Which Brand Of 312 Hearing Aid Batteries Last The Longest

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Types Of312 Hearing Aid Batteries

Best Hearing Aid Batteries On The Market? | NEW Rayovac ProLine Advanced!
  • Zinc-air–This type will come with a small tab on one end, colored according to the size. But the tab also preserves the batterys power. Pulling off the tab makes the battery start to react with the air. After pulling off the tab, you should wait around five minutes before inserting it into your hearing aid–this amount of time allows the battery to activate itself.

  • Rechargeable–Since hearing aid batteries get used up rather fast, its worthwhile getting rechargeable batteries. PowerOnes Accu Plus NiMH rechargeable hearing aid batteries are unique, in that they are the only rechargeable hearing aid batteries presently on the market. You charge the hearing aid batteries from 2 AAA alkaline batteries. Different chargers will charge up the batteries at different rates. PowerOne estimates that you can recharge their batteries 600 times!

How Hearing Aids Are Stored

The way hearing aids are stored when youre not wearing them can also be a factor in hearing aid life expectancy. For hearing aids with disposable batteries, storing hearing aids with the battery door open will keep them safer. A case with a dehumidifier will keep them drier as well, which will also help them last longer. Ask your hearing care practitioner what type of storage case or dehumidifier options would work best for your hearing aids.

For rechargeable hearing aids, lithium batteries last about four to five years. Just like with smartphones, the battery lifespan gets shorter the longer you own the device. If you notice your battery draining faster than usual, speak to your hearing care provider about whether new rechargeable batteries will help, or if you should get new devices.

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Where To Recycle Hearing Aid Batteries

Both government organizations and private companies will recycle all sorts of batteries for you. Some will give you monetary compensation while others will not. Be sure to check with the recycler to ensure that they can process the type of battery you would like to recycle. For example, OfficeMax will recycle batteries, but only Lithium Ion cell phone batteries and not other variants.

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How Long Do Batteries Last

There are many variables that determine how long your battery will power your hearing aids.

A standard zinc-air battery lasts anywhere from three to 22 days, depending upon the type of hearing aid, the capacity of the battery, and the amount of hearing aid use throughout each day. The smallest hearing aid batteries, used for 12 to 16 hours per day, may need to be changed every three or four days, while the largest hearing aid batteries used for only a couple hours each day may go several weeks without needing to be changed.

To minimize battery drain, turn off the hearing aid when its not in use. Opening the battery door is also an option, and a good way to dry out accumulated moisture. But if the hearing aids wont be used for an extended period of time , removing the battery entirely is the best method.

Which Hearing Aid Battery Brand Is Best

Amazon.com: Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 for Advanced Hearing ...


The best battery for you will depend on your lifestyle and hearing needs. The same battery can perform differently even when used with the same hearing aid by different people. This is because the life of the battery depends on how, when and where it is used. For example, when exposed to noisy environments, hearing aids often work harder to reduce background noise interference , and therefore the batteries drain quicker.

Hearing Loss

The severity of your hearing loss also plays an important role in the life of your hearing aid battery. For example, a more severe hearing loss requires greater amplification, which means your hearing aids are working relatively more to bring your hearing levels to within normal ranges.


The type of accessories you use with your hearing aids also impacts the life of your hearing aid battery. For example, if you often stream audio directly from your TV or phone, or use Bluetooth apps , it can drain your hearing battery up 3 times faster.


Sweating, high humidity or any kind of moisture, along with extreme temperatures can adversely impact the life of your hearing aid battery. Optimal performance is achieved at room temperature 10 °C to 25 °C in dry conditions.

See our Tips to Maximise your Hearing Battery Life.

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Do You Stream Audio To Your Hearing Aids From Your Phone Tv Or Other Devices

Our survey results showed that 62.5% of respondents do not stream audio to their hearing aids from their phone, TV, or other devices. On average, those who reported using wireless streaming reported receiving 8 hours less than those who reported not streaming. Total hours of use was 93.5 hours for the non-streaming users and 85.5 hours for the streaming users.

Do you stream audio to your hearing aids?

Are Rechargeable Batteries Worth It

There are two different types of rechargeable batteries available for use with hearing aids. Many hearing aid manufacturers have moved away from rechargeable zinc-air batteries that need to be replaced every year and instead use lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that hold a much longer charge and only need to be replaced every 4-5 years. They way to know what type of rechargeable battery your hearing aid has is:n- If your hearing aid does not have a battery door, it has a lithium-ion battery.n- If your hearing aid has a battery door, it has a zinc-air rechargeable battery.

