Where To Sell Used Car Batteries

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What Do They Do With Used Batteries

If you happen to sell your dead batteries for cash, your battery is most probably recycled to be made into new batteries.

The battery is smashed into pieces to separate the components easily.

The scraps are then sent to a VAT with liquid to separate the heavy metals and the plastic. With the plastic taken out, the liquid empties, leaving behind the lead and other heavy metals.

The plastic is then melted to form pellets, which the manufacturers buy to make casings for the batteries. The lead is purified and also reused in new batteries, which leaves the lead-acid.

Baking soda is added to the lead-acid to convert it into water. Later they convert the water to sodium sulfate, which is used in laundry detergents and other cleaners.

Car Battery Recycling For Cash: Important Steps To Follow

The most important part about making a profit from recycling these items is to ensure you have a large enough inventory of used car batteries.

You may wonder, How much can I get for a used battery?

Actually, the more batteries you have, the more each one will be worth during the recycling process.

You may end up making as much as $12 per used car battery.

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Best Places To Sell Used Car Batteries For Cash Near You

by Saeed – Verified & Updated March 1, 2021


You might have a few old car batteries in your garage that youd like to get rid of. Now, you might think that recycling them is your only option. But, you could actually sell your used car batteries for cash near you.

Rather than simply throwing out your used car batteries, consider selling them to one of the places below.

Before we get started though

Who Are The Car Battery Buyers


As discussed above, there are a lot of different shops and places where you can potentially sell your used car batteries. We will now be going more in-depth about how they buy your used batteries and what they require to purchase your used goods.

It is good to mention that some of these places, specifically the online shop sites, will require you to mention the proper specifications of your used battery, so make sure to understand all the specifics of your battery and mention them to the buyer.

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How To Get Free Used Car Batteries For Profit

Landfills or local community recycling centers in your area accept batteries for free. This is where you can get free used batteries which you can turn into a profit by restoring the batteries. That is, as long as the batteries are not damaged.

Signs of damage in a battery could be anything from a dent in the casing, melted plastic casing, burn wires, and the like.

Restoring or reviving used car batteries is quite a money-making venture and restoring or reconditioning batteries is relatively easy. Compared to other batteries, a car batterys inside can be accessed and therefore, the problem can be identified and remedied. Even batteries as old as 10 years old can still be revived and returned to life. A simple restoration can extend the batterys life to another 5 years or more.

Restored batteries can be resold for profit at any of the places that buy and sell used batteries.

Advantages Of Recycling Batteries

Recycling of car batteries is such a big business now that entrepreneurs are also looking at this as a major opportunity. .

Recycling laws are stringent, and there are grave penalties for those of who are found in violation of such laws. These laws ensure that these batteries do not cause air, water, and soil pollution.

Lead is contained in large quantities in the batteries which can cause lead poisoning in not only humans but also animals.

Few of the recycling plants allow only Lead acid batteries and do not deal with Ni-Cad batteries and hence make sure that the recycling plant you are going to deals with the kind of batteries that you have.

Lead batteries have a symbol Pb on them which can help you identify the type of battery you possess.

An interesting statistic which you should know is that vehicle batteries are the most recycled elements in the world. Nearly 9/10 of all lead-acid batteries of the world are recycled.

Plus, there is so much lead from these batteries coming in on a daily basis that the lead recycling process goes on indefinitely and the lead and plastic which has once been used would continue undergoing the recycling process for so many times.

It is a fact that the recycling of batteries is a very environment-friendly and cost-effective method.

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Car Battery Recycling For Cash Near Me

Do you have old car batteries lying around in your garage? Dont throw them away just yet. You can make a good amount of money from them.

If you want to know how, read along because we will show you some easy steps on how you can do car battery recycling for cash.

You must now be eager to know and have a question in mind, where to sell my auto batteries?

The answer is that not just one but you have three options where you can make money off of disposing batteries.


Local Auto Parts Stores

If You Buy a Car Battery from This Place Youre Stupid
  • How much can you get: $12

Okay, Ill start with an easy one and thats local auto parts stores. Some of them purchase used items, like car batteries.

Now, if youre looking to sell a dead car battery, I would highly recommend going to auto stores.

