Change Battery In Smoke Detector

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How To Know When It’s Time To Retire Your Smoke Detector

Home Maintenance: How To- Change Smoke Detector Battery

Some smoke detectors will simply need to be replaced, especially after their expiration date of 10 years.

No matter how well an appliance or tech gadget is working, it’ll have an expiration date. The same goes for smoke detectors, which the NFPA recommends replacing after 10 years regardless of their condition.

Along with this information, you can check your alarm’s expiration date, which makes it easier to know exactly when it’s been 10 years. You can find this by removing the smoke detector from the wall or ceiling and looking for the date on the back.

What If Your Problem Is False Alarms

Chirps can be annoying, but false alarms can be a real problem. When your smoke alarm goes off and theres no fire, you can become complacent, assuming every time theres an alarm that it isnt an actual emergency. Then, when an emergency does happen, you arent prepared.

What can you do, though, to eliminate false alarms? As it turns out, many of the same problems that lead to chirping can also cause false alarms. This means that many of the same fixes will work for false alarms. These are our suggestions:

  • Check your batteries.
  • Make sure your detector is clean and free of dust.
  • If you have experienced a power outage, reset your alarm.
  • If your unit is 10 years old or more, replace it.
  • These factors can also cause false alarms:

    Installing A New Battery For Wired Detectors

  • 1Turn off power to your wired smoke detector. Wired smoke detectors are connected directly into the power supply of your house, which is sometimes also called the mains.XResearch source The battery in these detectors is intended to power the alarm in the event of a power outage. To cut power to your wired smoke detector, you’ll have to press the circuit breaker in your home circuit box. This should turn turn the circuit from “ON” to “OFF.”
  • Many homes with hard wired circuit breakers will have a breaker specifically labeled for smoke alarms. However, if you do not have a labeled breaker and cannot determine which circuit your detector is on, you can press the main breaker to cut all power to your house, including the smoke alarm.
  • Wired smoke detectors frequently have a small green light that indicates it is receiving power from the mains. When this light turns off, you know the power to the alarm circuit has been cut.
  • Cutting the power to your wired smoke alarm might seem excessive, but this extra precaution will prevent accidental shocks. This can be especially important when dealing with old or excessively dirty smoke detectors.
  • Push-lock covers. These covers usually have a small, plastic lock that can only be opened by pushing on a specific point indicated on your fire alarm. Look for an arrow indicating the point you need to push, and use a thin screwdriver or pen to release the push-lock.
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    Detector Communication And Special Features


    Some smoke alarms are combination units which detect carbon monoxide as well as smoke and fire. Combination alarms are available in hard-wired and battery operated models, and have two different alarm sounds to tell you whether its smoke or CO.


    Since it is against the law to disable smoke alarms, many smoke alarms are now available with features such as hush buttons, which temporarily silences a nuisance alarm.

    Additionally, smoke alarms are available with strobe lights, pillow/bed shakers, and other notifiers for those who are hearing or visually impaired.

    Code One Combination Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detector

    How Often Should I Change Smoke Alarm Batteries?

    If youre looking for a combination alarm system without breaking the bank, Kiddes Code One detector is a great way to help ensure your home is protected for less. Theres no hardwire installation required with this battery-operated smoke and CO alarm simply replace with new AA batteries every six months to avoid the low battery chirp. Even with a streamlined design, it still has a voice system that eliminates any confusion, warning you about specific fire and carbon monoxide threats, as well as low battery and smart Hush activation. The alarm also has a convenient peak level memory, and will alert you if a carbon monoxide level of 100 PPM or higher was previously detected in your home.

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    How To Change Smoke Detector Batteries

    Before you replace the batteries, the first thing you need to do is that the smoke detector is either hard-wired to the home’s electrical system or a standalone battery-operated smoke detector. Most smoke detectors are hard-wired but with a backup battery if there are power outages. The battery backup does run out too in the long run, and you will have to replace them. When it does run out, here is how to replace the battery

    How To Change The Batteries In Your Smoke Detector

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    House fires are a serious danger. Many fatalities occur during fires at night, in homes that either don’t have a smoke detector or have a non-functional one installed. Maintaining your smoke detectors properly can cut the chances of dying in a house fire significantly. Learn more about how to maintain your smoke detectors to protect your life and property.

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    How To Change The Battery In Your Smoke Detector

    When was the last time you checked the batteries in your homes smoke detectors? While many detectors will beep to indicate the batteries need replaced, thats not a full-proof plan to ensuring your home and loved ones are protected from a potential fire.