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Consider Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries cost a little bit more up front but may save you money over the long term. Some rechargeable batteries only need to be replaced once a year, but they usually dont have the same energy capacity as disposable batteries, which means youll have to charge them more frequently than you would replace a battery. Like everything in life, there are tradeoffs for one or the other, so choose the one you think makes the most sense for you.

These secrets will help your hearing aid batteries last.

Amazonbasics Pack Of 60 Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Battery Information

AmazonBasics Batteries are designed to provide you with long-lasting performance. They also deliver clear sounds and work nicely with todays advanced hearing aids. They are size 312, and, therefore, ideal for in-the-ear and behind-the-ear devices. These batteries are also available in other sizes such as Size 675, Size 13, and Size 10. It comes in a perforated card that ensures easy transport by minimizing packaging size.

With that said, expect to find whatever you are looking for. Reusability is rechargeable, which is wonderful because you get to save a lot in the long run. Other specifications include voltage of 9 and dimensions of 10 by 5 by 3 inches. Batteries are shipped in certified frustration-free packaging so you can receive them in excellent condition.

  • 1.45V Zinc Air technology ensures that batteries drain evenly
  • 4-year shelf life allows you to buy in bulk
  • Battery tabs are longer and wider as well as having a very large surface area
  • Rear door is easy to open and close plus it protects batteries

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How Much Are Phonak Hearing Aids At Costco

Costco sells the Phonak Brio behind-the-ear and in-the-canal hearing aids. The BTE models include the Phonak Brio 4 B-312, Phonak Brio 4 B-13, and the Brio 3 B-675, which is made for profound hearing loss. The ITC models include the Phonak Brio 4 I-10 NW O and 312 devices. Phonak BTE hearing aids at Costco start at $2,499 per pair, and the ITC model averages $2,699 per pair.

Why Buying A Good Hearing Aid Battery Is Critical

You depend upon your hearing in so many circumstances. From being able to hear traffic while youre driving to listening to your favorite music, you never want to be without a great hearing aid battery.

The truth is that even the best hearing aid can fail or work inconsistently if its carrying an old battery. Some bargain-basement brands will be an annoyance even fresh out of the package. And others might sit on warehouse shelves for years before arriving at your door.

Buying an excellent hearing aid battery saves you time, can save you money, and allows you consistent, clear hearing. Verified hearing aid battery buyers say a great battery really does make all the difference.

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What Size Battery Do I Need

Before we talk about any particular batteries, lets start with the basics. What are the different hearing aid battery sizes, and which size do you need? For the most part, hearing aid batteries come in four sizes. From smallest to largest, these are Size 10 , Size 312, Size 13, and Size 675. The exact quality of the battery depends on the manufacturer. That said, larger batteries have more power and capacity. As a result, you might expect them to last longer than smaller batteries, but thats not always the case. Hearing aids that require larger batteries typically draw more power. As a result, your battery life will depend on the battery quality, your hearing aid, and your volume.

All four standard hearing aid battery sizes are very small, with less diameter than a dime. By international standard, theyre not just standardized by size. The pull tabs on the backs also come in standardized colors. As a result, the tab color is the easiest way to tell what size battery you need. If youre fresh out of new batteries and dont have a tab to compare, dont fret. The battery size will be stamped somewhere on the battery itself. The numbers can be very small, though, so youll need to put on your reading glasses. Here are the details of the four battery sizes:

Hearing Aid Battery Life

Size 312 Hearing Aids

Generally speaking, the bigger the battery, the longer it can power your device. However, your usage will affect the amount of use you get from your batteries. For instance, if your hearing aid has a lot of additional features, like Bluetooth, it will likely drain power faster.

Disposable batteries can remain viable for about three years if you dont peel off the sticker that keeps them away from oxygen. However, once theyre exposed to the air, these batteries begin to lose charge.

While disposable hearing aid batteries may not last long, theyre fairly easy to take out and replace, so the process becomes routine pretty quickly. If you or your loved one has limited manual dexterity, a rechargeable battery may be a better choice, though. Plugging in a rechargeable battery should require less fiddling than replacing tiny batteries.

Rechargeable batteries can remain viable for up to five years, but the amount of use you can get before needing a recharge is often model-dependent. If youre shopping for a hearing aid with a rechargeable battery, look for a model that can run all day and fully recharge overnight.

