Where Is Chevy Cobalt Battery

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Where Is The Battery Located On A Chevy Cobalt

How to Change Battery On A Chevy Cobalt 2005-2010

As I mentioned earlier, the battery of a Chevy Cobalt is located in the trunk instead of the hood. Thus, its quite the opposite of typical cars, where you can find the battery under the hood amidst the engine bay.

With such a unique location, youll need to deal with the battery unusually, unlike the cars with batteries located under the hood.

For instance, youll have to open the trunk and pull out the carpet to reach the battery. The cars battery is located beside the spare tire. You dont need to take out the spare tire to get it, though, so you wont have to lift the tire if you dont need to.

Such a battery location can be inconvenient, especially if they experience a dead battery and need jumpstarting.

Thus, some users get an auxiliary battery and place it in the hood to jumpstart their car if necessary. However, the main battery will still be under the hood.

Due to such uniqueness, you may wonder why the company designed their Cobalt in such a different way.

Use Obd2 Scanner For Diagnosis

Since Chevy Cobalt is equipped with on-board diagnostics , a fault diagnosis can provide initial indications of where the malfunction is located.

To begin troubleshooting, you must first connect the diagnostic tool to your Cobalt. The OBDII connector is usually located under the dashboard. With the tool connected, turn on the ignition. Most diagnostic devices then ask for some information about the vehicle. It is important that you enter this 100% correctly, otherwise the result of the search may be inaccurate. In addition to the vehicle make, model, and engine type, you usually also have to type in the Vehicle Identification Number . Since some OBD codes are manufacturer-specific, the scanner will be able to give you more accurate information if you enter more details about your Cobalt.

Battery Group Sizing 101

As you can probably imagine, its important to start with the right battery size. Just like you wouldnt use AAA batteries in a TV remote that calls for AA batteries, you shouldnt use the wrong size battery in your car.

As long as you buy a replacement battery with the same group size as your cars original battery, you shouldnt have any problems with fit or terminal location. Typically, battery group sizes are two to three digits long and contain numbers, letters, or both.

While exact battery group size recommendations for the Chevy Cobalt may vary by model year, the most recent model year requires a T5 group size. This means the battery should measure about 9.5-inches long, 6.9-inches wide, and 6.9-inches high.

T5 is a relatively common group size for car batteriesespecially on earlier Chevy models. You can almost always find the group size of a battery by simply looking at its label.

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Brief History Of The Chevrolet Cobalt And How It Came To Be:

The Chevy Cobalt was an extremely popular car in its time. It managed to establish itself as the second best-selling vehicle in North American markets in 2007, trailing only the perennial best-seller: the Ford F-Series. However, like most Chevrolet products before and after it, the Cobalt has suffered from a significant power steering recall.

The ignition system was also at the center of several complaints it has been known to randomly shut down.

These problems led to a decline in sales, and eventually, General Motors stopped producing this model altogether.

How To Replace The Battery On A Chevy Cobalt

Where Is The Battery On A 2006 Chevy Cobalt
  • Open the trunk and remove the carpet.
  • Remove the hydrogen vent tube.
  • Remove the 10mm bolt on the negative battery cable and remove the cable.
  • Undo the clip on the positive terminal and use a 10mm wrench to remove the cable
  • Remove the 13mm bolt holding strap and remove it.
  • Remove the battery.
  • Summary The Chevy Cobalt is a good vehicle that is still driven by many even after its replacement by the Chevy Cruze.

    A battery will need to be replaced when it goes bad and usually last roughly 5-6 years.

    The battery is located in the trunk next to the spare tire at the rear of the vehicle.

    A replacement battery is a standard 12-volt DC unit but also has a hydrogen vent tube on the side.

    While the car will start and run with a battery that does not have the vent tube, it is not recommended and suggested to get the correct replacement battery.

    Replacing it is easy to do with the correct replacement and a few tools, including a 12mm and 13mm wrench.

    When a battery is replaced in any vehicle, the radio presets and any current fault codes are usually erased.

    Have you had to replace the battery in a Chevy Cobalt? Let us know your thoughts below.

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    How Do I Replace The Battery In My Chevrolet

    A confident do-it-your-selfer can replace a vehicle battery. Start by checking your vehicle owners manual for the batterys proper size and location. Find the positive and negative posts. The positive post will have a red plastic cover over it. Look for a + sign stamped onto the battery or printed on a nearby label. Loosen the negative terminal bolt and remove the cable. Be sure not to touch the positive post. Once you loosen the bolt, use a terminal puller to remove the cable. Repeat the sequence with the positive post.

    Now remove the clamp or retaining system that keeps the battery in place. Carefully lift out the old battery. Look for any corrosion on the cables and remove it with a wire brush or terminal cleaning tool.

    Drop in the new battery so that the positive post lines up with the red cable. Secure it with the battery retaining clamp that you removed earlier. If the battery has anti-corrosion washers, put them in place now and use a thin layer of anti-corrosion grease to prevent buildup. Tighten the positive cable and then do it all over again with the negative black cable.

