Who Sells Bosch Car Batteries

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The Quality Of Bosch Car Batteries

Bosch C7 Car Battery Charger Mode Selection Not Working (Fixed) 2022

Bosch batteries provide a power source that assures the high performance and safety required for every operation.

Bosch car batteries built quality is outstanding, and lead grids are state-of-the-art quality products. Their battery lead grid is punched, as only then are they able to achieve their unique structure. This is how the grid remains corrosion-resistant for longer.

The webs of the structure widen on the top. The structure ensures that electron paths remain short as possible. In this way, the current can flow directly without interruption. There are no more constraints thanks to a widen web when necessary.

Bosch designed the casing interior in such a way that the condensed water flows back into the battery. This ensures Bosh batteries are maintenance-free.

Bosch M Series Marine Batteries

When selecting a marine battery, you need to calculate the power requirements for engine starting, as well as the current draw of your on board electrical accessories.

For light moderate duty, low amp draw requirement, choose from the Bosch M3 or M5 BDP dual purpose battery ranges, specifically designed to handle both starting and light cycling.

For heavy duty cycling, choose from the Bosch deep cycle M4 or M6 battery ranges. They provide enough cranking amperage to start your engine and the most reserve power to keep your accessories running longer.

You may find you need more than one battery to satisfy your boat power requirements. In this instance, you may utilise one battery as an engine starter, and another as a deep cycle to maintain your equipment.

Bosch Deep cycle batteries are extensively used throughout the service, recreational and electric vehicle industries. With great reliability, they are placed into the following applications:

  • Traffic control systems
  • Supplementary drive systems amongst other hobby, leisure and industrial applications.

Bosch has carefully engineered its range of Deep Cycle batteries to ensure high cycle stability, guaranteeing a reliable power supply.

Who Sells Bosch Batteries

Similarly, Does Bosch still make car batteries?

Sears Sears Bosch Car Battery Replacement Bosch has shown why they are one of the worlds leading automobile battery producers. It has a wide range of quality vehicle batteries

Also, it is asked, Are Bosch batteries the same as Varta?

The solution is simple: the Varta and Bosch batteries have been almost identical for more than 5 years, maybe longer. They are identical in size, starting currents, and manufacturing process the only variation is in the labels and catalog numbers.

Secondly, Are Bosch car batteries good?

Are Bosch automobile batteries reliable? The Bosch automobile battery is often ranked among the top five high-performance and powerful batteries by reviewers. Its noted for its distinctive technical properties, such as its extended lifetime, temperature changing resistance, and absence of spillage, all of which contribute to increased safety.

Also, How long are Bosch car batteries guaranteed for?

Bosch Car Service sells and installs passenger car batteries with a three-year unlimited mileage warranty.

People also ask, How long is Bosch car battery warranty?

Warranty from Bosch The S3, S4, S5, and S6 High-Performance AGM batteries all come with a free replacement warranty: one year on the S3, two years on the S4, three years on the S5, and four years on the S6 High-Performance AGM. Furthermore, Bosch provides free roadside assistance with the S4, S5, and S6 AGM batteries.

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What Is The Warranty On A Bosch Car Batteries

For Bosch car batteries, warranty length is from 1 to 4 years, depending on the type of battery.

Bosch manufactures four main types of car batteries such as Bosch S3, Bosch S4, Bosch S5 and Bosch S6. Where is the Bosch S3 entry-level model all the way to Bosch S6 High-Performance AGM as a premium car battery.

Look at the table below to see the warranty length for each of them individually:

Bosch Battery Type
Bosch S6 High Performance AGM 4 years

If for some reason, the Bosch battery breaks down within the warranty period, the warranty will be covered, and you will get a new one.

Bosch Passenger Car Batteries Bought And Fitted At Bosch Car Service Are Sold With A 3 Year Unlimited Mileage Guarantee

Bosch Car Battery Price In Ghana

The guarantee period of 3 years starts from the date of fitment and is only valid for the vehicle that the battery has been fitted to. Before the battery is fitted, a Bosch Car Service technician will inspect the charging system on the vehicle to ensure it is working correctly. If there is an issue with the charging system then authorisation must be given to the Bosch Car Service garage to repair the charging system before the Bosch battery is fitted for the guarantee to be valid.

The new Bosch battery will be tested before it is fitted to the vehicle using a Bosch BAT 131Battery Tester and a copy of the test report will be included with the purchase invoice in a warranty folder. All three of these documents will need to be provided to a Bosch Car Service garage in the case of a claim under the guarantee. The guarantee is only valid for Bosch S3, S4, S4 E, S5 and S5 A passenger car batteries bought and fitted at Bosch Car Service Garages in the UK. Hire vehicles, company vehicles, vehicles used for commercial purposes or motorsports are not covered by this guarantee and the guarantee is not transferable with a change of vehicle ownership.

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Bosch Reserve Power Batteries

A reserve power battery is developed for cycling purpose as a power bank, such as UPS , security system, DC backup power, solar backup, golf trolleys, telecoms and more. To reserve stable power for a long period of time without recharging, the battery is required to have a deep cycle life performance and a high discharge capacity.

