Nissan Key Fob Battery Change

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Do I Need To Reprogram The Key Fob After Changing The Battery

Nissan Key Fob Battery Change – How To DIY Learning Tutorials

Typically, you do not need to reprogram the key fob after changing the battery. However, if youve replaced not just the batteries but also some of the internal wiring and electronics, you may need to reprogram it by pairing it with your vehicle once again.

The usual sequence for reprogramming your car battery is as follows:

  • Put the key into the ignition
  • Turn the key into the ON position and then turn it back to the LOCK position.
  • Do this several times until you hear a chiming sound
  • Press the lock and unlock position on your key fob to reprogram it. This should ensure the correct functions are saved and that the vehicle will respond the next time you use it.

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Nissan Key Fob Not Working After Battery Change

A key fob is a small, hand-held remote control device used to lock and unlock a vehicles doors, trunk, or sunroof. Many new vehicles come equipped with keyless entry systems, which allow the driver to enter and start the car without ever having to touch the key fob.

These systems use a small transmitter inside the key fob to communicate with the cars computer system. So, why is my Nissan key fob not working after a battery change?

The most common reason for a key fob not working after a battery change is that it has to be reset first. Other causes include broken contacts and misalignment of buttons which could have happened when you swapped the battery.

How To Switch The Key Fob Battery

Although key battery replacement is an easy-to-handle process, you still have to work with sensitive and micro-electric components. Therefore, you should be well-prepared before jumping into the process:

  • Flathead screwdriver

How to replace battery in nissan key fob:

Step 1: Flip off the key housing you will see the emergency key inside. You remove the key in order to make it easier to take off the dead battery.

Step 2: Determine the spot between the two faces of the fob, insert the screwdriver on it, and spit them out.

Step 3: Once the two faces are separated, you will see the old battery fixed on the back side of the fob. You once again use the screwdriver to remove the dead battery.

Step 4: Arrange the new 3-volt coin-cell battery in the right position and push the two faces to close down.

Step 5: Place the emergency key onto the fixed position, and your key fob is ready to use.

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When Do You Experience A Drop In Signal Strength

Key fobs are usually designed to allow use/operation over a long-range.

This could extend up to about 40 feet in most cases.

When your key fob is in good working condition, you can easily start your engine, unlock & lock your car while a few feet away from it.

However, when the battery begins to wear out or lose its power, this results in a drop in the signal strength.

During this time, you will notice that the key fob wont activate or process your desired command until you move very close to your vehicle.

This indicates that the fobs battery is running weak and needs to be replaced immediately to continue enjoying a top performance.

You may click on the unlock buttons severally before you can lock or gain access to the doors

Usually, a key fob in good condition should lock and unlock your vehicles doors instantly when you click on the command button once.

If you realize that your command is activated only after multiple clicks on the button or after several attempts.

This is a sign informing you about the current state of the battery. You will have to get the bad/failing battery removed and replaced with a new unit.

Inconsistency in operation & performance

One moment, the initiated command activates or clicks correctly or as expected. On the next attempt, especially with a similar function and within a similar range, you may experience a change in performance.

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Nissan Key Fob Remote Battery Replacement

How To Replace Battery In Nissan Armada Key Fob : 2021 Nissan Armada ...

Learn how to change the Nissan key fob battery on various key fobs used on Nissan vehicles. Below, you will find step-by-step instructions and videos showing how to install a new battery in a Nissan key fob.

These instructions apply to multiple Nissan vehicles, even those equipped with the intelligent key.

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Type Of Battery Used For Nissan Key Fobs

When replacing your Nissan key fob battery, ensure that you source a high-quality replacement that is compatible with the fob to ensure proper function and long-lasting operation. Since your key fob battery uses a small amount of charge to perform its functions, a good brand battery will last you much longer than a generic battery. Most Nissan key fobs use a CR2025 battery readily available in most stores, but you can also visit our dealership to source an OEM battery replacement from our Parts Centre.

How To Replace The Battery In The Nissan Intelligent Key

Are you the proud new owner of a 2020 Nissan Rogue? Is the battery low in your Nissan Intelligent Key? You may have a bad battery and it may need to be replaced. Dont worry we are here to help at Charlie Clark Nissan Brownsville. Here are a few easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that will help you learn how to replace the battery in the Nissan Intelligent Key. Contact the Charlie Clark Nissan Brownsville Service Department with any questions!

