Who Makes Die Hard Batteries

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Where Are Diehard Batteries Made

Die Hard battery commercial (1080p)

It is difficult to confirm the current manufacturing location of Diehard batteries since the new manufacturer Clarios LLC has not revealed the details yet.

However, Johnson Controls used to have manufacturing facilities all around the world.

Johnson Controls had manufacturing plants and operational facilities in the USA as well as Australia, Germany, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, and China.

Most Diehard batteries were reportedly manufactured and assembled from Johnstons USA plant, which was in Wisconsin.

A Reliable Car Battery Is Important To Almost All Drivers

As you probably know, a cars battery is essential to its operation. Did you also know that car batteries are dangerous to work with? Or that they power the ignition system and lights on a car? Or that theyre the centerpiece of the electrical system of a vehicle?

Its true! Many people dont realize how important batteries are in their cars, but your battery is actually the most expensive single component in your vehicle.

Are Die Hard Batteries Maintenance

Although these questions have been asked by people many times, most of them are pretty much interlinked. To answer the question, it depends on which Die Hard battery you are talking aboutthe Red and the Silver use the traditional free-flowing design.

At the same time, the Gold and the Platinum lineup are using the latest and greatest AGM technology. It must be kept in mind that these lineups are designed for totally different buyer categories.

The heavier the usage, the higher you should go on their lineups. In answer to the question, the first two need to be maintained. The Platinum and Gold batteries do not need any maintenance. They can be installed and forgotten for years.

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What Batteries Does Johnson Controls Make

Johnson Controls makes various batteries, including Diehard and Duralast car batteries, XS Power racecar batteries, and Yuasa motorcycle batteries. They also make industrial batteries for forklifts and golf carts. So whatever type of battery you need, Johnson Controls likely has a solution.

Here are some of the best-selling Johnson Controls batteries:

Lead-acid Battery: This is the traditional automotive battery that most people are familiar with. It’s a tried-and-true technology that offers good value for the money. Many automotive battery brands offer lead-acid batteries.

AGM Battery: This newer technology offers many benefits over the traditional lead-acid battery. It’s more expensive, but it lasts longer and can be discharged further without damaging the battery. AGM batteries are becoming increasingly popular in automotive applications.

Lithium-Ion Battery: This is the latest and most advanced automotive battery technology. It’s expensive, but it offers the best performance and longest life of any battery type. Lithium-ion batteries are becoming more common in high-end vehicles.

LiFePO Battery: This is a variation of the lithium-ion battery that offers even better performance and longer life. It’s becoming more popular in applications where weight is a major consideration, such as electric vehicles.

Die Hard 38217 Group 49 Battery

The Best Rated Boat Batteries

Finally arriving in the fifth and final place in this Group 49 battery. It has arrived in the last place due to its poor positive to negative rating ratio. It is not very bad, but when compared to the previous ones, it is worse. Lets see what this 38217 Group Battery has to offer.

This battery, despite the negative ratings, has the highest power output of all products on this list. It can provide a whopping 850 CCA, which is 200 points higher than what is considered a decent value.

Which means that you wont have to worry about the battery having problems in cold weather. It will work just as flawlessly and reliably as in summers.

Now, lets talk about reserve capacity. This beast of a product provides you with 170 minutes of power at full load. That is very impressive. The fact that you are getting almost three hours after a full charge means that this product is perfect for emergencies. The rest of the product is basically the same.

As this is yet another one of their Gold lineup, there is nothing different or special going on. The lineup is already more than good enough for everyday use.

So, why change it? Well, this battery has the same 20 times better vibration resistance. It is also spill-proof.You can install it in any orientation you want, and there will be no worry about it leaking. The battery is also maintenance-free. It does not need to be topped off with water every few weeks.

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Are Diehard Batteries Any Good Anymore

DieHard Batteries are still a great option for those looking for a dependable battery. Johnson Controls, the manufacturer of Diehard batteries, has been making them since 2019 and continues to offer the same quality and warranty to customers.

Moreover, it depends on what you’re looking for. All Diehard batteries come from the same reliable source, so finding a battery that meets your needs and fits your budget is easy.

So yes, Diehard batteries are still good options and continue to be one of the most popular car battery brands on the market.

Does Walmart Sell Die Hard Batteries

No, they do not. Although the brand Die Hard is featured on Walmart, they sell only products such as battery chargers. As I said before, Die Hard only sells batteries via Sears or Advanced Auto Parts.

There may be local dealers that may resell the batteries, but it is rare to find sellers for Die Hard batteries. If someone claims to be an official dealer and does not have the name Sears or AAP with him, then you should report them.

Plus, they may be selling counterfeit products. You really dont want to get in that sort of a mess. It is always best to buy from known brands. Regardless, Walmart does not sell Die Hard batteries. You can check out the brands official battery charging lineup on there.

