Where To Recycle Aa Batteries

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How To Recycle Single

Battery Recycling

We use single-use batteries to power remote controls, computer mice, wall clocks, digital scales, our kids toys, and so much more. There are many types of batteries and all of them can be recycled but not in your curbside recycling bin. There are some nuances about which variety of batteries you can recycle at different locations.

Single-use batteries arent usually very complicated with a steel shell, a brass pin collector in the middle, manganese dioxide and carbon cathode, and a zinc anode. Steel is extremely recyclable and the other components can also be reused readily. Its important to reuse and recycle these non-renewable materials to conserve the resources our Earth provides for us.

To find your nearest battery recycling location jump to the Recycling Locator.

Why You Should Recycle Batteries

Recycling batteries is favorable for both economic and environmental reasons. All batteries contain metals, in some cases very expensive metals, such as the indium hydroxide that replaced mercury in alkaline batteries . However, even if a battery contains relatively inexpensive metals, it would still be a colossal waste of resources to permanently dispose of dead batteries.

Thanks to efficient recycling processes like the one developed by Retriev Technologies, battery recycling is an economical and prudent option companies like Energizer have already started producing alkaline batteries containing some recycled material.

In terms of environmental concerns, batteries almost always contain some kind of corrosive material or heavy metal. When these substances escape the battery they can leach into the soil and pollute the area around the landfill as well as groundwater.

It is true that alkaline batteries no longer contain mercury, but the potassium hydroxide electrolyte they contain is not as benign as the potassium found in bananas. It is a strong and highly caustic base that can cause irritation and burns when in contact with skin, and is not a chemical we want in our environment.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Buy Rechargeable Batteries and a Battery Charger. Devices powered by ordinary AAA, AA, C, D, and 9-volt batteries can be powered by rechargeable batteries of those sizes.
  • Look for Portable Electronic Devices that Do Not Use Batteries. Some devices instead use a capacitor that is recharged, typically by shaking the device or by normal use rather than batteries. See Alternative Power Products for details.
  • Reduce. Use single-use batteries wisely to avoid unnecessary replacement and disposal.

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Why Should I Recycle My Batteries

There are a wide range of battery types, many of which contain toxic metals such as cadmium, mercury and lead. Others contain valuable materials like magnesium and zinc.

Recycling batteries keeps toxic materials out of landfill where they can contaminate the soil and groundwater. It also ensures the valuable materials in batteries are recycled into the something new, which reduces the amount of finite natural resources used in the production of new batteries.

Why Recycle Rechargeable Batteries

Box of Small Domestic Dry Cell Batteries, Old Trash To Recycle ...
  • The materials contained within rechargeable batteries may be either volatile or hazardous. This means they can cause explosions if handled improperly, especially if they are overheated or compressed.
  • Batteries contain valuable materials that can be reused to make new batteries and other products.
  • Most of the materials used to make batteries are non-renewable. Our Earths resources are finite, so we should aim to reuse materials rather than throw them into landfills whenever we can. We do less damage to the environment when we recycle any material compared to when we extract virgin material from the ground.

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Is It Against The Law To Throw Away Batteries

Some states in the U.S. have put laws into place that do not allow residents to dispose of rechargeable batteries in the trash. In these states, battery manufacturers support the recycling process and so recycling is more common. Take a look at the Recycling Laws map from Call2Recycle to see what the laws are in your state.

Even if you are not required to recycle rechargeable batteries, it is the right thing to do. To find your nearest battery recycling location, jump to the recycling locator or use our recycling search tool.

What are the most common types of rechargeable batteries I would use at home?

Lead-acid: These batteries are often used for cars and power systems in other forms of transportation such as boats, RVs, four-wheelers, etc. Some older solar energy storage batteries are also lead-acid.

Lithium-ion : These batteries are commonly used for older cell phones and other portable devices such as power tools, and cameras. You may also find lithium-ion button cell batteries in things small electronics like calculators, watches, and toys.

Nickel-cadmium : You may use these in power tools, cordless phones, cameras, bio-medical equipment, and solar path lighting.

Nickel-metal hydride : These batteries may be in cell phones, digital cameras, power tools, and GPS units but are less common today.

Nickel-zinc: These batteries are used in wireless keyboards, digital cameras, and other small electronics.

Can You Recycle Used Aa Batteries

Batteries can be recycled and some councils will collect them as part of their service. Most of the time though, youll need to drop them off in a battery bin which all supermarkets now have.

Does Best Buy recycle AA batteries?

Best Buy does not accept alkaline batteries for disposal. Customers should call 1-800-RECYCLING or visit www.1800recycling.com to find alkaline battery recycling centers in their neighborhoods.

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How To Dispose Of Household Batteries

Getting Rid of Single-Use Batteries

Single-use batteries, of any size, are some of the most common household batteries. Single-use batteries can be found throughout the home in a variety of sizes including AA, AAA, 9V, D-cell and others. These are the batteries inside your TV remotes, flashlights, childrens toys and other small electronics. If the battery is not rechargeable, it falls into this category.