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How To Open Nissan Key Fob

When unopened, your Nissan key fob is made up of two main components which are conveniently stored together. The small security hardware device and a physical key to get you out of binds when there may be an issue with the device.

To then open the Nissan key fob device we need to firstly turn the fob onto its back. You will see a small switch which you can push up to release the internal grip on the key simultaneously pull the physical key out from the casing.

Once the key is released, you can put it to the side and continue to opening up the casing.

Looking front on to the gap left by removing the physical key, you will see two tiny slots to help pry open the casing. These are shown below where the screw drivers are touching.

Using the flat head screw drivers from your mini screw driver set, simply insert the end into one of the slots and turn 90 degrees to pop it open. Perform the same action to the other slot to pop open the other side of the case. If the case does not completely open, it may require some gentle additional prying on either side.

The casing will then open into two parts, one side containing the battery and the other containing the circuitry. You can place the side with the circuitry to one side as you work on the side with the battery.

What Is A Key Fob

How to replace battery in Nissan key fob

A key fob sometimes called a remote keyless system is a handheld device that allows you to lock and unlock your vehicle remotely. It consists of a remote control and RFID antenna that is connected to your cars locking system. Some key fobs have a retractable physical key with which you can lock/unlock your car manually as well.

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Nissan Key Fob Not Working After Battery Change: A Complete Guide

These days, keyless entry for cars and other vehicles using a key fob is popular. For automobile owners, its a comfort and convenience to open cars without needing keys. But what happens if your Nissan key fob breaks down? It occasionally does this, especially following a battery change. So, you ask, why is my Nissan key fob not working after a battery change?

A battery change could cause your key fob to stop functioning because the electronic system in the key fob automatically resets when the battery is changed. Other causes could be broken connections and button misalignment. The frequent next step to take is to reset it.

Follow this guide to reset your Nissan key fob after battery replacement. Youll soon get back on track if you follow these easy instructions!

How To Change Battery In Nissan Rogue Key Fob

How To Change Battery In Nissan Rogue Key Fob. Remove the key housing and take out the old battery after taking note of the position. It will be very cheap to replace the battery on the key fob for a 2018 nissan rogue.

Push the release button and pull out the emergency key hiding at the bottom of the fob. It will be very cheap to replace the battery on the key fob for a 2018 nissan rogue. Remove the hidden key you used to get into your nissan.


Follow the steps to use the alternative key: Pop out the battery, replace it with a new #2032 battery , the clip the key back together and refit the manual key.


If the new battery is working properly, you should see the parking lights flash and hear the door locks. Follow these simple steps, and you are all set for newly.


Key should be withdrawn from ignition key cylinder completely each time. Remove the key housing and take out the old battery after taking note of the position.


Remove the key housing and take out the old battery after taking note of the position. Close all doors and lock all doors.


How to reset the nissan key fob after a battery replacement. Follow these simple steps, and you are all set for newly.


The first step to nissan key programming is to get in the car with the key, then lock the doors. It is effortless to reset the programming in your key fob.

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How Do I Reprogram My Nissan Key Fob

If your Nissan Key fob needs reprogramming, you may see a “no key detected message” in your vehicle. In some Nissan models, touching the key fob to the push to start button will fix the issue. Other models do not have such an easy fix.

If the touch method does not work, you’ll have to see if your Nissan has an Intelligent Key port, which you will find to the left of the steering wheel. Place the entire key fob into this slot and try starting the car. Your Nissan should both start and reprogram the fob to recognize your vehicle.

What To Look Out For When Replacing The Nissan Key Fob Battery


Though the process is very straightforward, there are several things to watch out for when replacing the Nissan key fob battery. When changing the Nissan key fob battery, the following aspects need to be taken into consideration:

  • Avoid using the notches on the side of the case as a point to lever your screwdriver when separating the casing into two sections. Older keys have these side grooves disregard them and pay attention to the top slits instead.
  • Avoid using excessive force when opening the shell from the top to avoid damaging the edge or interior components.
  • While replacing the battery, avoid placing your key fob close to anything magnetic. Magnets could harm your Nissan key fobs internal components.
  • Make careful to insert the battery into the battery shell the same way the removed battery was placed. It wont function if you insert it incorrectly.

