Iphone Xs Battery Replacement Cost

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Frequently Asked Questions For Iphone Original Battery Replacement

iPhone XS Battery Replacement – How To
My iPhone is not charging even though I am charging it. Does this mean I have a faulty battery?

If your iPhone can be powered on but cannot charge, you would need to replace the charging port of your iPhone.

If your iPhone cannot be powered on at all, the problem may lies with either the motherboard, LCD, charging port, or battery.

If you are unsure whether you iPhone needs a battery replacement, you may bring your iPhone to one of our LYK branches for a fr

Will you be using original parts for iPhone battery replacement?

Yes! As LYK is an Apple Independent Repair Provider, the batteries we used are all original and genuine, supplied directly from Apple

Does the iPhone battery cost savings of up to 60% justify choosing a third-party service repair provider over the Apple service centers repair service?

Yes. We can do your iPhone battery replacement on the spot, and there will be NO data loss 99% of the time during the repair

Will battery replacement help to speed up your iPhone

Yes. Not only will you get a longer-lasting battery by replacing an old one, but your phone should jump back up to its top speed.

Is it worth replacing the iPhone battery?

Yes! Getting an iPhone battery replacement will prolong your phones lifespan.

The new iPhone battery will allow you to use the iPhone longer until you decide to get an upgrade.

Do you provide other repair services besides battery replacement?

You may find all our repair services here.

Bring In The Device At An Apple Store Or Apple Authorised Service Location

In this case you would have to make an appointment and actually go to a specified location, but on the flip side the battery will be replaced instantly.

Note: if there are other issues with your iPhone, then the device will be sent to an Apple Repair Centre.

There are four Apple Authorised Service Providers in Australia that provide genuine Apple parts and employ staff trained by Apple.

You can always take your smartphone to an unauthorised repair specialist, although keep in mind that prices vary, and some might even be higher than what Apple will charge you for a replacement battery.

Why Is My Iphone Battery Draining Too Fast

While there is no fixed life for an iPhone battery, it totally depends on the model of the iPhone and the kind of usage. Each battery is typically designed by to last for 500 charging cycles. You complete one charge cycle of your iPhone Battery when you have used an amount that equals 100 percent of your batteryâs capacity â but not essentially from one charge. It can take several hours or days to complete one charge cycle depending on the usage.

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How To Recognise When Your Battery Will Soon Need To Be Changed

Fortunately, there are often indicators that your iPhone battery is starting to fail. For example

  • The battery drains very quickly. Over time you will need to recharge your battery much more often than when it is new. This is one of the most common signs.
  • Slow response. You may see that your phone becomes increasingly sluggish in its response to taps and that apps are taking longer to load than they used to.
  • Unexpected shutdowns and never reaches 100% battery level monitoring apps.

Other Notes On Battery Replacement

iPhone XS Max Battery Replacement Price in Chennai India Apple Original ...
  • Apple says these prices are estimates. For example, your iPhone may also have other issues that need to be fixed before replacing the battery. Apple will fix these issues and add the cost of the repair to your battery replacement cost.
  • To replace your battery, you can reserve a Genius Bar appointment at an Apple Store, you can make an appointment at Apple authorized repair shop , or you can mail it in for a repair. Contact Apple to learn more about your options.
  • These fees include a new original battery and labor. Shipping fees will be extra if you mail it in.
  • You can go to Settings> Battery> Battery Health & Charging to learn more about your battery health.
  • These fees may be different for different countries.

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Repair Iphone Iphone Battery Repair

Broken Screen Screen is cracked .Liquid or water damage. Back of iPhone is cracked. Cannot lock or unlock phone. Screen or display quality. Buttons not working. Display shows a blank white screen. Unable to power on. Unable to make or receive calls. Tired of charging your iPhone every now and then. Probably its time to get your battery changed. Check out our battery replacement offers. The battery in iPhone should be replaced an authorized service Center. Improper replacement or repair could damage the battery, cause overheating, or result in injury. The battery must be recycled or disposed of separately from household waste. So we recommend you visit Apple authorized service center for your iPhone battery replacement.

Apple Authorised Service center repairs:

Why Mister Mobile What Is Casetrust

  • Mister Mobile is an approved repairer under the Apple Independent Repairer program, with access to genuine parts, diagnostic tools and service manuals from Apple.
  • Mister Mobile is the FIRST repairer to obtain the Apple IRP status in Singapore.
  • With CaseTrust Accreditation, you can be sure of fair business practices for iPhone repair services.
  • Mister Mobile is one of only two iPhone repair shops in the whole of Singapore to have attained CaseTrust accreditation. We are proud because we have passed a series of stringent tests by CASE Singapore before we receive this award.
  • At Mister Mobile, you can be sure that our delivery of services will be one of the best in Singapore.
  • Still not convinced? Do check out our reviews page, and also our blog post on why being CaseTrust accredited is such a big deal!