    According to the U.S. Fire Administration, homeowners should check all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms once a month by pushing the test button on the device. If you find one or more of your detectors has low batteries, use this guide to properly replace them.

    Do You Know When To Replace Your Smoke Alarm Heres How To Practice Fire Safety In Your Home

    How to Change the Battery in your Smoke Detector | ADT

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    You may not think about how well the smoke alarm in your home is helping to keep you safe until that annoying beeping starts, telling you that its time to change the batteries. But consider when was the last time you replaced your smoke alarms entirely? If its been more than 10 years, theres a good chance theyre past their useful life, and its time to make the swap to new ones.

    More from Rolling Stone

    Whether you buy a simple, battery-operated detector, or a newer smart alarm built with enhanced features, there are a few key features you should look for in the best smoke alarms. Having a house full of interconnected alarms has its advantages and helps to ensure that you and your family stay safe, especially if the system is sensitive enough to alert you to the beginning stages of a fire.

    To help safeguard you and your family, every alarm unit purchased from now until November 30 of this year, a $1 contribution will be made toward alarm donations to communities in need, up to a total retail value of $1,000,000. For more information on the campaign, visit

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    How Do You Stop A Low Battery From Chirping

    1 Chirp : chirp of low-battery Low battery is one of the causes. Batteries are facing the incorrect way. Partially open battery drawer Fresh batteries are required at least once a year for alarms that use 9V or AA batteries. To silence the chirping, replace the battery with a new Duracell, Energizer, or Everready.

    Tips For Changing A Smoke Detector Battery

    As already mentioned, there are different ways to how the smoke alarm batteries are fitted into the devices. The main aim of these configurations is to ensure a safe condition by ensuring the detectors are not installed without a battery, and the batteries are fitted properly.

    So, when there is a red lever which is a battery reminder finger, you need to press the finger downward then press the battery on top when the battery compartment is empty. Finally, replace the door.

    Whenever there is a ribbon, drape it across the empty battery compartment, and the battery should be replaced. This makes it easy to remove the battery and replace it again. However, remember to tuck the ribbon into the compartment and replace the door.

    On the other hand, whenever there is a front load door found at the bottom of the detector, you can change the battery without having to remove the mounting bracket. Open the door using your fingernail or butter knife. However, some doors may require you to slide them to the side before you swing them open.

    Lastly, when there is a side door, open it and ensure it is extended to its full length. Check for the positive and negative markings on the detectors and ensure the batteries match the battery’s markings. Then finally, you slide the door back in place.

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    The Chirping Has Not Gone Away

    When the chirping is persistent even after you have changed the batteries, there could be a deeper problem other than the batteries running out. When you replace the batteries and do not install them correctly, the chirping may occur because of a loose connection. Maybe the batteries are facing the wrong direction. This will lead to chirping. If the battery drawer is slightly open, the chirping will stay until the installation is done correctly.

    Some batteries have pull tabs that need to be removed before installation. Ensure the tabs are removed to allow the current to flow efficiently in and out of the battery. Another reason for chirping may be an expired smoke and fire alarm. When the alarm is outdated, the chirping may continue even after replacing the batteries.

    The other reason the chirping might still be going on is that the alarm has malfunctioned. You might need to engage the electrician on that. If there is a malfunction, you might need to replace the whole system.

    Time Change A Reminder To Check Smoke Detector Batteries

    Reminder To Change Battery In Smoke Detector High

    Time change a reminder to check smoke detector batteries

    Firefighters work the scene of a house fire last month. The St. Joseph Fire Department recommends checking smoke alarms as daylight saving time ends.

    The end of daylight saving time serves as a prompt for an important home safety check.

    The St. Joseph Fire Department is recommending that residents take an active effort in keeping their homes safe by changing the batteries in their smoke detectors as they go around setting clocks back an hour.

    Steve Henrichson, an inspector with the St. Joseph Fire Department, backs this recommendation with personal experience.

    Ive been an investigator for 24 years and Ive never pulled a dead body out of a house that had a working smoking detector, Henrichson said.

    Henrichson said standards for in-home smoke detectors have changed over the years but the importance of a working device remains.

    The new standards on smoke detectors are one in your sleeping area, one outside the sleeping area and one on every level of the house, Henrichson said.

    It is recommended that a detector is in the sleeping area due to TVs, video game consoles and more electronic sources in the bedroom.

    Henrichson said that changing smoke detector batteries with every occurrence of a time adjustment is a good idea but not strictly necessary.

    It doesnt hurt … its a fresh battery, Henrichson said. As long as you remember one of the two youre getting a good battery.