Can single-use batteries be thrown in the trash?

Yes, single-use batteries are now made of common metals deemed non-hazardous by the federal government and can be disposed of in your regular trash in all states except California, where it is illegal to throw away all types of batteries. Prior to 1996, single-use batteries contained mercury and were treated as hazardous waste. One exception is a button cell battery found in a watch, which is hazardous and should be disposed of like a rechargeable battery.

Can single-use batteries be recycled?

Yes, it is possible to recycle single-use batteries, but there is a fee associated with recycling them in most cases.

Its important to remember that every battery can be recycled, turned into a secondary commodity and have a productive life beyond powering our favorite devices. Melissa Kelley | Director, Marketing Communications at Battery Solutions

How to recycle single-use batteries:

Can You Recharge A Dead Aa Battery

How to recharge or re energize regular alkaline batteries safely and effectively

Now that you are left with a dead battery, what should you do with it? First and foremost, do not attempt to recharge it. Alkaline batteries are not designed to be recharged and the process can be quite dangerous without the proper equipment and knowledge.

How do I dispose of AA battery leaks?

The leaking batteries should be removed from the device and placed in a plastic bag for disposal in the trash. The best way to remove alkaline leakage from the device is to neutralize by carefully dabbing with a few drops of a mild acid like white vinegar or lemon juice.

Does Best Buy recycle batteries?

Collection bins at every Best Buy big box store make it easy to conveniently dispose of rechargeable batteries commonly found in laptops, digital cameras, game consoles, MP3 players, tablets and phones.

Can you recycle AA batteries at Home Depot?

Coppertop Alkaline AA Battery Most commonly used battery. Used in everything from cordless phones to childrens toys. Works well with devices that require high current draw but are not in constant use. Yes, Home Depot recycles Alkaline AA batteries. To find a battery drop-off location near you visit https://www.call2recycle.org/locator/

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What To Do With Used Batteries To Prevent Them From Polluting

Disused batteries are urban solid waste subject to special management and are managed under the principle of Extended Producer Responsibility incorporated by Law 5.991, which determines that any individual or legal entity that produces, imports, distributes and/or markets batteries will be responsible for their management in the post-consumption stage of the products life cycle.

If you sell batteries in the City of Buenos Aires, they must only be supplied by importers that comply with Law 5.991. Below is a list of importers that comply with Law 5.991. More information about the environmental management of waste batteries in Rippilas

Why Aren’t Other Companies And Agencies Recycling Alkaline Batteries

1. Economics

Alkaline batteries are a challenge most places torecycle. First, no one actually “recycles” them. If you think you know of afacility that genuinely accepts consumer alkaline batteries from consumersand does truly recycle them, do tell us – we’re pretty certain there arenone. Used alkaline batteries are pretty worthless, economically speaking.EvenEarth911 says“There has been debate about recycling single-usebatteries and whether or not it’s actually cost effective. Each individualbattery contains a small amount of reusable material, including zinc,manganese, and steel.”

2. Hazards

Years ago, the mercury that made them hazardous was removed from themanufacturing process, so while we would not recommend eating them, puttingthem in a fire, or breaking them open… they’re pretty innocuous.

The state of NJ says: “Alkalinebatteries now fall below Federal and State hazardous waste standards and canbe disposed of in the regular trash.”

All other states agree for example,the state of Georgia advises:

Since the mercury content of alkaline batteries has been reduced, theycan be safely disposed of in household garbage. They are accepted viaIKEA and some hardware and home improvement stores in small quantities.

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How To Recycle Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries come in all shapes and sizes. Youll find them in your car as well as most electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers. There are also rechargeable replacements for common household alkaline batteries. No matter the variety, when rechargeable batteries no longer hold a charge, its important to recycle them to reclaim useful materials like mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel, silver, cobalt, lithium, or graphite and to ensure proper handling of potentially dangerous chemicals.

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About Us  AA Battery Recycling

Batteries: Its so easy to recycle your batteries! Batteries are considered hazardous because of the metals and/or other toxic or corrosive materials they contain. Batteries are potentially a valuable source of recyclable metal. All batteries in California must be taken to a Household Hazardous Waste disposal facility, a universal waste handler, or an authorized recycling facility.

  • Recycling is Easy: , 00:24
  • Recycling 101: , 00:23)

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Rechargeable Battery Recycling Preparations

  • Turn off your device before removing batteries. After you take the spent battery out of your device, inspect it.
  • If the battery has leaked any of its internal liquid, you need to handle it with extra care and separate it from other batteries you stored for recycling. Its recommended to store damaged batteries in a non-flammable material like sand or kitty litter to ensure that they do not cause a fire. You should also ask your battery recycler how they want to accept damaged batteries because they will have to treat them differently. Its also a good idea to check if the battery has been recalled by looking at the Consumer Product Safety Commissions website.
  • Be sure to clean the inside of your device after removing a damaged battery.
  • The safest way to store spent batteries is so that their active ends are not touching. Taping either end of the battery so that it cant touch another battery is one way to do it. You can also line up all batteries so they wont shift in a box so that no two batteries terminals connect. This practice will prevent fires and damage to batteries.
  • Store batteries in a cool and dry area. Never store spent batteries in a location where they can overheat or freeze as it can harm batteries and potentially start a fire.
  • How To Dispose Of Old Batteries The Right Way

    By Meghan Paynter, February 27, 2018, original content posted here.