Why would a store buy a dead battery from you?

Well, its simple its all to do with something called a core charge.

When you purchase a car battery, the store charges you a core charge thats around $12 although it varies by state.

Basically, its a form of deposit that you pay during purchase, and its refunded when you return the battery. Core charges are designed to promote battery recycling. The idea is that you will return the battery when its dead so that you can get your deposit back.

In all 50 states, retailers can charge a battery core charge. And, its actually required by law in more than 30 states.

So, you can make money from a dead car battery by returning it and getting the core chargeback.


Most auto parts stores will give you a credit to offset the core charge. Depending on where you live, this credit can range from $5 to $12.

Here are a few auto stores that buy used car batteries:

Many locally owned auto parts stores will also accept used batteries. So it can be a good idea to call around to check availability and to get some quotes.

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Another Way To Make Money With Used Car Batteries

Are you not having much luck finding buyers for your used batteries?

There might be another way that could actually pay more than selling old batteries that no longer work or have little juice left.

You could consider learning how to recondition the batteries yourself, which brings them back to life a little while longer.

Reconditioned batteries typically sell for less than new ones, but theyll also sell for more than used ones.

Its similar to buying a reconditioned phone or some other type of electronic device.

Reconditioning batteries will require you to spend some time learning how to do it and spend some money up front on equipment youll need to do the job correctly.

For successful reconditioning, batteries will need to at least be able to register between 10 and 12 volts. Youll need a voltmeter to check it.

Youll also need a set of tools to help you open the battery cell caps, a reliable funnel and container to drain and refill battery fluid, and some safety equipment, like goggles and gloves.

You can learn more about the process of refurbishing batteries here or talk to an experienced mechanic about teaching you the ropes.

Your refurbishing hobby could turn into a business once you become more experienced and efficient with making the batteries work like new again.

If youre good at what you do, you should at least be able to charge people half of what the battery originally costs.

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Many people have no use for them once they start breaking down.

Few know how to dispose of standard batteries used in flashlights or remote controls and even fewer have learned how to dispose of old car batteries.

At your nearby auto shop, you can recycle old car batteries for a fee.

Luckily, these batteries are recycled in high levels.

Scientific American reported that lead-acid car batteries are the most commonly recycled product in the United States.

In fact, more than 99 percent of car batteries are recycled across the country.

While this is great news especially if you want to protect the planet and be green, you could be missing out on some cash if you leave your old car batteries with your local auto shop.

You can get paid for used and old car batteries as well as other standard double-A or triple-A batteries.

Also, the potential to make some extra cash for car batteries should make you giddy with excitement!

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What Happens To My Used Car Battery

Have you ever wondered why do they buy used car batteries and what do they do with it? The answer can be pretty revealing since it is not something we get to see every day.

Car batteries hold pretty dangerous substances and cannot be discarded as with other trash.

This is true with lead-acid batteries in particular. The components of the battery make it pretty dangerous to handle and also nasty if you let them go in the environment.

The traditional lead-acid battery contains 2 lbs of plastic enclosing a gallon of sulfuric acid and 20 lbs of lead.

There is no alternative to lead and sulphuric acid since the battery needs to be recharged repeatedly, and they should be able to hold the charge for a specific amount of time.

Batteries may also contain cadmium, nickel, and mercury, which again are not conducive to the environment.

Any new battery you buy from the market has at least 60% recycled material. Recycling the battery reduces the need for lead mining and also the production of plastic.

Places That Buy Used Car Batteries Near Me

Rocket Car Battery 12v 75ah by Tobwad Global Autos Nig Company, Made in ...

It is good to know that I can convert my used car batteries into cash. It doesn’t matter if my battery is dead as a dodo, or was bought just a few months ago, there is a sure market for it. And the beauty of it is that there are hordes of places that buy used car batteries near me. And I also realized I could sell my slightly used battery at top dollar to direct buyers. These are people on the lookout for a good battery without them having to shell out for a brand-new battery at prices fixed by auto parts store.

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Find A Pawn Shop To Quickly Sell Your Car Battery

Some people want to get rid of their used items as quickly as they can. However, if you have an item that is still in relatively good condition, you dont want to necessarily sell it to just anyone as this can take away a substantial profit that you couldve made otherwise. One solution to this problem is to approach a pawn shop.