    Riley Funk can be reached at .

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    What If The Smoke Detector Beeping Doesnt Stop

    After replacing the battery and conducting a test, you could find that the alarm is unresponsive, sounds nuisance alarms, or continues to beep. As simple and reliable as most of these devices are, some smoke detector malfunctions arent completely unheard of.

    Stay calm and try these additional steps.

  • Make sure the battery is installed tightly and correctly, with coordinating male and female terminals aligned properly.
  • Try a different brand-new battery.
  • Use a soft bristle vacuum attachment to remove dust buildup in the chamber entrances.
  • Open the device and inspect the sensor to ensure there isnt a small bug, a stray fuzzy, or another small particle that could be interfering with the sensor.
  • Check the manufacture date on the back of the device. If your alarm is nearing or has exceeded ten years, its probably malfunctioning and will need to be replaced with a new detector.
  • Set Your Smoke Detector To Test Mode

    You should ensure your system is either on hold, test, or disregard before doing anything. You can adjust the settings using your mobile or by calling the company’s monitoring center. Some companies will offer an online customer portal that you can use to place your system on test mode.

    However, if your smoke detectors are hard-wired, you can turn off the main power to ensure you don’t get shocked before replacing the battery backup.

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    Why Does Your Alarm Go Off When You Change The Batteries

    When you change the batteries on your smoke detector, it may chirp for up to 10 seconds. This chirping is normal and signals that the device is receiving fresh power. The same thing may happen to hardwired alarms when you turn on the devices power. If the chirping continues, however, your detector might have a residual charge from the previous battery. Take out the battery, hold down the test button for 15 seconds, and replace the battery.

    How Often Should You Change Your Batteries

    How to Change the Battery in your Smoke Detector | ADT

    Obviously, battery-operated smoke alarms work on batteries, but some hardwired units come with battery backups in case your home loses power. If your detector requires batteries, its important that you test them regularly and change them out. FEMA recommends installing new batteries once a year.6 However, some newer models, such as detectors from First Alert, include sealed, 10-year lithium batteries that will last the lifetime of your unit.7

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    A Checklist For Stopping The Chirping

    A number of factors could cause your smoke alarm to chirp, so weve prepared a basic list of steps to help you identify and fix the specific problem:

  • First, replace the old battery.
  • If youve installed a new battery and the alarm continues to beep, drain any residual charge from the unit. Remove the unit from the ceiling and remove its battery, then hold the test button for 15 seconds. Next, replace the battery.
  • If the unit continues to beep, clean it using the methods we outlined above.
  • If youve tried the first three steps and the alarm is still beeping, it is likely at the end of its life and needs replacing.
  • You can shut a unit down temporarily by following our guide to shutting off a smoke alarm.

    How Often Should I Be Replacing My Smoke Detector Batteries Anyway

    Depending on the type of batteries used in your smoke detectors, you may need to replace your battery annually at the minimum.

    Smoke detectors with non-replaceable, 10-year batteries are designed to work for up to 10 years, according to the NFPA. Once you start hearing that dreaded “chirping” noise, signaling that the battery is low, you’ll need to replace the entire smoke detector promptly.

    For smoke detectors that use any other type of batteries, they’ll most likely need a new battery at least once a yearand for those who may need a gentle reminder to check on your smoke detector’s batteries, using the beginning and end of Daylight Saving Time is a great way to remember.

    When in doubt about when to change the batteries or what kind of batteries to use, the NFPA recommends following the alarm manufacturer’s instructions, which may end up being brand- or even model-specific.

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    Why Is My Hard Wired Smoke Detector Beeping No Battery

    Its most probable that the backup battery has become active if your hardwired equipment continue to beep in the absence of a battery. Keep in mind that a backup battery unit is only possible with a hardwired device, thus the chirping is originating from someplace else if your smoke alarm is battery-only.

    How To Change Smoke Alarm Batteries

    Time to replace your smoke alarm batteries, Battery Joe stores in ...



    Under 2 hours

    Knowing how to change a smoke alarm battery is essential to maintaining a safe home. If your smoke alarm starts chirping or giving off short beeps, it usually needs a new battery change. The first step in learning how to change a smoke detector battery is determining which type of alarm you have. Battery smoke detectors run solely on batteries. Hardwired smoke detectors run on electricity, but they also have a backup battery for power outages. When you hear a hard-wired smoke detector beeping, it means you need to replace its battery. This Home Depot guide gives instructions on how to change a smoke detector battery and how to turn off a smoke alarm.

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