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Changing A Dead Battery In A Nissan Key Fob

You press the unlock button on your key fob. Nothing happens. You get a bit closer to your vehicle and try again. Still nothing. It has a dead battery. What a pain! No worries. Its a simple fix that only takes a minute or two.

Heres how to change a dead battery on your Nissan key fob. Keep reading for our step-by-step guide.

How To Change Nissan Key Fob Battery

At some point we find ourselves holding a Nissan key fob that is not responding at all. We need to know exactly how to change Nissan key fob battery and this is a skill that cannot be ignored.

You suspect the key fob battery is down and out and am sure you are wondering how to change Nissan key fob battery at this moment. Do not worry so much. The process is easy and fast.

One thing to note is that the Nissan key fob enables you to open the vehicle doors remotely without the need for the key.

However, the key may die abruptly leaving you stranded. You need not worry as the Nissan key fob has a spare key embedded in it just in case.

On the backside, there is a small latch that can be moved. When you move it, it will release the mechanism that is holding the spare key.

Just start the car, as usual, using the start key and if the starter is keyless, just step on the brake and press the key on the start button.

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How To Replace The Battery In Your Nissan Key Fob

For correct 2015 Nissan Altima key fob battery replacement, follow these steps closely:

  • Set the key fob on a table with the buttons facing down.
  • Remove the metal ignition key You should see a small slider tab. Push the tab toward the outer edge of the key fob to release the metal ignition key. Pull the bottom edge of the key fob downward, and the key should slide out. Make sure to set the emergency key aside someplace you wont lose it!
  • Pry apart the fob With the key fob buttons facing up, look into the slot where the emergency key used to be. You should see two notches on the plastic bottom edge of the fob. Carefully insert your flathead screwdriver into one of the notches, and use it to pry apart the two halves of the fob. If its stubborn, try the other notch. Remove the top half of the fob.
  • Replace the battery With the top half removed, you should see the battery. Carefully pry it out with your screwdriver, taking care not to scratch the components. Push in the new battery with the positive side facing up.
  • Reassemble the fob Line up the front half and the rear cover of the key fob and gently push them together, making sure theyre flush at every edge. Push the metal ignition key back into the slot until it clicks securely in place.

How Do You Start A Nissan With Just The Key

How To Replace A Nissan Altima Key Fob Battery 2013 – 2015 FCCID: KR5S180144014

Place the key fob into the key fob insert located on the lower left side of the steering column. The key fob insert is a slot where you can place your key fob to start the car without actually putting the physical key into the ignition.

In case your Nissan has an intelligent key system, theres a good chance that it has this feature. Its a great way to start your car if you dont want to use the physical key, or if your hands are full and you cant hold onto the key fob while starting the car.

To start the car, simply press and hold the brake pedal, then push the START button while still holding down the brake. The engine will start and run as long as you keep the START button depressed. As soon as you release the START button, the engine will shut off.

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What To Do If Your Battery Dies

Once your battery dies, you will obviously need to replace it however, you need your vehicle to get you to the store. Every Nissan key fob has a backup key inside that will allow you to get inside. You will notice a small release latch that allows you to pull out the backup key. Open your door and jump inside. If your Nissan doesn’t have a physical ignition hole, just place the key fob up against the start/stop button and start your vehicle.

S To Change Nissan Key Fob Battery

As indicated earlier, the key fob plays an important role in the operation of your Nissan car. The key fob enables you to open the doors and the trunk remotely.

You can press the button on the door handle to open the door and you can just press the start button when the key fob is near.

All these operations mean that the battery in the Nissan key fob is being used and will die since the battery has a set lifetime. After it stops working, here are the simple steps to replacing the battery.

Step 1: Remove the spare key.

The spare key at the back of the key fob needs to be removed to open the key fob. There is a small latch at the back that needs to be pulled to release the spare key.

Step 2: Open the key fob using a flat screwdriver

At the top of the key fob, you will identify two small openings. Input the correct sized flat screwdriver and turn it clockwise slowly. Open each one of them and the key fob will come apart in two halves.

Step 3: Remove the old battery noting its orientation.

Use the flat screwdriver to pop the battery out. The orientation is necessary to note as you need to replace the new battery in the same orientation. This will ensure that you do not interchange the polarity of the battery.

Step 4: Replace the battery.

Replace the new battery into the slot. Ensure you maintain the battery orientation as with the old battery.

Press the battery till you hear a clicking sound. This signifies the battery is in place and properly locked.

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