Seiko Watch Battery Replacement Chart

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How To Replace A Seiko Watch Battery

How to Change/Replace Your Seiko Kinetic Battery/Capacitor

Seiko watches are fine time pieces. One of our favorite watch types, we love when we get a chance to work on these watches. Seiko watch batteries should only be changed by a professional Seiko watch battery specialist. Seriously, these watches can be complicated and often have latch release pieces on the battery that cause parts to fling out when changing the battery. We are not just trying to promote Seiko watch battery replacement service. Weve had a couple different Seikos in the shop recently that needed replacement parts as a result of a home operation gone poorly. If you are interested in learning about our Seiko watch battery replacement service, check out our watch battery replacement page.

Lithium Titanium Button/coin Cell Batteries

Lithium Titanium button/coin cell batteries, also known as “MT” batteries, are another type of rechargeable watch batteries.

MT batteries are very similar to CTL and LiR batteries, with the most important difference being a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts .

The most popular MT batteries are MT621, MT920, and MT516 battery, with MT416, MT821, and a few other batteries are not being used very often.

MT batteries feature a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts, a cutoff voltage of approximately 1.2 volts, while capacity depends on the battery size, drain conditions, number of charging/discharging cycles, and similar.

When compared with CTL batteries, MT batteries feature lower capacity and voltage, but can provide relatively stronger currents and can endure a larger number of charging/discharging cycles.

The following cross-reference chart lists the most popular MT batteries and their most important features and specifications:


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History Of Seiko Watches

Seiko has a very proud history and one of the most documented in the whole of the watch world. Seiko has been the timekeepers of world-famous sporting events from athletics to tennis. Seiko has also sponsored multiple Olympic games.

With such a rich history Seiko deserves to have a timeline that displays just some of their biggest achievements up until this date.

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Do All Watches Use The Same Battery

The answer is NO.

Many people often assume that all models use the same battery. If thats the case, choosing a battery for a watch is no longer difficult!

But, of course, things wont be that easy. This is understandable because the manufacturing process, texture, and design of the models are different.

First, consider the issue of size. There are over ten different watch face sizes you can choose from. And obviously, the smallest size one cannot share the same battery with the largest size watch face.

Even with the same diameter size, the thickness of the batteries can be different. It will be selected to fit the thickness of the face.

In case you hold two batteries of the same size and thickness, it is impossible to confirm that they are the same. As mentioned above, many materials are used to make batteries, and chemical reactions can occur if the right type of battery is not selected with the material of the watch.

This is not very common, but some countries have standard regulations on the type of battery used, like the United States. As a result, some models require replacement batteries if sold in these countries.

Grand Seiko Heritage Watches With Hi

Seiko Watch Battery Chart

A selection of Grand Seiko Heritage watches feature Seiko Hi-Beat calibers. One example is the 40-mm ref. SBGH273, which is powered by the high-speed caliber 9S85. The movement runs at 36,000 vph and offers a 55-hour power reserve.

This watch’s dark blue dial is inspired by the night sky over Japan at the fall equinox. The rich dial color is complemented by a golden Grand Seiko inscription on the dial as well as a golden second hand. On Chrono24, this watch costs around 5,200 USD on a stainless steel bracelet.

The ref. SBGH271 is identical except for its dark green dial with golden indices and hands. According to Grand Seiko, this timepiece is inspired by “rikka,” the seventh of Japan’s 24 “sekki,” or seasons. Expect prices around 5,600 USD for a new example.

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Solar Technology Has Improved In Recent Years

Its important to recognise that, similar to the technology in luminous watches, there are different types of technology used in solar powered watches. This means that a solar powered watch which you owned a few decades ago but didnt work very well is not going to tell you whether a new solar powered watch is going to be reliable or not. In a lot of ways it would be like considering whether to buy a new I-Pod on the quality of early MP3 Players.

Since the release of the early solar powered watches there have been massive improvements in the efficiency and storage capacity of the solar panels on your watches. The storage capacity of todays solar powered watch is so great that an Eco-Drive watch can run with no further charging from 30 days to 3,175 days depending on which model you buy.

Another positive of the technological improvements is that solar watches of today dont have to have the crazy innovative designs that the solar watches of the 70s and 80s needed in order to incorporate the solar panels to power the watch. Thankfully the solar powered watch of today doesnt look like some scary vision of what the 70s thought the future would look like. They look just as stylish as any other watch youd find today.

So, dont base your opinion on solar powered watches on the solar powered watch you owned 20 years ago. Todays watches are much more efficient, much better designed and much more reliable than any solar powered watches of the past.