The Reserve Power Battery Program consists of Gel Deep Cycle, AGM Deep Cycle Plus and AGM Deep Cycle.

Gel Deep Cycle:

How Long Does A Bosch Battery Last

As youve seen above, theres a Bosch car battery for pretty much any vehicle on the road. There are many options, and each category also has a slightly different lifespan.

The best indicator of how long a battery will last is its warranty, which represents how long the manufacturer is confident that the battery will last.

Generally, we can safely say that Bosch car batteries in the higher category will last longer than those below, for instance:

  • Bosch S3 car batteries have a warranty of 1 year
  • Bosch S4 car batteries have a warranty of 2 years
  • Bosch S5 car batteries have a warranty of 3 years

Again, most car batteries will last longer if you treat them right just as you do with the rest of the car. You can also rest easy that theyll last at least as long as what their warranty says.

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Extra Power And Outstanding Service Life

A premium opportunity, showcasing optimal Bosch refinement, the SM Mega Power Silver is a partner for prestige vehicles and currently exceeds all international standards set by their manufacturers.

An executive choice, the SM Mega Power Silver will take pride of place in the most advanced vehicles, supporting their overwhelming depths of technology and stronger demands for starting and cycling ability. The SM Mega Power Silver is also your partner for extreme motoring, offering absolute commitment to performance.

The SM Mega Power Silver is the answer when the vehicle and the conditions demand the absolute.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Bosch Silver Technology for more power and extended service life
  • Powerful starting, even in extreme temperatures
  • Maximum safety with leak-proof, patented labyrinth lid and double backfire protection
  • Offers up to 30% more cold-starting power than conventional batteries with its stronger plate design and Calcium – Calcium technology
  • Safe and dependable power supply to vehicles running with multiple electrical systems

Why Choose A Bosch Car Battery

Bosch C7 Car Battery Charger Unboxing and Live Demo

The Bosch batteries are manufactured using AGM technology to meet the high performance as per customers demand. It provides extreme energy for starting the car engine, while ensuring the reliable supply of many applications at the same time, even under extreme conditions. Moreover, Bosch with the help of Full Frame Technology has come up with its dual-purpose car battery, that provides maximum performance and stability, especially for vehicles with frequent discharge cycles. These batteries have extended service life as well as deep-cycle resistance to provide the car with power supply even when the engine is shut off. From Skoda, Honda motorcycles, and Tata to Hyundai, Ford and Royal Enfield, Bosch offers OEM Battery Brand for all the types of branded cars and bikes. Bosch car battery also offers protection against battery acid leakage even when operating on slopes. The solid battery design prevents changes to the mechanical structure, resulting in a safe and reliable power supply.

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Bosch As Battery Supplier

Today’s modern high tech computerized vehicles need a stable power supply to keep all essential and safety systems operating at their optimum performance level. Therefore a stabile, reliable power supply is extremely important.

Today’s luxury cars are equipped with the latest and greatest in electronic components and entertainment systems.BOSCH is one of the oldest battery supplier, Bosch has been manufacturing batteries since 1927 therefore BOSCH batteries can fulfill the most demanding environment in any weather conditions in a wide variety of vehicle models.

All of our Bosch batteries are totally sealed and do not require any water replacement during their lifetime, or the whole of their service life.All of todays modern Bosch Batteries are highly resistant to extreme temperatures be cold or hot and are a safe bet for a reliable start in extreme weather.

Bosch Batteries are capable of meeting the growing modern vehicle demands with advanced, power hungry electrical components.

Who Sells Bosch Car Battery

You can purchase a Bosch car battery on Amazon or Walmart with ease. In Walmart, You can either order and pick it up in-store or find the battery you need in the store itself.

Bosch batteries are also available to Sears and Advance Auto Parts. You can order and pick it up in-store or have the battery shipped to your home.

You can also purchase Bosch batteries If you have AutoZone or Pep boys near you, as they are trusted retailers of it.

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How To Find The Right Replacement

A deep-cycle car battery is meant to be used in vehicles that need sustained power with a lower current draw. Lithium-ion battery If you drive a hybrid or electric vehicle, you may need a lithium-ion battery. These batteries are common in hybrids and EVs, as they can store more energy and recharge faster than your conventional car batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are more expensive, but they do typically come with longer warranties. Learn the best batteries on the. As is the case with most modern car batteries, bosch car batteries last many years before they need refurbishing or replacing. But you’ll need a voltmeter to troubleshoot most chargers.

Advertisement advertisement the auto basics channel offers detailed, accurate. Situations like leaving your on all night can kill your car’s batteries long before it’s time for a regular replacement. They are capable of meeting the growing modern vehicle demands with advanced electrical components.

For ease of selection, they provide comprehensive market coverage within a compact program The battery performance is significantly enhanced due to advanced silver technology. It is the highly trusted in automotive parts with a reputation that is unparalleled for innovation and quality. I would really recommend this battery it installed so well in my Nissan Maxima 95 being used for my multiple amps and subs.