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Getting Your Device Repaired Shouldnt Break The Bank

Our low price guarantee ensures that we always offer the best price to our customers. Just bring in any local competitors published price for the same repair, and we will happily match and beat their price by $5.

The repair price must be a regularly published price. This offer does not apply to competitor’s specials, coupons or other discounts.

Apple Store Official Repair Service

iPhone XS Battery Replacement

A certain percentage of iPhone XS devices may seem to have a shorter battery life or need to be charged more often. If this is the case for you and you bought your phone between September 2012 and January 2013, you may be eligible for the free battery replacement program. Check here for more information.

Otherwise, iPhone XS battery is covered under the Limited One Year Warranty only if the defect is due to manufacturing. If you need to repair/replace the battery of your iPhone after one year or because of some accidental damage, you can submit a repair request or speak with an Apple Genius in store or online. The repair will take anywhere between 3-5 business days.

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Apple’s $29 Iphone Battery Replacements Will Cost $69 After December

Plus Apple reveals pricing for its X, XS, XS Max and XR battery replacements.

Apple has added the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR to its battery support page and revealed 2019 prices for replacing batteries in older iPhone models.

Battery replacement for an out-of-warranty iPhone in the X line — which includes the original 2017 iPhone X — will cost $69 next year, the site noted after Wednesday’s unveiling of the newest iPhones.

For older iPhones, a battery replacement will set you back $49 in 2019.

Throughout 2018, the company is running a $29 battery replacement program, but this ends Dec. 31. iPhone X users stand to save the most, since their replacement cost will jump from $29 to $69 next year.

The program allows owners of out-of-warranty batteries to get replacements, which normally cost $79, at the lower cost. The cheaper replacements kicked in after many users were unhappy to learn that Apple was slowing down older iPhones to prevent unexpected shutdowns due to old batteries.

The company also reportedly smoothed out the shipping process in May after some people complained of long wait times.

When Should You Get An Iphone Battery Replaced

The iPhone battery is designed to hold 80% of its original capacity for up to 500 charge cycles. For most users, this translates to around 18 to 24 months.

However, battery life is not determined just by timeit also depends on how you use your smartphone. For instance, clearing your cache could help boost performance and keep the device running smoothly for longer.

As your iPhone battery degrades, you will start to see slower performance on your device. In extreme cases, your phone may even shut down frequently, making it impossible to use, although this is rare with iPhones, especially the newer models.

Some of the signs indicating that your battery is no longer providing enough juice for your smartphone, include:

  • Apps will take longer to launch or may need to be reloaded if they have been running in the background
  • You will see lower frame rates when scrolling
  • The backlight might be dimmed
  • Speaker volume could go down by -3 dB

The essential functions of your iPhone will not be affected. These include GPS and location, call quality, photo and video quality and Apple Pay.

Noticing the effects of a dying battery may be harder in newer models since they incorporate more sophisticated hardware and software. For example, the iPhone 13s and later models have Optimized Battery Charging on by defaulta feature that delays charging past 80%, reducing the wear on your battery and prolonging its lifespan

To check your battery health, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

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Can I Replace The Battery In My Iphone

The short and simple answer is NO, you should not try to replace the battery in your iPhone. The truth is, while we often want to think we are capable of handling certain tasks, there are some things better left to the professionals. Smartphone repair is one of those tasks, so lets put aside the thoughts of trying to save money by swapping your iPhones battery all by yourself and focus on more important things, such as finding a trusted local repair shop.

Why Does A Mobile Phone Battery Need To Be Changed

Replacement for iPhone Xs Battery 2658mAh

First of all, lets look at the reasons that a battery might need to be replaced. Anyone who keeps almost any mobile device for an extended period of time will be faced with the need to replace their failing battery eventually. There are several reasons for a battery replacement to be needed.

  • Simple wear and tear. Batteries inherently degrade over time and of course, in mobile devices, are getting used almost every day for long periods. A decline in battery performance will slowly but inevitably follow. Not least when a lot of apps are regularly used.
  • Drop damage. Batteries can also be broken if the mobile device suffers a serious trauma like being dropped from a height or bashing into an edge at speed.
  • Overheating and overcooling. Because batteries use chemicals to generate power high or low temperatures can cause problems.

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Unlock Your Phone At Mobile Square

At Mobile Square, we provide safe and permanent unlocking solutions. We only use worry-free Factory IMEI Unlocks that does not void any manufacturers warranty. All iPhone unlocks are done legitimately through Apples verification server and will never lock again. Have software updates? No problem, our unlock service is permanent.