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How Long Do Diehard Batteries Last:

Diehard batteries last up to six years if well maintained and not roughly used, and even with rough use, they can serve for up to four years. For your diehard battery to last long, you need to perform routine checks and maintenance on it, such as cleaning your battery cables, checking the water levels, and adding more water when necessary. To refill the water in your battery, here are the simple steps to follow:

  • Remove battery cables from the battery post using a screwdriver and allow it to cool for a while
  • Check if the plates are submerged in the acid-water mix. If not, add distilled water up to the mark indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Replace the caps on each cell firmly, making sure it is well seated.

Here are some battery maintenance tools and products that you can use to increase the durability of your battery:

Battery cleaner spray:

Battery cleaner spray is specially designed to clean corrosion off batteries. Corrosion is caused by acid leakage. It leaves a white residue around the cables and terminals. Simply spray the affected area with the spray and leave it for a while to neutralize the acid, and wipe it off with a towel.

Battery cleaning brush:

This is used the keep the battery cables, terminal posts, and cable clamps clean.

Terminal protector kit:

It is used to protect terminals from corrosion and ensure the best electrical connections.

Battery hold-down bracket:

Car battery maintainers:

Battery cables, Terminal clamps, and a side terminal wrench:

Who Sells Diehard Batteries

Battery Science (Odyssey vs. DieHard)

Even though Advanced Auto Parts have bought the DieHard battery brand from Sears, they still sell the batteries in their stores. Youll also find the batteries in Carquest stores.

However, the best place to find a DieHard battery is Advance Auto Parts. They usually offer coupon codes that provide around 15-30% discount on online or direct shopping from the store.

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Pros Of Duralast Batteries

Duralast batteries come designed with top-quality materials, using calcium that makes them pretty durable. Thus, you can find a Duralast automotive car battery lasting for three to five years. Again, various Duralast batteries work well for many vehicles, appearing favorable for different purposes.

Most of the products from this battery line come with sufficient warranty consideration, and as such, you can even find those with a replacement option. Such perks make it easier for various customers to purchase, and it effectively relays the brands top quality.

Unlike some competitors, this automotive battery brand focuses on two primary performance factors the batterys reservation capacity and CCA. Thus, you can find most Duralast batteries delivering up to 500 CCA and more, making them suitable for use under extreme conditions.

Their reservation capacity reaches a high rating, which makes these batteries an excellent choice. Interestingly, the construction material of these batteries is polypropylene, which works well in the reduction of shocks and vibrations during the battery cell movement.

Furthermore, these batteries plate and grid integration ensure high performance, controlling the voltage currents and overall heat. You can find this to be accurate, especially during starting ups.

Premium Synthetic Blend Oil Change

Why Does It Matter?

Changing your vehicles oil helps maintain emissions, fuel economy and performance benchmarks that are set by your manufacturer. Our synthetic blended oil provides many of the performance advantages of the full synthetic oil, such as reduced friction and improved engine wear, at a price that is more comparable to conventional oil. Using the synthetic blend provides a step up in protection without breaking the bank. The premium synthetic blend oil change also provides technologically advanced engine protection for gasoline-fueled and flex-fuel passenger cars as well as light trucks under all operating conditions.

How Often Do I Need to Change It?

A vehicles oil should be changed every three months or every 3,000 miles to provide the best protection. However, various factors across vehicles can alter this timeline. Refer to your owners manual or oil life monitor to know when to change your oil, or stop into one of our locations and have one of our technicians determine when you need your next oil change.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

Is DieHard Battery Any Good?

Well, it is hard to say whether DieHard produces the best car batteries or not, but it surely is the most popular brand to make long-lasting batteries. In fact, DieHard batteries are widely known to be the most lasted batteries in the States.So, certainly, DieHard batteries are of good quality.

How Long Does Diehard Battery Last?

DieHard batteries are known to be longer lasting than other car batteries. In the early days, the company used to provide a life-long guarantee for their products. However, even though the policy is changed now, you will still have an excellent experience with the batteries.DieHard provides a three-year free replaceable warranty for its car batteries. So, you are guaranteed that the battery will run for at least three years or even more than that.

Who Honors Diehard Battery Warranty?

Previously, Sears used to honor the warranty of any DieHard battery. But, now as Advance Auto Parts has bought the battery brand, it honors DieHard battery warranty. You can claim a replacement using the warranty card from any physical store of Advance Auto Parts or contact on their website as well.

Does Warranty Cover All DieHard Batteries?

Duralast Gold Vs Platinum: What Are The Differences


Duralast Gold and Platinum are the two models you can rely on to keep your car engine ready to roar anytime, as they are meant for smooth engine startup. But these two differ to a significant extent, and you should cross-check the essential features of the said models to end up selecting the right car battery that can answer your need and not break your bank.

Lets compare the critical factors of the said Duralast models that will save us from going through the Duralast platinum battery review and Duralast gold battery review separately.

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Manufacturer Of Diehard Batteries:

The Diehard brand mainly has three individual manufacturing companies for its batteries production. Johnson Controls, Clarios, LLC, and Exide.

