. With this capability, theyre able to charge dead batteries that more basic chargers cant revive.

Often other chargers will just have a 2v mode to revive deeply drained batteries, but sometimes that just wont cut it, and still requires you to monitor the battery to make sure its working correctly as it slowly charges. Otherwise, all they give you to go on for the status of the battery is a blinking light. Not very intuitive if you ask me.

Optima Digital 400 Charger:A 4-amp output charger with LCD display to give you information on the batterys health, current charge level, and charge rate. The 400 has a small =footprint and has a built-in hook/stand combo for easy use where it wont get in the way and allow for easy monitoring.

How Long Does A Costco Car Batteries Last

Costco Interstate car batteries typically last between 3 to 5 years, but several factors will affect the life of a battery, including:

  • Hot and cold temperature extremes
  • High electrical use

Extreme hot and cold weather negatively affects car batteries. Depending on where you live, this can be a major issue.

If your vehicle has many electrical devices and uses them all at the time, the battery will drain faster, and it will stay half charged, which is not good for the battery.

And lastly, If you constantly go on short trips, for example, around the town, the battery will also not get enough time to charge fully, and it will stay only half charged, which will shorten the lifespan of a car battery.

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Different Types Of Interstate Batteries

There is a wide range of Interstate batteries, including 6 Volt batteries and 12 Volt batteries. But the common ones you can find in the market include:

MT Battery Line

This Interstate non-AGM battery offers standard performance and can effectively work for cars and trucks in moderate climates.

If you seek a battery that can perform deep cycling and start, the products from this line seem like the perfect option. Again, these batteries are very durable and have excellent longevity.

AGM Battery Line

This option comes sealed after being filled with acid, and as such, they appear spill-proof. Thus, these batteries are free from maintenance, making these products easy to handle. The primary applications for this battery are Powersport due to its efficiency.

MTP Battery Line

As a non-AGM battery, this product line also comes with a design that offers high-cranking performance within areas having moderate to cold climates. Interestingly, these options have the most extended battery life.

Most consumers prefer this battery as the best for outdoor performance, offering folks comfort and providing the necessary power for high-demand electronics.

Some of the top-performance Interstate batteries that most car owners approve of include

Who Makes Interstate Batteries

Interstate Batteries explains the memory effect

This is known that the Interstate Battery market by Brookfield business partners Johnson Controls, and Exide, manufactures automotive batteries. In addition and some private interstate battery, vendors make these. Some reports state that Jhonson Controls made 65% of automotive interstate batteries, trucks, cars, and maritime batteries, which is not accurate these days. Until recently, Johnson Controls has not been interstate producing batteries Rather and Exide companies are working with Johnson Controls for the interstate battery.

Thus, your necessity vehicle has the best battery, and an option excellent available in the market is the interstate battery. With this in mind and most people are interested in cognizing who makes interstate batteries. Cars oftentimes have batteries that power provides to the various needed components for their running smooth.

These electrical currents are often needed by an electrically-powered starting motor to effectively start the engine. Automotive batteries are necessary for cars, as they help turn the vehicle, providing electrical currents. Interstate Batteries are among the most reputed brands and are quite sturdy and provide a strong performance.

Along with their excellent performance and interstate batteries as well come at an affordable cost. Nevertheless, this article will reveal notable features of these batteries, their different types, and manufacturers of interstate batteries.

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Pros Of Interstate Batteries

Interstate batteries come as the most suitable option available in the market, as many batteries suit different vehicles. Thus, car owners can rest assured that they would find one that appears compatible with their car.

These batteries come with sturdy construction, having thick plastic casings. The good news is that the batteries are free from maintenance, making them easy to use. Moreover, since the batteries from this product line do not discharge quickly, you can rest assured of their durability and extended-lasting services.

Most Interstate batteries comes completely sealed and do not require one to add more water. In essence, such batteries rarely have issues resulting in low water hence, you wouldnt complain about the battery not holding charge. Another outstanding feature of these batteries and why many car owners go for them is their compact size. With such portability, you can mount and dismount the battery with much ease. In addition, the brands trustworthiness is tremendous, as they associate with AAA .

With the outstanding features of these batteries, it seems surprising that the price is fair. Nevertheless, the brand offers its batteries affordable, ensuring that most consumers can quickly get one replacement for their dead car battery.

Automobile Battery Commercial Truck Battery Automotive Batteries Small Engine / Lawn Mower Battery

The actual origin of the manufacturing process for Interstate Batteries is vague. The automotive, truck, and marine batteries are made by Johnson Controls which makes 65% of the automotive, truck, and marine batteries sold in the USA. Johnson Controls also makes the batteries for Wal-Mart and AutoZone. From Louisiana to Southern California the Interstate brand batteries are made by a Johnson Controls manufacturing plant in Monterrey, Mexico. In the other states, the batteries are made by Johnson Controls in the United States.

See other companies that manufacture batteries in the USA.

Interstate Batteries® supplies vehicle batteries for Automobiles, Commercial Trucks and Small Engines. Since 1952 their SLI batteries have been purchased by thousands of car owners. We do have some batteries manufactured in Mexico but not all of them. We have several plants located here in the US located in the North, East, South and West. If a battery is manufactured in Mexico it is required by law to have a sticker on the top of it that says Made in Mexico. If there is not sticker, it is made in the USA.

Find an Interstate Batteries dealer Local Dealer Here.

Since their major automotive battery manufacturer is an American company with locations worldwide, approximately 98% of the automotive batteries Interstate sells are made in the USA. With the exception of the power sport batteries the automotive batteries and small engine / lawn mower batteries are made in the USA.

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Is Interstate A Good Battery Brand

Interstate does make AGM batteries as well. They are very high quality, and usually come in at a lower cost per same size battery. Interstate also has slightly better warranty coverage for their batteries overall, and with service centers all over the country, you might have easier access to getting a replacement.

Who makes AutoCraft battery?

ClariosAnd Battery Warranty. Clarios, which was formerly Johnson Controls, makes AutoCraft Batteries. There are four different kinds of AutoCraft batteries which you will learn in this article.

Who makes advance auto battery?

DieHard is a brand of automotive battery owned by Advance Auto Parts and sold exclusively at Advance, Carquest and Sears stores.DieHard

Product type

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