How To Replace Iphone Xs Battery

For some, it may be a cheap alternative to learn how to replace an iPhone 8 battery. If you are considering this option, you must first understand how to remove a battery from the iPhone XS:

  • Power off your device.
  • Remove the two pentalobe screws near the Lightning connector.
  • Press a suction cup to the screen just above the home button.
  • Press down gently on the edges of the phone and lift up with the suction cup. The front and back panels will separate slightly.
  • Insert plastic opening device between the panels and gently pry around the edges. Detaching the clips on the right and left sides that hold the case together.
  • Lift the front panel up about 90 degrees. From the rear panel with the tops still close together .
  • Locate the silver front panel assembly cable bracket to the top right-hand side of the battery. Unscrew the three screws attaching it to the logic board .
  • Lift and remove the front panel assembly cable bracket. Locate the three cables hidden beneath, and disconnect these with the plastic opening tool.
  • Completely separate the front and rear panels of the phone.
  • Locate metal battery connector bracket to the lower right side of the battery. Remove the two lower screws on the metal battery connector bracket.
  • Use the plastic opening tool to gently pry the battery connector bracket up from the socket on the logic board. Take care not to pry up the socket, or you could damage the connector.
  • Replace battery and all parts in reverse. Power on your device and voila!
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    How To Keep My Iphone Battery In The Best Condition

    • Try not to overcharge your battery. Remove the charger when your battery percentage is 100%.
    • Do not use your iPhone while charging it, because your iPhone battery will be charging and discharging continuously, which will harm battery health.
    • Do not expose your iPhone to constant hot weather. Keep it in room temperature as much as possible.
    • Use original charging cables as some cheap-cost chargers may harm your iPhone battery health.

    Turn On Low Power Mode

    iPhone XS Max Battery Replacement and Reassembly!

    iPhone has a feature, Low Power Mode, that lets you boost your battery life when it drains up to 20%. Turning on this feature enables the iPhone to gain three additional hours of battery life. So, anytime your iPhone displays the low battery warning indicating you should turn the Power Mode on to extend the battery life, click on Settings > Battery, then click the option to turn on the Low Power Mode.

    The power mode reduces the power consumption of your app by closing all background processes and reducing the visual display of the iPhone to ensure it prolongs the battery life.

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    Iphone Xs Battery Replacement

    The iPhone XS is one of the fastest iPhones to come on the market. From the high-performance camera with tons of features to the high clarity edge-to-edge screen, the iPhone XS takes your smartphone experience to another plane. You can become very dependent on a high functioning handheld like this, but dont let a dead battery slow you down. When you need an iPhone XS battery replacement, you need uBreakiFix.

    Bring your iPhone XS battery replacement to the uBreakiFix near you for a professional and high-quality repair. We start all of our repairs with a free assessment, even if you know that you just need an iPhone XS battery replacement we like to make sure nothing else on your iPhone XS has been compromised. Our expert staff will give you an accurate quote for the iPhone XS battery replacement and a timeframe for completion. Most iPhone XS battery replacements can be done while you wait. If you approve of the plan, well get started right away.

    In addition to our experienced technicians, we also offer a low-price guarantee on your iPhone XS battery replacement. If you find a lower price anywhere for the same iPhone XS battery replacement, well match it or beat it by $5. And all of our repairs come with a 1 year warranty on parts and service. So you can be confident that your iPhone XS battery replacement is in good hands, and you are getting the best repair at the best price.

    Why is my iPhone XS battery draining so fast?

    How do I know if my iPhone XS battery is bad?

    S In Stock All The Time

    We keep parts on-hand to repair a wide selection of Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola, OnePlus, and Nexus phones. Aside from fixing broken screens very fast and at a very affordable rate, we also provide on-the-spot repairs for home and power buttons, charging ports, front and back cameras, and battery replacements.

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    Battery Prices At Iparts4u

    As a UK and global parts supplier, we provide battery replacements to customers in both the professional repair sector and keen and capable non-professional users. The following illustrative battery costs are current as of Jan 2022. However, we recommend checking for the very latest pricing at the time of your visit. While our battery prices are highly competitive, they may also vary slightly over time. We also offer beneficial prices and terms to wholesale buyers and trade. Costs below, including tax, are for retail sales only. Please contact us for trade purchases.

    A Complete List Of Apple Service Centres In Kolkata Find An Apple Service Centre Near Me To Replace Iphone Xs Battery

    iPhone XS Battery Replacement Price in Chennai India Apple Original Quality

    Apple provides one of the best customer service experiences in the industry. If you need to get your iPhone repaired or want to replace your iPhone XS battery or have any other question about your Apple product, you can find a nearby Apple service centre. Heres a list of all the Apple service centres in your area.

    325/A, 3RD FLOOR E Mall, 6, Chittaranjan Avenue, Chandni Chowk, Kolkata, West Bengal 700072 7044583679

    If you live in Kolkata and are an Apple user, then its time to check out Spark. This local service centre offers excellent repair services for all of your Apple devices with no matter what issue they may have been experiencing! Theyll help fix the problem quickly without breaking the bank or owing to any other fees along the way so be sure to give them a call today at 6290361964.

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