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Hearing Aid Features And Their Battery Impact

The simplest hearing aids are amplifiers, and they have low processing abilities. In most cases, they offer one or two channels, and adjustment is minimal. The smaller the hearing aid, the more likely it is to only offer simple processing. On the other hand, that means that battery life is generally longer.

Midsize hearing aids run the gamut from simple amplifiers all the way to complex models with 16 channels that can be adjusted precisely. Each of these channels represents a section of the audio spectrum and can be raised or lowered to compensate for hearing loss as needed. However, hearing aids with more channels require more processing power. In addition, the more channels there are, the more likely the hearing aid is to need software and therefore processing power to prevent audio smearing, a disparity between when sound is perceived by each hearing aid.

All of this costs battery life, and for a smaller battery, this can reduce lifespan to a few days.

BTE hearing aids can be even more complex, incorporating things like Bluetooth and high-quality acoustics. However, one trick that hearing aid manufacturers have learned is to place the amplifier in the ear on a bud, rather than at the top of the hearing aid. This means no power is wasted in diverting audio down a tube, helping batteries last longer. These are often called receiver-in-canal or receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids.

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Does Medicare Pay For Hearing Aid Batteries

Disposable Hearing Aid Batteries 101 | Which Hearing Aid Batteries Are Best?

In certain cases, Medicare does pay for or reimburse users of hearing aid batteries. If you would like to purchase hearing aid batteries and be reimbursed by Medicare, try visiting cochlearbatteries.com. They specialize in hearing aid batteries and have the necessary forms upon request to file for reimbursement of your purchase by Medicare.

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How Can I Make My Hearing Aid Batteries Last Longer

If you want to make your hearing aid batteries last longer, follow the following tips:n1) After removing the battery tab, let the battery breathe for 3-5 minutes.n2) Open the battery door on your hearing aids when not in use.n3) If you are not going to use your hearing aids for an extended period of time, you should remove the batteries. Not only does this help with making your battery last longer, but it is also good for preventing corrosion and damage to the hearing aid due to moisture. n4) Check the expiration date on your batteries and use the oldest ones first.n5) Keep the sticker on the battery until ready to use.n6) Store your batteries in a cool, dry place.

Sizes Of Disposable Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aids come in many different sizes and styles and with different power needs. Larger hearing aids require larger batteries. Additionally, hearing aids for people with severe or profound hearing loss typically require more power and larger batteries.

There are five sizes of hearing aid batteries available on the market. The sizes from smallest to largest are: 5, 10, 312, 13 and 675. Size 5 hearing aid batteries are rarely used. The four most common hearing aid battery sizes are all smaller than the diameter of a dime:

  • Size 10 – 5.8 mm wide by 3.6 mm high
  • Size 312 – 7.9 mm wide by 3.6 mm high
  • Size 13 – 7.9 mm wide by 5.4 mm high
  • Size 675 – 11.6 mm wide by 5.4 mm high

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What Are The Longest Lasting Hearing Aid Batteries

What are the longest lasting hearing aid batteries is a question people have asked for decades. Well luckily, we have done the work to find out. This list of Hearing Aid batteries will find the size 312 hearing aid batteries that last the longest in modern day hearing aids.

Hearing aids today are more demanding than ever. Therefore, they need and deserve long lasting hearing aid batteries to provide the best results. First, we will list some factors that are important to obtaining maximum battery life. Then we will explore the top 3 batteries available on todays market.

1. Are they made in the USA?

This is the most important factor, as batteries made in the USA are the freshest, and therefore last the longest. Batteries made overseas must travel from the country of origin to the US via ship, meaning that the batteries may be over a month old before they arrive here in the US. Thus when we consider the time it takes to get from the port of entry to the floor of your local drugstore, it may be a period of well over 6 months before you purchase the battery.

2. Are they fresh?

3. What is the price?

The cheaper the hearing aid battery, the less likely they are high quality and last a long time. In addition, cheaper batteries are likely to be manufactured overseas in countries like China, where quality control is almost non-existent. Nevermind that the batteries must travel over the seas to arrive here, as said previously, this reduces significantly the battery freshness.

Use Up Older Hearing Aid Batteries First

Size 312 Hearing Aids

Even if you use a zinc hearing aid battery, you should still be aware that batteries lose their juice over time. Unlike Twinkies, batteries have a shelf life, which is why you should use up older batteries first. Take stock of your battery collection and make notes of their expiration dates, then work from oldest to newest. While they may not last as long as newer batteries, youre actually getting more life out of your hearing aid batteries when you always use the oldest ones first.

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