Therefore, I will try to provide a short but in-depth overview of these three manufactures here-

JOHNSON CONTROLS: was solely responsible for all Diehard batteries production until 2019. Johnson Controls is originally an American Irish-domiciled multinational conglomerate, and the headquarter of the company is in Cork, Ireland.

Warren S. Johnson and some Milwaukee investors jointly founded Johnson Electronic Service Company in 1885, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In 1974 they renamed the company Johnson Controls.

Since 1978, the company has been entirely concentrating on batteries production for all types of vehicles.

Besides vehicle battery production, Johnson controls Inc is also actively involved in HVAC, fire, and other security equipment production and selling.

In 2016, the company merged with Tyco International and reformed the brand as Johnson Controls International Plc.

Johnson had more than 2,000 locations spread over six continents to operate its worldwide production and distribution.

In 2019, Johnson Controls decided not to continue its automotive battery business and sold its Power Solutions division to another leading company Brookfield Business Partners.

Currently, Clarios is carrying the legacy that Johnson Controls once started.

Exide was involved in Diehard battery production until .

Who Made The Napa Battery

As you know, Napa batteries are manufactured by the East Penn company. The company specializes in providing electrical storage equipment and large HVAC today. East Penn received the 33rd Spirit of NAPA award, which goes to the producer with the best service contribution.

Since 1946, East Penn Manufacturing has manufactured many different types of batteries. In addition, the company also provides cables and battery accessories of good quality.

As a sole proprietorship, East Penn is always looking to the future. The company owns and operates the largest single battery manufacturing facility in the power industry.

In addition to East Penn, several businesses produce Napa batteries of excellent quality, such as John Controls, Inc or Exide Technologies.

So, some people have posed the question: Is the Napa battery doing its job well compared to Duralast or Everstart? The answer will be in the section below.

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Diehard Car Battery Buying Guide

Choosing a car battery requires you to go through some careful research. We, of course, need to ensure that we bring the right product home. And that is based upon so many factors which are discussed below.So if you ask which DieHard battery do I need, you can study these details and decide for yourself.

Understanding The Jargon Of Car Batteries

Best car battery DieHard Platinum AGM Battery

Before we look at the differences between a Duralast and Diehard battery, lets touch on the shopping experience. Whether you check online, browse the battery aisle at Walmart, or visit your local auto shop, youll notice that car batteries have a lot of numbers on them. This can be confusing to the average car owner, so well tell you what they are and why they matter.

But first, lets dig into a bit of history. Cars were invented in 1886, and they had big wheels and smaller wheels, just like the Penny Farthing bicycle. Back then, youd use a crank to start your car. But by 1920, the automotive battery was invented to run the electric parts of your car e.g. headlights, horn, radio, power windows, and the ignition system that starts engines.

When you look at a car battery, youll see lots of numbers and letters, and they can be quite puzzling. Lets look at the most important specifications.

Generally speaking, the CCA is less than the CA. But for both figures, the higher the number, the better the battery performs. You should also check whether theyre flooded lead-acid batteries or sealed AGM batteries.

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Cons Of Duralast Batteries

A few Duralast batteries out there in the market come with relatively high self-discharge, reducing their lifespan. Nevertheless, you can also find options with low self-discharge, and even though these options may seem costly, it is worth the price.

Again, using these batteries would need periodic maintenance even though most of the products from these brands appear easy to use. In addition, some Duralast batteries lack the carrying handle, making it difficult for some folks to transport and even install them.

With these in mind, it would be best to look out for Duralast batteries that only seem compatible with your vehicle. You may find some good options, but they may not work for heavy-duty purposes, and some options may be prone to overcharging.

Diehard Vs Duralast Batteries: Types And Comparison

Choosing the best car battery for your car can be overwhelming as there are plenty of options available in the market. Car batteries have evolved and got updated over time. There are several different companies that provide car batteries.

Among all, there are some specific ones who have created a signature in the industry with high competition. Such as Diehard Vs. Duralast Batteries. With emerging responses over time, Diehard and Duralast have created a mass crowd among the car owners. These two brands are serving their customers with the best.

In this article, we will get to know about Diehard and Duralasts car batteries. So, without further delay, lets get into the details.


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Diehard 38217 Group Advanced Gold Agm Battery

If you want to start up your car in the easiest way possible, this battery can help you get that. This one makes sure you get to start your car very easily without having to struggle after it.

The batterys exterior comes with a calcium-lead alloy grid, which helps prevent all the life robbing adversities from the battery terminals. This eventually makes this battery last way longer than you would expect.

You can crank up an Amp of 850 with ease. Now, this is great for a car that has to run every day because of that kind of power. This one can also power up your electronic appliances like bulbs, television, fans, and so forth.

Lastly, this one has a charge storing capacity of 170 minutes with a 25 Amp discharge, making this a reliable choice to go with most cars out there.

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