    Make sure the battery is secure and congratulations: youve replaced your cars battery!

    Oem Vs Aftermarket Batteries: Which Is Best

    Because the Chevy Cobalt was only produced from 2005-2010 model years, finding original equipment manufacturer parts can be difficult. This applies to locating OEM batteries as well.

    Still, if youre able to get your hands on an OEM battery, this is the recommended replacement type. These batteries are made by Chevrolet for Chevrolet vehicles and will come with the best warranty as well.

    Not sure where to find an OEM battery for a Chevy Cobalt? Your local Chevy dealership is probably the best starting point. When none are in stock, they may be able to order one for your car.

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    How Do You Remove A Battery From A Chevy Cobalt

    This is a question that many people have asked themselves at some point in their lives.

    The answer to this question is simple: You remove the battery from a Chevy Cobalt by removing the positive terminal first and then the negative terminal.

    To get to these terminals, you need to remove the plastic cover on the back of the battery. Then you will see two metal clips that hold it in place and release them by pressing on them with a screwdriver.

    Once you release these clips, pull outward on the batterys plastic tabs and lift it out of its compartment.

    Where Is The Battery Located In Chevy Cobalt

    How to replace the battery in a Chevy Cobalt

    Most cars will have the battery under the hood but the Cobalt has it in the trunk under the carpet. The size of the battery that is used in the vehicle is Group Size T5, 650 CCA. If You need to get to the battery You open up the trunk and pull away the carpet. Youll see it right away in front of the spare tire.

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    Battery Problem Of The 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt

    The contact owns a 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt. The contact stated that the key would not remove from the ignition. The contact had to disconnect the battery in order to remove the key. The vehicle was not taken to the dealer. The manufacturer was not contacted. The failure and current mileages were 60,000.

    The Pros And Cons Of This Design Choice For Consumers:

    On the one hand, the battery is located in the front of the car makes it easier to access and service. On the other hand, this location can be somewhat inconvenient for consumers. It can be difficult to see and reach, especially if the car is parked in a tight spot.

    Additionally, this placement can make the car more prone to accidents in the event of a collision.

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    Inspect And Clean The Ground Connections

    If the conductivity test fails, check the condition of the ground connections in your Cobalt. Inspect the connectors of the ground cables for any signs of rust or corrosion. Clean the contacts with a sandpaper or wire brush. You may also have to remove the alternator and clean the ground contact area on the alternator and on the engine block.

    Clean The Battery Terminals

    Chevy Cobalt Battery: Choosing the Best Option

    Quick cleaning: There is a neat little trick with which you can clean corrosion on the battery terminals of your Cobalt in under a minute. Pour hot boiling water over the corroded terminals and the corrosion will just melt away. Do one terminal at a time and dont let water puddle on the top of the battery touch both terminals at the same time, this can short the battery.

    Thorough cleaning: To thoroughly clean the battery in your Chevy Cobalt, you have to remove the terminal cables first, which requires no special knowledge, just a little concentration, as the order is very important. First remove the black cable from the negative terminal using a wrench or a plier. Next you can unplug the red positive terminal cable. Be careful not to touch both terminals with your metal tool, it will be one expensive mistake. Once the battery has been removed from the circuit, you can start cleaning the corroded battery with sandpaper or wire brush. After cleaning, reconnect the cables in reverse order, positive first, then negative.

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    Commonly Asked Cobalt Battery Questions

    Turn to Firestone Complete Auto Care for answers to all your car battery questions. If you have battery questions that are Chevrolet Cobalt-specific, visit your nearest store. Our technicians are happy to help.

    • Why won’t my Cobalt battery stay charged? A car battery that needs to be jump-started every time is as good as dead. It may be getting old. Or, you may have a habit of leaving your car doors open and the dome lights on during the night. Stop by for a complimentary battery check at your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care and learn more about your battery’s charge.
    • What do you do with my old Cobalt battery? We recycle it, taking care of both your car and the Earth.
    • How much do DieHard batteries cost for your Chevrolet Cobalt? Chevrolet Cobalt batteries can be affordable, especially when there’s an available battery coupon. The best part is every DieHard battery comes with a free replacement warranty and extra coverage with DieHard Assurance.

    How To Open The Bonnet Of A Chevrolet Cobalt With A Dead Battery

    Second possibility to open your Chevrolet Cobalt hood with a dead battery . As you cannot access the passenger compartment of your motor vehicle, you will have just one remedy to open the bonnet of your Chevrolet Cobalt, you will have to, lift the car, possibly remove the front bumper of the car and locate the cables of the bonnet lock. Once found, you will be able to activate them to unlock the hood of your Chevrolet Cobalt and have access to your battery.

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    Poor Battery Connection Can Cause Dead Battery Symptoms

    It is possible the battery in your Chevy Cobalt is in good health, but the current flow is interrupted due to a loose electrical connection, a damaged wire, or corrosion on the battery terminals. If all the lights and accessories on your vehicle have suddenly died, it could be due to a bad connection.