Open Your Seiko Watch

  • Remove the back cover of the watch Watches open several different ways, some pop open with a special tool, others require a watch clamp to unscrew. Many newer Seiko watches are made with screw down backs
  • Determine which model watch you have and which type of Seiko watch battery youll be replacing. The best way to do this is by removing the back cover of the watch and looking at what type of battery is inside
  • Take your time to photograph or video the entire process, its a good way to be able to see how it looked originally in case an accident happens. We suggest setting up a felt laced station when completing a repair, it makes it easier to find anything that get lost during the process.
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    Can A Seiko Solar Watch Battery Be Replaced

    Usually, there is no need to replace a Seiko solar watch battery at a regular interval. But, yes, you can replace it depending on your watch ticking performance.

    If you dont take proper care and maintenance of your watch and leave it in a dark condition for more than 6 months, it may not work well. So then, you may need to replace your watch battery or capacitor or kinetic cells to ensure its working condition.

    Moreover, prolonged watch use reduces its performance, so you may still need to replace its battery.

    Therefore, according to Seiko, one of the most recommended reasons to replace a Seiko solar watch battery after 10 years is to ensure its best performance.

    Besides, they also recommend that to avert any watch damage such as battery leakage, you should replace your battery as soon as it completely runs out.

    Watch Battery Vs Watch Capacitor

    Seiko Chronograph battery replacement quartz movement 7T62

    There are several ways for watches to store the energy required for everyday operation, including:

    – mechanical watches use spring to keep the watch mechanism running. Once the spring tension is fully gone, the watch stops – that is why older wrist watches needed their mechanisms rewound on a daily basis.

    – solar watches use small solar panels to collect the light and store the energy for operation when there is no light present.

    – kinetic watches use the energy that comes from a rotor that spins while the watch moves on the user’s wrist and store the energy for use while the watch is not moving.

    Both solar and kinetic watches may use small watch capacitors and/or small watch batteries to store the collected energy.

    Watch batteries, while being charged, convert electric energy into chemical energy and, when being discharged, convert the chemical energy into electric energy which is used to power the watch.

    On the other hand, watch capacitors, while being charged, store the charge itself onto the two parallel electrodes insulated from each other. When the battery capacitor is being discharged, the charge is simply discharged and used to power the watch.

    While watch capacitors appear much simpler to build and use, watch batteries feature larger capacity, and thanks to the advancements in electronics, they also last for a very long time.

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    How To Replace The Watch Battery In A Seiko

    Inside certain Seiko watch models, there is a clip over the battery that holds the cell in place. The clip may be screwed or pinned over the top. If there is a clip, carefully remove or loosen it.

    Once the battery is accessible, insert your tool of choice into the opening. Slowly ease the old battery from the casing. Unpackage your new battery and replace.

    Gently press the new battery into position, and reclip if necessary. Make sure not to nick any other mechanisms inside the watch, as this can cause more serious, auxiliary damage.

    Before closing the back cover, make sure the watch is functional. If it is not, you may have installed the battery incorrectly, or there may be additional damage to the watch. If you cannot get the watch working properly, you can mail it to our service center for a complete inspection.

    Tips For Finding A Good Watch

    Using a watch does not stop in learning how to change Seiko watch battery. It also means you should know how to shop for watches. Here are a few tips for you to find a good watch:

  • Choose excellent watch material.
  • Stainless steel is more affordable than titanium or ceramic and still as good.
  • Check if the watch used a PVD coating, which helps preserve the watch’s color. You can ask the seller about details if it is not mentioned in the product description.
  • Choose at least 10 ATM water-resistant watch.
  • A watch that is water-resistant to 100 meters has excellent quality.
  • As a general rule, a watch should be 3 ATM water-resistant to provide you sufficient comfort.
  • Choose a good watch movement.
  • A good quartz movement ensures that your watch is durable and has no loose parts. A brand like Seiko has proven itself as one of the leaders in quality watch movement.
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    How Can I Change The Seiko Solar Watch Battery

    All right, to change the battery of your Seiko solar watch, you can take the watch to an expert or can change it yourself.

    Although, it would be better if you take it to a professional watchmaker. Yet, if you want to change yourself, you have to follow several steps.

    • First, you need to remove your Seiko solar watch back cover using a special tool or a watch clamp so you can unscrew it.
    • After that, find the existing battery and remove it using tweezers. It will help you to lift the battery more conveniently.
    • Then you need to insert the new rechargeable battery into your watch. Here, you can use tweezers to insert the battery. And then, you have to press down the newly inserted battery to ensure that it is placed into its position securely.
    • Finally, check if you have properly installed the new battery and then put your watch back cover back in place again.

    Well, you can follow the video below to understand the battery replacement process of your Seiko solar watch more easily.

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    What Is The Button Cell In Watches

    Rechargeable Seiko Watch Capacitor, Seiko Kinetic Rechargeable Watch ...

    Have you ever wondered what the watch battery looks like? This is quite curious because the item is small in size, so its battery must also be different from common batteries.