    When a battery in your home dies, do you know the right way to get rid of it? Or even what the most sustainable option is?

    With so many wireless electronics in your home, its important to know what to do with your dead batteries. This can vary based on what theyre used for. For instance, you should treat the batteries in your TV remote differently from the rechargeable ones in your laptop or digital camera since they could be both hazardous and illegal to throw away, depending on where you live. Keep reading for more details about the different types of household batteries and how to dispose of them.

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    Recycling General Purpose And Alkaline Batteries

    The easiest way to recycle batteries and electronics/electrical equipment is to return them to any store that sells them. Consumers can also recycle their used primary and rechargeable batteries, chargers and PUCS within the collection network which generally includes drop-off facilities at municipal depots, businesses, institutions, etc.

    *Make battery recycling part of your overall recycling effort to avoid extra trip, increasing your carbon footprint.

    What About Button Cell Batteries

    Ways to reuse old almost dead AAA / AA Batteries

    Most button cell batteries still contain mercury. These batteries can be brought to any of Union Countys Household Hazardous Waste Events. Union County will accept rechargeable and button cell batteries at Household Hazardous Waste events. Remember, batteries must be properly prepared before drop off. New Federal regulations require that have been enacted to prevent short circuiting of batteries during transport. Residents must individually bag each battery or tape each of the terminal ends prior to recycling.

    How to Dispose of Batteries in Union County, Safely

    Avoid the spark to prevent battery fires.

    In recognition of National Fire Prevention Week, the Union County Board of County Commissioners encourages residents to learn how to dispose of spent household batteries properly.

    An increasing number of fires linked to improper battery disposal are occurring in waste hauling trucks, landfills and recycling facilities. Battery fires send clouds of noxious smoke into the air, expose workers to risk of injury, and raise costs for emergency response.

    The rule of thumb is that only single-use alkaline batteries can go into household trash. These batteries are clearly marked alkaline on the package.

    Everything else requires special handling. That includes:

    • Rechargeable batteries of any type.
    • Single use button type batteries, such as those used in smaller electronic devices.
    • Single use batteries marked lithium.

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    Use A Convenient Pickup Service Like Battery Recyclers Of America

    The alternative to taking your batteries to a local collection center is to utilize a pickup service like Battery Recyclers of America.

    The most obvious advantage of this type of service is that you dont have to worry about packaging, moving, or hauling the batteries to a recycling center we do all the hard work for you.

    Our experts pick up your batteries on-site and safely transport them to an EPA-approved recycling facility.

    Not only that, but you dont have to deal with calling around to find a collection site that can take your type of batteries since we recycle every chemistry.

    Yes You Need To Recycle Your Old Batteries

    Follow this handy guide to do right by the environmentand the law

    Batteries are a routine part of modern life, but despite their ubiquity, its not always clear what to do when they get used up or stop holding a charge. You might see conflicting information online, but according to experts, the advice is simple: When youre done with a battery, you should recycle it.

    Whether its your standard alkaline AA battery, a rechargeable cell phone battery, or the battery from your car, you should treat it with care by using safe storage and disposal methods, says James Dickerson, PhD, Consumer Reports chief scientific officer.

    Most batteriesregardless of typecontain toxic chemicals. Think cadmium, lead, lithium, or sulfuric acid. If your old batteries end up in a landfill, pollutants like these can leak out and contaminate groundwater, damage fragile ecosystems, and potentially make their way into the food chain.

    Improperly thrown out batteries can even short-circuit, overheat, and cause a fire. And depending on where you live and the batteries in question, it may be illegal to put them in the trash.

    The good news, according to Raudys, is that most Americans live within a short drive of a collection point that will take the batteries that post the greatest environmental risk.

    Adding batteries to the list of products you recycle is a great way to lower your environmental footprint, and its easier than you think.

    Heres what you need to know.

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    Where Can Alkaline Batteries Be Recycled

    Primary, or disposable batteries are those that cannot be recharged. These are the ones that people use in their kids gadgets, like AAs or AAAs. They run out of juice rather quickly, and many of them end up in landfills, so it is highly suggested to keep them safely stored until you can take them to a battery recycling place near you. Secondary, or rechargeable batteries, like the ones in cell phones can be recharged by simply plugging them into a power source. The same process can be done with car batteries. When any of these are attached to a power source, the flow of electrons changes directions, and return the electrodes back to their original states. Examples of these are lead-acid batteries that are used in vehicles, or lithium-ion batteries commonly used in smartphones or laptops.

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