    Why The Battery Is Located In The Back Of The Vehicle And Not Under Or Behind Your Seat

    Where is The Chevy Cobalt Battery Located?

    Back in the late 1990s, General Motors was working on a new electric vehicle called the EV1. This car was powered by a lead-acid battery that was located in the back of the car. GM decided to place the battery in this location because it would be easier to access and service.

    The Chevy Cobalt was based on the EV1, so it also included this design.

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    Does Tesla Use Cobalt In Their Batteries

    For instance, Teslas current vehicle batteries contain less than five percent cobalt and the company announced in September 2020 that they are developing their own batteries that will be cobalt-free.

    Is cobalt needed for batteries?

    Cobalt is a scarce, toxic, and lustrous mineral that is found in the negatively charged electrodeor cathodeof almost all lithium-ion batteries used today. But the material plays a crucial role in stabilizing batteries and boosting their energy density.

    What kind of battery does a Chevy Cobalt have?

    Battery Replacement: 2005-2010 Chevrolet Cobalt 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt LT 2.2L 4 Cyl. Sedan This is a modal window. Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window. End of dialog window.

    Clicking Noise And No Start

    The leading cause of clicking noise and no start in Chevy Cobalt is weak battery. If you hear clicking noise from the engine compartment when you try to start the vehicle, it indicates that there is enough charge in the battery to activate the solenoid , but not enough charge to power the starter. The starter motor requires high electric current to turn over the engine, whereas lights and wipers take very little current to operate so dont rule out weak battery even if electrical accessories work normally in your Cobalt.

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    Where Is The Battery On A Chevy Cobalt

    The battery on a Chevy Cobalt is located in front of the engine, just underneath the hood. It is housed in a rectangular plastic case and is held in place by two brackets.

    With this knowledge, if your battery dies on a Chevy Cobalt or stops holding a charge its pretty easy to replace with the only difference being that you have to remove the entire front end of the car.

    Whats Involved In Maintaining Or Replacing A Battery

    2010 chevy cobalt battery.

    Batteries are not one size fits all. There are several things to consider:

    • Size:Typically based on your vehicles make, model and engine type, it is literally the footprint of the battery, along with placement of the battery terminals. Every battery has a slightly different terminal placement. Take care to make sure the new battery you are putting into your car, truck or SUV is the same size as the one you are replacing. Its got to be apples to apples. In other words, dont try to fit a pineapple into the space reserved for a canteloupe.
    • Age:Like a loaf of fresh-baked bread, batteries are best when fresh, within six months of manufacture. Most batteries, like the one in your current vehicle, will have a date code to tell you this information. When in doubt, call the battery maker to decipher the date code.
    • Cold Cranking Amps: Can this battery start your frozen SUV at 0 degrees Fahrenheit in the dead of winter when the oil is as thick as molasses? The higher the Cold Cranking Amps rating, the better the batterys starting power. The rating refers to the number of amps a 12-volt battery can deliver at 0 degrees F for 30 seconds, while maintaining at least 7.2 volts.
    • Reserve Capacity: In the case of an alternator failure, the Reserve Capacitywill give you an estimate of how long your cars battery will be able to run on battery power alone, without the help of the alternator.

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    How Do You Open A Cobalt Trunk With A Dead Battery

    If you own a Chevy Cobalt and you got a dead battery, youll need to open the trunk to replace it. Heres how you can open a cobalt trunk with a dead battery:

    Open the small box located on your dashboard. Its on the left of your steering wheel, a little right below your fog light switch. Inside the box, youll see a trunk release button. You can click it to open your trunk.

    Now, if you want to reach your trunk from the backseat, you can also open one of the rear doors. As you do so, ensure that the rear seatbelts are not connected.

    Push the trunk release switch mentioned earlier. Or, you can also push the keyless remote to open your trunk.

    Afterward, find the two levers located at the back of the rear seats. Pull both levers to take out the seats so you can reach your trunk.

    Chevy Cobalt Battery Location: All You Need To Know

    If youre familiar with cars, you also know that you will likely find a car battery inside the engine bay. However, if you have a Chevy Cobalt, it wont be the case. Thus, if youre also wondering, you may wonder about it.

    The Chevy Cobalt Battery Location is different from other cars you see around. Instead of the specific location in the engine bay, the Chevy Cobalts battery is in the trunk, under the carpet. Thus, if you want to check or change your car battery, the work will be on your trunk.

    Due to the different battery locations, youll go to the opposite side of your car if you need to deal with the battery. Thus, if you own this car, youll need to open your trunk, pull out your carpet, and then youll reach the battery which is in front of your spare tire. With such an odd car battery location, you may wish to know about it a little more.

    In this article, well answer some of the most asked questions related to this matter. Thus, youll understand a bit more about why the Chevy Cobalt battery location is different and how you can deal with it if you own such a car.

    Without further ado, lets get into it!

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