Now, the issue with pawn shops is that you are still not going to get the best prices as the pawn shop owner will still have to make a profit off of said item. They will have to find a reasonable price to pay you so that you can make some money and they can as well when they find a buyer. However, you are most likely not going to get paid as little as if you were to take your working car battery to a recycling center or a scrap yard. While you should look for more profitable ways to make some money on your used car battery, taking it to a pawn shop can be a way to earn some money if you are not able to find a buyer for this item in the near future.

How Do You Keep A Car Battery From Dying When Not In Use

If thats the case, here are some tips for conserving your vehicle battery while its not in use. 1) Use a battery conditioner or a trickle charger. 2) Avoid starting and stopping your vehicle. 3) Stay away from short trips. 4) Drive for 15-20 minutes at a time in your automobile. 5) If you have more than one car in your home, alternate journeys.

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What Types Of Batteries Can Be Recycled

All types of car batteries can be recycled, but the recycling processes vary depending on their chemical makeup.

The battery types for cars include:

  • Starting, lighting, and ignition
  • Lead-acid battery

A lithium-ion battery is the most popular because it can store more charges, weighs less than conventional batteries with the same power, and has a serviceable life span of 3 to 4 years.

Starting, Lighting, and Ignition batteries, as its name suggests, are batteries that power cars from the moment the engine starts. It provides enough power for the infotainment system, interior and exterior lights, and more. Most vehicles on the road have SLI batteries. They have a very short charge cycle.

A lead-acid battery is a type with the lowest maintenance requirement. Unlike the other types of batteries, it comes sealed and only needs to be replaced once its old or dying.

How Does Car Battery Recycling Work Is There A Fee

Never Buy This Car Battery

Kal Tire will accept your vehicle battery. The core recycling charge that would be added to the cost of a new battery is waived if we receive the old battery when you purchase a new battery. In addition to batteries for your car, SUV and truck, we also stock and accept batteries for your RV, boat, commercial and farm vehicles.

Some private scrap metal or battery recycling companies will pay you for exhausted vehicle batteries.

Just be sure to handle your battery with care on the way. Some people like to wear gloves and double-bag their batteries for easy transport to a recycling depot.

Was this article helpful?

Are you wondering if your car battery is near the end of its life?

Visit Kal Tire so one of our mechanical experts can inspect it for you and give advice on best next steps.

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Sell Your Old Car Batteries To Local Repair Shops Who Sell These Products To Customers

In possession of a high-quality car battery or batteries that would still be useful inside of an operating car? If so, you have something that is much more valuable than your average defunct battery. If your car battery still works, one place where you may be able to fetch a higher price is a local repair shop. Although this is somewhere that can be an easy stop for those just looking to sell one car battery, those who are turning to flipping used car batteries as a business can make a great deal of money acting as a supplier to these businesses. If you have multiple repair shops in your area, reach out to each owner to see what their pricing is and where you will make the most money for your battery.

Your Local Auto Parts Store

One of the easiest places to start selling is your local auto parts store. This might be a national brand like AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, Napa, or OReilly. Locally-owned parts stores will also accept used batteries.

If you are buying a new battery at the same time, the auto parts store will mostly offer you a credit to offset the core charge ranging from $5 to $12 for most localities.

States charge a core fee that will be added onto your new battery purchase to pay for the cost of recycling old batteries. Stores will pay the fee if you turn in your old battery at any location within the next 30 days.

You might be able to receive store credit that is comparable to the core charge if you are not buying a new battery. If they do, thats $12 to spend on your future auto parts needs.

Stores are not required to offer store credit, but, they should recycle it for free.

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Places That Buy Used Car Batteries For Cash

The average car battery can last about five years in general. Still, eventually, there comes a time where the voltage of the battery is depleted completely and cannot be recharged. This is where the battery is dead, and there is no point in using it.

Customers can easily buy a new car battery, but storing the old one is pointless and takes space. So what should you do? The obvious answer is to sell your old battery, making a nice sum of cash to invest and buy a new car battery.

But the question arises who buys used car batteries near me?

The answer is simple:

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