Does Exide Make Bosch Batteries

S4 028 Bosch Car Battery 12V 95Ah Type 249 S4028

If you are wondering whether Exide makes Bosch Batteries or not, the answer is Yes and No!

Big brands like Bosch or Exide tend to work in a much more complicated way, and they have many behind-the-doors deals with each other, which we common people will never likely find out. So if your Bosch battery has an Exide sticker on them like the one I got, it probably means they are manufactured in the same plants. But not all Bosch batteries are not made by Exide either.

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C3 Battery Charger For 6v And 12v Batteries

Bosch car battery charger and two wheeler battery charger offers convenient and efficient battery charging: The C3 battery charger for 12 Volt batteries in passenger car starter batteries and 6 Volt and 12 Volt two-wheeler starter batteries which can automatically detect the type of lead acid battery and the correct charge level.

What Do Reviewers Say About Bosch Car Batteries

When you want to find out anything about any product and how it ranks in the market, one of the best ways is to look online at what the customers say about the product.

We verified for you what ratings Bosch car batteries got from customer reviews. And they got 4.9 out of 5 stars in the customer reviews, which is to be expected because Bosch is a premium brand trusted by many.

Here is the list of a couple of them:

Customers are very satisfied with the car batteries they bought from Bosch. Batteries from Bosch made a very noticeable difference in the performance of their vehicles, so they recommend Bosch car batteries to everyone who is looking to buy a new battery for their vehicles.

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What Is The Price Of A Bosch Car Batteries

As a premium brand, the Bosch car batteries cost a little bit more than competitors similar models.

With that said, that will not stop the customers from buying Bosch batteries, especially if its a trusted buyer who already used Bosch car batteries in the past.

Please see the section below and visit the recommended sources if you want to see current prices on all Bosch battery models.

Some Symptoms Of Battery Failure

Which Car Battery is Best? Let’s find out!

To understand if the battery works well, you need to know their testing methods. Use a voltmeter to check the output voltage, with load and no load. If the voltage drops below 12 volts without load, make sure that the car battery requires immediate replacement.

In addition, the sound of starting the car and the difficulty of starting the car these are some of the symptoms that suggest the need for urgent replacement of the battery in the car.

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Who Makes Bosch Car Batteries

The other day I was looking for a new AGM battery for my Porsche. The original battery my Porsche came with lasted a few years without any hiccups, but recently it started taking quite longer than usual to start my vehicle. So after reading several reviews online, I have decided to get a Bosch battery. But when the battery arrived, it had a box with an Exide label.

Although the battery performance was per expectations, that got me curious, and I tried to find out who makes the Bosch car batteries. It turns out Bosch did go into signing an agreement with Exide technologies, which would supply the Bosch batteries in the United States and Puerto Rico in 2008, which is still in effect today.

But does that mean Exide manufactures Bosch batteries? Lets find out.

Table Of Content

Year National Guarantee On Bosch Batteries

Modern vehicles are equipped with more and more components running on electrical energy. They need to be supplied by reliable sources of energy with high performance. Equipped with modern technology and featuring a corrosion-proof design. Bosch batteries provide different types of vehicles with the energy they need over long periods.

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Are All Bosch Batteries The Same

Not all Bosch car batteries are the same. The company manufactures automotive batteries in different categories, each targeting a specific type of vehicle to suit various users.

Bosch car batteries are categorised as S3, S4, S5 and S6, and naturally, the higher the category, the higher the Bosch car battery price.

Now, lets take a closer look at each category from Boschs automotive batter line-up and how they differ from each other:

How Long Does A Bosch Car Batteries Last

Bosch Car Battery Price In Ghana

The Bosch car batteries last anywhere from 2 to 5 years. In some cases, it can last much longer if proper maintenance is applied.

In the section below about customer reviews, you can clearly see that the Bosch battery lasted nine years for one person, which is almost unbelievable. But anything is possible.

Its a common thing that Bosch car batteries surpass the warranty length, even if not maintained properly. But, always, its a good practice to watch out for maintenance.

But, check the link to see how does the Bosch compares to other car battery brands?

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The Specialization Of Bosch Batteries

Modern cars are fitted with different components that run on electricity and Bosch provides you with a high-quality and reliable car battery power that is more essential for your cars better performance on the road. These car batteries have proved to be the best for every car as well as those with start-stop systems and alternator management systems. Not only the batteries, the car chargers of Bosch are designed in such a way that it can easily bring batteries back to life. You can run out of car batteries at any point of time. Keeping this in mind, the Bosch battery manufacturer has designed such car batteries that are capable of effortlessly re-charging exhaustively discharged batteries. The electronic charging system of the Bosch car battery chargers automatically checks how much charge the car battery actually needs. Recharging the car battery is absolutely safe, and if required, you can recharge it without removing it from the vehicle. So now step out in the summer without any worries.

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