    Instead of using long cylindrical batteries like those for TV remotes or other electronic devices, button cells are smaller and have a flat, rounded shape.

    This type of battery typically has a diameter between 0.197 and 0.984 in and a height that falls between 0.039 and 0.236 in. It is also because of this shape that people often call it a button cell or coin cell.

    Typically, this type of battery can provide between 1 and 5 volts. It can work well for one year if used under normal conditions and properly stored. The materials commonly used to make them are silver, Alkaline, zinc-air, lithium, and so on.

    Button cells have low discharge and long storage capacity, so they wont fall into complete discharging even if you dont use them for a long time. In addition to watches, this battery is also used for small electronic devices such as pocket computers.

    Due to this small size, it is extremely dangerous for children. It can lead to severe burns inside the intestines and stomach or even death if swallowed.

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    Th Anniversary Elegance Watches

    In 2020, Grand Seiko introduced three special edition models to mark the brand’s 60th anniversary. The 18-karat yellow gold ref. SBGW258 is a particular highlight of the trio. The watch embodies classic 1960s style with a light dial, gold baton indices, and dauphine hands. The Grand Seiko inscription at 12 o’clock is likewise in a gold hue.

    The beating heart of this timepiece is the hand-winding caliber 9S64, which offers a 72-hour power reserve. You can view the beautifully-decorated movement through the sapphire glass case back. This watch has been on the market since mid-2020 and sells for roughly 24,000 USD on Chrono24, a slight discount from the MSRP of 26,000 USD.

    The ref. SBGW259 is identical in size and design bar its titanium case. This variant features a dark blue sunburst dial and a color-coordinated crocodile leather strap. The indices, hands, and inscription match the case color. Be prepared to spend around 7,000 USD for this reference.

    The third and final anniversary edition is the platinum ref. SBGW257. The dial, indices, and hands are all silver to match the case, while a black crocodile leather strap keeps the timepiece securely on the wrist. At just shy of 36,000 USD, this is the most expensive of the anniversary models.

    Lithium Button/coin Cell Batteries

    Lithium button/coin cells are mostly primary 3V batteries. Their negative electrode is lithium, while the positive electrode is either manganese-dioxide or carbon-monofluoride.

    Manganese-dioxide lithium batteries’ labels start with ‘C’ and generally their operating temperature range is between -20°C and 70°C . The nominal voltage is 3.0 V, and a cutoff voltage is 2.0 V. Typical example is the CR2032 battery, with a typical capacity of ~225 mAh

    Carbon-monofluoride lithium batteries’ labels start with ‘B’ and generally their operating temperature range is -30°C and 85°C . The nominal voltage is 2.8 V, and a cutoff voltage is 2.25 V. Typical example is the BR2032 battery, with a typical capacity of ~190 mAh.

    Generally, BR#### and CR#### are interchangeable batteries – slight lower voltage of BR#### batteries is no problem, at least not for most common devices. But, for devices operating in extreme temperatures, BR#### batteries are recommended over CR#### batteries.

    The nominal capacity of rechargeable lithium button/coin cell batteries is lower than non-rechargeable CR or BR batteries, but they can be charged and discharged many times . Their most common label is LiR#### and nominal voltage is 3.6 or 3.7 volts, however, there are also rechargeable 3.0 volts VL series , 3.0 volts ML series , etc.

    For example, LiR2032 capacity is in the 50-80 mAh range, while the typical capacity of CR2032 battery is ~225 mAh.

    Diameter x Height
    CR3032 Battery

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    Open The Back Of A Seiko Watch

    First, we will need to remove the back of your Seiko. Most Seiko watches generally have a back case with multiple indentations. Youll want to use an adjustable watch case opener to safely open your watch.

    Adjust the size of the watch opener to fit around the back shell of the watch. Line up the nobs with the indentations of the case, and twist the cover off.

    If your watch only has one small indentation on the back case, its likely a hinge case. Youll need to use a common cover remover, insert the edge into the slot, and lift the case up.

    Pay Attention To The Watch Battery Lifetime

    Replacing Battery on a Grand Seiko 9F62 Quartz Watch

    Theoretically, the battery should have an average lifespan of 18 and 36 months. This is the average time you use it. If you have a battery to reserve and not use, its life will last between 1 and 5 years. Some more advanced batteries can last up to 10 years.

    However, this is just an average and is for reference only. Because the life of a battery used for a watch will be affected by many factors:

    • Battery materials: Each material will have a fixed effective lifetime and react to different environmental conditions.
    • Age: The older the watch, the faster the battery drain. Some of its parts and machinery were unable to operate efficiently, requiring more energy.
    • Watch features: various functions such as alarm, date indicator, led light, etc., will cause the watch to drain the battery 20 to 40% more.

    Usage and maintenance: If you let your watch be constantly soaked in water or corroded by solutions, battery replacements will need to be done more often.

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